Apr 05, 2020
Dandy Gilver and The Reek of Red Herrings
Posted by Catriona McPherson

A delightful Dandy Gilver mystery by Catriona McPherson, set in early 1930s Scotland For fans of PG Wodehouse, Dorothy L Sayers and Agatha Christie.On the rain drenched, wave lashed, wind battered Banffshire coast, tiny fishing villages perch on ledges which would make a seagull think twice and crumbly mansions cling to crumblier cliff tops while, out in the bay, the herrA delightful Dandy Gilver mystery by Catriona McPherson, set in early 1930s Scotland For fans of PG Wodehouse, Dorothy L Sayers and Agatha Christie.On the rain drenched, wave lashed, wind battered Banffshire coast, tiny fishing villages perch on ledges which would make a seagull think twice and crumbly mansions cling to crumblier cliff tops while, out in the bay, the herring drifters brave the storms to catch their silver darlings It s nowhere for a child of gentle Northamptonshire to spend Christmas.But when odd things start to turn up in barrels of fish with a strong whiff of murder most foul that s exactly where Dandy Gilver finds herself Enlisted to investigate, she and her trusty cohort Alec Osborne are soon swept up in the fisherfolk s wedding season as well as the mystery Between age old traditions and brand new horrors, Dandy must think the unthinkable to solve her grisliest case yet.

  • Title: Dandy Gilver and The Reek of Red Herrings
  • Author: Catriona McPherson
  • ISBN: 9781444785500
  • Page: 419
  • Format: ebook
  • Dandy Gilver and The Reek of Red Herrings A delightful Dandy Gilver mystery by Catriona McPherson set in early s Scotland For fans of PG Wodehouse Dorothy L Sayers and Agatha Christie On the rain drenched wave lashed wind battered Ban

    Diane Close

    This is absolutely Catriona McPherson s best yet in the Dandy Gilver series Prior to this, my favorite ones were a tie between The Winter Ground and Unsuitable Day for a Murder , both of which involved interesting murders around interesting businesses Both the lore and the character development kept me hooked I genuinely hated both of the books that concentrated on the supernatural, Bury Her Deep and Deadly Measure of Brimstone , so was not looking forward to reading The Reek of Red Herrings aft [...]

    Pauline Rutschow

    Creepy Also had trouble deciphering the Scottish terms.


    A well researched historical fiction that is horrifyingly chilling in it s conclusion For me though, I spent a lot of time worrying about her elderly dog out in that dastardly weather Spoiler for those that need to know the dog survives.


    Slightly creepier than most of the mysteries Dandy investigates WARNING this is the one where her elderly dog finally dies off page, thank heavens.

    Maria Thermann

    There is a tendency to set murder mysteries and crime novels in urban jungles these days.The Reek of Red Herrings by Catriona McPherson is a contemporary example of how authors can use the traditional village setting successfully to demonstrate their overall theme A village location can be far than just a pretty background for foul deeds and thrilling action Here the village represents not simply a closed community with its own set of beliefs and rules, a world in miniature, but mirrors the tig [...]


    Will give this series a try, see if it is too much cozy Right now rather bogged down in Scottish language of small fishing outports I don t think my struggles with the book changed a lot during my reading, although there was a surprise ending I don t know if this book is representative of the series, ie does it explore the various areas, dialects and customs of different areas of Scotland The particular era Were those upper class distinctions and blas manner of Dandy and her co sleuth Alec so re [...]


    This is the first book 9 in the series that I ve read from this author and I loved it I enjoyed the main character Dandy and the relationship to her younger sidekick Alec, and, of course, her very elderly Dalmatian Bunty It is set in the early 1930 s in a small village in Scotland The plot was twisted, multifaceted, and engaging I m now going to start from 1.

    Gabi Coatsworth

    This is a tough book to review, because it s not published in the States, and for a very good reason A lot of the dialogue and some of the plot has to do with the use of a Scottish dialect, which makes the book rather harder to read than others in the Dandy Gilver canon Honestly, unless you re Scottish, I d give this one a miss, and move on to the next in the series, which is excellent.

    Shannon Ross

    Convoluted plot that plodded along Not the usual Dandy Gilver.

    Cyn Mcdonald

    A fascinating if fictionalized study of life in a Scottish fishing village, with several intertwined puzzles and at least one place where I think the author was channeling Dorothy Sayers.


    I started this book and it was just too grisly and gross for me, what with body parts being found in herring barrels Yuck I enjoyed 5 and remember it being light, which this was not.


    Intelligent and funny but took a little too long to become compelling Still, I would happily read other books in this series.


    Happy to finally find this at my new local library Have missed Dandy.

    Becky Clark

    Excellent mystery with a very Scottish flair Fun


    I loved the descriptions of the weather, but it was too much like trying to read a foreign language.


    I give this book 3.5 stars overall The mystery itself gets like 4.5 stars it was an excellent puzzle But wading through the native dialect was too much for me and realky slowed things down.


    There s a lot of roaming around, a lot of dialect to get through, and very little investigating.


    THE REEK OF RED HERRINGS finds our protagonists and amateur ish sleuths Dandy Gilver and Alec Osborne called to the offices of Mr Birchfield, distributor and exporter of fine salted herring, where he is seeking someone who can investigate, with discretion and confidentiality, the predicament he is facing He does not want the police involved for fear of sparking a scandal that could ruin his business and reputation, as well as destroy the livelihood of en entire fishing village It appears that bo [...]

    Keenan Powell

    This book is a 2017 Agatha nominee I ve seen Catriona McPherson s books described as creepy cozy and I don t think that s fair to cozy writers or the author Her books are in the style of British Golden Age authors and there is indeed a creepy element to them I particularly liked this book as it takes us to an isolated fishing village which has developed its own eccentric culture The puzzle s solution was hidden well, although the author did play fair and made the clues available It shouldn t ha [...]

    Renee Ramos

    Murder mystery meets ethnography This story is well written and intriguing To be honest, though, it read as much like an ethnography as like a novel, which made it tough to get through You want to read this book on a hot beach or next to a roaring fire as the characters are always wet and cold.

    Jane Irish Nelson

    When body parts turn up in barrels of herring, Dandy and Alec set off to a small town in Banffshire, where the fishing fleet comes from, to try to determine who has gone missing They pose as folklorists or philologists, talking to the locals about their lives, and discovering some unusual customs that have persisted over the years, like handfasting They also often find themselves somewhat confounded by the local dialect, making their mission difficult However, they are particularly surprised to [...]

    Kris Calvin

    I say the best of the Dandy Gilver series, and that s a high bar to reach I ve enjoyed all Dandy s exploits, but The Reek of Red Herrings brings extraordinary prose to a lively, unpretentious, and compelling story Dr McPherson yes, the author has a PhD puts her education in linguistics to excellent use as Dandy and Alec go undercover as philologists that was a new one to me studying the speech, songs and ways of a tiny fishing village off the coast of Scotland, in hopes of uncovering the culprit [...]

    Natalie Simmons

    If you re an Agatha Christie fan and lament the fact that you ve read all her books, then this series is perfect for you Written in the same era, and in the same vein, but in a thoroughly unique way and with a thoroughly unique character, Dandy Gilver, Catriona McPherson writes murder mysteries set in Scotland in the 1930s.This is the 7th Dandy Gilver mystery I m reading and as always they satisfy because they are so well written and the main characters, Dandy and her side kick Alec are thorough [...]

    Ness Kingsley

    I ve never read any of the Dandy Gilver series, so this was a head first plunge into the series.Did I like it Yes Once I had fully gotten into it I suppose that I would be attached to Dandy and Alec had I started at the beginning of the series, but nevertheless, I enjoyed Dandy s character.What about the Murder view spoiler PLURAL murders hide spoiler Ha Quite the twist gradually it dawned on me what the end would be view spoiler Or rather, one of them The Manager Scene my word, my stomach is t [...]


    I liked this I think I figured out the secondary mystery before Dandy did which doesn t usually happen for me and I had at least as much trouble with the Scots dialect as Alec and Dandy did but overall I really liked this one At this point, I just read Dandy Gilver books because I know I will like them and I don t bother trying to find out what they re about beforehand so I didn t know this was about anything than red herrings it s not , but the setting and topic of this book was just as intere [...]


    A fabulous Dandy Great mystery and Dandy is so herself As all the women in Gamrie say, It s yourself, Mrs Gilver She gladly skips Christmas with her husband and two sons to solve a mystery with Alec Osborne in a fishing village It was raining and cold the entire time, their were few creature comforts, and they were not welcome by the locals But Dandy and Alec are determined to figure out how body parts made their way into herring barrels And it was nasty but so interesting And Dandy and Alec do [...]


    Dandy and her business partner Alec Osborne are hired to find out how pieces of a human body ended up in herring barrels, while keeping the facts strictly concealed They end up in the herring fishers village in Banffshire, on the North Sea, over Christmas not then largely celebrated in Scotland , posing as philologists It s cold and stormy, and their investigation is plagued when they keep getting reports of strangers even a Chinese man who appeared during the summer and then disappeared almost [...]

    Janet Schaffner

    Dandy and Alec accept an intriguing challenge that sends them to a remote fishing village Perplexing language differences, unusual customs and bizarre characters lead to a very tangled tale.


    The premise for this mystery was quite good, but the story dragged along I found the local dialect and lack of translation to be a bit tedious And anyone reading quickly or not carefully would surely miss subtle gestures and comments that would seriously compromise their understanding of what is happening I have enjoyed all the Dandy Gilver books, but with all books in series, one usually encounters an episode or two of fatigue this installment is that episode Read it you are a mega fan, but the [...]

    Rog Harrison

    This is the second book in the series which I have read This book is set in 1930 and Dandy and her partner Alec are investigating a murder in a fishing village in north east Scotland The author writes in a lighthearted style and fills the story with many eccentric characters who sometimes make you smile An enjoyable and charming read though by the time you get to the end you realise that at least sixteen people have died eight of whom were murdered and whose bodies were disposed of in a gruesome [...]

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