Apr 04, 2020
Breakheart Hill
Posted by Thomas H. Cook

From the author hailed as an important talent, a storytelling writer of poetic narrative power Los Angeles Times Book Review comes a dazzling novel of psychological suspense This is the darkest story I ve ever heard With these haunting words, Thomas H Cook begins a tale of love and its aftermath, of a town sent reeling from a moment of passionate betrayal AtFrom the author hailed as an important talent, a storytelling writer of poetic narrative power Los Angeles Times Book Review comes a dazzling novel of psychological suspense This is the darkest story I ve ever heard With these haunting words, Thomas H Cook begins a tale of love and its aftermath, of a town sent reeling from a moment of passionate betrayal At its center was Kelli Troy and the town of Choctaw, Alabama And on one hazy summer afternoon decades ago, a searing burst of violence engulfed Breakheart Hill For one man who knows the truth about those shattering events, it is a memory that would become his awful secret.

  • Title: Breakheart Hill
  • Author: Thomas H. Cook
  • ISBN: 9780553571929
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Paperback
  • Breakheart Hill From the author hailed as an important talent a storytelling writer of poetic narrative power Los Angeles Times Book Review comes a dazzling novel of psychological suspense This is the darkest story

    Beth Crawford

    Well, I definitely liked the last few pages What I didn t like was the plodding, repetitive first 18 chapters Because I m stubborn, I kept reading because others liked the book and I didn t want to let it get the best of me Some of the writing was good, but some of the characters and their actions and thoughts did not not ring true to me for 16 and 17 year olds In chapter 17 a few of the characters attend a children s play and the author writes, The play was a modern contrivance, fractured and r [...]


    This is a tale of unrequited love and the ripple effect on a small, Southern community after a moment of passionate betrayal Thomas H Cook is a master of suspenseful, dark and cerebral crime fiction Shocking final pages


    This is a fabulous, heartbreaking mystery that unfolds as a reminiscence Cook s first person narrator is selective in the way he reveals information, slowly unraveling moments from his past.The result is a snapshot of high school life in the South in the 60s, a very real unrequited love story and a shattering conclusion To me it s better than Cook s Edgar Winning The Chatham School Affair, well worth a few hours.


    You ll think you know who and maybe you do and you ll think you know why and I suppose it s possible but trust me, you won t have guessed everything Breakheart Hill is one of the best written and most marvelously crafted books I ve read in a long, long time It s dark and it s sad and it s very, very good Read it Mystery NewsI picked up Thomas H Cook s 1995 novel Breakheart Hill at the second hand store On the cover was the tagline a mesmerizing tale of love and betrayal and I thought, okay, good [...]


    Absolutely breath taking.A wonderful lyrical novel of depth, that delicately sketches beauty and the darkest of human pain The prose is intoxicating and the plot has you holding your breathe It tears you up to read it and it left me gasping at the end.This is literary crime fiction of such power that it deserves its own sub genre One of the most profound and moving books I ve ever read in any genre.Just beautiful.Gotta go now and buy EVERYTHING Cook s ever written10 10.

    Jeffrey Chase

    5 stars, definitely I loved this book Ben Wade is a high school kid, in love with the new girl, Kelli Troy She is beautiful and mysterious, a smart girl, and someone Ben sees marrying later in life And so, during the school year, he does what he can to win her favor and her heart But, does her heart belong to another Ben needs to know, and his strongest desire is to be the man she approves of and loves in kind It is set in the small town of Choctaw, during the 1960s, in a southern state, where s [...]

    L.L. Thrasher

    I first read Breakheart Hill several years ago I was a few chapters into when I took it with me to the hospital where my daughter was having surgery I finished the first half in the waiting room and I finished the rest of it the next day Two days later I read it again I don t know how many times I ve read it since, but when I received a Kindle Touch last Christmas the first thing I did was download Breakheart Hill.


    Wowww, this was SO good I could hardly put it down, and finished it in two nights time Definitely my favorite by Thomas H Cook that I ve read thus far Cook weaves a clever mystery, the setting is rich, and the characters are full of depth and intrigue This all leads up to a shocking climax that I never saw coming Just fantastic Loved it


    Not my favorite of his, but it gives hints of his later, better work.

    Max Read

    A fascinating story of unrequited love, bigotry, tragedy and mystery Breakheart Hill was written by the master story teller, Thomas H Cook The novel is fictional literature in the mystery love story genre Mr Cook has written a significant number of books, short stories and novels and has been nominated or won several literary prizes for his work One of Cook s most recent novels that have been reviewed at is The Quest for Anna Klein Breakheart Hill is narrated in the first person by a main charac [...]

    Kathleen Hagen

    Breakheart Hill, by Thomas H Cook, A plus Narrated by George Guidall, produced by Recorded Books, downloaded from audible.Ben grows up in a small southern town in the early 1960 s He feels confined as a teenager and can t wait to leave the town Then a new girl comes to town, Kelly She and Ben co edit the highschool paper We see the ins and outs of highschool life for a whole year Then Kelly is killed by a blow to her head The sheriff believes that Ben knows than he s willing to tell Kelly, who [...]


    After reading several of his much later works, I have come back now to read his earliest.Although highly gifted in his expression and especially within his core revelations of teen age male souls, all their perceptions and all their self identity and angsts he did get BETTER with the years and practice FOR SURE.Because I totally agree with another poster that this beginning and middle were plodding and redundant to a point of near stagnation.But a good base story and town feel here, and his exce [...]


    I think this one might be better than The Chatham School Affair Thomas H Cook is the best mystery writer in my opinion and this book is insanely good The characters, the twists, the relate able plot to an extent were than I could ask for from this book I always get sucked into his world for whatever book I am reading His prose ties in perfectly and at the end I feel as if people really existed and the tragedy that happened actually happened His books always haunt long after I am done with them [...]


    I think I was one of the few who read this book and was genuinely confused as to what happened at the end I still find myself searching for a spoiler or an explanation, so if anyone is willing to provide, please let me know Other than this, I do enjoy Cook s writing style and character development and will definitely read another novel from this author.


    J h site entre 4 ou 5 toiles Avec le temps, mon ressenti va voluer H te de vous en parler sur mon blog Une lecture surprise avec une tension permanente et croissante et une fin surprenante un drame psychologique et bas sur les sentiments, quand l amour tourne la haine


    Compelling mystery about a first love gone wrong Suspenseful.


    I read this book years ago but every now and then it catches my eye on the book shelf and i read it again haunting and stays with you long after you ve finished.


    This was so haunting and wrenching that after reading til 1 00 a.m I couldn t sleep and had to take a sleeping pill More later.


    I ve rated this a three because it was extremely well written but I agree with others who have noted 1 the first several chapters were too SLOW They needed editing, and 2 , most importantly, I didn t understand the ending Actually, I didn t understand several parts of the ending So who DID kill Kelli Todd or Lyle Gates Also it just DOESN T make sense that Kelli is still alive but obviously needs A LOT of care and medical help And word didn t leak out Hmmm.


    I can always count on Cook to provide an interesting story, so looked forward to reading one of his earlier books This is a very realistic view of teenage angst, embellished with the racial issues so prevalent in the 1960 s, especially in the South Delivered with Cook s intelligent and suspenseful storytelling skills, this holds your interest throughout, right up until the surprise ending.


    Du Thomas H Cook hyper classique et attendu, mais probablement trop redondant mon go t.La lecture est assez longue et tr s lenteclarabelnalblog arc


    An excellent story, brilliantly written An very, very good thriller, I fully recommend it to anybody, especially to folks that like thrillers but not only thriller heads.


    Very entertaining with a surprise ending.

    MK Wachter

    After thoroughly enjoying reading my first Thomas H Cook book Sandrine s Case a few weeks ago, I was drawn to try one of his earlier works I was not disappointed Cook is quickly becoming one of my favorite go to authors I find him an amazing storyteller Breakheart Hill will draw you in from the first sentence and if you re like me, you will have a hard time putting it down at night This particular book does a beautiful job of describing small town life in the 1960 s and the relationships and bon [...]


    Tortueux, addictif et sensible D amour, de statut et de r miniscences Tout le monde dit que vous tes vraiment un honn te homme C est le premier polar de T Cook que je lis mais la quatri me de couverture indique qu il est maitre en mati re de flash back Ceux ci sont toujours constitu s sur le m me sch ma cela les rend r p titifs mais addictifs Leur trame se r p te, grainant de maigres r v lations qui nous poussent ne pas quitter le livre des yeux Mes derniers polars taient des Connely bien s r, C [...]


    A coming of age story in a small Southern town with first love, passion, jealousy and a brutal murder with a long held secret The narrator holds on to the story and the guilt and gives up only little bits at a time The murder and its secrets are examined many years later by the narrator who is the well respected town doctor but was a young kid jealously in love with the murder victim and a major part of the story.This is a beautifully written book that recreates a small town and it people with h [...]

    Suzn F

    This is the third book I ve now read listened to by this author and so far I ve found every one of his books to be so very interesting and engaging This story revolves around the questions and secrets surrounding a young girl s murder and a young boy s who as an adult becomes the small town physician unrequited love for the girl This book has mystery and meat The small town politics and antics that often populate Mr Cook s stories serve as a backdrop for this book It is the old south that I reco [...]


    This is a terrific book especially if your heart is broken, or you are interested in how that can affect a large, connected group of people It is also a murder mystery, with a great deal of complexity The dates of events are not realistically spaced, and the writer shows a shocking gap in knowledge of 1957 Chevyrolets, but the book is otherwise fabulously well written It is set in early 1960s small town northern Alabama, and from my knowledge of small town Kentucky in the early 60s, I d say he k [...]

    Georgina Hynd

    I had to remove myself for a while after reading this story to decide whether or not I liked it It was an odd sensation and one I couldn t convey to my husband as I told him it wasn t for him mere seconds after closing its pages for the final time That suggestion still stands, it s definitely not one for him, but it s one now, many hours on, that I ve found myself saying ok I understand why Cook went the way he did now I ve lived for 298 pages inside the head of a man who s been carrying an horr [...]

    David Bonesteel

    Town doctor Ben Wade narrates the sad history of Kelly Troy, a bright, intelligent girl who moves into a small Southern community, both shocking it with her outspoken views on segregation and charming it with her natural vivacity before she is tragically attacked on top of Breakheart Hill Ben falls deeply in love with her, and author Thomas H Cook is very good at depicting the black mood he falls into when his love is not returned The narrative moves back and forth in time, skillfully manipulati [...]

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