Mar 29, 2020
The Wrong Billionaire's Bed
Posted by Jessica Clare

Fans of Maya Banks, Melody Anne and J Kenner prepare to be dazzled by Jessica Clare s Billionaire Boys Club The Billionaire Boys Club is a secret society of six incredibly wealthy men who have vowed success in business at any cost but success when it comes to love is a different matterAudrey Petty s always been the responsible one The good twin She d be the perFans of Maya Banks, Melody Anne and J Kenner prepare to be dazzled by Jessica Clare s Billionaire Boys Club The Billionaire Boys Club is a secret society of six incredibly wealthy men who have vowed success in business at any cost but success when it comes to love is a different matterAudrey Petty s always been the responsible one The good twin She d be the perfect girlfriend for her childhood crush, billionaire Cade Archerexcept that she s pretty sure she s not even on his radar But when fate decress that Audrey spend time with Cade at his remote cabin retreat, it s a dream come true Until she meets her worst nightmare.Billionaire playboy Reese Durham is used to seducing women to get what he wants But when stiff, too proper Audrey arrives at his buudy s mountain lodge it s clear that Audrey s in love with Caded it s clear to Reese that blackmailing Audrey with this information can get her to agree to just about anything Like furtive kisses, or a secret rendezvous in the woods Audrey may think she knows what she wants, but Reese is determined to show her what she needsThese boys play well together look for irresistible Billionaire Boys Club titles, Stranded With A Billionaire and Beauty and the Billionaire.

  • Title: The Wrong Billionaire's Bed
  • Author: Jessica Clare
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Wrong Billionaire s Bed Fans of Maya Banks Melody Anne and J Kenner prepare to be dazzled by Jessica Clare s Billionaire Boys Club The Billionaire Boys Club is a secret society of six incredibly wealthy men who have vowed s

    ✩ Alexandra the Smutaholic ✩

    October Why so farEdit5 Stars This book was the best one in the series without a doubt.I loved everything about it Every single thing Usually in books you like, there are always still a few things you didn t enjoy as much as the rest or would have changed, but in this one, not even one bit The only thing I could think of is that I never wanted their story to end.Reese is a cocky little bastard that I loved from beginning to end He s funny, confident, and loves to get a rise out of Audrey.And she [...]

    Jacqueline"s Reads

    4 It s not who you think it is StarsI will be first to admit, I didn t like the storyline You have a Heroine who has a crush on her childhood friend who in return has a crush on the Heroine s twin I m not a fan of unrequited love, however, as I continued to read, my mind was changed and I started to really enjoy The Wrong Billionaire s bed.SummaryAudrey has always been in love with her childhood friend Cade Cade is sweet, honest and loyal Daphne, Audrey s twin, gets into trouble Daphne doesn t w [...]

    Mirjana **DTR - Down to Read**

    3.5 Stars I m here for you I m the one person you don t have to be strong around You just have to be yourself with me I ll never ask you to be anything else This one may not have been my favorite, but it was an entertaining and enjoyable readd really, really hot The third book in this series finds Audrey, Logan s uptight personal assistant, and Reese, the playboy billionaire, stuck in a cabin together Audrey and her druggie twin sister Daphne have come to Cade s cabin to help Daphne get off drug [...]


    An absolute great read I loved book three of this contemporary romance with a sizzle It had humor,emotion, and hot,sweaty sex LOL Review to Come

    Alia Ros

    THAT WAS SO GOOD OMGOMG 5 BILLION STARS I enjoyed it from the beginning till the ending Damn aren t both if em hot aye I say that even though her first love was oblivious to her I loved how strong Audrey is and how Audrey have to cut all cost w here sister must be s hard but it was for the greater good,damn that was totally worth it xx


    Copy provided by publisher in exchange of honest review image error Slapping my forehead as to why it took me so long to finally read a book from the series, The Billionaire Boys Club by Jessica Clare Omgright off the opening pages of The Wrong Billionaire s Bed, I was hooked and could not put this book down I found myself devouring this book in one sitting Jessica Clare I bow down to you for your awesomeness and your amazing storytelling because you have worked your evil genius plan and got me [...]


    May Contain Spoilers Story Rating 3.5 StarsCharacter Rating 3.5 Stars Romance Rating 3.5 StarsHeat Level 4.5 StarsOverall Rating 3.5 StarsI ll start off saying I was very excited to read this book, after I finished book two of this series Book two was a 5 star read for me, book one was a 4 star read This one was a 3 star read Like the others, the romance was rushed, but in this instance, it was even unbelievable And I was sad, because I really liked the first two books The second book of the se [...]

    Joy (Cheery♡Reads)

    A very big thank you to Penguin Group for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.I stumbled upon this series while browsing through my updates and read rave reviews about it from my GR friends The moment I started the first book, I couldn t stop reading It and continued bulldozing right to the second book the moment I was done with the last page of The Stranded Billionaire.Imagine my excitement when I read that Audrey s and the playboy Reese s story was next and m [...]


    Don t care if he sends the OW away when h gives him all clear to go and fuck her losing a HUGE big deal.He LET the OW crawl all over him in front of the h just before that insinuating they d pick up things where they d left off He WAS in a hot tub with that OW at the beginning and if heroine didn t crash their little rondevouz he WOULD have been pursuing the OW now as well as screwing he d never paying heroine any attention All for business which doesn t make it any better, just makes him the gi [...]


    First off, I am a HUGE fan of Jessica Clare s Billionaire Boys Club series I loved Logan s and Bronte s story and I loved Hunter s and Gretchen s story even The stories are brilliant Perfect light hearted fun with humor, steamy sex, and emotional depth added into the mix It was a no brainer that Clare was easily catapulted into my list of favorite authors And I ve been waiting breathlessly for the Reese and Audrey love affair to begin since I first heard about it I love the playboy goody two sh [...]


    We ve known Audrey for a while now she s Logan s quiet assistant, Gretchen s little sister and we found out in the last book that she has a drug addict pop star twin sister Now it s her turn to find love with her very own billionaire But our little meek Audrey is in for quite a surprise when she ends up with, not Cade Archer the friend she s been in love with since her teenage years, but Reese Durham.Audrey s twin Daphne is a hot mess and needs to detox, but rather than go to rehab, Cade offers [...]

    Laura the Highland Hussy

    I love stories where the hero steals the heroine from someone she thinks she loves, so I was really excited to read this Sadly I was disappointed.Audrey is the opposite of her fiery twin and her responsible dependable nature is only getting worse.When they were younger, she and her twin played with the boy next door, and Audrey has loved him ever since In fact she has modeled her whole life on becoming what she thinks he would love in a woman, and she thinks that it s someone exactly like him Ki [...]


    This book was the best one in the series without a doubt Each installment in this series is better than the one before This one was about Audrey and Reese Audrey is Gretchen s sister and is the Good Girl of the family, always doing everything right until Reese brings out the bad girl in her Reese has been, prior to meeting Audrey, a person who uses woman to achieve his financial goals They both learn from each other and bring out the best in each other I really really enjoyed reading this one an [...]


    4.5 AMAZING AND SCORCHING HOT STARS I finished this book in just one night, and dammit, who needs sleep when the book is as good as this The Wrong Billionaire s Bed is my favorite among the three published books I think it s the best one in the series I regret I didn t read it sooner I fell in love with Reese s charms and cockiness.Hmm, ReeseAnd I liked both sides of Audrey, especially the naughty one Ditto, Reese They both complement each other well and whenever they re together, it s just so w [...]


    Leuk boek


    Dopo un secondo volume che mi aveva lasciato molto perplessa a causa di una protagonista femminile assai discutibile, questo terzo capitolo decisamente un passo avanti.Avevo letto qualche passaggio qua e l prima di iniziare la lettura ed ero un po scettica su Reese e invece alla fine Audrey che mi ha spiazzato continuamente.Reese divertente, sboccato, con la battuta sempre pronta, provocatore ma con un animo gentile.Audrey a prima vista una perfettina del ca e come dice Reese Con una scopa su pe [...]

    Sharon Redfern

    Audrey has a nice safe life as executive assistant to Logan Hawkings Stranded with a Billionaire When her rock star twin sister Daphne has another drug fueled breakdown, Audrey takes time off to help get her sister back on track The sisters go to the luxurious cabin of their friend Cade Archer only to discover that the cabin is already occupied Reese Durham is a member of the group of billionaire friends that includes Cade and Logan but isn t actually a billionaire Caught by Audrey in the middle [...]

    Jennifer ♛Jenna♛

    There are two love triangles in this book First there are twins,Audrey and Daphne,that are both in love with Cade Audrey has secretly had a crush on him since they were teenagers and Cade has been totally oblivious to this Meanwhile Cade only has eyes for Daphne the drug addicted rock star Daphne really wants Cade and Audrey to be happy so she tries to push them together because she thinks that Cade deserves someone better than her The other love triangle is with Audrey,Cade and Reese Reese know [...]

    Libby Harrison

    romanticcynicblog.wordpress.cBeware of Spoilers Star Ratings Heroine Audrey 25yrs oldHero Reese 27yrs old Plot 4 5Grovel noneCheating noneHEA yes with a great ending Triggers noneAverage score 4.5 5 Best Line I m not brave enough I d make you brave Worst Line That s all you re going to ask for You do realize that if I win, I get to fuck the heiress and you again Personal Review This was a great romance between two opposites who were PERFECT for each other They brought out the strengths in each o [...]


    Audrey lives a safe life a good job, boring clothes, no personal life Her twin creates enough drama for them both When she reaches out for help, Audrey can t refuse What starts as a detox retreat quickly turns into something far serious romantically and emotionally The man she s loved Cade is there to help her with her twin But this IS time, she ll confess her feelings And then Reese, playboy extraordinaire, shows up and spoils it all.I loved Audrey and Reese After quite the shocking introducti [...]


    Didn t like the heroine, didn t like the hero Couldn t keep reading because it was so frustrating that I ended up skimming parts of it The heroine is clueless Thinks she loves her friend from childhood, even though he is clearly in love with her twin sister She finally realizes that he s not interested in her, but she still keeps thinking that she doesn t want to ruin ever having a chance with him The hero sleeps with women to help him get along in business view spoiler He lets a ho crawl over h [...]

    Lover of Romance

    Summary Audrey Petty, is desperate to get her twin back Her twin has promised to go with her, to get clean So they head to their friend and Audrey s crush, Cade Archer s remote cabin Audrey has been in love with Cade ever since she was a teenager, and she knows that this is her chance to make her move When they arrive however, she finds not Cade, but his friend Reese and a bimbo in a hot tub, she takes drastic measures to get them to leave, but Reese is made of tough balls, and stays just to ann [...]


    This one is my least favourite I love both H and h, though I think they don t get enough air time for them to make me feel they have a deeper relationship besides sex.The love scenes are over the top hot, hotter I think than the others, but it seems that all they do when they meet up all cloak and dagger like too for some weird reason that makes it a bit unnecessarily sordid Though there is a lot of witty banter, there is not enough deeper dialogue here to give weight to the love aspect, like we [...]

    Linda Sims

    I ve not read any other books in this series but it wasn t a problem as I see that each book is about a different couple Audrey and Daphne Petty are twins, Daphne has always been the bad twin while Audrey is the responsible one Their childhood friend Cade Archer has always been there for them both, but so for Daphne as she is not just bad she s downright nasty as well Drugs, drink you name it she s into it But things have come to a head and Daphne has agreed to let Audrey help her, they re head [...]


    4.5 StarsAudrey Petty has lived in her twin sisters shadow all her life, her sister is the bad girl, while Audrey has always been the good girl She has been waiting for her best friend billionaire Cade Archer to finally notice her, she has cultivated herself into the ideal, quiet, demure woman.When her sister derails again, Audrey puts her life on hold to help her through her addiction, and she gets the bonus of Cade being there as well Except when she gets there she throws out naked playboy Ree [...]


    I m reading this series so out of order I m not even sure which this is It features Audrey, assistant to Hunter, and Reese, one of the boys club and best fried to Cade Clare writes great dialog I loved the back and forth between Audrey and Reese It s laugh out loud funny mixed with steamywell done I couldn t rate this higher, though, because I had a hard time getting into the quick romance set against the backdrop of Audrey s twin sister s Daphne drug addiction The addiction part is handled well [...]


    4.5 stars A fun, make you smile and laugh book Jessica Clare s stories in this series are as varied as each of her billionaire heroes They each had their different strengths Logan was a leader of men Reese s strength lay in people, except he was also our heroine s opposite in every way.He was sexy like a force of nature She was Little Miss Goody Two Shoes to the world but he made her get all riled up, and she hated him She really and truly hated him Their push pull relationship, chemistry and ba [...]


    2,5 3 Sterne


    2.5 stars Very disappointed by this book I loved the first two in the series, but for some reason I was unable to connect with Audrey and it made it very difficult for me to enjoy the story.


    I will give it 4.5 It was really sweet love story.

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