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Over two hundred and thirty years ago the Fallocaust happened, killing almost everything that lived and creating what is now known as the greywastes A dead wasteland where cannibalism is a necessity, death your reality, and life before the radiation nothing but pictures in dog eared magazines.Reaver is a greywaster, living in a small block controlled by a distant ruler saOver two hundred and thirty years ago the Fallocaust happened, killing almost everything that lived and creating what is now known as the greywastes A dead wasteland where cannibalism is a necessity, death your reality, and life before the radiation nothing but pictures in dog eared magazines.Reaver is a greywaster, living in a small block controlled by a distant ruler said to have started the Fallocaust He is a product of the savage world he was raised in and prides himself on being cold and cruel Then someone new to his town catches his eye, someone different than everyone else Without knowing why he starts to silently stalk him, unaware of where it will lead him.

  • Title: Fallocaust
  • Author: Quil Carter
  • ISBN: 9781310101342
  • Page: 340
  • Format: ebook
  • Fallocaust Fallocaust, by Quil Carter Fallocaust by Quil Carter is a dark, erotic and absolutely f cking THRILLING read I did not put it down once I started it I ended up falling head over heels in Fallocaust The Fallocaust Series Book Kindle edition Fallocaust The Fallocaust Series Book Kindle edition by Carter, Quil Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Fallocaust The Fallocaust Series Book . Fallocaust Literature TV Tropes Fallocaust is a post apocalyptic science fiction series by Quil Carter years after a nuclear catastrophe known as the Fallocaust, humanity has been all but wiped out, with the survivors centered in and around Skyfall, the last remaining city Fallocaust Book Series The Fallocaust book series by Quil Carter includes books Fallocaust, The Ghost and the Darkness Volume , The Suicide King Volume , and several See the complete Fallocaust series book list in order, box sets or omnibus editions, and companion titles. Fallocaust Nightmare Fuel TV Tropes The core concept alone is terrifying the Fallocaust world is a Crapsack World of the highest order the primary foodsource is rat a mutant subspecies of human Human meat, though, is a delicacy, and people are routinely eaten when they die. Fallocaust Reading Order Quil Carter Fallocaust Breaking Jade The Ghost and the Darkness Vol The Ghost and the Darkness Vol Severing Sanguine The Suicide King Vol The Suicide King Vol Garden of Spiders Vol Garden of Spiders Vol A God Among Insects Vol A God Among Insects Vol

    Fallocaust Over two hundred and thirty years ago the Fallocaust happened killing almost everything that lived and creating what is now known as the greywastes A dead wasteland where cannibalism is a necessity

    Julio Genao

    there is stupid in the first ten pages of this book than i can imagine filling the entirety of human literature across the span of the multiverse, including every possible version of the eragon series was so painful to read i kept stopping to ask people if it was a satire.ten pages i couldn t take than ten pages wanna know how many there were to read before the end 892D IT S PART ONE OF A TRILOGY.

    Quil Carter

    What I can rate and review my own book This is so much power I liked it, though the author is a bit of a nut.


    4.5 StarsIt could have been so easy for me to play the cool hypercritical reviewer by picking apart out everything that s wrong with this beast of a book But I m not, as popularity for Fallocaust grows and believe me it will there will be someone else to dissect and eviscerate facets of this novel I hate them already, but only because I won t be able to argue against their points by saying than yeah but so what, it s still sooo good, the author is only young and it s his debut novel so come on, [...]


    One of the most graphically violent novels I have ever read The premise of the book sounded really interesting and I have to admit it had possibilities But the way it was written really spoiled it First, there is the violence I get that the world the characters live in is a violent one and some violence is to be expected but what is presented in the book was way over the top It was just gratuitous and unnecessary Then there are the descriptions of the several rapes that take place throughout the [...]


    I ll be honest, I do not read books that are 900 pages I do not like dystopian books, although I watch dystopian movies I do not like books with rape I don t like mans inhumanity to man Yet here I was reading this freaking long arsed, gruesome book about characters that are not warm and fuzzy cannibalism, rape, constant drug use, general inhumanity, torture, lies and manipulation form part of all the leading character s daily lives Everything I said I don t like I got into here Fallocaust absolu [...]


    Rating 3.5 starsReading Fallocaust was definitely an interesting experience I really like it and will definitely follow up with the sequel when it s released But because I really like it, and see the potential that s there, it makes its flaws apparent to my mind s eyes and pisses me off than it should.What I really love about this book is that it does NOT pull its punches It s gory Very, very gory After all, we are talking about a dystopian society where the act of eating other humans is consi [...]


    So, this book ruled my life for few weeks.I didn t know anything about it before I start reading.I saw it s tagged as dystopian mm, read the blurb, decided to try sample and this happened I saw him smile a few times, and perhaps that s what got me started with the second glances.What he was so happy about I don t know, didn t care really, but the prospect that this kid was sunny enough to flash the scissors was fascinating to meLike all things though, his happiness wasn t meant to be, and the re [...]


    Rating 3.4 starsThis was the fucking greywastes, not a Disney movie People got raped, people got hit, and people got eaten.And this is only a small part of the lifestyle in the Greywastes One of the darkest book I ever read Set in a dystopian future, the few survivors of the Fallocaust, a big sestic radiation wave which destroyed almost every living creature, struggle to survive in a world dominated by mutant dogs, ravers and other horrible creatures, while the elite lives an apparent luxury exi [...]

    Mare SLiTsReaD Reviews

    I have never ever been so mind fucked in my life AndI will never get this feeling back ever again AndFuck I think I smoked half a carton of cigs, 10 pots of coffee, endless supply of Pepsi in the 5 days it took me to devour this book My nervous system is a mess For a while I thought I was gonna have a heart attack from sheer nerves and adrenaline that was coursing through my veins The images, the feelings, the crazy fucked up, fucked up, OMG so fucked up world Quil Carter builds Its seered now i [...]


    New Edit September 9, 2014Having read this for a second time, I can honestly say it was so much better than the first I love everything about this book Even knowing what was happening, what was to come it was better I was able to wrap myself around the characters, bring them in and keep them in a way I was unable to do before They are now a part of me, and I m never letting them go Edited this morning seeing is how I m now able to think clearly and actually see the screen And thank you Mare Tha [...]


    DNF at 50% or at around 450 pages or so.I m not stopping because I dislike this mammoth post apocalyptic dystopia m m novel, but I am stopping because I think it s too dark for me Supposedly it s to be a trilogy, and I decided that if things in this first half were too dark and very unpredictable , and since usually the process for these things, like trilogies, is to get much much worse, rather than better and fluffier, than I should hop off now, so I did After flipping to the end to confirm th [...]


    Fallocaust by Quil Carter is a dark, erotic and absolutely f cking THRILLING read I did not put it down once I started it I ended up falling head over heels in love with the two MC s, Reaver and Killian I think we all hope for that intense connection with a little bit of a protector fetish attached At least I do Anyway, I can t say enough good thingsI honestly ended this book and felt that feeling of OMG I finished this book, I need , I love these characters, and now I feel completely lost and e [...]


    5 amazingly f up stars I ll start by saying nothing about this book is my usual read I don t read dystopian and there s cannibalism involved, which equals hell no Btw, that wasn t a spoiler as it s in the blurb Dark is too bright a word to describe this book It s brutal, bloody, sadistic, very painful to read and most definitely not for everyone Disturbingly enough, and despite all that, I loved it.I loved it from a storytelling aspect obviously The imagination it took to create the environment, [...]

    Karla Slusher

    Oh shit Oh holy fucking shit man YOU CAN T JUST STOP THERE Gah Ok ok panic attack aside this book was AMAZING AWESOMNESS I loved every page of it s sadistic psychotic story, it rocked my socks Reaver is such a deep character, he was portrayed perfectly And killian Oh he was this little hellcat hidden in an angel suit wasn t he I mean for real, he was just as damn crazy as reaver But you know what I read all 900 pages of this book and not once was I not entertained or engrossed completely I recom [...]


    Well, I haven t got much sleep lately, I will be babbling incoherently and so.I like this book I like the long decriptions, slowly paced plot and worldbuilding with oh so many details I waved my hand dismissively at lack of proof reading So what there was so many mistakes even I could see, even if english was not my first language So what To hell with tiny plotholes.I didn t mind the violence, gore and cruelty of the characters I just swallowed the book.Now give me the second installment.Eta rat [...]


    I was frustrated with the fact that it took me ages to finish this book Work kept getting in the way and so did other stuff and it was murder to have to put the book down to get up and teach a class Especially because it was difficult to concentrate with what I had just read so fresh in my head This is by far one of the darkest books I ve read Yes, there is what we could call romance but it s definitely not your typical aww they live happily ever after romance, at least not in THIS installment a [...]

    Smith Barney

    Everything changed for him when we ate his parents and that was a line from the very first page This is like some kind of Chuckie really really gone bad resurrection Overdone inflammatory graphic content for dramatic effect before developing characters does nothing to foster intimacy but only alienates and encourages a desensitized reader So other wordsI wasn t inflamed DNF 25%


    4.5 Stars Killian got on my nerves often than not Review To Come


    Hi, I am Reaver I am the super hot brooding anti hero of this series called Fallocaust Atleast I live up to my title of anti hero because I revel in killing and murdering and eating people Oh, and I help my best friend, Reno, rape enemy guards by holding up the fuckers legs I don t do it myself of course Whatever I am, I am not a rapist Nuh uh I draw a line somewhere so that my love to be can save my soul.Meet my boyfriend Killian I am sure you will not find a character irritating than him in t [...]


    I am really trying to review this book as nicely as possible, but I really don t think I can To tell you the truth this is the worst book I ever read The author turned one of the main character Killian into a whiny bitch, excuse my language I have two things I hate to see in books, infidelity and a whiny heroine hero I refuse to read M F books that contain whiny heroine, so imagine my shock when I discover that one of the main characters in this M M novel,mind you a grown ass man, excuse my lang [...]


    DNF at 22% Quite naively written, I lost the will to read on I didn t really care enough about the characters to plough through the whole 906 pages I hated emotions, if I hadn t fallen for Killian I wouldn t have to deal with these fucking feelings Another way that kid was driving me crazy I was an emotionless monster before, I didn t feel these soft emotions at all before him It was an easy existence, I didn t get hurt.


    I love this book It s sick and dark and twisted with a fast paced and unpredictable plot It made me want to look away and question my love for some characters, but damn I want

    Kristen Burns

    3 StarsFull Review I have very conflicting feelings about this novel There were some things the author did incredibly well that really sucked me into the story and made it a worthwhile read, but there were some things that weren t quite as well done and really bothered me So this is going to be longer and a little rant y than my usual reviews, but it s not all bad, I promise.I ll start with the things I liked.The first half of the book had issues that I ll get into below, but the further I got [...]

    Ran ♠

    4.5 stars I m going to make this clear This book isn t perfect I have found many issues I could dissect and find fault with in this book and I m sure if I were to read reviews from other readers who had the patience to write every questionable points they have accumulated throughout reading this book, I knew I would of less agree with them However, I would deal none of those right now and what I want to say is that this book made me realize I have depraved proclivities beyond my love of incestu [...]


    I have read over the other reviews of this large 900 pages novel, and feel like an outlier It s not as though I don t love long booksI do I love long DARK dystopian books I loved Evenfall and Afterimaged those books are longer than Fallocaust Like those books, this one is long and detailed, and there is a lot of narration ButI m shocked this is marketed as professionally edited, and that is part of why I struggled with it.I am not writer or editor, but I am a readerAnd I could go through pages w [...]


    What an emotional roller coaster ride And the most terrifying question of all may be just how much horror the human mind can stand and still maintain a wakeful, staring, unrelenting sanity Stephen King Pet Sematary.Although I do like the post apocalyptic genre, this story was definitely out of my confort zone I wouldn t be lying to say that it took me some time getting used to it This being said, the author s world building ability proves to be extraordinary and his imagination is prodigiously c [...]


    Everything about Fallocaust had me completely gripped the entire time I ve not read something along these lines for quite some time and was very pleasantly surprised both at the book and at myself The story was brilliant It felt original and unexplored leaving so much room for The entire concept was fresh and drew me in immediately As for the characters themselves I couldn t have asked for Every single person had a history and a personality They all have their darkness, but there is also light [...]


    This was amazing It was sick and gross and wonderful, it s not even negative, the writing is wonderful, they are people forced to be cannibals to survive in a post apocalyptic world so you should be grossed out and some scenes made me want to throw up so it s perfect, realistic writing in my opinion view spoiler Like the experiments description in Perish s laboratory, it was one of the worst things to read for me Well it was before I arrived at the second part of the book hide spoiler Though I w [...]

    Barbara Elsborg

    Well this was different What I liked the originality though to be fair, this is outside my normal reading zone so no wonder it was different If someone had said I d enjoy a book about cannibalism and drug taking with a high level of violence, I d have guessed I wouldn t, but I did I loved the characters and the set up I thought the action scenes were great The novel rolled along and didn t seem the length it is It held my attention throughout it just took me a while to get through it reading at [...]


    takes deep breath Wow, justwow This will, probably, be the best book I read this year Everything about it is amazing I realise some of the darker aspects of the story may not be for everyone I m not sure if I should be disturbed that I wasn t disturbed by it Quite the contrary That ending Bring on book two, I can not wait.If you can only read one book, make it this one.

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