Apr 04, 2020
Looking for Alaska
Posted by Peter Jenkins

More than twenty years ago, a disillusioned college graduate named Peter Jenkins set out with his dog Cooper to look for himself and his nation His memoir of what he found, A Walk Across America, captured the hearts of millions of Americans.Now, Peter is a bit older, married with a family, and his journeys are different than they were Perhaps he is looking for adventure,More than twenty years ago, a disillusioned college graduate named Peter Jenkins set out with his dog Cooper to look for himself and his nation His memoir of what he found, A Walk Across America, captured the hearts of millions of Americans.Now, Peter is a bit older, married with a family, and his journeys are different than they were Perhaps he is looking for adventure, perhaps inspiration, perhaps new communities, perhaps unspoiled land Certainly, he found all of this and in Alaska, America s last wilderness.Looking for Alaska is Peter s account of eighteen months spent traveling over twenty thousand miles in tiny bush planes, on snow machines and snowshoes, in fishing boats and kayaks, on the Alaska Marine Highway and the Haul Road, searching for what defines Alaska Hearing the amazing stories of many real Alaskans from Barrow to Craig, Seward to Deering, and everywhere in between Peter gets to know this place in the way that only he can His resulting portrait is a rare and unforgettable depiction of a dangerous and beautiful land and all the people that call it home.He also took his wife and eight year old daughter with him, settling into a home base in Seward on the Kenai Peninsula, coming and going from there, and hosting the rest of their family for extended visits The way his family lived, how they made Alaska their home and even participated in Peter s explorations, is as much a part of this story as Peter s own travels.All in all, Jenkins delivers a warm, funny, awe inspiring, and memorable diary of discovery both of this place that captures all of our imaginations, and of himself, all over again.

  • Title: Looking for Alaska
  • Author: Peter Jenkins
  • ISBN: 9780312302894
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Paperback
  • Looking for Alaska Review Hollywood Reporter THR review Hulu s miniseries adaptation of Looking for Alaska, John Green s debut novel about Alabama prep school students, benefits from a strong cast, even if it still struggles to crack the Looking For Alaska Where to Stream and Watch Decider Looking to watch Looking For Alaska Find out where Looking For Alaska is streaming, if Looking For Alaska is on Netflix, and get news and updates, on Decider. Looking for Alaska Walmart Looking for Alaska is a wonderfully written book about Miles Halter s journey while attending a boarding school in Alabama As a sort of loner, he meets interesting Looking for Alaska Is Looking for Alaska on Netflix Is Looking for Alaska on Netflix Find out here Teenager Miles enrolls in boarding school to try to gain a deeper perspective on life After an unexpected tragedy, Looking for Alaska Plugged In Alaska spends most of her free time drinking, smoking and musing She is legendary for instigating pranks against the school s rich kids and leadership But one night after a prank and a drinking binge with Pudge and the gang, Alaska crashes her car and dies. Critic Reviews for Looking for Alaska Metacritic Oct , Looking for Alaska Season show reviews Metacritic score The eight part adaptation of John Green s novel of the same name where Miles Pudge Halter Charlie Plummer transfers to a boarding school and becomes friends Looking for Alaska Portrays Mental Health Well The Oct , Looking for Alaska is a portrayal of mental health that resists the simplicity of many television and film depictions Alaska s ultimate death after a brutal car accident reads suspicious almost immediately, as Pudge and The Colonel remember the hysterical state she was in when she left. Characters Looking For Alaska Alaska Young The wild, self destructive, moody, unpredictable, beautiful and enigmatic girl who captures Miles attention and heart Chip The Colonel Martin feet tall but built like Adonis, he is Alaska s best friend and Miles roommate Gets his nickname from being the strategic mastermind behind the schemes that Alaska concocts. Looking for Alaska The setting, characters, theme, and May , Looking for Alaska This book is a very good book to learn about how your life can change in a matter of minutes Alaska Young, Chip Martin and Miles Halter all had there lives changed. Looking for Alaska To Be Continued labinkblog Mar , He keeps repeating Alaska s words to himself, To be continued The focus of the book begins to shift onto where Alaska was headed that night While I was reading, I began to understand that this section of the book was actually about looking for Alaska and understanding her actions.

    Looking for Alaska More than twenty years ago a disillusioned college graduate named Peter Jenkins set out with his dog Cooper to look for himself and his nation His memoir of what he found A Walk Across America capt

    Rex Fuller

    Outstanding On the nail head description of Alaska Focused on family, and people, as well as the awesome beauty.Disclosure recently, I drove from the Chesapeake Bay to Prudhoe Bay and back The Alaska portion was some fourteen hundred miles the Alaskan Highway on the Canadian border to Fairbanks, then north via the Haul Road to the Arctic Ocean, south to Denali National Park and Preserve and on to Anchorage, then the swing northeast around the Wrangell St Elias National Park and Preserve, and out [...]


    This was one of the best travel nature books I have ever read And I ve read a few, especially on the frozen North I ve read other Peter Jenkins books and they are all good but this one I did not want to end I guess, of the books of his I ve read, this one and his first one were my favorites I will probably never get to see Alaska so this really was the next best thing and I thank him for that with all my heart I wish there had been photos but it was a pretty big book as it was so I guess you ha [...]


    I really enjoy Peter Jenkins writing style because I found it to be so accessible He writes sort of like I think as in, when I m traveling about and am narrating in my head That s how he writes, if that makes sense Well, it does to me In reading Jenkins book, Looking for Alaska, I feel as though the experience can be likened to going on a really great guided tour in a museum, like the one they give at the King Tut exhibit or one, perhaps, at the British Museum or Louvre You aren t actually trans [...]


    From an outsider s point of view, never being anywhere near Alaska, this book was a riveting read I almost lost it when some of the inhabitants shared their experiences with bears, especially the man who got his skull cracked by one Peter Jenkins reflected a complete Alaskan landscape, including the humor with which some inhabitants go about their daily tough lives The hardships and daily adventures explains why the inhabitants are different from the rest of America There s a purer form of inten [...]


    In the mid 1970 s an article appeared in National Geographic about Peter Jenkins a disillusioned college student who set out from upstate New York with his dog Cooper to walk across America In those turbulent social and political times he was hoping to discover some truths about himself, his country and his place in it What I found truly remarkable was that he audaciously walked into the National Geographic offices when he was hiking through Washington, D.C and proposed that he do an article on [...]


    I had read Peter Jenkin s Walk Across America and really enjoyed it Because of this, when I saw Looking For Alaska on the shelf, I decided to snap it up While I didn t enjoy it quite as much as the other, it was still interesting and Jenkins is still a great writer.Many years from his first book, Walk Across America, Jenkins has almost grown kids of his own and has explored many places of the world and America His next stop is Alaska Moving a portion of his family up with the rest visiting from [...]


    I loved this book One of the best things about it was Jenkins and his accepting way of describing all the people he met and found fascinating I listened to the audio book and could hardly wait to get into my car so I could hear what happened next I went right to my library and checked out A Walk Across America I always thought I might like to live in Alaska, as it seemed to have much in common with my favorite place the Upper Peninsula of MI NOT It does have some things in common, but Alaskans a [...]


    A solid book Some parts a slow, but a lot of it is really good The peek at normal day life Alaska is awesome It s very uplifting the faith that Peter Jenkins has in strangers and the amazing people s stories that he gets to tell on account of it Makes me want to get out in the world and make new friends Keep it up Peter.


    Overall this book was a great read I felt like I was getting small but informative glimpses into other people s lives and there are several different ways to go about living in Alaska Everyone there is presented as a bit wild and fiercely independent, although some are independent than others There are breathtaking natural wonders everywhere, and nature sometimes in the form of dangerous black and brown bears can always come to knock at your door It is possible to live in towns that are inacces [...]


    I ll be honest, my opinion of this book is not unbiased I was one of the many people who found Walk Across America to be a formative piece that sowed the seeds of wanderlust in me at a young age Then later on I found Jenkins book about his journey of faith, and that really excited me because I like it when people I look up to share my faith It seems pretty clear from this book that Jenkins has left most of that behind Now divorced, he rarely talked about God in a book about Alaska If you can see [...]


    Another wonderful book by Peter Jenkins Years ago I savored A Walk Across America and A Walk Out West Walk Across America II, joined by his new wife He visits representative regions of Alaska and touches and is touched by the people he meets The most magical part of the book for me was the description of gathering the root Mussu the first part of September on the Tundra The women go out and look for small disturbances where mice have built a cache of Mussu and trade the Mussu for vegetables and [...]

    Heath Fisher

    Mostly interesting travel writing almost ruined by the author s narration of the audiobook Without exaggeration, the WORST narrator I ve ever listened to He seemed surprised that his sentences weren t finished at certain points, would rush through dialogue exchanges in a monotone robot voice, and even repeated lines when he d messed them up It s like it was recorded in his basement man cave using garageband but with zero post production Still, I suspect the reading and not listening of this book [...]


    I ve never been to Alaska, but I ve fallen a bit in love with the idea of the place That, combined with my love for snow dogs and slight obsession with the Iditarod, drew me to this book, which I found really delightful armchair travel Jenkins makes you wish you were there alongside him and his friends in the Alaskan bush at 50 below His profiles of the people of the great state just fuel my travel lust A great read.I ve read Jenkins first and now his most recent book, and will likely eventually [...]


    This is a book that my Dad gave me to read I wasn t really excited at the time, but this is a truly fascinating book Those braving the winters in the Alaskan wilderness risk their lives to survive the winter as part of their everyday existence I ll take my heat, highways, cable TV and supermarket any day, but now I appreciate it .


    Purchased this book from a Library sale, and couldn t be happier Peter Jenkins writing is engaging, and rather than reading like the travel guide that it could be, it reads like a blog He and his family moved to Alaska, living there for 18 months, and he writes about the places he visited very vividly Loved it

    ag Berg

    Again Peter Jenkins makes you feel like you are with him on his travels His beautiful descriptions of Alaska and the people he came to know and sometimes live with are rich with detail He paints Alaska as the raw, wild an incredible place that it is Capturing its aura through countless tails of adventure that keep you on the edge of your seat A thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining book.

    Marie Finnegan

    This book made me re think ever moving to Alaska I don t want to get eaten by a bear Great look at many aspects of the state Anyone who wants to visit might want to read this book first.


    Oof This one was slow going, partly because I kept stopping to look up the fascinating places that Jenkins visited, and partly because Peter Jenkins is a mediocre writer Let s start with the good this book opens up Alaska, a place very different from anywhere I have lived Alaska is a land where most people live one mishap away from death Alaskans are self sufficient and defiant of a system the rest of us have bought into, which supports the less fortunate of us In Alaska, you can shoot a bear in [...]


    This kind of book isn t my usual style, I tend to be geared towards fiction, but I thought it was pretty good I particularly enjoyed the stories about the run in with bears he heard from the locals He also did a good job of making me feel like I was actually in Alaska, very descriptive with the surroundings and the feelings of where he was The only negative thing I really have to say is that there were quite a few times it felt like he was advertising for certain brands for things like the gear [...]


    Up until this point, every Jenkins book I ve read has either been 5 Starts on my Favorites list This one was a little disappointing because it consisted of vignettes opposed to a linear adventure the reason I enjoy reading his books If you re going to read a Jenkins book, I highly recommend beginning with A Walk Across America and A Walk West opposed to Looking for Alaska.

    Joanne Kelly

    This was the last of a list of books about Alaska I read before taking a cruise down the Inside Passage I wish I had started with this one I liked Jenkins and was fascinated by his descriptions of the people he met and the places he visited, especially the whale hunt with the Eskimos and the week with the family deep in the Alaskan wilds in the middle of winter.


    As an Alaskan, I enjoyed this book of an outsiders perspective of my favorite state Well written, easy and enjoyable read.

    Bradford Huntsman

    I listened to this book in 2007 as I drove from Idaho to Alaska What a great story teller He meets some amazing people on his journey It made me love alaska so much .


    Stories about Alaska and the people who live there have my heart Jenkins brought his intimate storytelling of Alaskan natives to life in this book Loved every second and keep going back to it

    Margaret R

    Good book I learned a lot and wish I had read it before we went to Alaska It is a great place to visit.

    Paul Hanson

    Alaska wilderness adventures with a significant range of travel.


    Although written and experienced many years ago I still found his descriptions of the scenery,animals, and people helpful in understanding Alaska.

    Jennifer Harris Smith

    AudioNot engagingNarration is impossibleMight be better in paper book


    50 States and At Least 50 Authors 2018 Reading Challenge ALASKA.Peter Jenkins moved his family to Seward, Alaska for a year and a half While there, they learned about all sorts of wildlife Peter went sport fishing and commercial fishing He learned about dogs and sledding from a man near Denali who competes in the Iditarod He went to Talkeetna to observe the Auction of Bachelors He, his wife, and youngest daughter visited a very remote home in the Brooks Range in the winter He spent time in Barro [...]


    This book sort of confounded me The fourth star is because the stories were interesting, but there was something sort ofoff about Jenkins s writing I haven t read A Walk Across America, but this one was just wandering and nostalgic and unfocused Normally I don t have a problem with those three things, especially in travel writing, but this was to the point that I just didn t even understand how one sentence followed another And in some cases, even a single sentence didn t really make sense, or t [...]

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