May 27, 2020
The Learning Curve
Posted by Melissa Nathan

The captivating new novel from the bestselling author of The NannyNicky Hobbs loves teaching at the local primary school She s idolized by her class in particular tenyear old Oscar Samuels but she s starting to find she d quite like some adult adoration for a change.Mark Samuels is a frazzled single father working all the hours to provide for his beloved son, OscarThe captivating new novel from the bestselling author of The NannyNicky Hobbs loves teaching at the local primary school She s idolized by her class in particular tenyear old Oscar Samuels but she s starting to find she d quite like some adult adoration for a change.Mark Samuels is a frazzled single father working all the hours to provide for his beloved son, Oscar But he s unable to see that Oscar would prefer his presence to his presents once in a while Ms Hobbs knows Mr Samuels is a heartless workaholic Mr Samuels is certain Ms Hobbs is an interfering busybody But when they finally meet they start to discover that first impressions can be deceptive And perhaps they ve both got a bit of learning to do

  • Title: The Learning Curve
  • Author: Melissa Nathan
  • ISBN: 9780099466369
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Paperback
  • Learning Curve Definition Investopedia Jan , The learning curve is a visual representation of how long it takes to acquire new skills or knowledge In business, the slope of the learning curve represents the rate in which learning The Learning Curve A Novel Berman, Mandy Mandy Berman is the author of Perennials and The Learning Curve Her writing has been published in The New York Times, Time, and Poets Writers She teaches creative writing at Montclair State University and Manhattanville College, and lives in Brooklyn. The Learning Curve Ricochet The Learning Curve is where you ll find straight talk about the nation s hottest education stories news and opinion from the schoolyard to the campaign trail Co hosts Gerard The Learning Curve and Annual Procedure Volume Standards Objectives The authors aimed to determine the procedural learning curve and minimum annual institutional volumes associated with optimum clinical outcomes for transcatheter aortic valve replacement TAVR Background Transcatheter aortic valve replacement TAVR is a complex procedure requiring significant training and experience for successful outcome. The Learning Curve Home Work does not nurture Learning Creativity by admin December , May , What you enjoyed during childhood an engaging project which made you feel independent, enhanced your skill sets and also made learning Secure The learning curve Multifunction panel meters Elite Elite and Electrical transducers PT single phase multi function transducer PT single phase single function transducer The Learning Curve Tucson My WordPress Blog The Learning Curve Tucson jvista T As we continue to learn about the new reality created by the onset of Covid , we are exploring the opportunities available to us through on line platforms that will enable students and instructors to engage enlighten and inspire each other remotely until it is safe to gather in The Learning Curve The Learning Curve offers educational and leadership development programmes, as well as team building interventions and workshops to all types of organisations with the following objectives To simplify the delivery of training services using creative means thus enhancing the personal development of all delegates and organisations alike.

    The Learning Curve The captivating new novel from the bestselling author of The NannyNicky Hobbs loves teaching at the local primary school She s idolized by her class in particular tenyear old Oscar Samuels but she s s


    The Learning Curve is late author Melissa Nathan s final book And being maudlin wasn t her style The book is vibrant, deals with a contemporary issue, has a teensy tiny feminist touch, is choc a bloc with colourful characters and leaves you with a smile on your face.Nicky Hobbs is a thirty year old, much loved school teacher in a primary school Her gang of friends include fellow teachers Rob who she shares a romantic history with , Ally the big build best friend with quips galore and Pete the ti [...]


    I read this book a long time ago, and I really liked it then It was a good read The kind that warms your heart at the end Maybe it s just me, but the ending where the kid was reading out his detention essay made me smile It reminded me to view things from a simpler point of view, and maybe life will be easier.


    A group of teachers at a London school have a year of miscommunications and confusion in their professional life as well as in their personal lives The Year 6 teacher Miss Nicky Hobbs has her hands full with her newest class, especially when she discovers one of her favorite pupils Oscar Samuels has a father that doesn t seem to be a part of his life The ear full that Nicky gave to Mark Samuels was a career ender, if he told her boss, but maybe it is the eye opener that Mark needs to become a be [...]


    A surprisingly good plot, considering the blurb on the back let us in to how the book would end And Melissa Nathan has a knack for picking up on idiosyncracies and putting them into a character which I admire It s a bit too long though and some parts of it felt muddy, making me wonder if the editors read the whole thing before they hit send.

    Elizabeth (Miss Eliza)

    Special Content only on my blog, Strange and Random Happenstance during An Excess of Chicks Chick Lit Month April 2014 Nicky Hobbs loves her job teaching school, even if she often dwells on the fact that her life at thirty is far different from the life she dreamed she d have when she was twenty three Well, only her ex Rob knows she wanted to be married by now with three kids too bad she s working with him, and soon closer then ever Rob and Nicky are appointed deputy heads of the school which it [...]


    I really enjoyed this book, as I have all of Melissa Nathan s books The saddest thing about this book though, is that it was the last of Ms Nathan s books before she passed away at the age of 37 I wait impatiently for the next books from all of my favourite authors, and it s hard to comprehend that there will be no books from this delightful author I feel so very sad that I have now read all of Ms Nathan s books, and that there won t be any first time joys from reading her books I ll be reading [...]

    Josephine Barly

    I ve read previous Melissa Nathan novels and this one is just as perfect as Persuading Annie and The Waitress.I loved how contemporary the struggles Nicky goes through are, even if the book is a few years old already, and how her inner thoughts are so relatable Sometimes she s a bit over the top, but I get her as a character Mark is interesting and delicious, Rob is a walking mystery and the rest of the characters are just perfect.It s a fun read that may start a bit slow as Melissa Nathan sets [...]


    Even though the storytelling is somewhat impersonal, I genuinely enjoyed every page It is a story about two people who despite many misconducts and misunderstandings find their way to be together and create a family It was very realistic and showed in full light what presumptions can cause I liked Nicky very much, adored Oskar and loathed Amanda and Rob her because she was a bitch, him because he was a two faced liar who on one hand tried to get Nicky to marry him and have kids since she was his [...]

    Clare F

    As I work in a junior school, I found this really funny and had a deja vu feeling as the story unfolded Three members of the school I work in share these names but are very different to the characters thankfully The only thing I felt didn t really seem right was that 2 members of staff that had only just been made deputies, were being considered for the position of Head Apart from this, I loved it and some parts were so funny I carried on laughing out loud as I carried on reading.

    Rachel Brand

    I read the first chapter of this book and then didn t go back to it for months because I was put off by the entire paragraph describing the main character putting make up on I receieved this as a Christmas present from a friend who didn t know that I d stopped reading chick lit It was an okay read, but I didn t find the main character as relatable as the one in The Waitress.

    Kimberlee Hill

    Her last novel written and my least favorite but it has very moving introduction written by her to her family, husband and young son as she was battling breast cancer and wasn t alive to see the last novel published As far as I know this book still isn t available in the US, I had to order it from the UK.


    love love love it 3It is sad to know, that this was her last book and ther are not any to come than 500 pages and I finished it off in 2 days timeall of her books are so heart felt and make you feel like you re part of the gang

    Chloe Mangan

    I absolutely loved this book, as I did with all other Melissa Nathan novels Such a good storyline and a very easy read Must have read it 3 times now and it s still a fab book Sad to know that there are no books to come from her as she was a very good writer.


    Heart warming story Great book to read no matter where you are what time of day it is or what season of the year it is


    Melissa Nathan is definitely one of my fave chick lit novelists I am so sad this is her last book she died I am glad that her last book, however, is about a teacher.


    Completely charming and compulsively readable.


    Really enjoyed this Bought it in the airport on the last lag of a long work trip It was just the thing to relax with on my last flight home A great girly read.

    Voolaa P

    A nice, easy read for the summer holidays


    Better than average chick lit about a teacher struggling to balance her love life and career Some humour, some great characters, and a fast paced plot Well written light reading.


    I really liked this book and although it is quite thick i finished it quickly I also found it easy to relate to as I am in the teaching profession.

    Yana Rosli

    ermok las abt a father of a boy who fall in love wif de teacher neva expecting dat kind of love duh but i unbelieveablely enjoyed reading de book.

    Lara Selavka

    Fantastic, probably the most engaging of her books Terribly sad that no books will be coming from this fantastic author.


    Good chick lit I enjoyed it quite a bit.


    Cute, predictable, and British with a capital B, exactly the kind of mindless fluff needed in times of extreme intellectual emotional stress.

    Carolina Gonzalez

    The tittle speaks for it self, life is a learning curve

    Jade Aspinall

    A light hearted book for when you just want a laugh, and to root for the main character Every character was flawed, which just main them real Full of miscommunications, schemes, and competition, it was definitely a book that I wanted to continue reading.Also, Oscar, the 11 yr old, was adorable I don t know if his maturity was portrayed accurately what some of the things he said and did, actually be said and done by an 11 yr old I can t remember what it was like being that age, it was years ago [...]


    This book is pretty awful The main character is stupid and annoying, the various love interests are stupid and annoying The writing is sloppy and there s about 9 pages of tell to 1 page of show I read this with a friend as a sentimental thing because we d read The Nanny years ago while we were in school, and were hoping this one would be fun But having read this, I m now afraid that The Nanny was also pretty crappy and I m just fond of it because I ve forgotten what the writing is like

    Jill Pierce

    This was a light rom com The characters were developed well and likable Classic British humor I ll read from this author who has unfortunately passed away.


    Great fun as expected o Sadly Melissa died just after finishing this book reading her beautiful acknowledgements bought tears to my eyes.


    good comic relief and very relatable for me personally about being career driven women Although some pages i did have to skim over because i found the characters thoughts abit annoying Overall a great read

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