Jun 04, 2020
The Eunuch
Posted by Terence A.J. Brothers

When first performed, The Eunuch was a great success Today, with its larger than life characters particularly the boastful soldier Thraso and the toady Gnatho , its farcical and exaggerated humour and its vigorous action, it strikes the modern reader as the funniest and most Plautine of Terence s six comedies.

  • Title: The Eunuch
  • Author: Terence A.J. Brothers
  • ISBN: 9780856685125
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Eunuch Britannica Eunuch, castrated human male From remote antiquity, eunuchs were employed in the Middle East and in China in two main functions as guards and servants in harems or other women s quarters, and as chamberlains to kings Eunuchs were considered the most suitable guards for the many wives or concubines a ruler might have in his palace, and the eunuchs The Eunuch Dec , A nobleman sends his daughter to the king as a concubine in order to gain personal power and favors from the monarch Her lover follows her into the palace disguised as a eunuch. What is a eunuch in the Bible What does the Bible say Jan , Answer The eunuchs of the Bible were usually castrated males or those incapable of reproduction due to a birth defect A eunuch could also be someone who performed work typical of eunuchs, although he remained perfectly capable of having sex i.e eunuch What Is a Eunuch in the Bible Definition and Examples May , In the Bible, the Hebrew word saris eunuch , refers to a man in some sort of service to a ruler, but castration isn t always a part of the story Emily Hall Editor, Salem Web Network Eunuchs The Eunuch is Pregnant A Novel Translation Blog Author gchan Posted on October , August , Comments on The Eunuch is Pregnant Chapter Finale The Eunuch is Pregnant Chapter To my dear readers, We only Eunuchus Who was the Ethiopian eunuch GotQuestions Jan , On his trip home to Ethiopia, he had a life changing encounter with Philip the evangelist Acts A eunuch is a man who has been castrated for the purpose of trusted servitude in a

    The Eunuch When first performed The Eunuch was a great success Today with its larger than life characters particularly the boastful soldier Thraso and the toady Gnatho its farcical and exaggerated humour and


    Dificil de entender pero interesante

    Silvio Curtis

    Read for a Roman literature survey course A comedy, but basically impossible to read as one except maybe as an exercise in extreme cultural relativism because the central joke is how a teenage boy disguises himself as a eunuch in order to rape a teenage girl It would need only small changes in tone to work as a tragedy with the victim s free prostitute stepsister, Thais, as the tragic heroine There are several other characters and a fairly complicated plot, like Andria, the other Terence play th [...]

    عادل الشرقاوي



    The Roman comedic playwright Terence wrote Eunuchus around 160 BC Like much early Roman drama it is an adaptation of a Greek original, namely Menander s Eunochos along with a few elements borrowed from Menander s Kolakos The plot initially involves the young man Phaedra s rivalry against the stupid soldier Thraso for a courtesan, Thais When Phaedra s younger brother Chaerea rapes a female slave of Thais s, having gained access to the house by pretending to be a eunuch, things swiftly become com [...]


    David Christenson provides a very readable introduction and modern translation of this enjoyable little comedy notable especially for not only being one of the few extant Roman comedies available but also for being one of Martin Luther s favorite plays Highly recommended for both the student of classical theater as well as the Lutheran disciple.


    Probably just the translation, but I didn t find this play to be very funny

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