Aug 05, 2020
Pet to the Tentacle Monsters!
Posted by Lilia Ford

It s been than twelve years since the alien invasion wiped out much of the human population and forced those who were left into Refugee Communes As far as Benji Tucker is concerned, a life devoted to bare survival is boring as hell But when a stupid prank threatens to bring disaster down on the entire commune, the Galactic Enforcers show up and announce Benji is nowIt s been than twelve years since the alien invasion wiped out much of the human population and forced those who were left into Refugee Communes As far as Benji Tucker is concerned, a life devoted to bare survival is boring as hell But when a stupid prank threatens to bring disaster down on the entire commune, the Galactic Enforcers show up and announce Benji is now eligible for adoption by the invaders He wakes in a plain white cell to find three very different monsters determined to make him their pet.Warning Adult Readers Only Contains plenty of hot, non consensual tentacle action, including but not limited to tentacle spanking, tentacle gagging, and tentacle sex Quite separately, it also contains an adorable pink rainbow sparkle tentacle monster Those who dislike adorable pink rainbow sparkles or hot tentacle action should definitely not read this book.

  • Title: Pet to the Tentacle Monsters!
  • Author: Lilia Ford
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Pet to the Tentacle Monsters It s been than twelve years since the alien invasion wiped out much of the human population and forced those who were left into Refugee Communes As far as Benji Tucker is concerned a life devoted to

    Shelby *trains flying monkeys*

    The end time has come We have been invaded by an alien species Benji can t behave himself and gets involved with a stupid stunt Does it pay off NadaHe ends up in a square white room With 3 ummm tentacled personas that want to make him their pet You have Black who will spank that ass if he gets out of line Silver who wellhe pushed old Benji to limits that he never thought was possible and little Kitty Does he decide to stay and be their pet hmmm you gotta read it and see Muahahahaha I received an [...]

    Kelly (and the Book Boar)

    Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum When it comes to monsterporn and its place in the reviewosphere, I ve come to the following conclusion .I know all of you who follow me are thinking I fall on the prude side of the spectrum, but be careful what you assume I mean, how else would this guy end up on my wall if I hadn t already had a run in with a super scary tentacle creature Do you even need a synopsis Okay, here goes Benji lives in a dystopian kind of future where the population is separat [...]

    Heather K (dentist in my spare time)

    3.5 stars TENTACLES SEX TENTACLE SEX What could a girl ask for This was such a fun little story It broke my tentacle sex V card thanks, Lilia , and it broke it hard I liked the dub con non con aspect of it pretty light for those of you who are afraid of hard non con , and I loved the world building Lilia, write sci fi It suits you Basically, this is a dystopian m m erotic story about a guy who is disciplined by some kinky, BDSM y tentacle monsters It isn t a romance, for those who are interest [...]

    Emma Sea

    Lilia write tentacles I love you Lilia Stirling ententacled porn It s Golidlocks for the depraved Benji wakes up as the plaything of the friendly, adorable tentacled monster, the disciplinarian tentacled monster, and the pain and humilation giving tentacled monster And porridge protein carbohydrate cake.Includes sounding, a tiny bit of piss play, jump tentacle my favorite childhood game , breath play, snuggles, CBT, and corporal punishment.Disclaimer Lilia is my GR friend and I think she s smart [...]

    Lilia Ford

    No review obviously, but I did want to let people know that I have once again done up a Pinterest Board for the book with some cool images of tentacles, my dream casting choice for the hero, Benji Tucker Pictures of 1950s movie posters that inspired the cover design by Jared Rackler, such as And even images of cool tentacle paraphernalia, such as these gorgeous candlesticks that my family got me for X mas seriously the best gift ever Here s the link for the board pinterest liliaford boAlso, if a [...]

    Optimist ♰King"s Wench♰ & MANTIES Champion

    I seem to be stuck in tentaclelandia today and dub con Oh, who am I kidding I m a frequent visitor to dub conville.First things first, I thought Ms Ford accomplished excellent world building in just seven short chapters Really Kudos Pet to the Tentacle Monsters is set in a post apocalyptic Earth There is a rating system in place and Benji rates a measly 1 on a scale of 10 Subsequent to a prank gone awry he s turned over to the tentacle monsters gasp He believes this will ultimately lead to his d [...]


    I liked this To say why is complicated I enjoyed being off balance with the character Not sure what was happening, but understanding the motivations of the various monsters I guess Benji s reaction to the different monsters was what kept me twisting and wondering how they fit together as a whole.The explanation at the end was interesting, turned out to be a bit of a twist that I wasn t expecting.


    Loved this one I liked the world building, and the plot very much It was a very interesting set up, and I liked how things weren t exactly what they seemed to be The characters were interesting, and well drawn, and I liked how each of them interacted with Benji in different ways I really liked how much personality the tentacles had, and how Benji was able to learn about them, and from them, and how much they learned from Benji A really different sort of tentacle story.

    Erica Ravenclaw

    No spoilers and colorful language abound I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review I have no idea what I just read Every so often I will be browsing through NetGalley and for all sorts of reasons, something will draw me into pause over a title and read the synopsis In this case, it was the cover that caught my attention True to form I popped over to GoodReads to snoop about, see what the readers were saying, you catch my drift I saw a few friends who have read this [...]


    3.5This was so freaky And I liked it Okay, the beginning was sad Even though Benji was making me crazy at first, I also felt bad for him His uncle s reaction was heartbreaking, and I hated that was what it took for Benji to realize what he had.The end of that first chapter I m yelling, What And flipping the page so fast Awesome DKitty was adorable, I loved how we were shown her personality Then, the pervy deliciousness started fans self Black was awesome, SilverI wasn t a fan, but I can see the [...]


    I wonder how long I can still justify not creating a tentacle shelf.

    Kynthos-the-Archer (Kyn)

    Snugly Tentacles Tentacled Dom Erotic Rapey Tentacles How fun I used to lament that many so called tentacle erotica out there tends to stinge on actual tentacles action Most of the times readers have to be content with only a fraction of the goodies promised Maybe just a short one or two scenes with tentacles sexing and the rest of the book are fillers upon fillers So it s a nice change to find that this is absolutely not the case with Pet to the Tentacle Monsters The book was a chock full of te [...]

    ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme

    Tentacles, non consensual sex, spanking and gagging how can I resist Ms Ford is a new to me author who I will be keeping my eye on Pet to the Tentacle Monsters could be a porn without a plot story It s not It s a deviant twisted tale of a low achiever reaching his potential Benji is an angry kid He lives in a prison like reservations where humans try to do their best to survive He s lost his family and is angry at the world.At first this story s sci fi elements remind me a bit of Soylent Green w [...]




    My first walk into tentacle monster loving It was so touchy feely so tactile so, ah um different.So we have this young man who on his eighteenth birthday does something totally stupid and wrecks his colonies food source The Alien s have the humans in camps and control everything This young guy is taken away thinking his death is near He is surprised when he wakes up in a white room and meets the big bad monsters, who turns out to be a cute pink tentacle girl monster about the size of a cat Ah ho [...]


    3.5 starsHot tent bondage porn wrapped up with a little lesson in eco awareness The human race is down to bare subsistence having raped and pillaged the planet s resources Alien Enforcers enter the scene whipping the remaining humans in line With a little help from our cephalopod friends I loved the creativity, the world building that was just enough to tell the story And D s power play used to teach an important lesson that was pretty sweet, too I wouldn t call this a romance but the ever after [...]


    What Was this tentacle monster supposed to be adorable and sweet, or something Is Kitty supposed to warm my frigid heart Well she did I frickin love Kitty.Also enjoyed this story thumbs up


    Copy provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Benji is a Community Utility Level 1 citizen, which essentially labels him a useless parasite of the human refugee commune A miscalculated attempt at thrill seeking endangers his town, and as punishment he is whisked off to the alien species that invaded Earth He expects to be eaten by the invaders all he s heard are rumors, and no one he knows has ever seen one So imagine his delight when he meets a rainbow sparkly affectionate little [...]

    Anzu The Great Destroyer


    ♣ Irish Smurfétté ♣

    This was interesting, both in tone and the things I think it was trying to say.This was one of the serious tentacle stories in that there is only a bit of something like humor and it feels like not an entirely veiled commentary on several aspects of our current society.It s also about respect and how fragile it can be and is.It s also about how we all should allow ourselves to not just recognize and appreciate, but live the things we discover that bring us joy, security and love.It felt like th [...]

    Sh3lly ☽ Guardian of Beautiful Squids and Lonely Moons ☽

    This is a very silly 50 page story about an 18 year old living in a dystopian future, where tentacle aliens have invaded earth He breaks a law and is sentenced to adoption by the aliens Then hilarity ensues It s actually not that graphic, as far as the sex goes I ve read far graphic scenes in paranormal romance novels Outside of the character Sholto from the Merry Gentry series by Laurell K Hamilton, I had never read anything about tentacle sex I got this for free from NetGalley, and I think it [...]


    Tentacle Porn Worth Reading Disclaimer I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Trigger WarningThis book of course features tentacle porn, but also a fair amount of dubiously consensual sex, as well as outright non consensual sex, aka rape fantasy I would not categorize this as bestiality as the tentacled creatures are sentient and consensual participants in the sex acts, even if the human isn t always consenting.Review ProperI m going to be honest, I requested this [...]

    Jo * Smut-Dickted *

    If you ve been afeared of the wee scary tentacle sex try this one out This has a good story and some hot tentacl action No I mean it it has a plot It s not tentacle smut only and the writing is strong It s kinky enough to trip my trigger but not so frightening that you couldn t bust your tentacle cherry on it Give it a go


    Much better than I expected Quite a complex plot With some tentacle fuckery.


    Lilia does tentacles, and does them well A hot, sweet, short read.


    whines I need moooooore


    Wow, I loved this one More for the emotions and ideas behind everything than the tentacle action Don t get me wrong, I loved the tentacle action, too grin I fear I can not adequately explain why I loved this so much But I will try.The aliens We get three tentacle monsters Benji names them based on some aspect of their appearance or behavior The first is Kitty, an adorable cross between a little sister and pet, while also being a bit of a caretaker and comforter She is pink and sparkly and shy an [...]

    Anna"s Herding Cats

    Yall know I am not one to turn down a spot of weird fuckery so when Sheri over at For the Love of Bookends pointed Pet to the Tentacle Monsters out to me my immediate response was hell yeah I am ALL over that lol Tentacle porn Why the hell not, right Okay so this one didn t really live up to my weird pervy expectations flails with a side of pout It was well written and edited I ll give it that That s a HUGE improvement over most weird fuckery I pick up And the concept was actually decent World s [...]

    A Voracious Reader (a.k.a. Carol)

    Book source A review copy was provided on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Orphaned Benji Tucker has gotten a bit wild in the Refugee Commune where he lives His uncle tries to get through Benji s thick skull, but he persists in being a brat Until the day he does something stupid and endangers the entire commune When the Enforcers come to dole out his punishment he has no choice but to be adopted by the alien enemies Terrified he ll end up as an alien tasty treat he s surprised instead [...]


    So here s the deal I thought that it was going to be some kind of B movie, hokey, goofy, space story with a little tentacle sex I was mistaken It s not like that at all Benji has a crummy CU community utility rating The higher your rating, the useful you are Benji isn t very useful It s his 18th birthday, and he decides he s going to get a little recklessd ends up being cast from his home by Enforcers No one really knows what happens when Enforcers boot you Our friend Benji is about to find out [...]

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