Jul 05, 2020
Strangest Way
Posted by Robert E. Barron

A book in good condition

  • Title: Strangest Way
  • Author: Robert E. Barron
  • ISBN: 9781570754081
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Paperback
  • Strangest Way A book in good condition

    Emilia P

    Mindblowing, metaphysical, and somehow surprisingly down to earth.Positing that Christianity is about God s search for us and not the other way around, using Brideshead, Dante, and Flannery to illustrate God as center, man as forgiven sinner, and life as not our own, respectively, and going into some really heady theological philosophical stuff from there There was some philosophy writing structure that lost it the fifth star, but the premise that Catholicism is built on the idea that we re part [...]


    This book was really challenging for me to read, but it was very worth it In fact, I ll probably need to add it to my read every year or so list of books Why Because it challenges the Sin in us that causes us to be self focused Self or God What a question It delves into the 7 manifestations of Sin in chapter 2 the seven deadly sins and really adds light to what is happening in the soul to see those manifest or not It touches on disciplines of the Christian life that I tend to neglect Primarily i [...]


    This book altered me I learned to love Catholics because of this book It taught me of the Center It s accessible and it uses art to convey Truth.

    James Millikan

    Robert Barron s Strangest Way Walking the Christian Path distills the Christian journey towards the eternal partria into three roads 1 Finding your center in Christ, 2 knowing that you are a sinner, and 3 realizing your life is not about you In expounding on these three key elements of authentic discipleship, Barron weaves elements of philosophy, theology, and literature to illustrate what constitutes, and does not constitute, a life that adheres to the demands of Christian virtue.There are many [...]

    Richard Grebenc

    I very much like Fr Barron He is a clear thinker who is very intelligent and has read widely This comes out in his talks and in this book One who has heard him speak can hear his voice distinctly in The Strangest Way where he tells us that the odd particularity of the Christian phenomenon is most known in its adherents worship of a God Man nailed on an instrument of torture and death which means for Christian life a conformity with a love unto death The bulk of the book is a final three chapters [...]

    Christopher Kanas

    This book is not without some minor flaws, but overall, for the content it shares within it s relatively few pages, it is a solid powerhouse of truth I am not Catholic, nor ever really thinking of becoming one, but I ll be the first to say Father Robert Barron is one of, if the the most, premier thinker and writer in our modern Christian world This book is not however for the lighter fare If you are looking for your easy to read, surface, inspirational, spirituality, then you may find this book [...]


    there are many brilliant ideas and passages in this book however, i am reading this book in tandem with ronald rolheiser s prayer our deepest longing and the comparison isn t favorable for fr barron he s dogmatic whereas rolheiser takes the human condition as it is and infuses spiritual reality into our actual circumstances in short, he meets us where we are and takes us higher while fr barron, as obviously brilliant as he is, insists that we despise or lessen our human life and jump immediately [...]

    Laura H.

    Having read a few of his other books and watched Catholicism , there were many ideas here I was previously aware of however, since this was published in the early 2000 s, the ideas Barron presents here were, at the time, quite new I particularly enjoyed his review of the novel Brideshead Revisited.


    One definitely hears Fr Barron s voice in this book, as he is a very familiar from his Word on Fire website and with well over 300 videos on YouTube This is the first of his books that I ve read His writing style is very much like his speaking style, gentle and conversational I particularly enjoyed his analysis of Brideshead Revisited and Dante s Inferno In fact, Barron is all over the place with literary analysis, really boggling my mind I think I have a whole new reading list As Fr Barron says [...]


    I find it is easy to explain why I disliked a book or movie But when explaining why I liked something, I get somewhat incoherent.Anywho, this is the only book I got for a college class that I still regularly read Prior to reading this book I was Catholic but only because I d been raised Catholic and had simply always been Catholic But Father now Bishop Barron s book opened my eyes to just how strange Christianity is It is, or at least it ought to be, than just an hour Sunday morning Christianit [...]


    This book is written in very challenging language with many exhortations Fr Barron certainly is well read but he is really not holding back I agree with him that our society as a whole and even catholics need to reform themselves according to the original teachings and beliefs and reforge a new zeal for prayer and nieghbor through hard work.The imagrey he uses is out of Dante s Divine Comedy of which Dante has private revelations in the middle ages which gives him insight in how souls get to hea [...]

    Michael Veselik

    absolutely fantastic Words cannot do it Justice


    I think this is a must read if you are serious about being a Christian.


    Read this quickly the first time, but will re read it carefully Very interesting take on the subject.


    is good to be a christian




    A very excellent introduction to an excellent writer and apologist challenging, especially to otherwise complacent Catholics.

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