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Desecrated Beauty
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  • Title: Desecrated Beauty
  • Author: Kyleigh Castronaro
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    Kelly Hawkins Solomon

    I received this book in exchange for an honest review Who doesn t love a fairy tale Especially a twisted fairy tale Yes, please This book has merged a few of my favorite genres into one Dystopian, paranormal, fairy tale with a twisted happily ever after This is a great re telling of Beauty and the Beast We start with Quill She escaped the trapped life in the city under her sadistic father and is living freely among the Desecrated She is trying to help others gain this freedom as well All hell br [...]


    Quill also known as Isabelle lives on the fringes in the Desecrated with other humans who were not deemed perfect She knows how to fight and how to slip in and out of the city These abilities allow her to be a part of a team that protect other members of the Desecrated She ran away leaving the Pure behind her and her sister On one of her missions she finds her sister but by helping her sister escape she meets Nero.Nero also lives outside of the city As an old vampire he is well respected and fea [...]

    S.I. Hayes

    As the blurb describes this is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast The Beast in this case being a 1500 year old vampire called Nero He has claimed her as his and his attraction to her is for than a romp and a meal Quill on the other hand doesn t exactly feel the need to be polite or even civil to him as they story begins Threatening to stake his ass on than one occasion and even coming daringly close at one sultry point point puns Which gets her bed dismantled Those around her are all vampires [...]


    4 and 1 2 StarsI received an ARC when I signed up to host the book tour I made no guarantee of a favorable review.I m a sucker for fairy tales so when I saw the words A Twisted Fairy Tale on the cover, I knew I had to read it.Quill is a strong minded woman and lives as she chooses unlike many of he women in her society and she is a bad ass rebel When she goes on a mission to rescue some desecrated that have gone missing, she runs into her sister whom she hasn t seen in some time Nero is the myst [...]

    Ashley Books and Warpaint

    This is definitely a different take on the typical Beauty and the Beast story Quill lives in a society that reminds me of the Divergent book series Quill has a huge chip on her shoulder due to the treatment she received from her father and him forcing her to train to be a soldier Nero is a vampire who likes to have power over others but doesn t want to be in a position to rule It s very interesting watching the interaction between them from the beginning as Quill comes to live with Nero in excha [...]

    Ashley Martinez

    A huge twist on beauty and the beast I really liked how the story flowed It wasn t predictable it was fun, unique and sassy.The characters were strong, smart, independent and full of sass I look forward to reading from the author.I voluntarily reviewed an arc from the author.

    Twinsie Talk Angie J

    3.5 rounded upCheck out this review and others atTwinsietalkFacebook TwinsietalkTwitter TwinsietalkTsu TwinsietalkNewsletter eepurl brwkPv I received this book from the author for an honest review.So who loved Beauty and the Beast MEEEE and this book was a perfect paranormal version of it but with giant huge twists and turns I loved the world and would totally love to read from it.Quill is a warrior not a breeder We slowly learn that our warrior girl has lots of secrets like LOTS She is sent on [...]

    Ara Prado

    Title Desecrated Beauty Twisted Fairy Tales 1 Author Kyleigh CastronaroGenre Paranormal RomancePublication Date July 6, 2015Number of pages approx 180Word Count 58,883Cover Artist Kyleigh CastronaroARA S NOTE I ve always been a fan of heroines who are tough, kickass, and independent Add to that a fanged hottie who is not afraid to get what he wants Who doesn t like a good vampire story I m definitely not immune to the charm and sexiness that comes with books like this So obviously I had to sink [...]


    I enjoyed this paranormal book This was a first time read of this author I enjoyed the dark elements and suspense throughout the book There was implied romance by actions and decisiins made by rhe main characters I especially liked the strong, independent female character who chose her future, not by coersion, but by insisting on knowing all the facts.


    It took me a bit to get into this story, probably because the way it started, it seemed like it was a continuation from a previous book But once I began to understand who some of the key players were, I was able to really let go and just enjoy the story and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it.I realize this is supposed to be loosely based on the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale, but I really didn t get that much of a vibe from this story, probably because there really wasn t anythin [...]


    Okay I have to say I started this book And the first chapter bored me that I actually couldn t finish it and started to read other books but decided I had to finish I am glad i did the story and characters picked up and I am glad i finished this story

    Annie B.

    I chose to Read and Review this book from The Authors Explosion Eventl First of all This was my first book by Kyleigh and i was not Disapointed At first i wasn t too sure because the book started a little slow and i didnt really know What was really going on wich was a Good thing for me For me a Good book needs to pull you into the story and make you believe that you are in This FanTastic world.Great Job I felt a real connection to Quill has she is to be a strong Women in a upside world I was ab [...]


    Dystopias are normally not my genre But this one sucked me in right from the start The heroine is kick ass but has a big heart, takes what she wants and does what needs to be done and still lays down her life for the people she really cares about Her world is intriguing, the contrast between city people and outcasts big but at the same time both parties have their problems and weaknesses, nothing ist simply good or totally bad, I really liked that And the hero is absolutely devilicious with all [...]


    ExcellentFive stars because this book was simply a great take on vampires and other supernatural beings Quill Isabelle escapes her violent upbringing to go against her powerful father and join the resistance During a rescue mission she sees her sister that she left behind and in her attempt to save her ends up trading her life for her sisters Her captor turns out to be her mate and although she resists him at first, she eventually gives in A lot happens in between but no cliffhanger thank goodne [...]

    Kristen Gough

    This book is definitely as it states in the description, a twisted fairytale and I loved reading this Quill is a strong and independent female who doesn t blindly follow orders and isn t afraid to go after what she believes in Nero is a sexy as sin and extremely powerful vampire and he doesn t take no for an answer They are both extremely set in their ways, which makes for some seriously interesting interactions between the two to say the least This was the first book I ve read by this author an [...]


    Desecrated Beauty is the kind of story that fairy tales were based off of A vivid imagining of what Beauty and the Beast would be like in today s world Children grow up to be what their parents teach them to be, or do they Quill was raised to be something similar to what she is, but not all lessons learned stay rooted Nero in that respect is nothing like what his father wants him to be either Maybe, just maybe, Quill and Nero are what need to be in order to be with the other Guess you will need [...]


    Who doesn t like little fairy tail in their life What about hot twisted fairy tale Even better Hot re telling of Beauty and the Beast Who would not like that Quill is not your average beauty Nero is not your average beast Or did i mixed them hmmmThere is only one way to find out go read.This book is amazing and fresh Full of twists and steamy moments I m not much for dystopian books but i loved Desecrated Beauty and i would love to read about main or supporting characters hint to author Rose I [...]

    A.M. Johnson

    What a wicked story I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it was very well written and it flowed very smoothly.Kyleigh writes such strong characters, Quill is an incredibly strong woman, physically, broken but pieced back together and then there is NerolordyA cool twist on the supernatural, I like the interaction between humans and creatures, way cool.There are a couple of very hot moments and some violence but it all helps to tell an awesome tale.This is the first book of Kyleighs that I have read an [...]

    Patient Lee

    The writing in this book is spectacular, which is what kept me reading even though the story wasn t my cup of tea I didn t realize it was a dystopian vampire story at first, and while I knew it was a retelling of a fairy tale, I didn t realize which one it was right away When I figured it out, I was delighted by the subtle, yet sophisticated references to the original story For me, those touches were what made the book special I kept reading because I wanted to see how the author incorporated th [...]


    Wow loved this book Hot vampire Kick ass heroine And a good plot This is a great start to a new series Lots of room for world building Our heroine doesn t have a problem killing when she has to, and our hero has definitely done his fair share of killing too, after all he is a vampire There are no apologies or self hatred for what he is I hope it doesn t take long for the next book to come out.


    Great enticing, paranomal with twists and turns read, it ropes you from the first chapter you got to love a bad ass female Quill, and Nero the aphla vampire who wants the powers of others but not to rule The interaction between them is super sexy This is my first book of Kyleigh Castronaro and I can say it won t be my last.

    Rebecca Larsen

    4.5 StarsNot your average fairytale Beauty and the beast meets the real world Great character interaction, even paced, and some great twists.If you like dystopian, I would highly recommend this one.


    I read better fanfics than this.

    Kiley Reed

    Turned out better than I thought it would Also not what I thought it would be

    Amber Ferreday

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading this Another brilliant book from a brilliant author

    Theresa Nowaczyk

    Yay I m so excited to be able to read this book Can t wait Over the moon because I m receiving a copy for my kindle This sounds very interesting and the cover is gorgeous.


    Is a good book to read


    So this story takes place in a time where the world has been through a type of purge and the people who weren t deemed pure were killed So pretty much, everyone except the governing body and kids were killed and they were starting from scratch with a new way to live All of the kids went through a training program and then went to specific jobs, but a girl named Quill joined the rebellion instead She goes on a mission for the rebellion and runs into her sister in the city She tries to get her sis [...]


    A twisted remake of Beauty and the Beast ngo Blend that with vampires and werewolves and other paranormal delights and I am happily glued to the pages A human woman with a domineering abusive father, paired with the son of a controlling, ancient vampire It is no surprise to me that time flew by so that I could read to its conclusion This author wasted no time setting these characters into motion and this action packed tale delivers Thoroughly was a pleasure to read this and I highly recommend it [...]

    Crystal Clifton

    Good from the BeginningThis was definitely a twist on a fairy tale The Beast being a Vampire named Nero and the Beauty a strong willed woman named Quill There lives have turns and twists like a Vampire story should have It was a good read and very well written It would make a heck of a movie if you ask me The story is by all means dark and twisted The characters are fun to read about and follow The ending is quite delicious to Nero I recommend this book to those who love a good Vampire story as [...]

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