Apr 06, 2020
The Pied Piper
Posted by Robert Browning Ellen Miles

A fun retelling of Robert Browning s classic tale for beginning chapter book readers The town of Hamelin is filled with rats There are rats in the cupboards, rats in the marketplace, rats in the doghouses, even rats in the pots and pans The rats are eating all the food, chewing through the houses, and chasing away the cats The people of Hamelin don t know what to do TheA fun retelling of Robert Browning s classic tale for beginning chapter book readers The town of Hamelin is filled with rats There are rats in the cupboards, rats in the marketplace, rats in the doghouses, even rats in the pots and pans The rats are eating all the food, chewing through the houses, and chasing away the cats The people of Hamelin don t know what to do Then a mysterious stranger comes to town and promises to kick out the rats for good Can the townspeople trust this oddly dressed man And is getting rid of the rats worth the price

  • Title: The Pied Piper
  • Author: Robert Browning Ellen Miles
  • ISBN: 9780439436533
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Pied Piper A fun retelling of Robert Browning s classic tale for beginning chapter book readers The town of Hamelin is filled with rats There are rats in the cupboards rats in the marketplace rats in the dogho


    This is one of those stories I sort of remembered, having heard it many years ago But reading it now in Robert Brownings prose not only brought its all vividly back to life but also brought added depth that I didn t remember.The story is a retelling of the medieval tale of how the Pied Piper rid the city of rats only to be double crossed and how he took his revenge now normally I would voraciously refrain from spoilers but I think with this story there is little danger of ruining the experience [...]


    While I indeed and definitely much enjoy Robert Browning s verse, I do wonder if the at times rather heavy satiric and social criticism of The Pied Piper of Hamelin might in fact be a bit of a potential comprehension issue for younger children as an adult, it sure tickles my proverbial fancy, but as a child, I am not sure I would have even understood the majority of the diverse allusions, and might also have found the rhyme scheme itself a bit distracting and taxing And while Kate Greenaway s co [...]

    Purvi Petal

    Excellent, vivid, brilliant One of the earliest works I read, first as Grimms tales and then as this poem, I was something in class V or VI, I guess, it left the strongest impression on me While the Grimms tales version inspired me to write my very first work of fiction at age 7 yrs, a poem about a princess with 7 pet rats or some such thing, can t recall much of it now but I was in love with my own very first work for a long time, just because these kinda horror fairy tales had made me fall in [...]

    Иван Величков

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    I looked around on the FreeBooks app I bought and wandered across Browning s shorter poems The rhyme schemes entertain with exquisite grace I want of this classic poet


    I first read this as a story book when I couldn t tell pinkies from thumbs but I reread it again back in high school in a literature textbook I now own that literature textbook in my personal library And I don t mean some app on my phone, I mean a physical library only thing that deserves to be called a library It is my favourite poem ever I have re read it countless times, out loud There s just something amazing about the clever rhymes The Pied Piper is the coolest anti hero I have ever read ab [...]

    Oliur Rahman

    Robert Browning s tale of a man who saved the little town of Hamelin from the gruesome deaths of the plague caused by rats is a story I still remember today as one of my favourites The Pied piper was promised money in return for his heroic act but was later denied by the people he saves He promised to return with revenge and when he died he played his flute which drove all the children of Hamelin away to never return A story I feel suited for KS2 due to the fact that the children never return t [...]


    The message is obviously Don t mess with the Pied Piper.The burghers offer a large sum of money for him to rid the town of rats When he does so, they renege on the deal and offer him far less.They think there is nothing that he can do about it How wrong they were as he got out his flute and enticed the children of the village away One managed to miss being led into the cavern in the mountain as he was lame and he was later to lament, It s dull in our town since my playmates left This large forma [...]

    Ana Rînceanu

    view spoiler So in the end all the children end up in Transilvania hide spoiler

    Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance

    It s a cautionary tale There are rats in the city, everywhere, and the city officials don t know what to do Who appears but the Pied Piper, offering to rid the town of rats for a pretty price And when he plays his pipe and leads them all to their death except one rat to share the story with others and returns to collect his reward, how is he repaid The town offers only a meager amount In retribution, the Piper plays his pipe again, and this time leads all the children of the town into a mysterio [...]

    Maryam (●゚ヮ´●)ノ



    There are a few versions of Browning s THE PIED PIPER OF HAMELIN available, so if you like the text you might want to pick and choose your edition based on the illustrations.I think traditionally this text gets taught at secondary school, however, I can t see any reason why a year five or six class shouldn t be introduced to it The plot of the poem is of a stranger who comes to the town of Hamelin in Germany to rid the place of rats He completes his mission by luring them out of town and into th [...]

    Ryan Rainey

    This was a very good book The story took place in a little town far far away There were the towns people, the Mayor of the town, and the Pied Piper as characters in this poem The town was having a rodent problem The Piper got rid of all the rodents for the town Thats about all I can say with out giving away the whole entire book This book rhymes very well The rhymes are direct and the author doesnt try to use words that are close to rhyming There are exact rhymes This poem has images on just abo [...]

    David Edmonds

    The Pied Piper of Hamelin is the first in a series of miniature books that focus on original folklore classics and the latest edition from Lorin Morgan Richards A Raven Above Press The wonderful thing about Morgan Richards books is that they are all handmade originals He creates each book individually, so each is unique in its own way Quite frankly, as far as I m concerned, his books are miniature works of art Lorin Morgan Richards art reminds me of a modern day Charles Addams or Edward Gorey He [...]


    The Pied Piper What a wonderful poem I close my eyes and am back snuggled up in bed with mum reciting this poem from memory in a way that kept me hanging on her every word I have no idea how many evenings I begged for this poem but I know it was a lot Yet sadly I do not have my mum s memory and cannot revise for than a few stanzas and odd lines This is what makes Illustrated versions such a pleasure such as this glorious Kate Greenaway version The tragedy of the story did not matter at all That [...]

    Lisa Vegan

    I recently finished a prose version of this tale that was by Sara and Stephen Corrin and was illustrated by Errol Le Cain, and I really loved it I m about to read another prose edition that s by Robert Holden and illustrated by Drahos Zak This book is the famous poem by Robert Browning and it s illustrated by Kate Greenaway I d thought I d grown up with the poem but now I know that I was mistaken I did grow up with a song that record is in a box that s not readily accessible and the lyrics and t [...]


    This is the original version of the classic children s story I saw a reference to it in another book I was reading and realized I had never actually read it I did It was a horrifying tale of unspeakable revengeI would never read this to a child Magnificently written, the plot left me speechless I think before making casual reference to the Pied Piper or to paying the Piper in casual conversation, as is often done, one should read the book My guess is it will change your mind about making such re [...]


    This review refers specifically to the book with Greenaway s illustrations.The poem itself is great, of course, and Kate Greenaway s pictures are, as always, charming They were not, however, originally published with the text, and they change the dynamic of the story slightly particularly in the final image She presents an unusual take on Browning s poem Overall, this book is worth reading, and the illustrations are beautiful, but I d definitely recommend reading a version without pictures first [...]


    Fairly child friendly version of this famous tale.

    Michael J. Sceptre

    I loved the word play and humour in the poem For a very long time I thought the Pied Piper a hero only to learn the uncomfortable truth about him taking innocent children away.I could not reconcile the two notions of having a good character who came to rescue a town in trouble and also the same person taking their children away because of none payment.Talk about teaching an entire town a painful lesson about keeping promises My gut told me this folktale wasn t finished What happened to the child [...]

    محمود راضي



    I first happened upon this story watching an old black and white Mickey Mouse feature in Netflix The irony of Mickey being a Mouse who got rid of rats in a town was not lost on me This version is obviously much classic and Kate Greenway s gorgeous wood cutouts are the perfect touch to this wonderful story of the most extraordinary exterminator If only it could be that pleasant in real life.


    Never out of date.When looking for a book with a similar title, I came upon this jewel by browning, I realized I had been remiss in my goal to read all the classics I could Knowing the story does not take away from the brilliance of the writing or, the moral Everyone should read it

    Lydia Dyslin

    The Pied Piper of Hamelin is a poem by Robert Browning I read this little poem for school and went quite in depth to it I rather enjoyed the story It was funny and interesting to study I also enjoyed learning a little bit about the origins of the poem I don t really have anything else to say about it except I recommend it 4 stars out of 5.

    Antonio Santos Rumbea

    Historia corta y aleccionadora Buen trabajo de traducci n.Moraleja, la deslealtad con los acuerdos no debe quedar impune Aunque su precio sea alto y no siempre sean del todo justas las consecuencias.

    Margaret Osburn

    Wow I love this book Lesson Never promise what you can t or won t deliver Read Enjoy


    The Pied Piper of Hamelin with the Greenaway illustrations was an enjoyable read many years ago, when I was young I reread it today.


    This book is one I greatly enjoyed as a child, always begging my big sister to read it over and over I had a gorgeous antique hardbound copy with beautiful painted illustrations, that was a large part of the allure While you might think this sort of theme would be a less than stellar choice for little kids, I loved this story and I recommend it for children It was quite clear why the Pied Piper took the children away, and the concept isn t too deep for most youngsters.

    Josh Butler

    I will always have a soft spot in my heart for this story As one of the first scary stories I ve ever read, it sticks the best And that it is written in the form of a poem only adds to the mysterious nature of the story You feel like you re reading the poem of a historical event and, in fact, the poem itself is based on real events yet again, and mysterious culminates in your mind before you even have a chance to read the first line Brief view spoiler The city of Hanover, a beautiful and idyll [...]


    If this had simply been Browning s version of the story, I probably would have gone with a 3 star review, not because it s faulty in any way but the vocabulary and rhyme patterns haven t aged particularly well On the other hand, Greenaway s illustrations are absolutely wonderful and pretty much belong in the dictionary next to the word charming, so it balances out The piper is promised 1000 gold coins here and they try to pay him only 50, so he steals the kids There is some seriously messed up u [...]

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