Jul 05, 2020
Age of Iron
Posted by Angus Watson

Bloodthirsty druids and battle hardened Iron Age warriors collide in the first volume of this action packed historical fantasy trilogy that will appeal to fans of Joe Abercrombie and HBO s Game of Thrones.LEGENDS AREN T BORN THEY RE MADE.Dug Sealskinner is a down on his luck mercenary traveling south to join up with King Zadar s army But he keeps rescuing the wrong peoplBloodthirsty druids and battle hardened Iron Age warriors collide in the first volume of this action packed historical fantasy trilogy that will appeal to fans of Joe Abercrombie and HBO s Game of Thrones.LEGENDS AREN T BORN THEY RE MADE.Dug Sealskinner is a down on his luck mercenary traveling south to join up with King Zadar s army But he keeps rescuing the wrong people.First Spring, a child he finds scavenging on the battlefield, and then Lowa, one of Zadar s most fearsome warriors, who has vowed revenge on the king for her sister s execution.Now Dug s on the wrong side of the thousands strong army he hoped to join and worse, Zadar has bloodthirsty druid magic on his side All Dug has is his war hammer, one small child, and one unpredictable, highly trained warrior with a lust for revenge that might get them all killed .

  • Title: Age of Iron
  • Author: Angus Watson
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  • Page: 354
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Age of Iron Bloodthirsty druids and battle hardened Iron Age warriors collide in the first volume of this action packed historical fantasy trilogy that will appeal to fans of Joe Abercrombie and HBO s Game of Thr

    Mogsy (MMOGC)

    5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 2014 09 26 bAge of Iron ended up surprising me in many delightful ways, but what I didn t expect at all was how addicting it was It simply grabbed me by the throat and wouldn t let go It s dark, brutal, violent and gritty, and yet I was completely immersed in its harsh, war torn world.We begin the story with an introduction to Dug Sealskinner, a mercenary on his way to join up with King Zadar s grand army at Maidun Castle, hoping for a way to earn [...]


    This book surprised me I expected it to be dark, violent and gritty but I didn t expected it to be so much fun It is very well written, there are no boring info dumps so story has a nice flow It s fast paced, fun and addicting.Main characters are great They are interesting, well rounded, funny and they are the strongest point of this character driven story.Even though this is grimdark and some scenes were extremely graphic and made me cringe, there was one aspect that provided the balance, and i [...]


    4.5 stars This was great This is similar in style to Michael J Sullivan s work The author writes with a great sense of humour The main characters are well developed, the historical context seems quite accurate in house fighting between tribes prior to Roman invasion , the language is colloquial and modern at times, but this doesn t deflect from the flow of the story I m impressed and ready for the next The best thing about discovering this book and author now is that the trilogy is already finis [...]


    Age of Iron was a nice blend of fantasy and historical fiction It had an Iron Age setting with a bit of druid magic thrown in to spice things up The tone of the story was definitely Grimdark, and some of the happenings were pretty brutal, but it was mitigated by the fact that the story did not take itself too seriously.The story was told from multiple POV s but the main character was Dug Sealskinner Dug is a battle weary warrior who finds himself regretting his latest commission of defending a t [...]


    6 August 2015 1.99 on KindleDNF at 15%I feel badly giving this one star It s not that it s written badly mostly , it s just definitely not for me.The beginning gave me hope In 55 BC, ten thousand Roman soldiers commanded by General Julius Caeser invaded Britain They advanced no further than the Kentish beach they d landed on before returning to Gaul.A year later Caeser crossed the Channel again, this time with twenty five thousand soldiers, plus cavalry, in six hundred newly built transport ship [...]


    No Spoilers here.I have to say I really enjoyed this book Watson presents a time with not much written history, Britain in 61 BC, very brutal, gritty, dirty, just surviving is truly difficult Britain is ruled by an amalgamation of tribes, with power transferring constantly within these tribes Leaders murder torture, along with their Druid magicians Here we are given three main characters, Dug our seasoned soldier mercenary looking just to eat and survive Lowa our skilled archer and soldier for t [...]


    Review Posted at Tenacious Reader tenaciousreader 2014 04.5 starsThis was a very down and dirty, gripping, enjoyable read It is dark, twisted, funny and exciting Despite that, this is going to be a really hard review to write I enjoyed it Actually, I really enjoyed it But the interesting thing is, while reading I could pick out things that I think other people may complain about So, do I ignore them, since I don t really care Or do I let people know, since am sure some readers will I decided to [...]


    a really enjoyable historical fantasy, a grimdark fan s delightry likable characters, nice dark humor and Dug can hold his place with Uhtred of Bebbanburg a 3.5star rating good first fiction novel with goods signs of improvement to come from this authort sure about the historical reading purist would enjoy this but as a fantasy book bloody good this case bloody is not a swear word but descriptive lols forgot to say its a arc from netgallery.

    Maja (The Nocturnal Library)

    Not much is known about the British Iron Age a terrible thing for historians, but a very promising fact for historical fantasy authors like Angus Watson It gives them centuries of nothing than vague information to build upon and in Age of Iron, the first book in a major new epic fantasy series, Watson does this and quite impressively The story takes place in Britain during the first several years of Roman invasion around 40 AD Our three protagonists come from three different sides Dug is a mer [...]


    One part epic, one part grimdark, one part historical fiction, one part adventure tale All parts an amazing fiction debut.A great setting Britain in the Iron age Tribes at odds with each other Settlements in cities and marshes The looming invasion of the Romans, welcomed by some but feared by others.3 very likeable main characters Each of them with a past that determines his her behaviour and actions None of them flawless, but they re very easy to root for A great story The lives of the main cha [...]

    Lynn Williams

    lynnsbooks.wordpress 2014 Just finished reading Age of Iron by Angus Watson which I loved I just really liked this it s very entertaining and it kept me glued to the page Literally, I ve read this in 2 days or maybe even less because I didn t want to put it down Anyway, I get ahead of myself.I wasn t really sure what to expect from Age of Iron other than three unusual characters who come together out of need Dug, Spring and Lowa the most unlikely set of companions that you could imagine At the s [...]


    This is a book that had caught my attention some time ago, based on description and the comments I d seen on it, but I d casually tossed it on the to read pile without putting much thought into when Based on Lisa s review at Tenacious Reader, I decided that this book sounded like my kind of thing, and moved it up my list And I was glad I did.Age of Iron is a telling of what might have happened during the period of time where the Romans were occupying Britain, and little history is available of t [...]


    3.5 Read this awhile back but hadnt got around to writing anything Great fun light historical fiction and light fantasy novel Dug and crew are great characters in a great time period Now if youre expecting real heavy fact based historical fiction or heavy fantasy novel dont read this novel Has a great grimdark feel to the writing, characters and action However what sets it apart is it dry sense of humour Some of the dialogue definitely made me crack a laugh The major drawback for me was sometime [...]


    Originally posted at thebookplank 2014 Last year I read a terrific debut set with Vikings, and since then I have gotten a taste of the dark and gritty and historical epic fantasy When I saw Orbit s publishing schedule for the second half of this year with the release of the debut of Angus Watson s Age of Iron I knew I was in for a treat Age of Iron isn t a Viking story but it is set in England during the Roman invasion times 40AD ish, so quite the change of scenery but still packs a heavy punch [...]


    This is the best book I ve read this year by a country mile I absolutely adored it it s got everything I look for it s fun, it s a little bit brutal, it has inherent humour, it has well written characters, it has strong character dynamics, it s well paced.In terms of style, think Joe Abercrombie s First World, but set in the UK, as our tribes prepare themselves for the impending Roman invasion If the final two books live up to this one then it s probably going to be vying for a spot in my top 5 [...]


    We barely know anything about the Iron age in Britain all the information we have we got from archaeological finds This shows us what people wore and how their day to day life looked like, but we don t know anything about their culture or what motivated them We know even less about the Roman invasion, except for the diaries of Julius Caesar Age of Iron tells a story of what could have been in this rather dark age, wrapped in a nice fantasy package.Dug is an old warrior, and he hopes for a comfor [...]


    PERFECT BOOK TO END THE YEAR WITH There is so much to this story line that I don t even know how or where to begin telling it I love books from this time era It reminds me of the movie 300, where the warriors walk down the hill all oiled up and muscles bulging drool Angus Watson does such an amazing job at descriptions, storylines, plots and twists The characters were very well developed I liked the main characters and the supporting ones, and I completely disliked the villains Little Spring was [...]


    I really enjoyed this one Dag was a little bit of anti hero, little bit of regular hero, little bit of wisdom that comes from experience, and a lot of trying to save his own ass Very well researched without being tedious and the battle scenes are some of the best in fantasy The author does an excellent job of maintaining tension throughout the fight scenes The book excels in characters though Lots of memorable ones here.


    I loved this Thoroughly entertaining pre historical romp, with intriguing characters and relationships, nasty druids, vicious fighting and combat, gore and trickery, all set within a fascinating prehistoric landscape of hillforts, marsh towns and tors I know this is described as fantasy but for me it ticked all the right historical fiction boxes Can t wait for the next one.

    Joey Woolfardis

    Technically not badly written, as in good punctuation and grammar etc, but in terms of wit and plot, very much badly written The humour was forced, the this is what really happened at the beginning was completely unnecessary and inaccurate claim cannot be made Dialogue and general characterisation just bland A fairly regular piece of historical fantasy if that s what you re after.


    after reading this, I am certain that Angus Watson s books both delight and kill me

    *Absorbed in Countless Worlds*

    First, i m NOT a native speaker Second, i HAVE had my fair share of reading books written in english.But i NEVER have been going through an english book that quick AND that easy as i did with this one I don t mean to say it was because the book being dull, stupid or primary school level it s aimed at exactly the other direction What a wonderful entertaining and fast paced, humorous action orientated historical fantasy read it was Simply not meant to be put down for long before being finished It [...]


    3.5 s An enjoyable historical fiction piece with elements of fantasy and magic thrown in Definitely in the GrimDark model with a lot of humor intermixed Some of the main characters cursing with different animal names and body parts merged together made me laugh A good first book I look forward to the other two.


    Wow That was SO much fun Totally loved this brutal and often hilarious adventure romp If you dug Kings of the Wyld, I think you ll want to read it.


    A brutal book with some of the best interactions between characters ever I love this take on what the Iron Age of Britain was possibly like


    I was really excited to receive this book through NetGalley for free in exchange for an honest review.Badgers Cocks That was a good read No I am not making up new expletives but it is one that Dug, one of the main characters in the book, uses A LOT Actually, he pretty much proceeds our usual swear words with Badgers I thought this was a nice touch as it added some humour, lessening the impact of the language Still on the subject of language, I didn t like how sex and women generally were describ [...]


    Fast paced, gripping tale of adventure Like all good storytellers Watson brings characters and plot to the fore and it really doesn t matter where it s set But when you pay attention to the detail, it s clear that a huge amount of research has gone into this he just doesn t bang you over the head with it.It s not going for profound, serious historical comment it s an adventure tale that trips along at an incredible pace The writing is lightly humorous and self deprecating with hints of satire Wa [...]


    I was lucky enough to get this book as a proof from Netgalley.I really enjoyed this book, the first in a new fantasy trilogy I liked the feeling of the historical novel that I got from this, with the magic being very subtly introduced I really liked that, for a long time, it wasn t even clear whether there actually was magic or not.I liked the diversity in the three main characters and how completely disparate motives ended up bringing them together It was packed full of action and adventure, br [...]

    Mark Halse

    This book was very interesting and fun My one problem was that it was occasionally abrupt especially the climax I am still scratching my head about what exactly happened at the end Otherwise great book.

    Hannah Rodgman

    I ve never really got into ancient historical books but this was a major surprise The plot was intriguing and there was non stop action Incredibly blood thirsty and a hint of magic I highly recommend this book to fantasy, historical and action book lovers READ IT

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