May 30, 2020
Mated to the Vampire Kings: A Baby For the Kings
Posted by Charlene Hartnady

The much awaited sequel to the bestselling Chosen by the Vampire Kings BBW M nage Romance with no Cliff hangerTanya has just entered the final stage of her pregnancy and excitement is running high Her mates insist on putting a crap ton of rules and regulations in place to ensure that her and the baby s health are not put into jeopardy They become and overprote The much awaited sequel to the bestselling Chosen by the Vampire Kings BBW M nage Romance with no Cliff hangerTanya has just entered the final stage of her pregnancy and excitement is running high Her mates insist on putting a crap ton of rules and regulations in place to ensure that her and the baby s health are not put into jeopardy They become and overprotective with each passing day and may have gone a little overboard in the process.She loves them but it s freaking irritating They need to understand that she is not some wilting flower, liable to break at any second Tanya is a strong woman, capable of handling two dominant, vampire males in their prime This theory is about to be put to the test along with her patience, which is wearing desperately thin Especially when all the unmated, vampire females attempt to get the kings to evoke an ancient lore A lore which allows the kings to bring temporary rut partners to their bed while the queen is too ripe with child to accommodate their needs Like freaking hell she will ever allow that to happen If Brant and Zane think that they can evoke such a lore and continue to keep breathing, they have another think coming.This book is 49,000 words 196 print pagesThe story contains strong sexual themes language and is not intended for readers under the age of 18 MFM No cliff hanger.

  • Title: Mated to the Vampire Kings: A Baby For the Kings
  • Author: Charlene Hartnady
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    Mated to the Vampire Kings A Baby For the Kings The much awaited sequel to the bestselling Chosen by the Vampire Kings BBW M nage Romance with no Cliff hangerTanya has just entered the final stage of her pregnancy and excitement is running high Her

    Erica Ravenclaw

    Whatever, I read what I want.


    I m still not over being angry at Brant.


    Nice follow up to the first book.

    Luciana Correa

    Mated to the vampire kings is Full of action and unexpected twists.The vampire kings s heir s life is at risk even before he is born The castle is not safe for Tanya in her last days of pregnancy.Zane and Brant are invested in protecting their mate and their baby Enemies pop out from everywhere No place is secure.To make matters worse Tanya s insecurity screams She is uncomfortable with her pregnant body and the female vampires hitting on the kings make her feel really bad An old lore says it s [...]


    Extremely sensual book on a reluctant MFM romance Although I expected this storyline to be generally lacking, as others in the genre typically are by relying on the shock value, I was pleasantly surprised that this book 1 had the heroine in a position of power to drive the MFM arrangement and 2 laid out a complex and intriguing world that serves as a good setting for many books to come.

    Janet Russell

    Only one but a good one The next in the chosen series, this one lookedinteresting so I thought I would see Good story only one this time which gives you plenty of time to get to know the story


    Tanya and the King s continuing storyChosen by the Vampire Kings continues in this book where Tanya finally has her baby Aswith all of the other chosen books, I ve really enjoyed reading the story along with all the in and outs of vampire life and lore Read this series.

    Susan Stegemann

    Great readCharlene s stories are so great I can t seem to put my FIRE down There s just enough sex and action packed to the plot.I hope she keeps it up.

    Heather Wiese

    3.5 stars


    Liked it


    Nice way to finish of Brant, Zane and Tanya s story It was just as sexy as the first book There were moments that had me holding my breath and some that were really cute too.

    Tracy Hall

    Good With all the memories of pregnancy, this book scared me to death Glad I don t have to go through that again.

    Lisa Baffi

    Five stars I like this series a lot, the stories and characters are page turners Also the sex scenes are sexy and so hot

    Alex Wolf

    Omg, that was SO intense That s one the only books that I have read in one sitting My goodness, I had no idea it would grip me that much Sucha good progression from the previous books Loved it D

    Judy Lewis

    DELICIOUSLY CUTE, SERIOUSLY SEXY, FABULOUSLY FUNNY AND DELIGHTFULLY ENTERTAINING Title Mated to the Vampire Kings A Baby for the KingsAuthor Charlene HartnadyDesignation Standalone Novella with NO CliffhangerReading Platform Kindle UnlimitedMy Rating FIVE DIVINELY ENTERTAINING STARS Great balls of fire Charlene Hartnady has continued the magical journey of Queen Tanya and Kings Zane and Brant with Mated to the Vampire Kings and what a glorious treat it is I love it Although this is a standalone [...]

    Unsolicited Reviews

    4.5 StarsAbsolutely awesome The cover is spectacular The story enthralling I know I begged for earlier in the series but I felt this was a little too long A little too much about Tanya s well warranted insecurities I realized they stretched from one book to the next and for some reason after everything they d all went through I personally felt she was too untrusting Although I did feel her jealousy and insecurities were understandable just not the blaming I started to get annoyed with her for t [...]


    Best Oneonta of the whole seriesMated to the vampire prince s is the best one out of the whole series It was probably the book with the least sex and it was still the best bit when there was sex scenes it was hot I loved the action in this one, and the mate s lore part was crazy I am so happy to see the author is continuing this series, and I hope she does a combined big book on the vampires and Tanya and of course Ross, Becky and Rushe, the Alpha and steph and Xavier n Esrals Now that would be [...]


    Still enjoying this great series I ve read all the books in this multi series and I have to say that none of the books have disappointed I ve greatly enjoyed every one of them and am always looking forward to the next The author has made it impossible not to love the characters and the plots are always fresh, exciting and hot In this book, we are back with the Vampire Kings and their now Very pregnant human spitfire of a Queen, Tanya Oh, how I ve missed them all The relationship these three have [...]

    Elaine Kirby

    Very Good Ending Very good ending at least for Brant, Zane Tanya Tanya is in the last few weeks of her 12 month pregnancy a mischievous female vampire starts a rumor that makes all of the unmated vampire women try to get the Kings to have sex with them Brant Zane only have eyes other body parts for Tanya but to try get that thru to those female vampires is tough So, Brant Zane make a plan to go to the cabin that Zane owns so that Tanya won t go into labor early after getting there with Brant 1st [...]


    Soooooo happy You can t miss this If you have read the previous stores This is a MUST read What a great closure for the vampire kings and their family This is a very feel good book it reaffirms all that is good for Tanya, Brant, And Zane It gives you the last bit of the story that you needed after reading the first story and all the resulting spin offs I loved all their stories but Tanya s is my fav Happy reading.

    Rosa Maria Garcia

    Totally 5 StarsAll I can say is awesome and very happy that you wrote this book You just told us what happened during, Tanya s pregnancy and how, Brant and Zane, handle the situations that came their way Now the kings and queen have a royal heir and hopefully they will have their happily ever after Keep them coming because I been a fan since the whole series started and so ready to read about, York finding his mate.

    Kimberly Walden

    Great addition to a wonderful series Kindle Unlimited Book I so loved all the books and spin off series This is a great addition to the Kings and their mate s story No cliffhanger I so love the feeling within this story and the devotion they show each other Cannot wait for the next spin of series A definite read for any vampire or shifter lover

    B. U.

    Enjoyable read If you have not yet read Chosen By The Vampire Kings I would suggest reading at least that serial first if not all the serials that can before this book by this author I m hoping that the attack is discussed in York s book because I feel like it never was resolved in this book.

    Caroline Abernethy

    Happy familiesThis is a follow up book to the original trilogy It is a bit tough seeing the trauma Tanya has to go through, life is not that easy being with the Kings She gets there in the end though I got this as part of Kindle Unlimited.


    This was good Lots of action I think this was the best of the series, so far.This author really needs to hire a good, professional proofreader to clean up all of the typos and words used incorrectly.

    Dawn Wallace

    Loved it.Spoiler alert This is the continuation of the pregnancy and birth of the two vampire kings baby It gives away info if you haven t read the vampire Prince stories or the the shifter stories.

    Lindsey Lawson

    I read this a little out of order but it didn t detract from anything It just made me want to finish all the series faster All are in my wish list It was great going back to the vampire kings I cried, I laughed It was good.

    Judy Robertson

    Awesome This book is awesome, love the vampire k and Tonya all the characters are funny and sexy and the sexy vampire kings are my favorite I love how story leads into the next exciting series And I love how my favorite wolf rushed is brought back in This is a book for your reading list.


    interesting to read great storylines throughout the series and this book nice twist but it would have be great if their was a possible of twins


    DNF chapter 5

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