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Maps kingdom is crumbling before his eyes.His parents are forcing him to get a job, there s a new kid at school who won t stop staring at him, and his best friend is too busy thinking about girls to help Maps deal with his real problems.Worst of all,Maps is lost.And none of the roads on his map are leading to Lane.

  • Title: Diamonds
  • Author: Nash Summers
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  • Page: 119
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Diamonds Maps kingdom is crumbling before his eyes His parents are forcing him to get a job there s a new kid at school who won t stop staring at him and his best friend is too busy thinking about girls to h

    ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~

    4.5 THIS IS NOT REAL LIFE Neither is being cat called.Or getting sassy while dressed up as a giant chicken.Or arguing with a 5 and three quarters year old.But this is MAPS And his life isn t ordinary When Lane spends the summer at baseball camp, Maps doesn t miss him At ALL So what if Lane hasn t sent a postcard in three weeks Maps has other things to worry about like Benji stalking girls at a mall or getting a job Maps is too smart for a job, but his parents insist Which is how he ends up at th [...]


    The story continues And well, I thought things are looking up with Maps and Lane s relationship That finally, they are moving forward and I ll be soaring over the moon in perfect bliss because everything is just peachy.But nope, not gonna happen Although low steamed, as with every Summers masterpiece, she keeps the romance in the oven until fully baked This story slowly burns giving you millions of tiny moments that make your heart skip a couple of beats.And it doesn t really help that while Map [...]


    Maps had no idea what he was doing Of course I know what I m doing, he said Piece of bike Like riding a cake Maps is back, you all And this time with real problems Poor Maps has to find a job His parents are forcing him to I know, it s absurd and preposterous Absurdly preposterous , in his own words And it s not his fault his employers don t appreciate his efforts Also, who is this new weird kid that keeps staring at him Remember how Lane kept looking at him, like he wanted to punch him That way [...]

    Nash Summers

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    Emma Sea

    This is a wonderful sequel to book one, with tension, conflict, and best of all, MORE MAPS I, too, feel like waiting for sedimentation from time to time Perry is adorable, and made a fantastic foil for Benji.As with book 1, I wanna quote a whole bunch of stuff, but I don t wanna spoil the book for anyone But I highly rec it Sheer happy entertainment but I haven t read book 1 yet I AM SO FAR BEHIND IN MY READING Gah


    Very funny and smile inducing I liked this one better than the first part Apologize , Lane said to Superman.Superman turned to Maps Uh, sorry dude Maps folded his arms across his chest and stuck his nose up in the air Hmph You should be Lane turned back toward Maps, smile now covering his face I like your cat costume Thanks , he replied, definitely not shyly and definitely not while his face heated Oh my god, Benji said, drawing out the sentence like a long note in a song.Out of the corner of hi [...]


    4.5 starsOh Maps, how I ve missed you Warning slightly spoilerish, maybe Diamonds is the perfect follow up to Maps and takes place right where book 1 leaves off If you haven t read the first book, do it now Map s quirkiness is in overdrive in Diamonds and the results are hilarious I was laughing out loud almost immediately But don t be fooled, this story is not all fun and games Maps and Lane navigate the newness of their budding relationship while dealing with physical separation, some misunder [...]


    When I found out that Nash Summers would be releasing the next story of Maps Wilson, I was excited Maps was pretty unique as a character I always pictured him a tad of young Sheldon Cooper Genius, smart, but can be condescending towards others, socially challenged, and exasperating But lovable can be lovable.In this sequel, Maps is missing Lane even if he vehemently denies it because Lane is staying at baseball camp Maps also needs to find a job because his parents demand it oh the travesty So M [...]


    Life According to Maps is beautifully bizarre He has to be one of the most peculiar and utterly endearing characters everd I adore him Summer break is supposed to be packed with good times fond memories.Lane is away at baseball camp and Maps is most definitely NOT missing him liar and he is completely capable of working a mundane summer job per his parents insistence liar and has no need for formalities like titles PANTS ON FIRE Who needs a boyfriend Certainly not Maps Right Wellybe he might nee [...]


    Maps is being forced to get a job, and Lane is at summer baseball camp Maps doesn t miss Lane, not at all, no, sirree Maps does not sulk, nor does he stare longingly at Lane s window He s a free agent, a rakish rogue, and he doesn t miss Lane at all.Between getting dressed as a Giant Chicken while working at the Chicken Castle or Palace or whatever, getting into a fight with a very surprised Lane who only wanted some chicken, being pursued, according to Benji, by hot hairstylist fellow student P [...]

    ☆ Todd

    After totally loving book 1, the bar was set ridiculously high for me, but ,sadly, this one didn t give me the same giddy butterflies in my stomach that the first story did.Yes, I did love the whole Chicken Castle chicken suit part, but much the same way as that particular scene ended, this story made me frown in a lot of places.Bottom line I missed Lane SO FREAKING HARD For a large part of the book, he was totally MIA even after he d returned from his summer long baseball camp At least that s h [...]

    Elsa Bravante

    Igual de bueno que el anterior No me re a tanto con unos libros desde que me le hace a os Sin Noticias de Gurb de Eduardo Mendoza Muy bueno.


    4.75 starsI think I can confidently say that there has never been a character quite like Maps before On the face of it, you wouldn t think he d be likeable he s offbeat to an extreme, somewhat clueless, fairly dorky, lacks most social skills and is completely obsessed with scientific experiments Basically, he s off the charts quirky But not like him No way He s freaking adorable I just want to hug him and hug him and never let go Diamonds continues right where Maps left off Lane has gone to base [...]

    Kaje Harper

    The highlight of these two books and you definitely want to read Maps first is the depiction of an Aspergers teen who has so many of the issues of being on the spectrum, and yet is positive and finds a way to start a relationship In this sequel, Maps does not suddenly become less challenged, or socially adept That s a very good thing, because I hate books where a challenge is introduced for angst, and then faded out when it interferes with the romance element The solid, consistent portrayal of [...]


    I probably should have quite after the first one, but I didn tI told myself that I wasn t going to bother with this story since the first one was only ok for me But, apparently I lied I was poking around the internet yesterday and checking out new releases and there it was taunting me so I figured what the hell and picked it up to read.Initially I was honestly regretting this move and I had no one to blame but myself I was finding Maps to be even annoying than he had been in the first book and [...]


    Pero qu tierno es Lane


    How can anybody not love Maps


    I love spending time in Maps world A world filled with smiles and sweetness and constant motion and adventure I just never know what s going to happen or come out of his mouth Just going to school or down the street can be an adventure with Maps at your side This time out we find Maps job hunting Yes I said job hunting Maps parents are forcing him to get a job for the summer, which has Maps hollering foul What about his experiments How will he find the time to dig up the garden for roots and bug [...]


    Yay This one was just as cute as Maps Miscommunication is one of my pet peeves in books but this one worked so well that I couldn t help but love it Maps was adorably naive again but I loved every minute His humor and wit are so flipping funny Lane was as endearing as ever I loved seeing him become comfortable with himself Starting Lane s now On to the next

    Arch Bala

    Who needs a psychiatrist when you have the internet I can diagnose myself I m very capable, you know What a perfect follow up to Maps I loved him in the first book and I love him even here I mean, Maps is Maps Maps is perfect and he and his best friend Benji are perfect bffs together Here, Maps parents are forcing him to find a job like a perfectly normal high schooler It s perfectly normal right Not with Maps though, for him it was absurdly preposterous Besides, he needs time for all of his ex [...]


    4.5 A lovely reunion with Maps Maps is still very much like in the first encounter with him, extremely quirky, cute and endearing The sequel was very funny and I was laughing out loud often view spoiler Are you sure it wasn t supposed to be him holding a baseball bat Maps, you see, has interpreted a drawing Lane sent to Maps of himself while away on baseball camp a bit differently, and Benji sets him straight hide spoiler When Maps first laid eyes on Kyle, Maps was so unattracted to him that he [...]


    A n m s gracioso que el anterior Maps se sale xD e igualmente tierno Lane 3 3 3 Y Princess Madame Sprinkle RequeteLOL Cu ndo sale el tercero

    Lost in a Book

    3.5 StarsI liked this one, just not as much as the first I didn t really get a clear picture of Lane which was understandable in the first book but I would have appreciated character development in book 2.I loved the addition of the extremely sassy Perry and his friendship with Maps while Lane is at baseball camp There wasn t much happening in this book outside of Maps internal monologues and his silly antics I didn t appreciate the antics as much in book 2 because I was hoping for growth in t [...]


    I love this series so much, I m going to write one review for the whole series in Lanes.


    That cover That title More Maps and Lane squee

    Mónica BQ

    I really liked this one, but can t help the comparison I make with the absolute perfection that book 1 was.Maps is still one of my top favorite characters ever The way Nash Summers writes is a work of art and I make an ample recommendation of everything Summers has ever written.


    Review soon Adored his though


    I fell in love with Maps and all his quirks I might have shed a tear or two view spoiler when Maps heard Lane say they were just neighbours hide spoiler Maps continues to be his magnificently absorbed self view spoiler Completely outraged at having to get a job for the summer and so should everyone else be I mean, have his parents not witnessed the countless crazy and dangerous experiments he worked on Why unleash that on unsuspecting bystanders just kidding his first gig doesn t end well and he [...]


    Another delightfully silly teenage romantic comedy in the life of Maps Following the typical arc of all rom com s things start off well enough, get worse, but get cheering again by the end because of the genres conventions, that s to be expected Our usual cast of characters are present, although I really expect the monster, aka Princess Madame Sprinkle, to have seen with Benji at the daycare center where he reportedly works but oh well Maps trying to find employment was filled hilarity and high [...]


    Maps is one of my favorite book boyfriends I love him I think I read this whole book with a huge grin on my face Seriously, Maps is so endearing And I love Benji, Perry, Lane and Princess Sprinkle Very sweet story

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