Jul 12, 2020
Learning to Live
Posted by Kira Adams

CieraAll I wanted was to be able to make it through my senior year I didn t need the stares, the jokes, or the bullies I thought I could do it all on my own, but I was wrong He filled my veins like a poison, the kind you can t run from Harsh and uncaring, he was broken, but somewhere along the way he seeped into my pores There was no way out, so that left me with oneCieraAll I wanted was to be able to make it through my senior year I didn t need the stares, the jokes, or the bullies I thought I could do it all on my own, but I was wrong He filled my veins like a poison, the kind you can t run from Harsh and uncaring, he was broken, but somewhere along the way he seeped into my pores There was no way out, so that left me with one choice to open his eyes to the beauty around him To help him live TopherShe wasn t on my agenda it was fate s cruel way of telling me I needed to get my shit together To be fair, my head was so far up my ass, I m not sure how we extracted it I knew the power I held over my peers, I exuded it daily I could have any girl I wanted at the snap of my fingers, and yet I found myself fantasizing about her someone so far off my radar it wasn t even funny She helped me understand that sometimes you need to let go to really live Sometimes being alive means taking risks Learning to Live is the first book in the Infinite Love series.

  • Title: Learning to Live
  • Author: Kira Adams
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  • Page: 108
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    Learning to Live CieraAll I wanted was to be able to make it through my senior year I didn t need the stares the jokes or the bullies I thought I could do it all on my own but I was wrong He filled my veins like a


    FREE ON KINDLE UNTIL MAY 10TH UK gp product B0US dp B00S4D0RJY r Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to author Kira Adams We made no sense She was oil and I was water but somehow, we worked Topher He taught me how to live and I taught him how to let go CieraThis was a moving and emotional story of young love, and heartbreak.I loved Ciera and Topher in this story Ciera was such a loving person, who would do anything for those that she loved, a [...]


    I received a copy from the author, In exchange for an honest review WARNING This book will break your heart I felt so sorry for Ciera She had to get through so many tough things in her life I didn t like Topher at first, but when he got to know Ciera properly, he changed I really liked him after that.They made such a cute couple There s not many books that have made me cry, but his one has There s not many books that get a 5 star rating from me, but this one has And it s the first of the year to [...]

    Anne OK

    This book contains one of those controversial storylines drawn straight from today s headlines From the blurb, readers will immediately know that they are on a path filled with sadness and pain as Ciera and Topher tell their story But there s so much , too I was moved to tears and crushed by its heartbreaking message I was also touched by the sweet laughter and tender moments that were shared by this young couple amid the serious issues covered This is also the kind of story that you get lost in [...]


    If I didn t acknowledge them, sometimes they d let me be Sometimes they d forget I was there I could be invisible Book Title Learning To LiveAuthor Kira AdamsSeries Infinite Love 1Genre Young Adult New Adult, EmotionalPublisher Self PublishedSource NetGalley ArcThis is her answer to Topher when he asks why she didn t look anyone in the eyes, at school To me, it speaks of Ciera s resilience, her ability to adapt to her situation She s pretty tuff and amazing.Plot 4.8 5 A sweetly satisfying romanc [...]


    No clue why I decide to torture my emotions with these heartbreaking reads but this one really took me to a different emotional level I sobbed like a damn baby It was an emotional cleanse Topher learned some really hard lessons during his time with Ciera The growth in him was staggering I was just wrecked but I don t regret the glimpse into these characters for a secondC received in exchange for an honest review.

    aNneMarLi - Chatterbooks Book Blog

    Learning to Live is actually my first Kira Adams book, and to say my first, HELL Definitely it wont be my last When I was given a copy of this story, I was kinda Oh the blurb Might as well be prepared with Kleenex and a glass of wine or two True to this, I needed than wine or Kleenex for that matter I wanted The story I thought started off easy became gut wrenching and will drain you emotionally This is not your typical high school romance turned true love then TADA Happily Ever After No, it w [...]


    Sometimes, you have to be fully broken in order to piece yourself together again.This is the first book of a series The Infinite Love Series I found it and got it free on When I read the plot I thought it was about growing up and learning to love and that it was a tetralogy I was really in for a good young adult love series I m in this chick lit period and I m kind of enjoying myself.Well after a little bit I figured out that this book was not part of a series but a standalone I know I should h [...]

    Cranky - The Book Curmudgeon

    5 Cranky Stars The story of Ciera Nelson is one of strength, courage, and the will to live your life to the fullest while you still have the chance It was absolutely heart shattering yet one of the most beautiful stories I ve ever read Bravo to author Kira Adams for bringing real life situations into this story and taking us on the journey right along with the characters.Topher Carlson is the epitome of high school popularity, and a total douche bag Star football player with the perfect cheerlea [...]

    Romance Between The Sheets

    Please note this review may contain spoilers.Learning to Live is a romance but I have to warn you that if you are prone to an ugly cry then do not read this in public Swear to god at some points I wanted to crawl into a corner and rock backwards and forwards and try to soothe my soul before I continued on.Don t let me scare you off, on the other hand it is also an uplifting journey of two young people Topher Ciera who need to basically learn to live with the cards they have been dealt It is a st [...]

    Book-Lover Book Blog

    Book received in exchange for honest review Topher Carlson is the most popular guy in school, plays football, dating the high school cheer squad captain, comes from money, and lavishes in sexy cars Sophia, the cheer head, is little miss perfect, feeling superior above all others, she bullies She bullies the one girl in school who is different because she doesn t come from money, can t afford nice clothes or nice hair Sophia, Topher, Joe and gang Formerly known as the A Team, make her life a livi [...]


    Two people from different worlds Ciera has a hard life, is poor and has been bullied at school for years because of it Topher is a popular jock, is rich and does not know what it s like to really live a tough life Topher was part of a group of bullies who have been making Ciera s life a living hell but he opens his eyes when he sees her made up made over That is when starts paying attention to her and eventually changes his perspective on life I couldn t help question, would he had even given he [...]

    Kristen Cansler

    I have loved the Infinite Love series, and I feel like Learning to Live is such a wonderful addition to it Kira Adams writes with such emotion that you can t help but be drawn into the lives of her characters Learning to Live was no different It is packed with so much heart and soul It s very rare that I get THIS attached to characters, but the author has such a way with making her stories seem so real Ciera was such a sweet character I have a huge soft spot for her, and I had such an urge to pr [...]

    Ashley Graham

    What can I say about this book It s a very emotional book, but we ll written I liked the book You can t help but fall in love with the main character For me I got attached to Ciera Nelson Ciera Nelson is a seventeen year old girl, who has been bullied on, not noticed at times She is also very ill The book gives you hints as you read, you are left think what is wrong with her, you will find out, and you will have a few tears along the way.Ciera Nelson is a caring, loving and all around a good per [...]

    Joan Clark

    4.5 Stars This is not your average romance or HEA If that is something you need than this book isn t for you This book had me experiencing such a range of emotions that I don t know if I could even identify them all Ciera begins the story as a bullied young woman that I pitied The farther the plot progressed the I realized Ciera was one of the strongest characters I have read Topher, well let s just say I hated him in the beginning In fact I m not sure hate is a strong enough word I truly didn [...]

    Melissa Christenson

    This is one of my favorite books by Kira Adams It made me ugly cry and go through so many tissues it s not even funny This was a story about a popular boy who doesn t care about anyone but himself learning to find himself, and fall in love with a smart talented beautiful outcast I was hooked on Ciera from the beginning because she s just so sweet how can you not like her Topher I wanted to smack around a little until he got his head straight Alyssa and Sophia both needed a bitch slap and throat [...]

    Madiha J Bookblogger

    It was such a beautiful book So easy to read on, i finished it in one and it made me she some real ugly tears.This book has the potential to just reach you right into your soul, shatter you into pieces This book was heart breakingly beautiful The character of Topher was so well built, it was tough not to fall in love with him Well who didn t want to fall in love with Topher P I loved the character of Ciera as well Completely complimenting the story line and I felt so bad for her Overall it was a [...]

    Shannon Godwin

    living these books and Can t wait to read the next one if you haven t read them you really need to look these up


    I love how romance authors can make you feel every emotion in their books that you feel invested in the characters By the end of the story, you feel as if you know them on some kind of a personal level, and you mourn the loss of them when it s over Upon opening Learning to Live I was thrown into Topher, and Ciera s life Into the chaotic, insecurities that come with being a senior in High School For Topher, there is so much than just school, his girlfriend of four years, and a father who doesn t [...]


    Oh My Word I think my heart has been shredded My full review to follow, but in the meantime Read this book 14 01 15 Full Review Oh My Days Where do I start This book is AMAZING I LOVE IT SO MUCH OK, enough shouting Learning To Live LTL , has introduced me to Ciera and Topher These two attend the same school, but are in completely different situations.Ciera spends here days head down not making eye contact with anyone in the hopes of blending in or becoming invisible Why because there are certain [...]


    I was given an ARC advanced release copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.Synopsis Ciera Nelson wants what any other outcast wants, invisibility If she can just make it through the rest of her year with minor incidents and a head held low she will be able to put the hell hole they call school in her rearview Unfortunately, life has different plans for her Topher Carlson is one of the biggest jocks on campus All the guys want to be him, all the girls want to claim him When secrets [...]

    Emmeline (The Book Herald)

    I received this book from the author via Netgalley The boy who tortured me became the boy who made me feel, the man who helped me live This was a hard book for me to read Not because it was bad, but because it was emotionally draining and heart wrenching Let start with the plotCiera has always known that life was no fairytale, its not some grant legend or heroic adventure Life is hard, life is grueling and life is unfair But there is beauty in all of it, if you only know where to look.Bullied an [...]

    Leila Hays

    It s not often that a book really gets to me You see, when I read a book, it s just a story to me That doesn t mean I love it any less, but it s truly words on a page And that s totally not a bad thing My mom used to tell me that when she read a book, her mind turned it into a movie She could visualize everything, hear the dialogue, really feel what was happening Not the case for me So while I enjoy most books, I don t get really and truly emotionally involved to the point where I ll have any ki [...]

    Lauren (My Expanding Bookshelf)

    Actual rating 3.5 5Wow This book was not what I expected at all It s quite a heartbreaking story that deals with so many issues, including bullying, poverty, and cancer.The story is told from the alternating first person perspectives of Ciera and Topher Therefore, given the subject matter, Learning to Live is full of emotion Ciera is the lonely, poor girl at school who always wants to live her life in the background due to quite extreme bullying However, she also wants to make the most of her li [...]

    Rhiannon St. Clair

    I received an eBook ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review This book is the perfect start to what I am guessing will be an amazing series.Topher and Ciara are polar opposites He s popular, she s not He s rich, she s poor He s forgotten how to live and she s trying to learn how to do so When they come together, it takes everyone around them by surprise and sets their worlds on fire.Kira already proved to me that she could write an amazing action book when I read Into the Darkness Le [...]


    Learning to Live is about a girl who tries to spend her final months to the fullest Wow I just finished this and let me control my emotion first and grab tissue.This book is good It intrigue me since first chapter.We introduced to Topher, an asshole football player in high school who just learned his father s secret Topher was shocked, angry, and frustration about his father lifestyle Which makes him begin to wonder what does all that popularity means if his life is a mess I hated him at the beg [...]

    Lexi Herondale

    As I might ve mentioned before, NA is not really my cup of tea seriously, am I the only one who dislikes Colleen Hoover s books , but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed reading this PLOT .5 stars This book shifts between the POVs of two characters Ciera Nelson, who s in her senior year of high school and couldn t look forward to graduation She s always been bullied by the most popular kids because she was poor Topher Carlson, who s part of the A Team as Ciera calls it and one of h [...]


    4.5 stars Life can change at the drop of a hat Learning to Live is the first book I have read by Kira Adams I was not at all prepared for the emotions and feelings that this story would literally yank out of me People are jerks Don t ever let them treat you with any less respect than you deserve Topher is THE A class popular guy in school Everyone knows him and he always gets what he wants P.S He hates his life Ciera is the girl no one wants to be, but plenty of us have She is the outcast She is [...]

    Tammy Hamilton Green

    I was hooked early with this story and found my heart beating faster and faster with the uneasiness of bad things to come This wasn t your typical painful, high school coming of age story This became so much than I ever anticipated This story rocks you to the core You feel the heartbreak deep down, but Kira was gentle, giving us something along the way, understanding I believe, that allows us to get through it The story centers around two main characters, Ciera Nelson and Topher Carlson Ciera i [...]

    K.A. Graham

    The story of Ciera Nelson is one of strength, courage, and the will to live your life to the fullest while you still have the chance It was absolutely heart shattering yet one of the most beautiful stories I ve ever read Bravo to author Kira Adams for bringing real life situations into this story and taking us on the journey right along with the characters.Topher Carlson is the epitome of high school popularity, and a total douche bag Star football player with the perfect cheerleader girlfriend, [...]

    Alyce Hunt

    Learning To Live is an upper Young Adult New Adult novel, which tells us the story of Ciera and Topher Ciera is an outcast at her high school, constantly bullied by the group of popular kids she not so affectionately refers to as The A Team , trudging her way through school and wishing for the last day to hurry up and arrive Topher is the complete opposite to Ciera, a popular jock, a member of The A Team and one of her biggest tormentors He s dating the hottest girl in school and everyone wants [...]

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