Mar 29, 2020
Take My Breath Away
Posted by Wendy L. Wilson

Alyssa is at the top of her world She has just graduated, is heading to the college of her choice, in love with her high school sweetheart and has a picture perfect family life But when that world is turned upside down, she is left feeling stunned and in desperate need of an escape With a little persuasion from her sister, Abby, she takes off for a girl s get away to thAlyssa is at the top of her world She has just graduated, is heading to the college of her choice, in love with her high school sweetheart and has a picture perfect family life But when that world is turned upside down, she is left feeling stunned and in desperate need of an escape With a little persuasion from her sister, Abby, she takes off for a girl s get away to the lake, hoping for peace, laughter and a chance to clear her head The last thing she expected was him From betrayal to heartache, to relentless love and passion, Take My Breath Away will take you on a journey that will leave you truly gasping for air

  • Title: Take My Breath Away
  • Author: Wendy L. Wilson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Take My Breath Away Alyssa is at the top of her world She has just graduated is heading to the college of her choice in love with her high school sweetheart and has a picture perfect family life But when that world is

    Kelly with Sugar Shack Book Blog

    I recieved a copy for an honest review.I just want to start out saying the cover and the blurb hooked me right away This is a new author and I just happen to come across the cover one day and boy am I glad I did I absolutley fell in love with Wendy s writing and all of the characters.The two main characters Judd and Alyssa meet and it is instant chemistry and attracaction There time together was so sweet and brings you back to being young again Although they go through some rough periods along t [...]


    Regardless of the number of book reviews, blog posts, or such that I do professionally I must emphasize the power that this new author has in capturing as well as obtaining the reader s attention It is hard to stop reading even when necessary The twists and turns that seem to be never ending throughout the text will leave you yearning for books I am typically not a fan of contemporary romance I need of a chase and thrill type of plot However, this book defeated that perception of mine I would [...]

    Cori Wray

    This book is definitely a must read It s such a wonderful love story between Alyssa Judd that keeps you turning the pages It s also filled with many characters that you fall in love with want to learn about This author is great at making you feel like you re falling in love for the first time all over again Very reminiscent of Nicholas Sparks with a little spice Can t wait to read the whole series Put this one on your to read list

    Elisabeth Cole

    Even though I enjoyed this story and thought it was well written there were a few things I really hate in books that made me deduct a few stars.What I enjoyed 1 Judd he was awesome 2 The drama loved it The drama, the better in my book If you don t like drama or cheaters, this isn t the book for you.What I really disliked and these are personal preferences 1 Alyssa She came across as kind of dumb and really oblivious to what was going on around her 2 How disgustingly sugar sweet Alyssa and Judd [...]


    I got an early look at this onetely one to read for 2015 I really, really, really enjoyed this story I felt like I was a part of Alyssa s family I cried when they cried, I laughed when they laughed, and I wanted to punch a select few characters in the face This author does a wonderful job making us fall in love with not only Alyssa and Judd, but the entire cast of supporting characters I don t want to give you a book report, because I think books are sometimes the best when you just jump right i [...]


    Wow Amazing book by Wendy L Wilson The love stories of all love stories Girl going through a rough patch, meets her savior, Judd, and the attraction instant

    Sara Kiplinger

    See this review and on my blog The Library PrincessThis was a title that has some definite appeal for young adult, women s fiction, and contemporary romance readers as well So, here s what happens, briefly Alyssa is, seemingly, someone who has a lot going for her at the beginning of this story She has just graduated from high school and has been in a serious relationship for a while with someone that she thinks is great When she discovers a horrible deception after attending a party, it seems h [...]


    I must say.I got a sneak peak at this little gem and wow wee You must put this on your To Read list Wendy L Wilson is an up coming and rising star Keep a look out for her and her amazing story of love, tragedy, and forgiveness and the power of love Alyssa is at the top of her world Just graduated high school and heading to the college of her choice Only one night changes everything and she is in need to escape She joins her sister and her friends at the lake hoping to clear her head and start an [...]

    Kathy Uhrhan enderle

    Very good, easy read I was really impressed with the book and the characters It kept my attention throughout the entire book I enjoyed the romance and turmoil of their relationship and the love they had for each other and their families I m excited to read the next book to see where their journey takes them I really liked how the book starts from the very beginning of their relationship and how everything came together Great job and I am excited to continue the series


    I decided to read this book purely because the cover was so gorgeous I did not read any reviews or what the book was about before I started.Loved this book This is Wendy s first book and can t wait for titles from this amazing new author

    Tara Dameron

    This genre of book isn t typically my style, but wow The plot grabs you and the writing is so descriptive I can t wait for the next book This book ha it all, and then some.

    Heather Cavanaugh

    Five stars does not do this book justice An infinite amount of stars is the rating this book deserves This book is really an amazing heart felt love story You should grab a couple boxes of Kleenex because you will definitely need them You will be so emerged into Alyssa and Judd s world you won t want to put the book down This story gobbled you up and brought you right into Alyssa s life You were with her through her heartaches, breakups, family time, vacations, her falling in love, and even hea [...]


    An heartwarming story Amazing read beautifully written and created a story that flowed really well from chapter to chapter with fabulous character s which are believable and realistic, Loved Alyssa and Judd a young love which is very heartwarming loved there chemistry and relationship, A couple well suited even when there was always someone in the background trying to destroy the love they have got for each other

    Sarah Mitchell

    I liked the overall story but the beginning felt way too rushed to me There was a lot going on in a very short period of time so I didn t really form that attachment to the characters I usually do in books Instead of relating to Alyssa, I desperately wanted to shake her and tell her to stop giggling at everything going on The second half of the book slowed down and I ended up really enjoying it.

    Juli Faulkner

    Beautiful touching story Loved this beautifully written story of Judd and Alyssa Young love, both with heartache in their past, events threatening to keep them separated.lots of angst, but sweetness and passion It s a heartwarming story Great quick read Looking forward to the next book

    Secretly Adorkable Readers

    When I started reading this, I thought it was just another cheating and love at first sight type of read I was wrong, this book grabbed me and escaped into Alyssa and Judd s world This book will take your breath away on unexpected twists, laughter, cries and lots of passion It is a stand alone and cannot wait from this author

    Rina Smith

    Love and lossUber sweetness You will fall in love, laugh and cry while reading this book I loved all of the characters in this book and felt all the emotions as they played out An excellent read

    Nicole Fisher

    Good readLoved the book I really enjoyed the characters and their stories I m ready to read the second book from Judds point of view but I wish the first one would have just been dual pov

    Andrea Cordova

    Great book, can t wait to get Jude s point of view This book was an emotional one for me because I know what s like to lose a parent I loved how the girls were there for their mom Let me also say I disliked her ex friend she was not a nice person.


    Loved this story but hated the face that it was too predictablee two MC s were awesome and Judd is definitely best boyfriend material But I like to have no idea what s going to happen next even thou it well end up a HEA.


    Breathtaking, compelling, heart wrenching story I could not put it down.

    Mindy M

    Loved this book I don t even know what else to say other than READ IT

    Kayla Nelms

    Amazing I rarely review books, but I was so in love with Take my breath Judd stole my heart I can t wait for the next one

    Gwynn Gonzales

    WowA book full of awesome twists and turns Absolutely a book that will always be a favorite Must read for everyone




    I loved it thanks.

    Maria Victoria

    one of the best I really really like the story I m hooked Trista Abby, pleaseeeeee


    4.5 stars


    I was given an eBook by the author in exchange for an honest review.I have to say, the first few chapters of TMBA had me second guessing my choice to read this book I had a hard time following the time line it seems a little choppy But I pushed through and I am so, SO glad that I didBA developed into an emotionally charged story of love, loss, betrayal, and finding yourself Wendy was able to not only make you fall in love with some her characters and want to tar and feather others , but she was [...]


    This was a very emotional book in so many ways The loss of Alyssa s father and what he went through in this book was very heartbreaking but you wrote it in such a awesome way that it made you feel it was happening to you I cried the times when she sat with her father and then when he passed away There were times that Alyssa just annoyed me but then I understand that she was only 19 Judd was just WOW sexy, beautiful inside and out, and oh my I was in love with him since the camp and at times I ju [...]

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