Mar 29, 2020
Hypnotize a Tiger: Poems About Just About Everything
Posted by Calef Brown

This is the first longer format, middle grade collection from 1 New York Times bestselling author illustrator Calef Brown Moving away from the picture book format offers Calef the opportunity to tackle a variety of themes and poetry styles as well as reach a slightly older audience Hypnotize a Tiger is chock full of Calef s zany black and white artwork and features hisThis is the first longer format, middle grade collection from 1 New York Times bestselling author illustrator Calef Brown Moving away from the picture book format offers Calef the opportunity to tackle a variety of themes and poetry styles as well as reach a slightly older audience Hypnotize a Tiger is chock full of Calef s zany black and white artwork and features his wonderfully inventive characters and worlds from the completely nonviolent and silent Lou Gnome to Percival, the impetuous and none too sensible lad who believes he is invincible, to Hugh Jarm who has a huge arm, natch It s a whimsical world creative, fun, and inspiring

  • Title: Hypnotize a Tiger: Poems About Just About Everything
  • Author: Calef Brown
  • ISBN: 9780805099300
  • Page: 189
  • Format: ebook
  • Hypnotize a Tiger Poems About Just About Everything This is the first longer format middle grade collection from New York Times bestselling author illustrator Calef Brown Moving away from the picture book format offers Calef the opportunity to tackl


    Why do I do this to myself Let me tell you something about how I review Board books Pshaw I can take one and write a nine paragraph review parsing precisely why it is that Bizzy Bear s preferred companions are dogs and bunnies Nonfiction Lay it on me I ll take infinite pleasure in discussing the difference between informational texts when I was a child long story short, they sucked and our current golden age But there is one book genre that lays me flat Stops me short Makes it exceedingly diffic [...]


    Calef Brown considers the vulture Another lunch of dead skunk What a stink I need to rethink my future, thought the vulture Slant rhyme and funky phrasing fill this collection of short poems about animals, friends, vehicles or whatever crosses this whimsical and witty author s mind Calef Brown is our new Shel Silverstein, strangely funny and unmistakably original, interspersing his odd observations with sky blue illustrations and quirky refrains and commentaries from other oddball characters who [...]


    In his book that does, as the title claims, include poems about just about everything, Calef Brown charms readers with his imaginative and humorous writing style The poems in this anthology are categorized into 9 sections Children will enjoy seeing animals in a new light reading poems in the section titled, The Critterverse, and will later enjoy poems about bugs in The Insect Section In Word Crashes, Brown uses portmanteau words to create hilariously vivid imagery This book is full of short poem [...]


    In five days a month long celebration held every April since 1996 begins It s a tribute to the power of words, worked in every imaginable form, evoking a plethora of emotion from readers, speakers and listeners It s heart with a focus on the art of linking letters It s National Poetry Month.All around the world authors of verse and illustrators too will find their work in the spotlight On March 17, 2015 a new title by author and illustrator, Calef Brown, was released Hypnotize a Tiger Poems abou [...]

    Teresa Scherping Moulton

    Do you think poetry is all about pretty words and serious topics Do you prefer books that make you laugh Are Shel Silverstein s books the only poetry you ll reliably read Do you also love puns Well, I may have found a new poetry book and another poet for you Hypnotize a Tiger by Calef Brown not only covers wacky and silly topics with rhymes, puns, and rhymes, but the way the words roll off the tongue is too fun not to read outloud Tomato DemandThe teachersand studentsin every gradewere very afr [...]


    I m apparently way in the minority on this one I really hated it I love poetry Even silly poetry I m a big fan of Jack Prelutsky and Shel Silverstein, but I do not understand the appeal of this book The poems were beyond ridiculous They sounded like they were written by one of my fifth graders who trying desperately to make something rhyme so any old word will do I didn t like the little side comments or the illustrations I don t like side comments as a rule I hate being distracted from the actu [...]

    Gabrielle Carolina

    I m usually a bit captivated by riddles and rhymes, but for these limericks and tone deaf tunes I hadn t the time I skimmed the collection, sampling here and there And recommend you choose your books with care.

    Carrie Gelson

    We love Calef Brown in my classroom Quirky and funny poems that we have read multiple times And always, how we love the art

    Laura Harrison

    How I love Calef Brown An amazing poetry book with delightful and unique illustrations A wonderful addition to a classroom or personal bookshelf.

    Sam Bloom

    This book makes me so, so happy every time I pick it up Funny, clever, silly, brilliant.

    Rebekah Mitchell

    SummaryHypnotize a Tiger is a collection of silly, whimsical, and zany poems for children From The Critterverse to Poems of a Particular Vehicular Nature , you can find poems about just about everything EvaluationThis book is so cute The illustrations are adorable, and make the poems come to life There are a variety of poems that would be engaging for students aged 8 12 This book shows students that poetry can be entertaining I would definitely buy a copy of this book to keep in my classroom Tea [...]


    This book is meant only for those who like to laugh and smile and who love the sound of words as they roll off your tongue Calef Brown has a way of making a dull subject fun His poems are zany and catchy Just as the title says, there are poems about just about everything in this book At the end there is even a section called Q A With Calef Brown Here you can get to know the author, but don t expect it to be your usual question and answer This is a very fun book If I were as clever as Calef I wou [...]

    Linda Yeatts

    This thing was a warm delight during a very cold New Year s week The poems were cute, charming, with lots of chutzpah The illustrations were delightful, delicious, de lovely Loved it a lot Who can trap a Ninja with a gingersnap Or hypnotize a tiger with a finger tap.Who can catch a comet with a simple paper sack Or perforate a freighter with an ordinary tack.See what I meanb c How about a clue Is it me, or is it you I say it s both of us, Friend And reading this delightful book of poems helped i [...]

    Sandra V

    This is a funny poetry book, reminds me of similar poems in the series, Where the sidewalk ends The poems written in rhyming style and are funny I liked the poems because they are silly for children Calef Brown picks a characters to make sense out of them I love the artwork, the black and white pictures with a touch of blue shadows The book is very fun and creative

    Lauren McEnerney

    This poetry genre driven book is Calef s way of slightly stepping away from illustrations and focusing on the context throughout this book With multiple characters, such as animals and truck drivers, this chapter, poetry book brings in different settings and themes in order to interest various readers between 3rd and 7th grade.

    Miss Sarah

    A funky poem book that pokes fun at all sorts of topics early elementary.


    I love the whimsical illustrations, and got a kick out of the poetry Younger readers will enjoy the artwork and the way the poems bounce around in their mouths Older readers will enjoy the artwork of course and will pick up on all the word play throughout I especially enjoyed Bubble Crumbs P.S And remember words are like friends It helps to know lots for sentences, paragraphs, stories and thoughts Not to mention sonnets, speeches, and choruses Hooray for dictionaries and thesauruses pg 138


    A fun and zany collection of silly poems along with simple black and white illustrations which are just as fun, this collection of poetry is sure to please There is plenty of wordplay and puns to delight old and young alike The poems would also work well for read alouds though there are a few which don t quite flow as nicely but still there is plenty here to amuse Its very helpful to show children poetry can be fun and not always difficult, serious or even worse, boring Recommended for both scho [...]


    Readers 2ng grade and older will enjoy reading this quirky book of poetry Just as it says on the front cover of the book it is poems about just about everything The pictures in the book are whimsical They are black and white with some blue but are very appealing to the eyes The drawings also reflect the narrative in the poems so when the reader reads about the Pigeon Frogs one knows what they look like.


    Filled with funny drawings that necessitate a second or a third look, this collection of than 80 poems celebrates insects, animals, school, and food Word lovers will enjoy the Word Crashes section since it contains created words consisting of two or words that have been combined for instance, a Tyrannosaurusnack p 101 and a cherubuyingroceries p 103 fir their descriptions perfectly.


    Kids who love Shel Silverstein and Jack Prelutsky will gobble up this highly illustrated collection of odd poems My favorite Carsick Car rides have always been awful for me I try not to look but as soon as I see that the needle is pointing to forty three on the ol speedometer, I m a vomiter.


    Geared toward middle grades I believe, this was ridiculous In a good way Good for the kid who started off on Silverstein, and is looking for something to come after Prelutsky Also the kid who loves the way words go together The illustrations are wonderful, as are the little footnotes on some pages.

    Cheriee Weichel

    It s always about context, and unfortunately I picked up this book after looking at collections by Sheree Fitch, Shel Silverstein, Robert Heidbreder, ee cummings and Jack Prelutsky I m not complaining about these poems I enjoyed them and even copied out a few to use for poem in your pocket day It s just hard to compete with these other poets

    Mary Ann

    If you like Shel Silverstein s cleverly playful poems, you re in for a treat with this new collection of Calef Brown s witty verse and illustrations The poems leap and frolic from one topic to the next, full of wordplay, humor and rhymes.


    To be read aloud.I suspect Calef Brown spends the first half of each day staring into space and wondering what unsuspected words or phrases sound alike tomato ultimatum and then the second half of the day demanding that those words and phrases play nice together on a single page.


    This anthology consists of poems that are just about everything as the title implies Poems are categorized by their topics critters, insects, friends, etc and each poem is illustrated using the main idea of the poem Brown also includes a Q A section, which he does in verse.


    Amazingly creative and engaging.

    Karen Arendt

    Entertaining fun read


    Love this author, fun short poems about everything and nothing Making me think even I could write a silly poem I hope my kids will like him too, planning to buy some of his books for christmas


    This book would be perfect for an elementary school poetry unit Silly poems and silly illustrations to go with them.

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