Mar 29, 2020
Not Working
Posted by D.W. Gibson

In the summer and early fall of 2011, the writer DW Gibson set off on a journey across the United States His purpose to interview Americans who have lost their jobs in the ongoing economic disaster that has destroyed the livelihood of millions The result a book that takes the pulse of the victims of today s financial crisis and delivers a prognosis combining an extraorIn the summer and early fall of 2011, the writer DW Gibson set off on a journey across the United States His purpose to interview Americans who have lost their jobs in the ongoing economic disaster that has destroyed the livelihood of millions The result a book that takes the pulse of the victims of today s financial crisis and delivers a prognosis combining an extraordinary mix of pathos, anger, solidarity and humor.Together with two companions, a filmmaker and a playwright, Gibson travelled from the collapsing new economy white box factories of California to the rusting and derelict industrial plants of the Northeast Along the way, he talked to the recently unemployed of all stripes a college graduate fired from her first job after just a week at work, an HR executive dismissed after herself laying off hundreds of her colleagues, a cleaner fired in a cafeteria during her lunch break, and a real estate executive whose first inkling that something was amiss occurred when he arrived at his office to find it abandoned.Each of these stories is different, and the detail of how people experience the trauma of being let go provides a fascinating core to Not Working But, beyond the specifics, important general themes emerge the range of the recession which, despite the particular vulnerabilities of people of color and the less educated, is impacting communities right across the country the sense of isolation and purposeless that accompanies losing one s job and the widespread feeling that the victims are somehow responsible for their fate and the inventiveness, generosity and good humor of many of those trying to rebuild lives shattered by lost income and self respect.Inspired by the great oral historian Studs Terkel, whose Working dominates the canon of American social history, Not Working is a book of burning importance for America today, a critical intervention in an election year when stubbornly immovable 9% unemployment is certain to be the central issue In these pages we see unemployment not as a statistic but as a real tragedy in the lives of many Americans whose compelling stories demand to be heard.Not Working, the book, will be accompanied by a documentary film of the same name.

  • Title: Not Working
  • Author: D.W. Gibson
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  • Page: 168
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    Not Working In the summer and early fall of the writer DW Gibson set off on a journey across the United States His purpose to interview Americans who have lost their jobs in the ongoing economic disaster th

    Lorianne DiSabato

    The premise behind this book is simple travel across America, talk to unemployed folks from all walks of life, and let them describe in their own words the day they lost their jobs What emerges from these stories is both heartbreaking and oddly reassuring, a reminder to all who have been downsized that you are not alone Many themes emerge from these stories in a struggling economy, seniority and job loyalty matter little, age discrimination exists, and we no longer live in a world where you can [...]

    Rachel Bayles

    It was a labour of love to do the legwork required for all these interviews Good reading for anyone still under the delusion that people out of work just aren t trying hard enough to find a job This book is pretty hard to get though, because it supports the idea that there really are many, many people in this country preying on the weak Not a pretty picture of America.


    Following in the spirit of Studs Terkel s Working , this book attempts to uncover the fallout of the Great Recession through personal interviews with people around the country who have in the past several years lost their jobs Many of the interviewees are incredibly honest, sharing the despair, depression, and challenges they faced in coping with loss and starting new foundations Gibson sought to offer us a cross section of America by profiling people from a range of professions academics to lab [...]

    Kulturozpyt Prumerny

    I started reading this book kright after I took one month vacation from work prior my year long parental leave So reading about tens of people being laid off was an important inisightful read I recommend this book to anyone working too long in too narrow field to extend their views on our job market It doesn t matter that we are in Europe and main characters of this book are in US The fact that anytime anyone can be sacked is important You can prepare yourself financially and you can create a sa [...]

    Alicia Fox

    This was a very depressing read Each chapter has a brief description of the interviewee, followed by the interviewee s monologue about job loss I d recommend it to anyone who s working, including those just starting out.It would have gotten four stars if not for the grammatical errors It seemed like the authors recorded people, then used a software program to type out what each person said, correcting only glaring mistakes in the written text This time, I can t blame the errors on typical digita [...]

    Jessica Keltz

    There were a lot of interesting stories in this book, but ultimately, for me, the 100% in their own words format took away from its effectiveness There were a couple of times people said things I knew not to be true things about government policy and so forth and they were just repeated verbatim Fact checking was outside the scope of the project, I understand, but that makes these accounts no reliable than what your neighbor would tell you in a bar.


    Reads super quickly, really almost like an absorbing newspaper article Basically a great read thus far My heart goes out to everyone in the book They are courageous to speak about what seems to be on everyone s minds these days concerning work, self worth, providing, and in these cases, not working Bravo, sir and company who traveled and documented these important stories.


    A great read for anybody who has ever lost their job as well as being very insightful into how the US economy is impacting the lives of everyday, unemployed Americans Gibson travels across the country interviewing all levels of the formerly employed asking how, when and and what they are currently doing to get by A must read to be sure

    Pam Sexton

    I can barely put this book down The stories that are shared from across the country cover blue and white collar workers, men women, young old, diverse locales and workplaces I m loving it because I am living it.


    Much longer than it needs to be, and riddled with typos and spelling errors But it s a good, if heartbreaking, look at today s economy and the jobs that aren t coming back Very disheartening if you, like me, are looking for a job.


    Got this book as research for a grad school paper Found myself reading it instead of using it for research The people in this book are your neighbors, your family, friends, possibly you The stories are open and truthful Unemployment knows no demographic This book serves as a reminder to that.


    Gibson provides an excellent, nuanced, compassionate, and complete portrait of people s experiences being laid off I gained a much thorough understanding of what s going on in the US based on this collection of stories.


    Loved this book I m going thru similar stuff too and it s comforting to read about the trials and tribulations of others.


    I found this book surprisingly fascinating.


    One of the better books about the changing American work scape with fascinating interviews with people of wide ranging backgrounds and work histories as they struggle to reinvent themselves.

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