Feb 29, 2020
Free to Kill
Posted by Julie Mellon

FBI Agent Katie Freeman s life has been upended After being reassigned from Louisiana to middle Tennessee, her new bosses suspect that her reassignment is due to an indiscretion with her previous partner Now, she and her new partner, Michael Powell, are asked to assist on the bewildering case of a woman who was kidnapped, tortured and left for dead on her own front porchFBI Agent Katie Freeman s life has been upended After being reassigned from Louisiana to middle Tennessee, her new bosses suspect that her reassignment is due to an indiscretion with her previous partner Now, she and her new partner, Michael Powell, are asked to assist on the bewildering case of a woman who was kidnapped, tortured and left for dead on her own front porch Before they can make any headway, a second woman disappears As the number of missing women rises, Katie and Michael must work to figure out how the women are being abducted and where they are being held Will they be too late to save the latest woman Complicating matters even further is a cold case left behind by Michael s former partner Who murdered Henry Stephens twenty six years ago What happened to Henry s wife And why does one of the suspects act like he knows Katie

  • Title: Free to Kill
  • Author: Julie Mellon
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  • Page: 146
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Free to Kill FBI Agent Katie Freeman s life has been upended After being reassigned from Louisiana to middle Tennessee her new bosses suspect that her reassignment is due to an indiscretion with her previous part

    Ted Tayler

    Painful I think I deserve a gold star for making it to the end of this book It was an odd mixture of themes the instruments of medieval torture, both horrified and disgusted me the police procedural was so slow it was almost as painful as the killer s choice of weapons There was the inevitable will they, won t they scenario between the male female investigators then, our heroine had a deep, dark secret from her childhood There was so much going on, I missed any clues to the killer, and his motiv [...]


    Great first book Enjoyed the strong female character as the lead in Free to Kill Good story Couldn t put it down

    Mary Maryyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Good book


    Great readI love that there are still so many unanswered questions about the main character Very unique backstory that keeps you asking questions until the very end Can t wait to read the next one.

    Amy Savvides

    Utterly bemused by the five star ratings for this The good I liked the beginning It laid down an intriguing story I liked Katie, although I wish we could have a female lead in a story who isn t described I liked the small town feel of the story The medieval torture devices made the story impossible to put down in the beginning I felt it flowed ok The bad so police apparently do nothing with the torture device aside from describing it to various third parties This was the biggest plot hole to me [...]

    Kim Beardsley

    I liked that this book was not the typical torture murder mystery Plot showcases a strong female character with a mysterious pass and a supporting male character and as a team work very well together.I liked that the murderer used different torture devices to punish his victims even though religious beliefs were behind the torture.I would recommend this book to anyone who likes the murder mystery type plot I was interested from the start of the book and did find it somewhat hard to put down I wo [...]

    P.S. Winn

    Katie Freeman is an FBI agent in a new town with a new partner Katie didn t know the reason behind the transfer was people thought she was having an affair with her old partnerThankfully her new partner, Michael Powell doesn t believe the rumors, because the two have important things to worry about Someone has killed one woman using medieval torture devices and now another woman is missing The mystery twists a bit and takes readers into not only the present but into Katie s past.The author does [...]

    Suzanne Charest

    Easy to read but at the same time keeping you alert Hard to put it down, well written and captivating Loved it.The characters are vibrant, with the women of the church, you can feel the diversity of human weaknesses as well as the effort they are doing to present the image of people who care Katie has a lot to deal with as well, while Michael seems to have everything under control Very pleasant read.


    IntriguingOnce you accept that Katie is a bit wooden, and that s she s purposely written this way, you enjoy her character The story was enthralling, keeping me involved The torture device details was fascinating, setting this apart from other small town murder mysteries Looking forward to Book 2.


    This was a good suspense about an FBI agent, Katie Freeman, and her partner following the trail of a serial killer This is different than most serial killers, however, in that he uses medieval torture devices to kill the women who are his victims.Wow If you like suspense thrillers and gruesome killings this book is a good one This is book 1 of a series which promises to be very good.

    Leslie Dalton

    Absolutely fantastic book Absolutely fantastic The book takes you in from the moment you start reading I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good mystery and crime I couldn t put it down I hope there will be a sequel that will explain what happened to Katie mom husband and I would love to find out if her and Michael end up together

    Pat Lehnen

    The title is deceptiveI liked the main character, Katie, and her unique methods of gathering evidence and information about the suspects The contrast between Katie and her partner was fun to read about Characters were well defined and the humor was fun to read about Looking forward to reading the next book.

    Eddie Cooper

    Fast paced action I really liked the characters Katie is sweet, damaged and smart the perfect combination I liked the way Michael just let her be who she was, tough but fragile All the characters were well drawn and easy to see.It is truly a good book when I am not looking for typo s, or misspelled words.

    Ellen McBride

    Love the spirit or agent Katie FreemanThis book had me hooked from page 1 and did not stop till the very end, could not even guess who the killer was Fast read and great characters You won t be disappointed

    Katrina Hagler

    Pretty good readI thought it was a pretty good book although there really wasn t much history given on the main character I felt there was something missing, but the plot was very intriguing.

    Ron Kramer

    Four starsGood mystery book The characters were interesting, and the story was a bit developed than in other books that I have recently read I recommend this to other readers.


    The story, in general, was amazing The grammar was not the best If you can get over the grammar mistakes then I would recommend reading this book The plot was great, the characters were realistic All in all, it was a good book besides the grammar mistakes.

    Marcia Witherspoon

    Great readI really enjoyed this book, it moved along at a good pace and was full of suspense All the characters were interesting and I absolutely loved the ending Would definitely recommend.

    Jessi A Hurst

    Mystery series are always my go to choice of reading Thanks for the Katie Freeman series startera mGood book with a surprising ending Anxious to complete the series Complex enough to keep me in the edge of myn,

    Blair H. Prigg

    Good Read I was captured on the first page and did not want to stop reading Great characters and excellent writing made for a fantastic read It was impossible to figure out who was killing the ladies I will definitely read books by this author.

    Denise Ward

    Great gripping readThrilling from the start I couldn t out it down as I wanted to know what happens next Fans of Minette Walters will enjoy this author, can t wait to read the next book

    Jill Larimore-Brooks

    Kept me going ALL day I finished this book on one day Just couldn t stop thinking about the murders, mystery and who dunnit until i finished Love the characters as well and had a VERY satisfying ending in ways than ONE

    Anita B. Adams

    Another great read Many suspects and hardly any clues keep you guessing Great detective minds working together to try to find the killer Great characterization enhances the story.

    Ruth A Calvin

    Really good mystery I thought I had it figured out after 15 chapters or so but I was WRONG I don t remember when I started this book so am not entering a date But it was just a couple of days ago.

    Mary Thompson

    Didn t want to put it down.I found the book captivating from page one Ms Mellon s crime mystery was a quick,easy read with an intriguing female lead character I just ordered book two in the series.

    Teresa Williams

    Free to kill This book has an excellent story going on within a story The way the two are blended is intriguing Once you pick this up, you will not be able to stop or put it down I would very highly recommend this book Excellent choice


    Great book I was very intrigued at who was the culprit and it kept me hooked to the end.Great book It kept me intrigued until the end trying to see who could it be I was really surprised with the outcome


    Such a great book, first one I ve read from this author and can t wait to get stuck into the next, love the way the main character thinks and the romance that s building as well as the underlying back story of her mother Really well written.

    Janice Hite

    AnxietyVery enjoyable book Love the characters and the way the story flowed Did not disappoint tension and anxiety Keeps you reading no way to be bored keeps you guessing till almost the end will never regret reading this book Thanks Me mellon.

    Charlotte O"Rear

    Couldn t put it downThis book held my attention from the first page The only thing that I found hard to believe was that even though Katie had left home at 18, she had never eaten at a fast food restaurant Still gave it 5 stars.

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