Aug 10, 2020
The Christmas Wedding Ring
Posted by Susan Mallery

In her youth, Molly Anderson couldn t help crushing on gorgeous bad boy Dylan Black even though he only had eyes for her older sister When things didn t work out between them, he said goodbye to Molly as well, vowing they d have a great adventure when she grew up Years later, dumped by her fianc just before Christmas, she s finally ready to take Dylan up on his promise.In her youth, Molly Anderson couldn t help crushing on gorgeous bad boy Dylan Black even though he only had eyes for her older sister When things didn t work out between them, he said goodbye to Molly as well, vowing they d have a great adventure when she grew up Years later, dumped by her fianc just before Christmas, she s finally ready to take Dylan up on his promise.A guarded Dylan always had a weakness for Molly, and when she waltzes back into his life grown up and gorgeous he s stunned So why not whisk her away for some no strings attached fun Laughter filled days and late night kisses are changing Molly s life, for good The only gift she truly wants now is Dylan s love, but when he discovers the secret she s been keeping, she may lose him again this time forever.

  • Title: The Christmas Wedding Ring
  • Author: Susan Mallery
  • ISBN: 9780373778966
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Christmas Wedding Ring In her youth Molly Anderson couldn t help crushing on gorgeous bad boy Dylan Black even though he only had eyes for her older sister When things didn t work out between them he said goodbye to Molly

    Geri Reads

    3.5 stars This was a cute holiday read featuring an innocent heroine and a bad boy hero I enjoyed and liked it but I didn t love it And for anyone who knows me, this is the kind of books I tend to love Unfortunately, this was just an okay read for me Molly Anderson had been in love with Dylan Black ever since her older sister introduced him to their family But Dylan Black only had eyes for her sister and Molly was content to fade into the background and suffer silently from her unrequited love f [...]


    Good story of two people at crossroads in their lives, how they helped each other and found love at the same time Molly had known Dylan when she was a teenager and he was her sister s boyfriend He d been a bad boy motorcycle rider who always had a kind word for her awkward self He left town the day of her sister s wedding, but not before promising Molly an adventure any time she wanted it, once she d grown up.Molly had had a huge crush on Dylan and was sad when Dylan left town Fourteen years lat [...]

    J.E. Benoit

    I promised myself no regrets, she whispered into the darkness No what ifs, no second guessing I promised myself that I was going to live my life, instead of always taking the safe route Rounding out my Christmas 2015 reading list, I recently finished The Christmas Wedding Ring by Susan Mallery It was a sweet holiday story that had a nice message of being happy with who you are, making the most of every day and living with no regrets Overall I enjoyed the story, I had a few gripes which I ll get [...]

    Kate Vale

    The secret that sends Molly over the edge is one any woman could understand, to say nothing of losing her job and hearing from her fiance that s he s jumped the traces with his secretary What a jerk What s a girl to do Why, find a place other than home or her sister s place to lick her wounds and try to come to terms with what to do with the rest of her life But who to do it with Molly s a smart girl and when she rediscovers the little gold ring her sister s former boyfriend had given Molly the [...]


    I read this story as my 1998 published book for my A Lifetime of Books Challenge I absolutely adore the work of Ms Mallery, especially the Fool s Gold Series As much as I enjoyed this story, I can tell that it was an early work of hers, originally published as The Wedding Ring Promise The writing style is a little less refined, as compared to other, recent, endeavors I really like the fact that the heroine in this book is from Mischief Bay, where Ms Mallery s latest series of books takes place [...]


    This was such a cute Christmas read I love Susan Mallery s books and this one was so good Loved Dylan like crazy I suggest this book for an easy and fun Christmas read

    Karen Furlong

    Predictable but a cute story.

    Amarilli Settantatre

    3,5 Carino, nella sua semplicit.Un soft romance, dove la dolcezza la fa da padrona.E tuttavia molto belle le pagine dove l uomo tutto d un pezzo si dimostra capace di empatia e tenerezza molto rare.Una lettura adatta per chi ha voglia di sognare e crearsi un po di energia positiva.

    Anna Drenick

    I can t believe I read another one you guys I m done.

    Char (1RadReader59)

    Molly Anderson was 12 when she first laid eyes on Dylan Black her older sister s boyfriend She had always been the outcast in her family but Dylan never reacted to her that way.He always took an interest in everything she was doing, her school, or her ideas At 18 he was by far the most handsome guy you ever saw Unlike all her other boyfriends he would talk to Molly He would tell her jokes, tease her about silly things but never in a mean hurtful way like her own family Since Janet saw no future [...]


    Ich bin bereits seit Jahren begeisterte Leserin von Susan Mallerys Werken Zuletzt ist diese Leidenschaft leider viel zu kurz gekommen, sodass dies nun wieder dringend nachgeholt werden muss Auf der Suche nach neueren Werken von der Autorin ist mir besonders Pleiten, Pech und Prinzen aufgefallen, sodass ich diesem Buch unbedingt eine Chance geben wollte und ich bin froh, dass ich es getan habe, denn es ist wunderbar.Susan Mallery besitzt seit jeher einen sehr angenehmen Schreibstil, den ich bei i [...]


    It pains me to write unfavorable reviews for books written by favorite authors, and Susan Mallery is definitely one of my favorites But as painful as it is for me to write this, it was just as painful to read it.I must state that yes, I knew this is a re publish of a much earlier work I was expecting the book to have less polish than her newer ones, I like it when authors re release oldies that I missed the first time around I wasn t expecting a literary masterpiece I was expecting a harlequin t [...]

    Virginia Campbell

    The Christmas Wedding Ring is a very prettily packaged re issue of author Susan Mallery s 1998 release The Wedding Ring Promise It took me a while to get into the groove of this story line and to find the appeal of the characters I am a longtime Susan Mallery fan so I kept reading As the hero and heroine got reacquainted with one another and they grew on each other, they began to also grow on me As a teenager, Molly Anderson was hopelessly infatuated with her older sister Janet s boyfriend Dylan [...]


    3 STARS This is a reissue from 1998 I had not read it before so was glad to see it I don t know anything about the series Triple Trouble I liked most of the story Towards the end their was a lot of love scenes.I like the character Molly Anderson She has had a really bad week So she wants to runaway but not sure where Molly has just been dumped by her fianc right be for Christmas She also has some other bad things happen to her While packing she finds a wedding ring that was given her by her sist [...]

    Mary Gramlich

    We should never give up on childhood dreamsMolly Anderson has been thrown way too much at her in a short period of time Losing her job and fianc was bad enough but the health scare she is trying to come to grips with pushed her to say, enough Molly has lived a life of doing the right thing and never taking chances or pursuing dreams she has always sought to find But now Molly is going to chase down her childhood crush, Dylan Black and see if this bad boy wants to go on an adventure with her.Dyla [...]

    Jonel Boyko

    What a complex and captivating novel Mallery had me hooked throughout Her easy flowing writing takes you through this intense tale that touches on so many aspects of life Although this story is very realistic and extremely plausible, Mallery s imagination and gift as a storyteller had me hooked The premise behind this story is not only unique but extremely brave and intriguing I was completely invested in this story by the end At times this novel is physically and emotionally frightening it coul [...]


    3.5 stars.Review originally posted on Rather Be Reading BlogNothing says the holidays like bumping into old friends, although it s not merely a coincidence when Molly sets out to find Dylan, her sister s high school boyfriend she was always crushing Way back when, he promised her an adventure when she needed one most and she hopes he s ready to pay up In a stroke of perfect timing, Dylan is ready to take a break from civilization too and agrees to accompany her out of town so they both can catch [...]


    A young girl with a crush A 20 year old guy with a motorcycle and a hard lived past Now all grown up Molly, the young girl with crush needs time away to figure things out, finds a gold band given to her years ago by her sister s boyfriend He told her that when she was ready for an adventure, to look him up After the week Molly has had, an adventure just might be what she needs She has lost her job, her fiance and there is one thing she just can t or won t talk about.Dylan, the 20 year old with [...]

    Jen | Jen Talks Audiobooks

    This was delightful Sweet, full of tension, laugh out loud moments and times when I was saying seriously Get a clue You know the happy ending is ahead, but this story really drew out that will they or won t they conclusion It featured a main characters in the real world a woman who was curvy and insecure that she wasn t a willowy, slender girl like her sister And a guy who grew up abused and neglected, then made his fortune with his own company and still fights the demons of insecurity Mallery i [...]


    A Susan Mallery book that isn t set in Fool s Gold No shoehorning every ex hero heroine into the book by hook or by crook hee, I rhymed If this story had had better protection worked in and allowed it , it would ve rated a four and a half.Molly fell in love Dylan when he was dating her older sister He was the bad boy who left when her sister married someone else As he was heading out of town, he gave her the wedding ring he had bought, and promised that, when she grew up, they could have a grand [...]

    Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

    Shelly s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews5 STARSReview copy provided for an honest reviewI loved this book, a great read by Ms Mallery, she has done it once again.Dylan and Molly are both struggling with possible major life changes After Molly has a terrible week of bad news she decides to take an adventure and who better to take it with than the one person she had a crush on so many years ago and who gave her a ring and a promise After tracking down Dylan and taking him up on his [...]

    Allison L

    The Christmas Wedding Ring by Susan Mallery was a cute holiday story featuring a slow burning romance between an innocent heroine and a bad boy hero The two main characters of the story, Molly and Dylan, who have known each other since the days of when Dylan was dating Molly s older sister in high school Young Molly developed a bit of crush on the older bad boy and held on to every second that she and Dylan spent together Eventually, Dylan and Molly s sister broke up and Dylan left town but he a [...]

    Shannon Winslow

    Although there were aspects of this book I liked very much, as a whole it fell short for me Or, in another sense, I could just as truthfully say it fell long Perhaps it s because I don t normally read category romance novels, but I found the constant, repetitive introspection irritating Every time you turned around, the girl or the guy was launching into another internal monologue about how inadequate s he feels and how the other could not possibly care for him her, ignoring mounting evidence to [...]

    Blackravens Reviews

    AJ s Review I never read Susan Mallery s The Wedding Ring Promise, but I truly enjoyed getting to know Molly and Dylan One of my favorite tropes is friends to lovers with a twisthe was her sister s boyfriend There s nothing like a bad boy who for intent and purpose, is really not bad Just came from the wrong side of the tracks whatever that is and figured out how to survive Read More ravensreviews p


    Apparently The Christmas Wedding Ring by Susan Mallery is a reissue of a book from 1989 but updated to reflect a Christmas theme and modern times, sort of Read the rest of my review here


    Such a sweet book Loved Dylan and Molly, their friendship turned into a real love Sigh


    Second DNF in a week.just my fucking luck.


    I loved this book Review to follow soon Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for offering me this book to read and review for my honest opinion.


    Molly is having a bad week her fiance runs off to Mexico with his secretary, she loses her job, then she finds a lump in her breast She decides to look up her sister s old boyfriend who promised her a great adventure when she grew up.


    An ok holiday read.

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