Apr 04, 2020
The Contest
Posted by Gordon Korman

A thrilling adventure trilogy from Gordon Korman about a number of kids competing to be the youngest person to ever reach the top of Mt EverestFour kids One mountain.They come from all across America to be the youngest kid ever to climb Everest But only one will reach the top first The competition is fierce The preparation is intense The challenge is breathtaking WhA thrilling adventure trilogy from Gordon Korman about a number of kids competing to be the youngest person to ever reach the top of Mt EverestFour kids One mountain.They come from all across America to be the youngest kid ever to climb Everest But only one will reach the top first The competition is fierce The preparation is intense The challenge is breathtaking When the final four reach the higher peaks, disaster strikes and all that separates the living from the dead is chance, bravery, and action.

  • Title: The Contest
  • Author: Gordon Korman
  • ISBN: 9780439401395
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Contest A thrilling adventure trilogy from Gordon Korman about a number of kids competing to be the youngest person to ever reach the top of Mt EverestFour kids One mountain They come from all across America


    The summary given on the back of this book sounds interesting, but this book turned out to be any but A company holds a contest that gives kids a chance to participate in a boot camp that will train them to climb Mount Everest It is a grueling training process and in the process, they could be cut, something no one wants Now, one thing that really gave me problems with this was there was no development whatsoever Everything felt so flat and it frustrated me to no end I know there are other books [...]

    Adam Batten

    Personal Response I did not like the book The Contest , because it was all about one topic, and was boring to me I will also not be reading the rest of this series in the future, because I did not like the author, Gordon Korman s style I can also only relate to the book a little bit, and it did not get me interested Plot The Contesttakes place at a training camp in High Falls, Colorado, where kids are all trying their best to get into the final four openings to climb Mt Everest The kids we re tr [...]

    Dakota Lenz

    Personal ResponseI thought the book was very good I thought it showed a lot of bravery and to never give up on a dream no matter what Dominic really proved himself Nobody thought that Dominic was good enough At the end of the book, everybody was glad that Dominic made it to the Everest climb If Dominic would not have been on the climb, then Bryn probably would have died I enjoyed also how Dominic was not even supposed to make it further than first round but, last minute the guide of the expediti [...]

    Payton Magdanz

    Personal Response I thought this book was a fun read It kept me wanting to read the next chapter to see who was going to be cut from the expedition next It has a great story line that made me feel like I was in the running for a spot on the Everest expedition There were many shocking moments that I couldn t predict They kept me hooked and put a twist in what the outcome of the expedition would be If I learned a life lesson from this book it would be to never expect something, always be ready for [...]


    I always like to read the true stories of mountain expeditions and I m a bit annoyed that there aren t novels about climbing mountains When I saw this series, I was a bit unsure about reading it because of the plot A group of young kids competing for a Willy Wonka style magic ticket chance to go to a climbing boot camp and maybe get chosen to climb Everest was a bit crazy and would never happen in reality Being fiction though, I figured I d give it a chance but I wasn t impressed The storytelli [...]

    Josh Williamson

    Everest by Gordon Korman, is a great, thrilling book Everest is about 19 kids who are trying out to only be in 4 slots to climb Mt Everest These kids are put into intense training and testing to see who is not only physically fit, but mentally fit as well After the first day, many drop out, but after the 4 weeks it comes down to 4 well rounded people This motivational, action packed story shows that if you put your mind to it you can succeed I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking f [...]


    Everest 1 The Contest, by Gordon KormanAn athletic company is holding a contest to sponsor the youngest climber ever to summit Everest, the highest mountain in the world The Contest follows several young hopefuls as they compete for a place on the four person team Book one in an action packed trilogy, The Contest is quick, decent read My main complaint is that Korman uses several climbing terms and equipment pieces that he doesn t explain until the end of the book, if at all For example, I knew [...]

    Carol Royce Owen

    This book is going to cost me I recommended it to some 4th graders right before vacation One had read and loved Pop by Korman, so I thought this would be a good match I know that they are going to love this book and want book 2 and 3, so I d better get busy and purchase them Truth isI want to read on, too

    Jullian Lilley

    Teenagers go to a bootcamp to train to climb Everest Each week certain kids are eliminated and sent back home because they didn t qualify in the camp Weeks pass and Only Dominic, Chris, Bryn, Sammi, Tilt, Joey, and Perry are left Its the toughest week of training and only four kids are allowed to make the team During a Hike the team finds a tall rock to climb and no one succeeds in climbing it, Chris the biggest and the strongest one starts to climb it, at 20ft high a footing crevice breaks on h [...]


    The Contest is book one of the Everest Trilogy by Gordon Korman.SummaryDominic Alexis, 13, has won one of five wildcard spots for chance to try out for the youngest team ever to climb Mt Everest.He will join 15 of the top young mountaineers in the country at an intensive four week boot camp competition in Colorado Coincidentally his older brother, Chris, has already been invited to compete because he is the second best mountain climber in the country During the rigorous training process the nine [...]

    Sandy Sopko

    Korman has done it again This promises to be a great adventure survival series that will appeal to both boys and girls The story begins with 20 young climbers competing for 4 spots to climb Mt Everest This first book is about the contest itself and is followed by parts 2 The Climb and 3 The Summit Favorite quote Following a terrifying accident on a practice peak in Alaska and the ensuing and excruciating problem solving and resuce recovery, coach Cap Cicero There were no should haves, only have [...]


    Everest by gordon Korman This book was ok, I really didn t get in to it But it was interesting , I can see how people can get into this book , the plot was ok the story was ok but the setting was amazing But over all it was ok.This book is for parents, even though it is a easy read adult would like it than kids Kids would just get bored of it they wouldn t think that it wasn t interesting Adult on the other hand they would love it they would they have the patients to read this book.


    This series was written for school age kids but is still quite a fascinating adventure even for the adult reader Interesting point the behavior of the teens on this Everest expedition are not all that dissimilar from that of the adults who pay tens of thousands of dollars to attempt to summit In their quest to climb the world s highest peak, many adult climbers allow their sense of competition to prevent the necessary team effort to ensure that all inter party have a chance to achieve that goal [...]


    Everest Book One The Contest was an intriguing quick read, with interesting characters and storyline twists I look forward to finishing the trilogy to see how things work out with the climbing team I have never read any books about mountain climbing and it helped me better understand issues climbers face It would make for a good movie.

    Royce B

    I liked this book because it was about mountain climbing which is new to me The reading age would probably be 6th grade and up The book was about a competition to see which teenagers would make the Everest climbing team, only 4 of them would qualify Other books from the same author are Dive, Island, and The Titanic Which 4 kids will make the Everest team Read the book to find out


    I love books for kids about Everest and climbing This is another book that a girl or a guy can love and a young person or an older person, like me I love the foreshadowing and suspense the author creates in this series He has the lingo down for climbers and he has the drama down for teens competing for a spot on the expedition team to have the youngest alpinists summit Everest.


    This book is about a group of children wanting to be the youngest person ever, to climb up to the peak of Mount Everest You would like this book if you want an easy read, or if you like to read about adventures.

    Donny P

    This book was good but they don t even end up climbing the mountain It is also one of those books that you like but you can put it down At some points the story is kind of boring Over all the book was good and I liked it.


    I throughly enjoyed this book Adventure packed mountain climbers dream read Couldn t put it down Learned a lot Important to know some about mountain climbing or have access to resources to look up terminology Can t wait for book two


    This was such a great series I loved these so much Read them.

    Noah Nice

    I give this book a 5 star rating because it has suspense and adventure.And that it has the main characters in the story.

    Suzan Michet

    Read this series for the insight into Everest otherwise the plot and characters are fairly simplistic Good for around grade 5 6.

    Henry Parker

    I really wanted to enjoy this book, I really wanted to enjoy this The writing was okay enough, and the plot was interesting The characters were well written But I have lots of problems with the realism of this book, in fact, that might be my least favorite part No one, I repeat no one would fall from a 25 foot rock with only a concussion That would NEVER happen, as they would be severely injured or even dead Another one of my complaints is that if Sammi is that her name even cared about her frie [...]


    Best book in THE UNIVERSE Everyone read it Sorry I got a little exited their, lol But really this is such a great book, it heartwarming, touching and has a ton of white knuckle action

    Michael Hickey

    Personal Response I read the book, Everest, by Gordon Korman It was a very interesting book and I enjoyed reading it The book was an easy read and the beginning to a great series.Plot The book, Everest, is all about a contest to get to go on an expedition up Mt Everest Only four kids can go on this trip There is a contest and the main character, a boy named Dominic Alexis, wins and gets to go train with the climbers Dominic is only 13 years old and is a very good climber He does not have a ticke [...]


    After my last experience with Gordan Korman, I was a little wary wading into this series But my sister, who is obsessed with Everest insisted that I give it a try, so I picked it up one day.Boy, oh, boy, is Gordon Korman back His Everest trilogy reminded me that, despite his missteps, Korman can weave a pretty fantastic story when he wants.The plot revolves around thirteen year old Dominic Alexis, a young climber whose brother Chris is the second ranked young mountaineer in the world He wins a c [...]

    Rebecca Boliard

    Series book 1 I love everything Gordon Korman When I was younger my older brother would always read his books, I never had My mom had bought this series for him and still had it in her house when I was in need of a series of books to read for children s literature I was so excited to hear she still had it, it is hard to find books that interest young boys and so I thought this would be perfect to add to my classroom library, if it was any good IS SO GOOD So the story begins with a young boy, Dom [...]


    Have you ever dreamed of climbing Mt Everest In Everest The Contest by Gordon Korman a few lucky climbers get that chance This book follows the story of a young boy, Dominic, and his older brother who want to get the chance of a lifetime Dominic is obsessed with finding his way on to the expedition team by winning a contest They both find their way on to the candidate list and go to compete for spots on the team at a camp Training camp is very difficult and very competitive Each day is a constan [...]

    Bronsen Wilkinson

    October book review The Contest Everest Gordon KormanBook one The Contest is the first of three books in a series The best and youngest climbers from all over the world come to join Captain Cinceros bootcamp to prepare them for Everest Many of the climbers are as young as fifteen competing to get on the team of four to climb Everest Intense exercises never seen before are tested on the kids to make the the finest and strongest climber s ever It s not only workouts that test the climbers capabili [...]

    Zach Smith

    Everest by Gordon Korman was a thrilling and powerful book In contrast to Korman s other books, I would say that his character development was not as good as in some of his other books but the kids adventures in the book are extremely action packed Another point that I would like to cover is Korman s descriptive detail in the novel Although it is fairly advanced and his descriptive terminology of the climb was very powerful, I couldn t fully grasp what it was really like to climb a mountain as b [...]

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