Sep 23, 2020
The Undutchables
Posted by Colin White Laurie Boucke

Presents an in depth humorous look at Dutch life, quirks, customs, and character, with observations of Dutch behavior in the Netherlands and abroad includes appendices on Dutch idioms, expressions, and homonyms.

  • Title: The Undutchables
  • Author: Colin White Laurie Boucke
  • ISBN: 9780962500633
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Undutchables An Observation of the Netherlands, Its Aug , The Undutchables An Observation of the Netherlands, Its Culture and Its Inhabitants Colin White, Laurie Boucke, Rusty Haller Books. The Undutchables An Observation of the Netherlands Its The Undutchables An Observation of the Netherlands, Its Culture And Its Inhabitants is a legendary book among expatiates living in the Netherlands It is allegedly a bible of all things Dutch Among many, this book is also considered to be unbelievingly funny, but of course humour is highly subjective. UnDutchables official UnDutchables website, inspired by the popular book of the same name Undutchables recruitment agency from the Netherlands Undutchables is one of the recruitment agencies based in the Netherlands Pioneer in recruitment of international business sector personnel and matches multilingual talent with challenging jobs. The Untouchables Jun , The Untouchables The Untouchables During the era of Prohibition in the United States, Federal Agent Eliot Ness sets out to stop ruthless Chicago gangster Al Capone and, because of rampant corruption, assembles a small, hand picked team to help him. The UnDutchables Nelson

    The Undutchables Presents an in depth humorous look at Dutch life quirks customs and character with observations of Dutch behavior in the Netherlands and abroad includes appendices on Dutch idioms expressions an


    Despite my pretty recent edition a lot of the information the authors offer is either outdated or simply not true Yes, The Undutchables has its amusing tidbits, but overall this bible for expats disappointed me When pondering about the cause, it dawned on me that The Undutchables comes across as really cool and hilarious, but in reality is outrageously old fashioned This may have to do with the fact that the authors are elderly people At least that s the impression I was given They were VERY opi [...]


    Don t get me wrong, when expats get together, they enjoy pointing out the idiosynchrasies of their host country, but please don t read this book if you are moving to the Netherlands or have only lived here for a year or two and are looking for an introduction to Dutch society Although it is supposedly funny, it is only so at the level of the most negative expat at the lowest point of the culture shock continuum It might make a funny rant for a stand up comedian or a good whinge at a coffee morni [...]


    Many years ago I was visiting the Netherlands again I would soon see a Dutch flatmate from university days But first I went into some bookstore and picked up this book I d seen on shelves before The first thing the book warned me not to do is read the book without paying for it first So I bought a coffee at their cafe first, then sat down to read the book anyway, almost howling with laughter at what was inside The first warning about my browsing, followed by two warnings about how to deal with [...]


    The Undutchables An Observation of the Netherlands, Its Culture And Its Inhabitants is a legendary book among expatiates living in the Netherlands It is allegedly a bible of all things Dutch Among many, this book is also considered to be unbelievingly funny, but of course humour is highly subjective I read it back in 2007, after living in Holland for about 2 years I must say that it does capture many of the funny quirks that make the Dutch people Dutch, making them different from the rest of us [...]


    I absolutely freaking love this book As a Canadian living in the Netherlands I often feel like a complete alien It was great to read this book and see that I m not alone and I m not the only one who views the Dutch this way The book full of interesting facts and is highly entertaining Even if you aren t Dutch or living in the Netherlands I think you d find it a great read Especially if you re even slightly curious about what life is like here in the low lands The authors are very fun and friendl [...]


    As a Native from Holland I can assure you everything in the book is True sorry, Dutch humor, echt waar


    A must read for anyone who is Dutch or would like to visit our tiny, messy, over crowded but oh so friendly country.


    Awesome book A must read to understand much about the Dutch culture Cynically informative, it is exactly what you need to know about being Dutch


    If you are interested in the ways the Netherlanders differ from your own countrymen this is a enjoyable read If they are the same this is that much funnier.Recommended as a summer read, really light and you can go through it at any pace you wish without much bother I actually chewed it for a better part of the whole year and it s still good.


    As a humor book it seems exaggerated Yet, while I was reading it, my Dutch son in law, who has lived in the Netherlands all his life said he sees himself in the book.I am no longer at their house, so am marking this one as read even though I didn t get to complete it.

    Rebeka Rotter

    Funny book about Dutch people and the Dutch culture However, I don t feel that is totally accurate.


    aardige spiegel maar af en toe wel erg stereotiep met Amerikaanse bril de nodige glimlachen en een flauw sprookje aan het einde

    Jaycee Bond

    This entire book is hilarious.


    This was a funny book for me to read as a Dutchie I giggled a lot, but Some to many of the observations of the authors are true, though very exaggerated and extremely generalized and therefore NOT to be taken for granted If this book is meant for expats I guess its goal is to keep them from immigrating to the Netherlands The authors really point out all the negative things again overgeneralized and overexaggerated positive sides of Dutchdom seems not to exist in their eyes It s hard to not think [...]


    They the Dutch migrate through an osmosis like process whereby they assimilate into their new found culture so easily and so well that even they at times appear to forget their roots But they rarely lose their heritage and revert to type whenever convenient or satisfying for the ego The UnDutchables, page 241 I left Holland in 1953, at age three, and assimilated into America as quickly as I could I never forgot my heritage, but I neglected it, except when gathering with members of the family Las [...]

    Christian Crowley

    This book contains some good information for those interested in learning about life in the Netherlands The book is prone to hyperbole it is not unknown for the weak hearted to go into cardiac arrest at the sound of a ringing phone , though otherwise accurate, based on my experience with Dutch people and living in their country I was reading an old version from the mid 1990s.The angry, sarcastic tone combined with the continual awkward alliteration, poor puns, pointless substitutions of English [...]

    ♥ Marlene♥

    on Wednesday, March 29, 2006 I wrote about this book I had read the reviews on a while ago and that got me interested.Today I discovered this book in a second hand book store so had to see what it was about.It seems that most Dutch think this book is funny, but people from other countries think it is offending.If you don t believe everything you read you will have fun.I was laughing out loud On Friday, March 31, 2006 I wrote Wow, This was a fast read After I had registered this book I had to r [...]


    Scanning the book, I am so infatuated, to the point that I have given this book as a birthday gift to various persons When I actually read it, it is not as interesting as I thought I found myself skipping over many paragraphs at a time Don t get me wrong This is an interesting book I read this book to confirm things, some opinions I had of the Dutch people Some facts in the books are dead on, but some others are exaggerated or not applicable any I am also guilty in trying to read this book in on [...]

    John Ross

    This book is a humorous, albeit cynical, look at the Dutch people and their country I read it in preparation for an upcoming trip to the Netherlands because it was listed on a list as one of the better books for understanding the Dutch Overall it was informative yet some of the humorous remarks fell very short, i.e the authors weren t as funny as they thought they were The historical information was good but often the presentation was long to the point of being tedious, and given that the author [...]

    Kristin King

    The UnDutchables started strong with lots of humourous insights including some I noticed or heard about in my first year in the Netherlands In fact, up to page 155 I have no fewer than 12 stickie notes marking issues I might write about for my blog Then the quality and even character of the humor seemed to dip From page 156 to 285 I began to understand why the library I use here in Holland had pulled the book from their shelves You know how someone might have a lot of success getting laughs at s [...]


    A funny book about the Dutch It is presenting the dutch people are the dutch reality from a funny side although a bit exaggerated Better not to take everything for granted, but I have to say that most of the things are happening in reality I didn t believe for example that the sprinters do not have toilets, but it is true I didn t believe the flessenlikker exists, but it really does And the telephone diagnosis of the doctor sometimes it is really his assistant has happened to friends of mine The [...]

    Steven Turner

    Overall, an entertaining read The book provides a fun overview of some Dutch traditions everyday Dutch life Tread carefully though, as there is a lot of dry humor and sarcasm that makes certain parts hard to distinguish between fact and joke Upon completion I found myself with a good grasp on some aspects of Dutch life, but I still had a lot of questions left unanswered due to unclear explanations sarcasm There are definitely better books out there if you re really interested in learning about D [...]


    I was a bit disappointed by this book actually I bought it because I have lived in the Netherlands for 2 years although I was only 13 , and thought it might bring back some memories of the culture.Unfortunately I didn t relate to most of it It wasn t really my type of humour, and the book seems to be targeted at people who are middle class and live fairly conservative lives Many of the topics are only relevant to adult culture of a fairly recent time, which I didn t notice much of at the age of [...]


    I was given this book by my friend from the Netherlands and I loved it It was laugh out loud funny and gave me great insight into the lives and minds of Cloggies While I am certain the authors exaggerated for comedic value, in this case it only added to the book I adored the last chapter with an up to date version of the boy who plugged up a hole in a dam to save all of Holland, a story that apparently is well known here in the US but not actually well known in Holland Someday I hope to travel t [...]

    Christa Cordova

    Good book definitely made me laugh out loud on several occasions but I agree with the other reviewers who point out that it s very Amsterdam centric I ve lived in the southern part of the NL for 2.5 years and am glad I didn t read this any earlier in my experience as an expat The negativity would have had me on the next flight home If you re considering it, give yourself a bit to get settled in and get to know the country before picking up the book That way, you ll be able to enjoy the humor and [...]


    Ik heb niet het hele boek gelezen wel vrijwel het hele boek doorgebladerd , vooral omdat ik merkte dat veel zaken mij totaal onbekend waren zo heb ik nog nooit meegemaakt dat er in de bioscoop na de film geapplaudisseerd werd , en een boek als dit volgens mij vooral leuk is wanneer er een gevoel van herkenning is Wellicht lag het deels ook aan de wat oude uitgave 1999 , maar die uitgave bracht wel weer wat herinneringen terug aan de strippenkaart, het treinkaartje en natuurlijk de gulden Dus wel [...]


    Anything you need to know before throwing yourself in dutch social life, and if so can you find it in this book Being an expat, but back in NL again, I would say, a good laugh, some sort of recognizing situations but true Not always kinda old fashioned, but then again nothing wrong with the fact that a lot of people think we live under the sea, walk in woodenshoes and all of us have some tulips Oh yes and of course Amsterdam is a big coffee shopFor a good laugh yes , for introduction to understa [...]

    Bruce Reiter

    I read the 7th edition, 2013 I was disappointed in the book It rapidly became full of itself I spent most of my time in Venlo with side trips throughout the low countries I found the Dutch to be one of the few places friendly to Americans, hard working and honest You get ripped off if you don t pay attention anywhere in the world Loved Beatrix Don t know about the new guy Can t find Oranjeboom beer Spent the better part of three years bouncing in and out of Holland Definitely worth the effort.


    I loved this book and found it both funny and informative Of course many things were exaggerated, but just as many observations were spot on Reading different parts of this book to my Dutch boyfriend would evoke either laughter, yeah right indignation, or plain stoney silence on his end of the phone when something hit a little too close for comfort A must read for anyone planning on spending than a weekend in the Lowlands.


    A funny, some very funny account of the dutch, their habbits and quirks told from the perspective of the expats i.e outsiders living there that are sometimes as expats generally do seeing things in a rather skewed way and tell stories that put things into extremes though my Dutch friends will kill me for this from experience, almost all of these stories do have some truth in it _

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