May 30, 2020
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We d been married seven years, and for the most part, I thought we were happy Little did I know my other half wasn t He d been screwing around on me for the past six months Now, on the verge of divorce, I ve found myself in a conundrum He s half my age, with a body that won t quit I keep telling myself it s payback, but who am I kidding Instead of getting even, I veWe d been married seven years, and for the most part, I thought we were happy Little did I know my other half wasn t He d been screwing around on me for the past six months Now, on the verge of divorce, I ve found myself in a conundrum He s half my age, with a body that won t quit I keep telling myself it s payback, but who am I kidding Instead of getting even, I ve now made things irreparable I have a choice to make, and it s going to be a lot harder than I imagined.Give in to Temptation Fulfill your deepest Desires

  • Title: Bereft
  • Author: Jennifer Foor
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 117
  • Format: ebook
  • Bereft Definition of Bereft by Merriam Webster Definition of bereft a deprived or robbed of the possession or use of something usually used with of both players are instantly bereft of their poise A E Wier Bereft definition of bereft by The Free Dictionary Define bereft bereft synonyms, bereft pronunciation, bereft translation, English dictionary definition of bereft v A past tense and a past participle of bereave adj a Deprived of something They are bereft of their dignity b Lacking something needed or Bereft Definition of Bereft at Dictionary Bereft definition, a simple past tense and past participle of bereave. Bereft Synonyms, Bereft Antonyms Merriam Webster Thesaurus synonyms of bereft from the Merriam Webster Thesaurus, plus related words, definitions, and antonyms Find another word for bereft Bereft suffering the death of a loved one. Bereft Oct , Directed by Tim Daly, Clark Mathis With Vinessa Shaw, Tim Blake Nelson, Patrick Burleigh, Tim Daly A young Vermont widow is haunted by the memory of her dead husband, while dealing with her family, employer, and other residents of her small town. Bereft definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary Bereft definition If a person or thing is bereft of something, they no longer have it Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples bereft Dictionary Definition Vocabulary You ve gone beyond just plain grief stricken you re bereft The way in which bereft differs just from plain mournful or grief stricken is in its sense of deprivation or lack It can be used that way too, for example when you re bereft

    Bereft We d been married seven years and for the most part I thought we were happy Little did I know my other half wasn t He d been screwing around on me for the past six months Now on the verge of divorc


    Husband cheats on wife so she had an affair with a young guy from her office but she ends up with the husband in the end.Disgusting The husband fucks his daughters best friend and his bullshit was that his wife wasn t giving him attention and expected her to get over it.All I can say is that super glad the wife ended up fucking some hot younger guy too Good for her I ended up reading it because I was curious and it was easier going in without allowing myself to fee a connection to any of the cha [...]


    I maybe alone on my review but I didn t really love this one I read the synopsis and even a sample of the book before I bought it It really wasn t the cheating husband that got me it was the relationship that Rachel finds herself in with Chad It happens so fast after she catches Grayson Never really felt anything for Rachel hell not even Grayson And it ended so fast and so easy One minute she doesn t know what she wants he makes up her mind for her Then Chad isn t going to be around much longer [...]

    ❤ Tila Grey Maddox ❤

    I think this series has a lot of cheating in it, and obviously this author loves writing about it too This is the second book in this series that the husband has cheated on their wife But this book was the worst book I have ever read The husband was cheating on his wife with his daughters best friend, and obviously the wife slept with a younger guy as well It was overall just a fucked up story The husband didn t even feel guilty about cheating on his wife cause he s fucking pathetic excuse was t [...]

    Donna ~ The Romance Cover

    This was an enjoyable read and was a page turner but what this lacked for me was emotional connection to the characters I did get invested in the story as I wanted to see the way it would go by the end and while I was not surprised at the ending I felt for Chad and would love to see him get his HEA.


    Firstly, this book isn t something that is going to be appeal to everyone cheating books never do For those with cheating, sex with other people issues, I would recommend NOT reading this Quick recap Spoilers ahead Beware the husband, Grayson, ends up having an affair with the best friend of his daughter for six months before he is caught by his wife, Rachel Rachel then proceeds to have her own affair with the young, hot guy from the office, Chad Her fling with Chad is supposed to be a casual th [...]

    My Girlfriend"s Couch Blog

    I had the privilege to read this book prior to it s release I am one that needs to read an entire series from book 1 I did read Binge prior to Bereft and was not impressed I was not really looking forward to reading Bereft at that point I will say that Jennifer blew me away with this book I really enjoyed it I have been married for almost 18 year together for 20 years What I do like about this series is the realness of the books Each book takes a couple that has been married for awhile and throw [...]

    Reviews from the Heart (Kimberly Anne)

    This story was an eye opener, that is one thing I want to make sure everyone who reads this knows and understands It does contain cheating and lies Have no doubt that hearts will be broken but also rebuilt This a very well written story How can someone recover from infidelity How do you repair yourself from the loss Is it possible to forgive Or even forget What would you do if your world fell apart in just one afternoon Everyone heals differently No one can judge what one must to do to survive t [...]

    Lustful Literature

    DEBBIE S 4 KINDLE SLAMMING STARS REVIEW I could not wait to get my hands on this book Author Jennifer Foor is know to write some seriously angsty books Her books tend to draw out all sorts of emotions in me and this one without a doubt had me extremely angry.About a of the way into this book I could not stand Grayson There was not one redeeming quality about him He feels bad for what he did Let me get out the finger violin you asshole I wanted to junk punch him Those thoughts went through my hea [...]


    I am thoroughly enjoying this series.I don t know why I love reading about other couples heartache and mistakesbut I do.I found this one way emotional than the first.I truly felt devastated for what had happened.I really liked Grayson,even after what he had done.I didn t condone it,but I saw how it could happen.For some reason I was upset with Rachel for giving into the same lust as him just to get back.Two wrongs don t make a right I guess.Jennifer Foor can really pull at your heartstrings.Em [...]


    3.5 You Cheat, I Cheat Stars WowGrayson and Rachel s story was a hard pill to swallow I have to say that I hated both character s so much through out the book and yet my heart went out to them Grayson was a selfish, arrogant and cruel to so extent To me Rachel was oblivious, self absorbed, and na ve to believe what she was doing was ok Chad on the other hand was amazing and yet I feel he took advantage of Rachel but yet she was so easily willing I felt that Chad was the most stand up adult in th [...]


    2.5 Stars TeamChad While the writing was good, I was left sad at the end of this book In my eyes this was not an HEA.


    This was my least favorite of the series I found the actions of the husband very unforgivable, so I wasn t even sad when I read the next book and realized view spoiler she ends up with Chad, the hotter younger guy view spoiler hide spoiler hide spoiler


    Note to self Thought about reading this author before but pretty darn sure her stories wouldn t be fun for me Too much angst and faulty reasoning It would drive me up the wall.


    Well Another cheating novel in the realm of romance novels done wrong I ll try to be as objective as I can in this review.Grayson the hero did grovel A LOT but unfortunately the circumstances of his cheating right at the beginning of the story destroyed any chances of his redemption for readers He cheated on the heroine that he already loved and married NOT because 1 she didn t love him, 2 he needed to sacrifice himself to protect her, 3 he was drunk or drugged or emotionally mentally unstable a [...]

    Cyndi Becker

    I knew this series would be angsty I read Binge but then I purposely left Bereft off my reading list Then saw the note for Belong indicating it included characters from Bereft, so I locked my heart awayand decided to tackle it It was everything I thought it might be and so much The author took a situation where I was sure I would feel one way which I did, then persuaded me I felt ANOTHER way, then persuaded me back again My reluctance to read Bereft was because of the infidelity aspect Binge ha [...]


    Jennifer Foor, you are simply amazing However, this book had me seeing red I was pissed off And I mean that in the nicest way possible LOLLet s just I really hate Grayson He s an asshole in my book Jennifer wrote a character that I absolutely can t stand I have nothing but sheer anger towards.Rachel I am 50 50 on her I get how she feels She goes back and forth on things But she goes and does the same thing as her husband So is she just as shitty as he is.Ok now that I got my bitchfest over about [...]

    Brenda Cody

    So many things bothered me about this story Cheating is always a tough subject, but who the husband Grayson cheats with, is in my opinion, completely unforgivable his daughter s best friend GROSS Anyway, our heroine, Rachel ends up having a tryst of her own after she discovers her husband s indiscretion All the while, the little saying two wrongs don t make a right , keeps going through my mind On top of it, who she cheats with is her employer s grandson, Chad Chad hires her when the grandfather [...]


    OMG, I LOVED this book Don t get me wrong, it was a difficult book to read as cheating is not something I usually want to read about, but this is a JF book so I gave it a chance I was NOT disappointed Give it a chance


    I am not a fan of cheating what so ever in a book Grayson thought he could screw his daughters best friend and no one find out Rachel came home unexpectedly one day to discover the man she thought was her soul mate screwing her teenage daughters friend Someone they had welcomed into their family, shared vacations with and had at their home often.Her marriage is over She doesn t know how to move on Chad is the younger guy who is her boss and making her feel things she hasn t felt in a long time G [...]


    Finally A wife with a backbone who decides what s sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander I m so sick of wives been screwed around on and becoming mopey and asexual This one decided to work her hurt and disappointment out under a younger stud LOL She goes back to the H in the end but only after the H grovelled like mad no doormat female here


    3.5 StarsThis book kept my attention and it was hard to put down I liked the h but the H was weak and a narcissist who doesn t deserve anything from the h.


    Find this review and at Ramblings From This ChickBereft is the second book in the Seven Year Itch series by Jennifer Foor, but each book is a complete standalone This series is definitely a guilty pleasure type of read for me, because the content is one that would typically be a no go for me, yet with Jennifer Foor penning these stories I can t get enough As angsty and heartbreaking as they are, I just can t put them down and I absolutely devour them That being said though, readers should bewar [...]


    A review copy was provided by the author for the Blog Tour 5 Stars What happens when a spouse is unfaithful during the marriage Is it something that can be overcome or do you end things then.Bereft is the second stand alone book in Jennifer Foor s 7 Year Itch Series and it covers infidelity in a marriage I felt everything Jennifer described in this story felt reale emotions felt raw and true to life This book had me thinking many times, How would I handle this situation Would I stick it out and [...]

    Emily Goodman

    It s not surprising to me that once again Jennifer Foor has written yet another book that has captivated me, instantly grabbing my attention, and silencing the chaotic world around me Bereft is just one of those books you can t take your eyes away from Bereft doesn t stop playing in back in your mind for days after reading it At least that is how it has been for me Five days later I find myself still contemplating the love triangle and challenges that consume this story Bereft is the story of hu [...]

    David Maher

    People change.Sometimes we like to delude ourselves into thinking that we, and our loved ones are exactly the same people we were, but its never the case.Though often the changes are minuscule, and take place over decades, they re there, and if not taken into account, they can be the kiss of doom to a relationship.The real choice, is whether we take the time, and make the conscious choice, to grow and change together, or let the natural course of time and events change each of us without notice, [...]

    Franci Neill

    Where to begin with how much I loved this book Jenn Foor has totally blown me away with how well she tells the story of a forever love that has a slight interruption, which in the end, could be a good thing.Rachel and Grayson have been together for several years and have a strong marriage, at least that s what Rachel thought until one day she comes home early after a devastating day at the office and finds her husband with their daughter s best friendme best friend she is NOT And here s where th [...]

    Kate Copeseeley

    So, this is porn And I guess I m out of touch with the erotica world never claimed to be IN touch with it, no pun intended but is butt play really that much of a thing I have started and abandoned a bunch of romance books in the past month and half of them have backdoor action Not for me.Anyway, I m looking for sexy romance, not erotica So this was a dnf.


    Jenn Foor never ceases to amaze me I love her new series She is delving into the real side of relationships What happens AFTER the honeymoon is over and life, responsibilities, work, etc take over Rachel and Grayson have been married for seven years Marrying an older man never bothered Rachel and she loved his daughter like she was hers She thought life was perfect Yes, they both worked a lot and they hadn t been having sex as often but life was good, right Until she came home from a horrible da [...]

    Mignon Mykel

    Received a copy of the title in exchange for an honest review.Jennifer Foor takes the d they lived happily ever after another step, and chose to look at couples when they reached that so called seven year itch with this new series BINGE dealt with among other things a young wife with image issues, and this book deals with a slightly older than previous couple that slowly fell apart.We have a mid thirties wife with her late forties husband She is not his first wife, nor is she the only female in [...]

    Escape Reality with Books

    I am a blubbering mess right now Bereft will chew you up and spit you right out leaving you emotionally devastated As time goes on in a relationship, people change and in order to stay in tune with each other, you either need to grow together or your will be left behind Sometimes our lives are so busy that we let other things get in the way of our relationships and they take a back burner which is the case for Rachel and Grayson, who have slowly drifted apart.Rachel comes home early from work on [...]

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