Aug 10, 2020
Taming Her Navy Doc
Posted by Amy Ruttan

Finally the injured Navy SEAL brought to surgeon Erica Griffin in the dead of night has a name Captain Thorne Wilder her new commanding officer Five years on he s just as gorgeous as Erica remembers and still totally off limits She might be as wary of relationships as he is, but fighting temptation will be the biggest battle of all

  • Title: Taming Her Navy Doc
  • Author: Amy Ruttan
  • ISBN: 9781474004626
  • Page: 166
  • Format: ebook
  • Taming Her Navy Doc Finally the injured Navy SEAL brought to surgeon Erica Griffin in the dead of night has a name Captain Thorne Wilder her new commanding officer Five years on he s just as gorgeous as Erica remembers a

    Nas Dean

    TAMING HER NAVY DOC by author Amy Ruttan is August 2015 release by Harlequin Mills Boon Medical Romance series.Captain Thorne Wilder was the man who had haunted her for the last five years Surgeon Erica Griffin had him on a stretcher when she first saw him and then she d amputated his infected leg Now face to face with him as her commanding officer, would he recognize her Did he blame her for taking his leg TAMING HER NAVY DOC is a story which would hook a reader in and keep her glued to the pag [...]

    Jessica Figueroa

    Erica helped save a John Doe on a need to know basis that left this soldier with an amputated leg Its been a while she and never knew what became of him until she was set up that was until she finds that he is knew new commanding officer She was attracted to this man and now its becaome a bit difficult for her because she has had a relationship with a past co worker and he had made things difficult and she wont make that mistake again.Overall I thought that this was a short and sweet little esca [...]


    Perfect book if you re looking for a quick read Erica is a great heroine She works hard in a male dominated world, and even though she s had to deal with some pretty bad hits to her reputation, she never gives up Her connection with Thorne is so much than a strong attraction, she is also the doctor responsible for amputating his leg This obviously complicates their relationship Overall, this is a good story, my only complaint are that is was short and their thoughts about why they were not inte [...]

    Robyn Rychards

    Taming Her Navy Doc was a sweet, emotional story I liked reading about such a strong, heroine, Erica, having the grit and determination to advance her career in a male dominated world, as well as hold her own with the hero, Thorne, whose leg she amputated years earlier I couldn t help but fall in love with Thorne for his scars and his ability to love a woman who was not only his equal, but who d made the decision to amputate his leg Something that changed his life and his career and which lots o [...]


    This was such a sweet and easy read A beautiful love story with strong characters and a great storyline Erica and Thorne are both battling demons from their pasts and neither want a relationship but cant help be drawn towards one another I love how strong and determined Erica was She s in a male dominated field but wasn t going to let that deter her from her goals Her and Thorne balanced each other out very well and I was so glad when they finally started letting their walls down and each other [...]


    Really loved this one Was such a happy read and made me feel all awwy when that he doesn t hate her and has forgiven her for what she did to him even though it was the right thing to do.

    Hina Tabassum

    A John Doe is what he was when Erica first operated on him in the middle of the night A man who was hell bent on serving his country and damn the consequences.Though she had some words to say, he was taken out of her care as he was a part of a covert operation Years passed and she still thought of that time with a man she did not even know the name of The blue eyes haunted her still.Erica works hard to make a name in the still male dominant profession of being a Navy Commander and hopes to one d [...]


    This is a great story that will have you turning the pages the setting is so lovely a Navy hospital and SEAL training base in Okinawa, Japan.Erica Griffin grew up a Navy brat with her father a SEAL but she lost him when she was young in tragic circumstances and decided that she wanted to join the navy herself but be a Doctor and she is nothing but strong and determined and has made her way up the ranks although not without some problems She has served on the hospital ship Hope for some years and [...]

    Donna Repsher

    I received and ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review, and here it is.This was certainly a different take on the usual wounded warrior tale Erica, is a Navy surgeon stationed aboard a hospital ship One night a wounded man arrives by helicopter He has no name, and no history he was injured during a covert op, and sadly, Erica finds that it is medically necessary to remove his left leg, although he begs and pleads with her not to do so She sees no other option, and operates Erica tries [...]

    Ipshita Ranjana

    In Taming Her Navy Doc by Amy Ruttan,Erica Griffin is a Navy surgeon and she once saved the life of a soldier wounded gravely in a secret operation but sadly that operation left the soldier with an amputated leg.She could never know the soldier s name as he was whisked away soon after the operation.Now five years later,the injured navy SEAL turns out to be her new commanding officer and she finally learns his name Captain Thorne Wilder.He is still gorgeous but totally off limits Thorne has been [...]


    Can I give a star just for our Hero s name Thorne Wilder sigh Or for the magnificent location description of beautiful Okinawa, Japan devine But then that would mean there would be only three stars left for a story that I couldnt put down and this story deserves than three stars The reason I give Taming Her Navy Doc five stars is because the plot is so unique from everything else in this genre that I was hanging in there until the very last page to find out how on earth Erica and Thorne DoubleS [...]

    Books and Spoons

    The story starts with an intense and heart wrenching way, when Navy surgeon Erica gets called to duty in a middle of the night, and she has to amputate a leg from a navy SEAL, who s bullet wound is infected during the mission They have an obvious connection, before he is swept away, before Erica even learns his name, as everything is under covert ops.Five years later Erika learns the name, Thorne, when the former patient turns out to be her new captain.The attraction is immediate, they are drawn [...]

    Cheryl Steckling

    Taming Her Navy Doc by Amy RuttanAmy Ruttan did it again Another great story Medical Romance The night Navy Surgeon Erica Griffin was woken in the middle of the night to help an injured Navy SEAL while she was aboard a hospital ship She made the decision that his leg had to be amputated The Navy Seal came in as a John Doe arriving by helicopter and had his surgery and his commanding officer removed him 8 hours after surgery He had begged her not to amputate his leg Erica remembered him and alway [...]


    Erica Griffin Is a surgeon with the Navy and on one night a patient is brought to her that haunts her for years A Navy seal is injured so badly that she must amputate his leg knowing that it will probably end his career in special ops but she must save his life All she remembers is his eyes as he begs her not to take his leg When she goes to check on him he has been removed and has no idea who he was or where he has gone This haunts her for years and when she is newly stationed in Okinawa she co [...]

    Donna Porter

    Erica Griffin is all Navy She is in it for the career as a top surgeon Working aboard the ship Hope she has a lot of experience Some mystery patient is brought in by helicopter and she has to amputate his leg, the infection is so bad All she remembers is his beautiful blue eyes He is swept away right after surgery and she never saw him again Five years later she is stationed in Japan and her captain is Thorne Wilder Now she has a name for her mystery patient He is no longer a Navy Seal but he wa [...]

    Spunky N Sassy

    SNS Rating 4.0 Sharlene s Review This story is a mixture of military and medical contemporary romance Erica and Thorne both serve in the Navy They meet in passing but don t know who each other are until 5 years later when Erica gets restationed under the command of Thorne Both have strong personalities and character obviously if they are both in the military but they are also both stubborn Neither one can seem to let go of their pasts long enough to enjoy the present and possibly future This was [...]


    Couldn t stop reading Very entertaining love story I couldn t put it down, I wanted to see how they would work it out considering their circumstances It was sad to see Thorne beat himself up over and over thinking he didn t deserve happiness The author sure doesn t want you to forget his guilt over his brother s death It was so repetitive it became a bit annoying But it gave insight into Thorne I liked Erica as a heroine Working and striving to be a Captain and not allowing her feelings to some [...]


    Taming Her Navy Doc by Amy Ruttan leaves the reader enthralled in wanting to learn what will happen next This is a Medical Romance and tells us the story of Erica Griffin and Captain Thorne Wilder The first meet when she is called in to amputate the leg of a Navy SEAL He tells her not to amputate but infection has set in and there is nothing she can do to differently Fast forward 5 years and he is now her commanding officer There is quite a bit to this story that I am leaving out for the reason [...]

    N. Kuhn

    I received this book free in exchange for an honest review I loved this story It felt like a real romance You felt them building up to something The emotions, the actions Erica was an awesome character She had to put up with a lot to get to where she was She fought and worked hard for it I actually admired her character Thorne, well, he s your typical hottie ex SEAL, but damn, even considering his situation, he sure almost blew things I loved this book It was a wonderful way to spend a sunny aft [...]


    This was a fast paced enjoyable read Thorne and Erica are first brought together when both are in the field Neither forget the other over the years after Thorne was whisked away due the secretiveness of his job He requests her specifically to be stationed with him as his number two in Japan Together they find a way to accept the past and allow their broken hearts to heal with each other 4 5 Cross posting to My Reading Reality


    45% I like this story, but the hero s I can t get involved because of my job motivation is weak he has a desk job good griefnished it it was an interesting story with some motivations that were questionable a solid 3.5


    This story was wonderful I cried a little, smiled and got a little ticked off In the end I was sighing It was a fun, intelligent and romantic read that left me feeling completely satisfied Amy Ruttan books are always easy to read, hard to put down and always leave me in a good mood.

    ♡ Jeri"s Book Attic ♡

    Beena Tabassum

    The story was fun, both the leads having their past shadowing their present but finally they passed their past and were ultimately together leaving behind their fears and their guilt

    Sassy Moms Say Read Romance


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