Apr 06, 2020
Orconomics: A Satire
Posted by J. Zachary Pike

A humor infused love letter to the fantasy genre by way of economics and it s a blast to read Christopher KellenProfessional heroes kill and loot deadly monsters every day, but Gorm Ingerson s latest quest will be anything but business as usual.Making a Killing in Professional HeroicsThe adventuring industry drives the economy of Arth, a world much like our own but A humor infused love letter to the fantasy genre by way of economics and it s a blast to read Christopher KellenProfessional heroes kill and loot deadly monsters every day, but Gorm Ingerson s latest quest will be anything but business as usual.Making a Killing in Professional HeroicsThe adventuring industry drives the economy of Arth, a world much like our own but with magic and fewer vowels Monsters hoards are claimed, bought by corporate interests, and sold off to plunder funds long before the beasts are slain Once the contracts and paperwork are settled, the Heroes Guild issues a quest to kill the monster and bring back its treasure for disbursement to shareholders.Life in The ShadowsOf course, while professional heroics has been a great boon for Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and all the other peoples of light, it s a terrible arrangement for the Shadowkin Orcs, Goblins, Kobolds, and their ilk must apply for to become Noncombatant Paper Carriers or NPCs to avoid being killed and looted by guild heroes Even after getting their papers, NPCs are treated as second class citizens, driven into the margins of society.An Insane QuestGorm Ingerson, a Dwarven ex hero with a checkered past, has no idea what he s getting himself into when he stands up for an undocumented Goblin His act of kindness starts a series of events that ends with Gorm recruited by a prophet of the mad goddess Al Matra to fulfill a prophecy so crazy that even the Al Matran temple doesn t believe it.Money, Magic, and MayhemBut there s to Gorm s new job than an insane prophecy powerful corporations and governments, usually indifferent to the affairs of the derelict Al Matran temple, have shown an unusual interest in the quest If his party of eccentric misfits can stop fighting each other long enough to recover the Elven Marbles, Gorm might be able to turn a bad deal into a golden opportunity and win back the fame and fortune he lost so long ago.

  • Title: Orconomics: A Satire
  • Author: J. Zachary Pike
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Orconomics A Satire A humor infused love letter to the fantasy genre by way of economics and it s a blast to read Christopher KellenProfessional heroes kill and loot deadly monsters every day but Gorm Ingerson s latest

    C.T. Phipps

    ORCONOMICS is a story about how horrifying your typical Dungeons and Dragons or World of Warcraft economy would look like if it was taken at face value Basically, the idea that there s an entire class of people who exist for the purpose of exterminating numerous other classes of people in order to take their stuff This is the central build up of the story that you re supposed to miss what this sounds like until the final moment of the story when, oh no, this is actually like all the other horrif [...]

    Merrill Chapman

    Economics typically gets short shrift in Sci Fi and fantasy It doesn t really matter the genre The fact is that when spaceships go out a faring, or knights out a questing, no one ever brings anyone with a degree in accounting to keep track of expenditures The exceptions are few and far between to enjoy one of the best in manga, I recommend Spice and Wolf I first wrote about the problem years ago in In Search of Stupidity Over 20 Years of High Tech Marketing Disasters Captain Kirk, Mr Spock, Bone [...]

    Dixie Conley

    I thought I d like this book when I saw the cover and read the title Now that I ve read it, I know I was wrong I LOVE this book.This is a saga about professional heroing That s right The hero business has gone pro You can even buy and sell hoard futures the chance that a given hoard will produce great loot There s heroing contracts And guilds And accountants And so many other fun little details But the most important of those are the NPCs the former enemies of light who have gotten themselves pa [...]


    I read this book because the Austin Science Fiction and Fantasy book club selected it for this month There were only a few words that I had to look up sconces, piscine, ululating, and cantrip It is a very easy book to read, there is no profanity or explicit sex and I could recommend it to young readers This was a very funny laugh out loud satire The dialog is snappy but not sarcastic and reminded me some of the best wit of Heinlein characters There is also dark humor simply stated that brought K [...]


    I think that one of the most rewarding parts of sifting through self published books is that despite the number of wretched books, and the even greater number of simply mediocre books, you ll occasionally find a gem sparkling through It s for these moments that I write this blog These are the books that need someone to stand up and shout, nay demand, they receive wider attention I only wonder how many books there are out there that I m missing If only there was time to read Then again, I don t [...]


    I was lucky enough to win a copy of Orconomics through a giveaway.If you look at my book shelves, you ll see that I don t give out 5 star reviews very frequently A work of fiction needs to have the combination of excellent writing, three dimensional characters, and a plot that is both well crafted and interesting Orconomics has all of these qualities in spades.In a work of fantasy, it can be difficult to introduce a new world with magic and monsters while not losing the reader in too many detail [...]

    Kurt Springs

    This review was first published by Kurt s Frontier on Invincible Love of Reading.Synopsis Gorm Ingerson is a hero who s fallen on hard times After a bad adventure, his hero s license has been revoked, and his dwarf clan has disowned him Now he has a chance for redemption With a prophet of a mad goddess, a goblin squire, an elf who s addicted to healing potions, two mages who are at each others throats, a bard who can t sing, and a warrior seeking his own death, he must find the lost Elven Marble [...]


    This was unusual in several ways Firstly, it was based pretty obviously not just on the sword and sorcery genre, but on Dungeons and Dragons even down to the party arguing about shopping and adding up points and levels That s not unusual What s unusual is how well it s done, in general that it s not only witty, but also deeply serious and in places outright tragic and that it s a satire on our world s financial institutions and their corruption, as well as a tale of sword and sorcery adventure.I [...]

    Matthew Greenbaum

    Just a wonderfully fantastic book I went into this book assuming it would be a pretty well written, amusing book I came out realizing it was a very well written, hilarious and thought provoking story that wraps up well while leaving me wanting from the author in general and these characters in particular If you liked the way movies like Cabin in the Woods, Shaun of the Dead or Club Dread poked fun at their genres while still being excellent examples of the genre then you will love this book Or [...]

    Scott Wozniak

    Brilliant Yes, there were clever digs at the financial crisis of 2007 2008 But rather than be over the top and distracting, the economics embedded in the story were written with such skill that it served to make the world realistic How would roving heroes support themselves Investors combining to fund the quest based on an estimate of loot is actually quite realistic That s exactly how the exploration of the new world in colonial times was done But the characters is this story were colorful an [...]

    Logan Horsford

    After listening to this book, I was immediately annoyed Why No audio book 2 waiting for me I find that annoying.Good I liked the tone of the book The plot was good Sneaky Relevant to today s times All that stuff.Bad It s the normal problem you get when there are than a few regular MC s you start to lose track of them Who the hell is that again Not nearly as bad as GoT but for me, when it gets above about four I start asking that.Ugly No book 2 in audio form Make it happen These lazy authors sit [...]

    Joshua Hair

    This book far surpassed my expectations Mister Pike, you are amazing As a debut novel, it hit on all the right places Just as the title promises, there is humor, there is a strangely in depth and incredibly satisfying economics lesson regarding heroing, and there is the occasional orc Mostly, however, there s an incredible amount of fun to be had Please do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of this book Oh, and Mister Pike I ll be pre ordering the second book as soon as it hits the marketplace. [...]

    christina carlson

    Heir to the Pratchett throne Like Terry Pratchett Here is the heir to the throne Charming, funny, witty and most of all thoughtful writing that Sir Terry would have loved Do yourself the kindness of reading this book


    This book was surprisingly good I expected the humor and poking fun at the typical heroics we see in fantasy, but I was not prepared for a plot that actually managed to hook me and make me sympathetic to the characters Fun book overall, although the ending leaves a lot of thing open.

    Tom Wright

    Hilarious And clever.Great plotting, great story view spoiler Loved the references DD, Game of Thrones, Leeroy Jenkins, etc hide spoiler


    Absolutely terrific, among the best the Meme Fantasy genre has to offer Both a charming deconstruction of DD style fantasy and a good heroic fantasy story in its own right, as well as finding a good balance between funny and serious The last sixth or so of the book got so dark and depraved that I briefly considered becoming a socialist, and yet I was still giggling at something every few minutes.

    J.B. Garner

    From jbgarner58.wordpress Everyone loves dinner with a show Well, as long as the food is good and the show is entertaining So, well, maybe, in the real world, we don t love that many dinners with a show However, there are still the good ones Excellent literary meals mixed in with an extra dose of entertainment above and beyond the main course For tonight s entree, we have high fantasy with a dose of satiric humor that is called Orconomics So, does this fantasy satire make for an excellent litera [...]

    Daniel Kenefick

    Revised upwards from 3 to 4 stars, because its stuck with me No spoilers, beyond a few allusions to generic sounding events A rollicking adventure that s an unusual take on the usual fantasy a blend of MMORPG culture and economics that is a n intentionally thin metaphor for the financial crisis Needless to say, there is a potentially world altering event that only our hero and his companions can forestall, but not everything goes according to plan, and on the way everyone learns something or oth [...]

    Dylan Evans

    This is a fantastic story of higher level commerce and economics applied to a fantasy world The entire idea of options on an adventuring party s adventure was a wonderful satire in today s economic and fit very well as a natural progression of how many DD parties end up.The author s style is pretty smooth in most places but there were a couple places with the complexity of the prose threw me and I had to re read the entire section However, it was a beautiful satire and that glossed over most of [...]

    Glenn Conley

    Something tells me that if I was not a World of Warcraft player, I might find this book interesting Because that s what this book is World of Warcraft Imagine that all the NPC characters, and the actual players were in real life, doing quests, running dungeons Being Orcs and Trolls and Gnomes Like its their job to do quests and such.If I didn t play WoW, this might appeal to me But as it is, It bores me to tears Because I ve played WoW for so long, that it actually bores me to tears well, until [...]

    Lory Raye

    This is by far the best book I ve read in at least 10 years Actually, I read it twice in a week and the second time reading this book is a lot like the second time you watch Fight Club The first time blew you away and then when you watch read it a second time you see all of the foreshadowing that you missed the first time I just can t stop thinking about this book and how it equates to the real world We need Gorm I know this review doesn t make sense, but this book has my mind racing Orconomics [...]

    Nicolas Lagrand

    Excellent all aroundMost authors only do one thing well in their books and other elements are merely touched upon Somehow this book is on the surface a compelling and at times moving fantasy novel, while also taking a little time to make good inside jokes about the tropes of the genre, and at the same time is a well thought out critique of the modern financial sector without being preachy about it Which was good as I don t agree with every implication made therein but my enjoyment wasn t lessene [...]


    I m catching up on entering all the books I read this summer fall into I really enjoyed this story and felt like it was a fresh new tale that I could be immersed in I remember looking for the sequel to this book directly after finishing this one only to discover that there isn t one yet, sad Will definitely be looking for in this series

    Trevor Sherman

    I don t know why it is called a satire, It was good but I didn t think it was at all satirical Still for the comedy fantasy book it is the characters had a surprising amount of depth to them It was a good length coming in at around 11 and a half hours well worth the time if you are looking for a good humorous read.


    Fair 5 stars I laughed a lot and almost cried once or twice It was clever, marvelous, and terrifying A strange way to characterize a humor novel But there you have it.Plot what you think is happening is not what is happening Trust me I had this feeling from the moment they signed the quest but it was still not what I thought was happening.The world is very familiar to fantasy RPG players and completely accessible to any other reader It just has fewer vowels Some jokes make it a gem for gamers bu [...]

    Jasmine Wahlberg

    I ve read and listened to this book five times now, and I still love it I ve reviewed it on Audible, which was where I first listened to it I have both the Audible version, which has an excellent narrator with a slew of unique voices, and the Kindle version just as great to read in print.I picked up this book expecting a stock Bored of the Rings kind of satire What I got ranged all over the board, from hilariously funny to incredibly poignant It wasn t just satire, or only fantasy, or merely the [...]


    While I am not as avid gamer as some I found the perspective of this book to be so enjoyable that I didn t want my commute to end I would love to see this world converted into a game setting just don t know how to do the market trading side D I have tried to read some of the traditional dungeon crawls which just bored me silly with their brawling and looting but this book comes at you from a different perspective and the belief that there may be a higher purpose Beings are beings and maybe it s [...]

    Ryan Shwayder

    I had no idea what to expect I m a sucker for portmanteau, puns, and all manner of jokes favored by fathers across the globe.Indeed, my job in the real world heavily involves such things I m a game designer known for such absurdity.Initially, I chuckled at in jokes for RPG gamers of all varieties A satire that didn t take itself seriously Winks, nods, elbows that sometimes wedged between the ribs.What I didn t expect was a story A real story A great story And characters Lovable, loathable, laugh [...]


    A very enjoyable read I loved the way J Zachary Pike weaved the various fantasy tropes and turned them on their heads with a wink and a nod to the reader I was very impressed with one scene where things might not be quite as they seemLooking forward to getting book 2 as soon as it is available


    Hilarious from start to finish Anyone with fantasy gaming in their past, or present , should definitely read it.

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