Jun 05, 2020
Malus Domestica
Posted by S.A. Hunt

From the award winning author of the Outlaw King series comes a harrowing supernatural adventure in the grand tradition of Stephen King s IT, Sam Raimi s Evil Dead, and the Netflix series Stranger Things.Kids are going missing in the tiny hamlet of Blackfield, Georgia, and nobody knows why except for Robin, the homeless young woman that just rolled into town last night.WheFrom the award winning author of the Outlaw King series comes a harrowing supernatural adventure in the grand tradition of Stephen King s IT, Sam Raimi s Evil Dead, and the Netflix series Stranger Things.Kids are going missing in the tiny hamlet of Blackfield, Georgia, and nobody knows why except for Robin, the homeless young woman that just rolled into town last night.When she claims she knows who s responsible, only 4th grader Wayne Parkin and his schoolmates Pete, Amanda, and Juan believe her but it takes a terrifying encounter with an interdimensional creature to spur them into action.Robin proves to be a formidable monster hunter with strange supernatural powers, but a tragic setback reveals a secret organization and a centuries old conspiracy.Can new friends and old enemies band together to save Blackfield from an unspeakable darkness

  • Title: Malus Domestica
  • Author: S.A. Hunt
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    Malus Domestica From the award winning author of the Outlaw King series comes a harrowing supernatural adventure in the grand tradition of Stephen King s IT Sam Raimi s Evil Dead and the Netflix series Stranger Thi

    Sh3lly ☽ Guardian of Beautiful Squids and Lonely Moons ☽

    My dear, dear friend Sarah GIFTED this to me, so I did not want to DNF it I loved the premise, the cover is gorgeous, it just seemed so cool Hmmm.I tried I really did I got to 53% And you know, the writing is good This is well written Maybe it s just me This is a LONG book and I just felt it didn t need to go on so long I did not like the Wayne plot with the father and his friends I think that entire plot could have been cut, to be honest, or seriously edited down and the story still would have [...]


    3.5 starsI thoroughly enjoyed Malus Domestica, from the kick ass heroine that didn t need a guy to save her to the fact that there was multiple black folks in it It was a lot of fun to read I took away some stars because the book got a little too convoluted and unbelievable towards the middle, and yes I say unbelievable even for a fantasy horror novel To me any book with supernatural or fantasy elements still has to have some base in facts or, if the facts are made up, they need to be explained [...]


    If you like good books and you aren t reading S.A Hunt, you re fucking doing it all wrong Forget the authors that line the aisles of the brick and mortar giants Read S.A HUNT This guy is one of my favorites and this book will not disappoint you If it doest back to your Koontz and Patterson Go back to the kid s tableI ll be over her eating this fucking turkey and green bean casserole like a damned adult

    Matthew Cox

    Malus Domestica by SA Hunt is a masterful tale of supernatural horror told with an ensemble cast The mythology setting that he s created is fantastic, deep, and creepy as all hell This author has a gift for description that paints vivid often disturbingly so images in the mind One caveat if you are a cat lover, this book is going to be quite disturbing Some parts were hard to read.The description on the jacket makes it sound like Robin is the main character, but in the beginning of the book she [...]


    I ve got a lot to say about this one, so for those who don t want to read this whole thing, I ll sum up this book is really good Go read it.Now, details First thing I want to say is that, thanks to me winning a little contest on Reddit, there s a character named after me in Malus Domestica And that character gets brutally murdered, which is AWESOME My mother didn t seem to appreciate it all that much philistine , but I love it.As for the book itself, I ll start with the setting I grew up in a s [...]


    If you like urban fantasy, but feel like the fact that characters know about magic and monsters takes away some of the fear and power, this book is probably for you If you re into horror but wish the main characters had a bit agency, this book is probably for you.The story opens with Our Heroine, Robin Martine, coming back to her home town She s been hunting down witches, which very few people know really exist, and posting videos of her exploits on YouTube The populace thinks she s just a CG w [...]

    Ashe Armstrong

    Whoo boy, where to start I was looking forward to reading this one for a long while Mr Hunt would post snippets for all of us to gobble up and it just made it worse And now, here I am, after glow, typing this up for anyone who might want a little thoughts on why they should read the book This was one helluva ride I m already a fan of Sam s I ve read Outlaw King 1 and 2 and loved them If you loved those books, the excellence continues here There s a pretty big cast of characters in this one but [...]


    Boy, what a see saw of opinions I had throughout this one.The good points There were some flat out brilliant ideas in this story S.A Hunt throws in history, mythology and theology and comes up with a very cool world where real witches exist.He made me laugh out loud with his sound effects This was something you d expect from perhaps a sixth grader but it worked here and it was a silly but fun way to read this.There were moments where his descriptive prose approached literary greatness A descript [...]

    Dylan Hearn

    You have to have some balls to put your work in the same company as Stephen King and Clive Barker sorry, I ve not read any Charlaine Harris , either that, or unswerving confidence in your own talent My guess with S A Hunt it s a bit of both, and in Malus Domestica I can see why This is an excellent book, with a strong, character led storyline that s as unsettling as a childhood nightmare yet twice as entertaining.A young woman, Robin Martine returns to her hometown, Blackfield, for the first tim [...]

    Stephanie Embry

    This is hands down my favorite horror novel since I m about to verge on blasphemous here and say since Lost Souls Lost Souls is a religious experience, yes Guys this book THIS BOOOOK I don t know how Hunt can have such an amazing grip on both the fantastic and the mundane The real world looks real The small town, the people, the flies on the wall, the pizza grease stains on a paper plate every detail you can name is in 3D technicolor when Hunt is behind the wheel And yet, while it s all so very [...]

    Lilly Raines

    This book pulled me in from the very beginning I ve never read a story quite like it, and that s what hooked me it felt unique, different in the best way And it never shied away from being different it embraced it The author snapped the reins and said, Onward, to Differentland and I hopped into the sleigh like a giddy little elf, eager to be carried away from a world fill with stale plots and forgettable characters Malus Domestica offers a fresh take on witches and magic, and a diverse cast of c [...]

    Gregory Lynn

    If you read a lot of books, you know that some are just different Some are just a plot, they re entertaining enough on an airplane, but the characters don t change much, or really feel like real people It s like you re watching a summer blockbuster movie It s fun and all, but you won t be buying the DVD.And some are different They might be a bit harder to read They might be longer They might take a little while to get into They might challenge the way you think They might do all of these things [...]


    Crazy Creepy CoolThis was my first book by S.A Hunt After reading this one, I ve realized I m not done with this author This was pretty cool.This is a thick, meaty book, full of all sorts of crazy goodness It s creepy than scary, but the author has a sense of humor and pulled some genuine laughs out of me not an easy task By the way, Afro cadabra is now a part of my permanent lexicon.The faint of heart will want to know that this is definitely horror of the sex, blood and rock and roll variety [...]


    S.A Hunt is an incredible talent in writing Reading this tale is akin to sampling a perfectly aged Bordeaux after being forced to drink boxed red blends for years, it s a bloody epiphany The pacing is tight and flows smoothly from point to point and character to character The dialogue is masterful giving each character an incredibly unique voice and tone that is maintained throughout the story and even reflects the individual growth of the character as they progress The style of writing again is [...]


    i am not normally a fan of horror but i really enjoyed this booki have read all the books in the outlaw king series and became addicted to his wit and quirky style of adding in details that fit with my generation and culture something hard to find as i am currently living in a different country i really hope that his books can hit the silver screen and that he keeps writing and i cant wait to travel through his next adventure

    Romina Nicolaides

    A book of truly revolting but thoroughly convincing witches The scenes are set with extraordinary detail, building a very atmospheric plot of corruptive and enticing magic The characters were human and at times you wonder if anyone is safe from Cutty and her cronies Absorbing and entertaining my only criticism would be the exaggerated use of popular references.


    Horrifying and well written, with interesting bits of witch mythology I m not very familiar with the horror genre, but this was a great Halloween read for me Some of the imagery is definitely going to haunt me for a few days.


    Weird, imaginative, gross This book had a lot of characters and a lot going on maybe too much at times, but I really enjoyed it.Kinda spoilery warning for my fellow animal lovers horrible shit happens to cats.


    Thanks to the recommendation of a good friend, I discovered S.A Hunt through his Outlaw King series Speaking of which, I ll be reading the third installment of that very soon I wanted to see if I could wait until the fourth installment was released but I simply can t wait any longer Anyhow, I heard about Hunt s Malus Domestica around the time that I dove into Outlaw King, and recently decided it was finally time to read it that very same friend and I have been buddy reading it And what do you kn [...]

    Bailey Skye

    I received an electronic copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.So I very well may still change my rating of this book cause I m honestly not sure where I stand 3 3.5 maybe I have a lot of mixed feelings towards this book There is no doubt in my mind that Hunt is a brilliant writer You can tell he has such a vivid imagination, and he has an almost poetic way with stringing together his descriptions that make you conjure up the perfect image of the scenes he s writing.I was initially [...]

    Yzabel Ginsberg

    I received a copy of this book through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review 1.5 2 stars I liked the ideas at this novel s core, but ultimately I had a hard time getting into it, and had to force myself to go on reading I guess this was a matter of rhythm, and of some clich s that didn t sit too well with me.The premise young witch hunter Robin Martine has been travelling through the USA, filming her tracking and fighting witches women who sacrificed their heart to goddess Ereshkigal in ex [...]


    Malus Domestica by S.A Hunt is a tale of revenge, remorse and regret The story of a young girl in search of the past that was stolen from her and the unveiling of the hidden secrets that will change her world forever You needs to stop playin I assume huntin witches means killin witches, and there ain t no way you re videotapin that shit And I want to talk to you without this camera here Backstage, so to speak Off the record Cause I can tell you just puttin on a show for the people at home But I [...]


    What a book It s been a while since a book has grabbed me like this one I was a little hesitant to try horror but now feel much better about the genre First off, a warning horrible stuff happens to cats brace yourself Some of those scenes were REALLY hard to read.Loved the characters Hunt did a superb job fleshing them out, and they all seemed very real to me I really appreciated the diversity of characters, too I never expected to get teary over a horror story, but there was than one moment th [...]


    Overall thoughtsMalus Domestica is a wildly entertaining, fast paced and original novel I was unsure of what to expect when reading this book, and I m glad to say that I was very surprised by how enjoyable the book is While the book starts with the stories of different characters that seem to have no connection, the author slowly starts converging the storylines and taking the readers in a wildly entertaining adventure Even though the novel is quite lengthy, there are not a lot of slow moments, [...]

    Zed Amadeo

    Meet Robin, an unusual young woman who stars in her own show on YouTube, the eponymous Malus Domestica, which documents her adventures travelling across the country and killing witches Sounds like one of those online shows engineered for entertainment Only Robin s adventures are all too real.Robin s bizarre exploits were spurred by the murder of her mother, which she claims was the result of witches dabbling in evil magic She travels back to her hometown, a place that has become filled with hidd [...]

    Elizabeth Maria Naranjo

    Malus Domestica is categorized as a supernatural horror novel but, like all great books, it defies boundaries Horror fans certainly won t be disappointed there are plenty of gruesome scenes and genuine moments of terror in this tale about a young woman who slaughters witches for a living but anyone who loves a well crafted story with multilayered characters and rich, descriptive language should give this book a try Hunt shows a lot of respect for his characters and as a reader I deeply appreciat [...]


    The blurb for this book sounded like a typical and possibly cliche urban fantasy, but I took a chance on it because a friend said it was good She was under exaggerating This may have been the best urban fantasy I have ever read Better than Sandman Slim, better than Harry Dresden The characters seemed so real, so well painted The scenes were so vivid Several times I blurted out holy shit in public places while reading this, or busted out in maniacal laughter at the airport in response to a scenar [...]

    Hope Sloper

    From the beginning to the end, I was entertained with story and action I cannot tell you how many times I Oh shit d, and really, I m censoring there I did a lot shouting of far worse words than that There were some days I was busy, and could not get to the book those days, all I did was think about this story.Read full review at wordgurgle 2015 1


    This book was a breath of fresh air A lot of the urban fantasy books I ve read are kind of sameish so it was nice to read something different Hunt did a nice job creating his characters I really loved Wayne and Joel The magic system was also really well done The story kind of drags in the beginning and the final confrontation was disappointing but all in all it was a good read.

    Lilyn G. (Scifi and Scary)

    Full review later but While S.A Hunt s Malus Domestica is not for everyone, it s a well told story that quickly hooks you.The characters are likeable and memorable The language is a bit coarse, but funny Some of the scenes would translate wonderfully to the big screen.I really liked it.

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