May 27, 2020
Let Me Go
Posted by Mary Catherine Gebhard

I see something in Eli that he can t see himself He s brilliant.He s compassionate.And I d be nothing if it weren t for him, so I have to let him go It s for his own good Eli sees something in Grace that she can t see herself She s resilient She s extraordinary And he d be nothing without her.Eli s determined to get her back.It s for his own good Told in the past anI see something in Eli that he can t see himself He s brilliant.He s compassionate.And I d be nothing if it weren t for him, so I have to let him go It s for his own good Eli sees something in Grace that she can t see herself She s resilient She s extraordinary And he d be nothing without her.Eli s determined to get her back.It s for his own good Told in the past and present, Let Me Go is the harrowing love story of Grace Wall and Eli Jackson Beaten and bruised but never knocked down, Eli and Grace are faced with the question What must you lose to have it all Warning Contains graphic violence and sex This book may be a trigger as it contains abuse Let Me Go is book two in the Owned series but can be read as a stand alone.

  • Title: Let Me Go
  • Author: Mary Catherine Gebhard
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  • Page: 471
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    Let Me Go I see something in Eli that he can t see himself He s brilliant He s compassionate And I d be nothing if it weren t for him so I have to let him go It s for his own good Eli sees something in Grace t


    ARC provided by the author via The Hype PR for an honest review Let Me Go is a beautiful and moving story about two tortured souls, Grace and Eli.This book makes me sad, angry, but at the same time I could feel all the love Mary Catherine knows how to write deep and gut wrenching stories that goes straight to the heart.Grace is running away from her family Her childhood was just so horrible, and at times reading about all she went through was unbearable, she was abused verbally and physically Ev [...]

    Katina Sprouse

    Let Me Go by Mary Catherine GebhardThe story starts of teaching you about Grace and the type of person she is She comes off as a little naive to the ways of the world and you catch yourself wondering what this woman has been through Grace has traveled across the country in search of her long lost brother Vic She comes looking for him and hoping build a family and life outside of the abuse and vile life that her violent father and broken mother have given her.Then you meet Eli, Graces childhood b [...]

    Amanda Lee Disheveled Book Blog

    A beautiful story about survival self discovery, second chances, and loveI really enjoyed book one in this series but I fell in love with Eli and Grace I was totally consumed by each of them So much that I couldn t put this book down Grace is naive, she s lived a VERY sheltered life That life also wasn t a very good one Having an abusive father and a mother who didn t step in to help her daughter could have really broken Grace But she found a way to dig herself out and flee a toxic environment T [...]

    Habiba Hasabo

    ARC PROVIDED FOR AN HONEST REVIEW I need a man like Eli in my life He is just too nice for his own good Grace I really don t know I loved her less but still 100% respected her, due to her childhood She is strong, very much so I HATED HATED HATED GRACE S FATHER Sorry, capital letters do make it all serious Also sometimes I felt hatred towards her mother too I loved this book and it made me miss Lennox and Vic even I need to know what will happen to them, what does the future hold for Eli and Gr [...]


    4.5 Sugar Maple Tree stars Grace has run away from home and she hopes to reconnect with her brother Vic who left many years ago She travels to California and finds him, but Vic doesn t know how to react and Grace just leaves She doesn t know what to do, but then she meets Vera in a coffee shop Vera has run away from a dangerous ex boyfriend and together they find a place to stay Grace also finds a job and she starts having a good life She feels alive and independent for the first time in her lif [...]


    When I requested the first book on NetGalley last year, I confess that I judged it by its cover It was a really cute artwork of a mysterious girl s profile It made me wonder who she was, and what secrets she could be hiding from everyone The plot sounded very romantic, but the book was a lot sexual and violent than I expected it to be So, at first, it was a little shocking for me I enjoyed it, but it was definitely different than what I had imagined it So, when I heard it was being re released [...]

    A Hopeless Romantic"s Booklandia

    I absolutely loved Ms Gebhard s You Own Me and she s always been in the back of my be on the lookout book mind, so you can imagine how happy and excited I was when I found out about her Let Me Go And while it wasn t as funny as the first book and it gave me a different kind of heartache I still really loved it It was an excellent read and I think it s safe to say it s my favorite in her Owned series so far Well, Lennox is still my favorite female character, but I really liked Grace She s differe [...]

    Book Loving Fairy-Blog

    5 StarsYes Yes Yes This is so the type of book I ve been waiting for This is the sequel to You Own Me, but you really don t need to read that one to enjoy this one That being said I read You Own Me first.Grace Wall has run away to California in search of her brother Vic, who ran away to California years before He all but abandoned her to the hell that was living with their father When she arrives on Vic s front step, she immediately has second thoughts about going through with the reunion After [...]

    Jennifer Pierson

    WOW Another great story by Mary Catherine Gebhard I LOVED it, and very glad that we got to revisit with Vic and Lenny, as I have felt that their story is not over Grace Wall has had a brutal childhood, and because of it, she s very naive Her parents kept her away from the world outside, but she still managed to sneak out from time to time when she met Eli When he leaves her to go to college, bad things happen, and she s finally done so takes a cross country trip to find her brother that left wit [...]

    Coral Mitchell

    I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.Book 2 in the Owned series, but can be read as a stand alone This book unfolds in the present and the past Grace is on a mission to find her brother and try to regain a sense of family she has never felt Her father was verbally and physically abusive to her and her mother her entire life She see s herself as useless and damaged Eli is a brilliant, compassionate person and sees the potential in Grace from the first day he finds her Grace kno [...]

    Danny Jeffery

    Let Me Go is the second book in the second book in the Owned series It could in theory be read as a S A, however, I would recommend reading book 1 first.This book is told from Gracie s POV and in a flashback scenario between the past an present For this reason Gracie s character is very strong She has had a tough, sheltered upbringing and she pulls you in immediately and draws the emotion from you My main grumble, was that I needed from Gracie and Eli as a couple They were childhood sweethearts [...]


    Let Me Go is the second book in the Owned series but can be read as a standalone I haven t read You Own Me before reading this book.What I liked about the book 1.Flashbacks to tell the tale of the past Through these flashbacks, you ll get to know the couple and how deep their relationship goes It is when I connect the most with the heroine.2 Story line It was intriguing, engaging, and makes you want to keep on reading to know what happened in their past.What I liked the least 1 When moving from [...]

    Christina Bowling

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I really enjoyed this book, and was pulled in from the beginning I absolutely loved Eli, he was a total sweetheart Although I didn t quite understand why he actually agreed to leave Grace behind Nevertheless, I really did like him Grace has been through a lot in her life, and goes through even when she doesn t get a warm welcome from her long lost brother after she went through so much to find him I loved seeing Eli and Grace toget [...]

    Brittney Lathan

    I received this as an arc in exchange for an honest review This book had a lot of twists and turns Grace Wall and Eli Jackson are an amazing couple together They were dealt a lot in their lives but they pushed through Grace grow up being physically and mentally abused by her father While Eli grow up with his mom always working but not really there for him Zero comes into their town and just brings chaos After losing her unborn child and father in a span of time Grace continues to take care of he [...]

    Crystal Wegrzynowicz

    I received an arc in exchange for an honest review.This is the story of Grace, who grew up secluded from everyone and abused by her father Her only escape were books sneaked to her from her mother, and Eli, a boy she met by chance, who became her lifeline, and in turn she gave up everything for what she thought he needed After her father dies, she leaves to find her brother, whom she hadn t seen in years While trying to make a connection with him, Eli comes back into her life This is a true love [...]

    Kristen Gough

    This is a gripping and highly intense love story that left me reeling and I loved it This is the second book in the Owned series, but can definitely be read as a standalone since this is the first book I ve read by this author and I didn t have any problem reading this There s definitely some dark subject matter covered here, but I loved how well this author handled it since this made it easier for me to read This story moves back and forth from past to present, but it s not hard to follow at al [...]

    Dayna R

    I was lucky enough to receive an ARC in return for an honest reviewThis book is crazy good, super intense but such a great read This is the second in the series but can be read as a standalone Grace has not lived the ideal life, abused and sheltered by her father She knows nothing of the world outside, until Eli comes along The have a love like no other but what happens when they are torn apart Years later they are reunited, but is their love enough to overcome the missing years I really enjoyed [...]

    Jana Whaley

    I was given an ARC for an honest review so here we go I didn t read book one so I wasn t sure at some times when thing would happen between Lennox and Vic, but of course this books not about them So I d say read book one first My heart broke so many times for Grace Touching the topic of abuse is always a tough one In my view Mary did an amazing job The book started off pretty slow for my liking but I loved the way she wrote Eli and Gracie growing and showing how they grew to love each other And [...]

    Nafisah Mason

    When Vic s sister moves cross country to seem him she brings their past to his doorstep Grace has never stepped foot outside of Georgia being held in her home by very strict parents When she arrives in California she immediately meets a fellow transplant Vera and also by chance runs into Eli her one and only childhood friend the story goes back and forth telling Graces story both past and present and many of the details are hard to read In the beginning you feel like can someone be that naive th [...]

    Jen Zingaro

    I really liked this story It can be a standalone, but it sort of continues the story of some characters from You Own Me I would really that one first if possible Grace and Eli are such an adorable couple that have overcome some very terrible situations You can feel how honest their love is I like the past present style that it is written in, allowing the reader to see the complete story Grace is an abused girl who you get to see her first experiences in living in the real world and being on her [...]


    received an ARC for a honest review This is the first book that I read by this author It seem that there was a lot going on in this book Gracie is a sheltered girl that is abused by her father Eli is a boy that she meet one day when she snuck out You get to read their entire story from the past to present It was a bit confusing at first with the chapters going from past to present Eli was a strong character and would do anything for Gracie Gracie didn t want him to throw his future away because [...]


    What a gripping read The book started with Grace s journey to find her brother, and ended with her finding herself, love and happiness.It wasn t always easy to read because it s painful and emotional, and most importantly, real, but that s what made Let Me Go such a good, well written story I love that it shows that you can survive anything, of you are strong and you have someone by your side who helps you to heal.I can t wait to read , my favorite side character is Vera, I really liked her and [...]

    Melanie Helms

    Loved this book It was great getting to meet Vic s sister, Grace It was sad reading what she went through growing up but it made it easier when you read about her and Eli s relationship over the years She went through so much and it shaped her as a person and everything she learned growing up through her dad was wrong She wasn t the devil And Eli and her repaired their relationship that she had broken This was such a good book I read in one day barely stopped to do anything else can t wait for V [...]


    I really loved the story of Eli and Grace and how she was able to overcome her history as a child to be able to have a loving relationship I don t want to say too much and ruin the story and where the story will be going next I also loved seeing Vic and Lennox in this story and how they are still making their relationship work I love this series and can t wait for the next book to see what happens

    Juliana Ignácio

    I received this book as an ARC exchange of an honest review.While I liked Vic and Lenny s story, Eli and Grace s story stole my heart Grace is a little naive, but all she went through in her childhood and adolescence served to make her a strong person, I think that s why I liked her story so much.And Eli, he s such a sweet guy, who showed Grace how to love and feeling loved.I can t wait to read Mary Catherine s next book.

    Stacy Aube

    I received this book as an ARC for a honest review This book was read and reviewed by Stacy Aube for Cutting Muse Blog Review.Gracie meets Eli during a rough period of time Over the years their friendship grows and becomes She eventually pushes him away and moves to California to see her brother She gets a shock when Eli shows up again Follow along with Gracie and Eli and see if they get a happy ever after.

    Marissa Michaelsen

    Eli and Grace are explosive I loved every heart racing moment I was not able to put this down until the very end especially when Vic stepped into the picture.You could tell they were somehow related even if not by blood And the interchange between Eli and Grace and everything they go through to be together Oh so worth it


    Book starts out a little slow but does pick up It is a cute read with lots of heartache It has a lot of drama that each character has to overcome You are left wondering about the characters and their issues even when you have finished the book The author leaves you with tons of things to think about and builds up for the next book in the series.


    I was given this book in return for an honest review This was a different book for me and honestly was sure I d like it It lead me in and I finally got the just Going from present to past gave you background so you could understand Grace better It was telling story, thank you for chance to read something different.


    ARC provided for an honest review Grace has bin living a live in hell Her father has been beaten her for years the only wonderful thing in her life is the boy Eli a fantastic guy A fantastic book and very sad too I think I fell in love with Eli and my heart was bleeding for Grace I am looking forward to reading the next book.

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