Apr 06, 2020
Tutti gli uomini di Smiley
Posted by John le Carré Pier Francesco Paolini

Un vecchio esule baltico viene ucciso a Londra Il suo vero ed unico torto essere stato, fino all ultimo, un uomo di Smiley Anche se ormai in pensione, George Smiley non pu ignorare la morte di Vladimir Cos , partendo da un bastone da passeggio impugnato con la mano sbagliata e da un pacchetto di sigarette che non si trova, incomincia a seguire il filo che riannoda iUn vecchio esule baltico viene ucciso a Londra Il suo vero ed unico torto essere stato, fino all ultimo, un uomo di Smiley Anche se ormai in pensione, George Smiley non pu ignorare la morte di Vladimir Cos , partendo da un bastone da passeggio impugnato con la mano sbagliata e da un pacchetto di sigarette che non si trova, incomincia a seguire il filo che riannoda il passato al presente Da Londra, da Amburgo, da Parigi, tutte le tracce portano a Mosca A Karla, il nemico di sempre Smiley capisce di essere all ultima mano di una partita mortale iniziata tanti anni prima e sa di poter giocare la carta che gli dar la vittoria Ma sar una vittoria senza gioia e senza trionfo.

  • Title: Tutti gli uomini di Smiley
  • Author: John le Carré Pier Francesco Paolini
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  • Page: 196
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Tutti gli uomini di Smiley Un vecchio esule baltico viene ucciso a Londra Il suo vero ed unico torto essere stato fino all ultimo un uomo di Smiley Anche se ormai in pensione George Smiley non pu ignorare la morte di Vladimi


    What is so exhilarating and fulfilling about reading le Carr is the sense of genuine intelligence at play, both in the characters and in the author There are different ways of trying to convey great cleverness in a literary character one approach is to give them superhuman deductive skills la Sherlock Holmes, you know I perceive, sir, that you have recently returned from a hunting excursion in Wiltshire and that your wife s tennis partner owns a dachshund called Gerald But my dear fellow, how co [...]


    Note for completists This is the third of the Smiley books, preceded by first Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and then by The Honourable Schoolboy While it is possible to read these books out of order and still enjoy them, the later books are informed by the events that come before and definitely spoil salient plot points of those novels.Life has not been overly kind to George Smiley Devoted husband to a faithless wife, dedicated servant to a government that does not admit he exists, archnemesis to [...]


    The conclusion of the trilogy that starts with Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy but, while that book is about betrayal, this one is about manipulation The heartbreaking message is that, when you want to manipulate someone, the most effective approach is not to try and exploit their weaknesses Needless to say, that can work too But the very best way is to exploit their kindness, their decency, and the things that make them a worthwhile human being It s been done in many other books too, of course, thoug [...]

    Abubakar Mehdi

    Smiley s People is the last book in the Karla Trilogy a series that describes the world of espionage during the Cold War The story starts with a revelation by a lost agent recently resurfaced that at the very top of Circus British secret service there is a KGB agent, a mole spying for the Russians And he is there for decades Dangerous, resourceful and one of their own, this double agent is capable of wrecking havoc if he isn t caught immediately and off guard Here Smiley is called back from Reti [...]


    This book changed my life My dad, sick of hearing me make fun of his spy novel proclivities, bet me 50 that I would love this book It was a safe bet, too If I loved it, I owed him nothing other than the smug satisfaction of having been right If I hated it, he d give me 50.I loved it I love the entire trilogy, in fact, but since I read this one first, out of order tsk tsk dad it has the special place on my favorites shelf And even though I now own THREE copies, this edition was my father s, which [...]


    Revisit via filmDescription John le Carre s classic novels deftly navigate readers through the intricate shadow worlds of international espionage with unsurpassed skill and knowledge and have earned him and his hero, British Secret Service agent George Smiley unprecedented worldwide acclaim.Rounding off his astonishing vision of a clandestine world, master storyteller le Carre perfects his art in Smiley s People In London at dead of night, George Smiley, sometime acting Chief of the Circus aka t [...]


    I ve been watching Roberto Rossellini s The Age of the Medici this afternoon Or about the middle two and a half hours of the four hour long mini series I ve been really enjoying it and surprisingly I haven t gotten too distracted watching it this is something of a rarity for me in the past two years or so, I can probably using my fingers and toes all of the movies I ve been able to make it through since the start of 2009 It s made me wonder though why the thought of watching movies leave me so b [...]


    The last book of le Carre s Karla series might be the best I turned to this book after watching the recent and excellent film adaptation of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy I read the book many years ago I don t know why it took me so long to finish this series, since I also loved the second book, The Honorable School Boy Maybe I just didn t want the series to end In this chapter Smiley finally goes on offense against his nemisis, the Soviet spy master, Karla But it takes him over half the book to r [...]


    This is my absolute favorite le Carre novel and in my view the best of the Karla Trilogy All the cerebral incisiveness of Tinker, Taylor, married to a well constructed, suspenseful, and active plot A real crescendo of a novel.


    From IDMb Called out of retirement to settle the affairs of a friend, Smiley finds his old organization, the Circus, so overwhelmed by political considerations that it doesn t want to know what happened He begins to follow up the clues of his friends past days, discovering that the clues lead to a high person in the Russian Secret service, and a secret important enough to kill for Smiley continues to put together the pieces a step ahead or a step behind the Russian killers.A movie was made based [...]


    Carre , , , Carre .


    t r n n ok iyi bir rne i serinin di er kitaplar n da okumay d n yorum.


    The first thing I have to say is IF YOU HAVEN T READ THE FIRST TWO BOOKS IN THE TRILOGY, DON T EVEN THINK ABOUT READING THIS BOOK Okay, sorry bout the all caps, but you cannot possibly read this book in isolation and enjoy it in the way that it was meant to be savored and enjoyed This is the ultimate book in a trilogy, and all the pieces come together, characters deepen, brief glimpses of characters and places make sense, and the hard work that you ve done to get to this point because of le Carr [...]


    This is probably the most fulfilling of the Smiley stories But it does follow the usual format.Something happens Smiley is pulled out of retirement He talks to his old contacts colleagues He reads a lot of files There are lots of words as the story rolls slowly along Then in the last 20 pages the denouement occurs where the final act is not known till the last page.


    A stunning work, even better than the excellent Tinker, Tailor Smiley s intelligence is portraid in the cracks in between action The progress of his investigation is subtle this isn t anything like a modern spy thriller No car chases, no galavanting around the world.Although this is a book that s ostensibly about the cold war, its themes still resonate How far is too far when it comes to pursuing enemies What really differentiates us I don t want to say too much, but I can t recommend this book [...]

    Dillwynia Peter

    This completes the trilogy Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy The Honourable School Boy Smiley s People often known as the Karla Trilogy Each novel concentrates on a different espionage trait betrayal, trust and loyalty and manipulation This novel is the ultimate manipulation against Smiley s bete noire It has become an obsession for him, an unhealthy one that can easily go pear shaped for some characters it does.Of the three I enjoyed this one the most Tinker et al is the most popular, but I found it [...]

    Patrick Brown

    A masterpiece and a tour de force of pacing and point of view What separates Le Carre from his competitors is the depth of humanity he gives his characters He s so in tune with human nature the things that drive us and make us who we are and it shines through in all his people, but most of all in Smiley, of course.If something stands out from this book, its the restraint that Le Carre shows After all, this is really the culmination of all of Smiley s efforts against Karla, the end of a long and [...]


    Just re read this one after many years I forgot how awesome this book is Le Carre was at the top of his game First, there s Smiley, his heavy lidded contemplation of what makes people tick Then there s his people the lamplighters, the mothers, the housekeepers and the wranglers The lead up to the big catch is perfectly done It s funny, and suspenseful and gives you a thrill without big shoot em ups or special effects.Maria Ostrakova is a wonderfully drawn character who carries the early part of [...]

    Bradley West

    I ve read a couple hundred spy novels, and this is my all time favorite Maybe it s because of the build up from the predecessors, Tinker, Tailor and, to a lesser extent, The Honourable Schoolboy but actually it s because le Carre is at the top of his game He masterfully introduces the bit players via other bit players one instrument at a time until the orchestra is roaring away By this late date, George Smiley operating as Max and Alec Guinness were interchangeable in both le Carre s and my mind [...]


    The espionage establishment as mundane, humorless British corporate bureaucracy Endless, boring meetings, unreadable secret stamped files locked in nameless reading rooms, and middle management infighting.Chilling because it feels so real, so closely observed.Third in the trilogy with Tinker, Tailor and The Honourable Schoolboy The latter is an interlude You could skip from one to three, then come back to it If you do, you ll appreciate it .The BBC TV series captured it all wonderfully, and Sir [...]

    Srinivas Veeraraghavan

    In my Top 10 all time list Few if any understood the human psyche as well as Le Carre and the Master s white hot brilliance finds its fullest expression in this Espionage classic The last few pages where the enigmatic Karla is finally made to confront himself after painstakingly precise spade work by Smiley with his needle sharp brain and patience that could put a Zen Buddhist to shame made for riveting,breathless reaading that made me sweat Doesn t get much better than this.


    I am personally of the opinion that this book should be accounted a masterpiece of its type The story of a weary spy brought of retirement by an unexpected murder and given one last chance at bringing down his greatest opponent of all, Smiley s People does three things to near their highest conceivable peak in fiction.The first is how close we feel to the characters We get every absurd thought, every hasty judgement, every echo of someone else s voice in their minds, every sudden fear and sudden [...]


    Magnificent The beginning has the first wrong notes I ve heard in Smiley s voice angry political editorializing, objectively arising out of the character s sense of obligation to others but somehow jarring than his occasional revelations of feeling in the closing scenes which arise from the same sense of duties owed But soon the novel slips into the familiar rutted paths of investigation observation, interrogation, analysis, memory as it builds towards its quiet, tense, conclusion, triumphant y [...]


    One major pleasure of reading Le Carre is to savor his pithy, unexpected turn of phrases Here are several He is a man cut off from all spontaneous acts , and his silence was not offensive, he had the gift of quiet One of my favorite paragraph is when Smiley grieved about an agent s death You didn t break down or beat your chest or any of thos histrionics No You just happened to put your hand to your face and find it damp and you wondered what the hell Christ bothered to die for, if He ever died [...]

    Todd Stockslager

    Le Carre picks up the thread of Smiley s pursuit of Karla as it was at the end of Tinker, Tailer , the first book in the series, with barely a reference to the second And like the first, this is a return to the spare, taut writing that makes Le Carre s best writing classic, without the overplotting and literary touches that marred the second.Le Carre writes with omnipresent omniscience, getting in every character s head, selectively, sometimes pulling the story forward, sometimes pushing it for [...]


    I don t think I ve ever clutched a book quite so tightly while finishing it as I did with this one It was partly awareness of the impending parting I was about to finish the Karla trilogy and would have to let go of this world but mainly it was pure tension, built up gradually over three novels and ratcheted up to maximum in this last one.For me, this book all three of them, actually works because it hurts Everyone sacrifices something, often part of their moral fibre, in order to get what they [...]


    irst of all I have to say that this book is one of the best spy thrillers I ve ever read.The plot is slow, but in a good way There are several characters involved, some important than others, but everybody fits in the story Sometimes it may seem that things don t make sense and you may wonder how some of the characters are connected, but everything makes sense when you reach the end All the questions you had while reading will be answered.The main character is George Smiley In this book he is a [...]


    This was by far my favourite of the seven George Smiley novels just pushed Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy out of the top spot and is a brilliant conclusion to the three novels centred around Smiley s Soviet nemesis, Karla This is the novel in which everything comes to a head and le Carre shows just how good he is by pulling together all the threads strewn throughout Tinker, Tailor and the other Karla novel, The Honourable Schoolboy The tension throughout the novel built gradually and had me litera [...]


    Modern spy thrillers are like porn they both feature unrealistic characters who engage in rather meaningless acts with much surface glitter and unrealistic enthusiasm Le Carre, on the other hand, practices the real, true art of story telling, with credible characters and story lines that dare to raise questions than answer them, granting the reader an opportunity to decide himself how to interact with the book, instead of providing ready made fast food style ways A rather dark and slow paced bo [...]


    As far as modern fiction storytelling is concerned, I feel there s a strong technical reason why espionage is better suited than any other genre if we must perforce label it a genre for the purposes of an author s narration First person psychological realism of course, is the most powerful form of fiction narration and you can find that rigorous and difficult metier in many many of the best ever mainstream dramatic novels But in any lesser yarn the yarns which dominate the popular, entertainmen [...]

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