Aug 10, 2020
Locked Down, Locked Out: Why Prison Doesn't Work and How We Can Do Better
Posted by Maya Schenwar

In Locked Down, Locked Out, award winning journalist Maya Schenwar looks at how prison tears families and communities apart, creating a rippling effect that touches every corner of our society Through the stories of prisoners and their families, as well as her own family s experience of her sister s incarceration, Schenwar shows how the institution that locks up 2.3 milliIn Locked Down, Locked Out, award winning journalist Maya Schenwar looks at how prison tears families and communities apart, creating a rippling effect that touches every corner of our society Through the stories of prisoners and their families, as well as her own family s experience of her sister s incarceration, Schenwar shows how the institution that locks up 2.3 million Americans and decimates poor communities of color is shredding the ties that, if nurtured, could foster real collective safety The destruction does not end upon exiting the prison walls the 95 percent of prisoners who are released emerge with even fewer economic opportunities and fewer human connections on the outside than before Locked Down, Locked Out shows how incarceration takes away the very things that might enable people to build better lives Looking toward a future beyond imprisonment, Schenwar profiles community based initiatives that foster antiracist, anticlassist, prohumanity approaches to justice These programs successfully deal with problems both individual harm and larger social wrongs through connection rather than isolation, moving toward a safer future for all of us This book has the power to transform hearts and minds, opening us to new ways of imagining what justice can mean for individuals, families, communities, and our nation as a whole I turned the last page feeling nothing less than inspired Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow Maya Schenwar s stories about prisoners, their families including her own , and the thoroughly broken punishment system are rescued from any pessimism such narratives might inspire by the author s brilliant juxtaposition of abolitionist imaginaries and radical political practices Angela Davis, author of Are Prisons Obsolete A tour de force Schenwar has written a must read, damning account of the twisted philosophy and practice of incarceration Until society changes its approach toward its offenders, until we leaven punishment with forgiveness, reconciliation, and restorative justice, we are all guilty as charged Dennis J Kucinich, US Congressman 1997 2013 and presidential candidate

  • Title: Locked Down, Locked Out: Why Prison Doesn't Work and How We Can Do Better
  • Author: Maya Schenwar
  • ISBN: 9781626562691
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Paperback
  • Locked Down Locked Out Why Prison Doesn t Work and How We Can Do Better In Locked Down Locked Out award winning journalist Maya Schenwar looks at how prison tears families and communities apart creating a rippling effect that touches every corner of our society Through

    Charlotte Ashlock

    I know many people who are skeptical of prison reform, specifically the idea that there can be alternatives for dealing with people who commit particularly evil crimes I feel like this book is one which will open skeptical minds and get them thinking The skeptics will not be able to just dismiss this book as bleeding heart liberalism because it s a book that refuses to dodge the tough questions.What do I mean by this Well, the opening scene of the introduction describes the author s mixed feelin [...]

    Darcia Helle

    Maya Schenwar has written a compelling book that really needs to be read by everyone in the U.S Our justice system has become a for profit venue for retribution and revenge There is little rehabilitation or actual justice By locking millions of people in cages for an ever growing variety of crimes , we have effectively created a revolving door prison culture This book takes us inside and beyond those prison walls Schenwar s writing style is conversational, making it an ideal read for people from [...]

    Alan Mills

    Wow Read this one.Maya tells a very personal, powerful story by mixing first person narrative Maya s sister has been in and out of jails and prisons for years , narratives taken from letters written by prisoners themselves, and facts and figures from academic research Maya s well honed writing skills her day job is Editor of Truthout meld these disparate sources into a remarkably readable, and thought provoking, book.If you are new to the issue of prison reform, Maya s book provides an excellent [...]


    The first half of this book discusses how the American prison system sabotages all the factors known to reduce recidivism rates among ex inmates family connections, interpersonal relationships, community engagement, education, and employment.The author, Maya Schenwar, illustrates with examples from her own family s experience Her sister was incarcerated multiple times and gave birth in prison Schenwar explains that inmates are warehoused far from home, sometimes even out of state, making family [...]


    The first half of the book is a thoughtful discussion of how prisons impact prisoners, their families, and communities The book demonstrates many ways that prisons don t serve useful social functions, but instead cause harm and exacerbate social problems The second half talks about new ways of thinking about and addressing conflicts and harm that don t rely on criminalization There is a lot of in depth and amazing work being done and these chapters take what could be written of as pie in the sky [...]

    Dennis Fischman

    Reading this book, I realize how much I have to learn, even after decades of trying to understand power and oppression in the United States When it comes to incarceration, my first reactions are liberal, which I define as wanting to make things better without doing the work to make things right I read the first half of the book and felt proud of myself for getting a better understanding of the many ways people in prison and their families suffer Then I hit the suggestions for change in the secon [...]


    This book is fascinating It delves into the effects of the US prison system on the inmate population at large while simultaneously providing a riveting account of the author s relationship with her sister and her sister s experience in a variety of prisons not to mention the author s various pen pals IThe current prison system is clearly broken and Schenwar s potential solutions are spot on A must read for any U.S citizen.


    Awesome, like a prison studies primer If your shelf is full of weighty, statistics heavy prison studies resources that you feel like you ll never get to, this is a totally accessible way in It goes over a lot of aspects of PIC, and there is also a family memoir element, explaining the author s personal investment in this area of activism Loved it.


    I m probably the minority on how I feel about this book The author has many facts sources for these facts, along with statistics but I m just a reader with my own feelings on this topic Who do I feel the worst for The families Most definitely not the prisoner One of the first facts thrown out in the book is that USA has the highest amount of people incarcerated I m sure we are These criminals should actually feel somewhat relieved they live is USA committed their crimes here rather in other coun [...]


    Confession often, when I read general non fiction, I put the book down somewhere in the middle and never pick it back up That didn t happen for Locked Down, Locked Out in fact, I found myself carrying it around the house and reading just one page It was well written, personal, both well researched and anecdotal, persuasive and often heartbreaking.


    Such an insightful, well written, engaging, and personal account of the stories of prisoners and their families, her own sister s incarceration, and the broken punitive system that we live in Maya Schenwar leaves you feeling angry, hopeful, and ready for restorative transformative change This is an important book, something that everyone should read.

    Joy Messinger

    The day I started reading this book, I was listening to an interview with Roxane Gay on Phoebe Robinson s Sooooooo Many White Guys podcast Roxane was talking about how women non binary folks writing is often framed as memoir personal narrative, whereas male writers are tackling subjects without making it about themselves even if it is I thought about this frequently as I was reading Locked Down Locked Out, a deeply personal deeply political book by Maya Schenwar on the need for decarceration pri [...]

    Jamie Boyd

    This book presents the basics of how our mass incarceration system is failing all the people whose lives are touched by it The unflinching look at the heroin epidemic as viewed by supportive family members will be easy to relate to for a growing number of families.This book is accessible to a broad audience but also directs interested readers to sources for reading as well as action.

    William Herschel

    This is a very empathetic commentary on how our prison system is harming people and communities There are facts, but also a lot of anecdotes from the author she herself chronicles her sister in the system, as well as many prisoners she has come in contact with mostly through penpalship.People think we put bad apples in prison and everyone is better for it But often they are not Families lose sources of income and contact with their loved ones And the system makes it so difficult to keep in touch [...]

    Margaret Klein

    This book is an important read It is a masterful balance between personal anecdote, real statistics and interviews with people who work tirelessly to improve our national approach to prison It is not just a book about prison reform, although it talks about that too.Maya s own sister has been in and out of prison and this book tracks their own personal story How prison isolates, tears apart families and communities Leads to recidivism.The statistics are horrifying 2.3 million locked up in this co [...]


    Conjugal visits are in fact banned almost everywhere and for almost all prisoners Four states California, New York, New Mexico, and Washington allow a limited number of extended family visits time that can be spent in a private setting, with either a legal spouse or other family members A few prisons in an additional four states allow overnight visits with children or grandchildren Though restrictions vary among different states and prisons, these choice visits are most often available to minim [...]

    Jill Kandel

    An eye opening, heart rending look at incarceration in the United States I wish every citizen, law maker, judge, and attorney would read this book We can do better The authors main points people need support systems to succeed in life If we tear apart families and isolate people behind bars for years, why do we expect they will get out and be better equipped for society and life Isolation breaks the very bonds that people need to thrive The book blends the author s personal story having a sister [...]


    I see this book like interest stories a good emotional introduction to the concepts of mass incarceration, but anecdotal than academic My biggest takeaway was that the mindset that multi year prisoners adopt to survive prison pretty royally screws then from re integrating back into society and their community when they get out Which is obvious in retrospect and is the springboard for the rest of the book to question does prison accomplish was it was intended to do The most common phrase in the [...]


    Because I work on restorative and transformative justice, it s not a surprise that I loved this book it s a terrific blend of the personal and the structural, a quick and engrossing read, and ultimately, a persuasive call to action for those who believe that prisons do harm than good What it doesn t do, though, is to answer the question that many of us who do this work grapple with are there some people who really do need to be in jail, and what do we do about those people Where and how do we d [...]


    I read this book as research for the short documentary I m making about incarceration and maintaining ties to the outside I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a deeper understanding of the effects of the War on Drugs and tough on crime policies of the 80s and 90s.Anybody who reads the news knows that the U.S only comprises 5% of the world s total population, but imprisons a staggering 25% of all incarcerated people What does that actually look like, though, for people living it and the br [...]

    Monika Iszard

    This book is a First Reads book win I really enjoyed this book It pretty much covers all the ins and outs of the prison system the ups and downs No agency is perfect and there is a lot to do to improve the prison systems in this country There a way too many flaws in this system and unless the government takes their heads out of their asses and does something about it there is going to be much overcrowding and people who shouldn t be there are going to end up way violent then when they went in [...]


    This book is fantastic and tremendously inspiring Schenwar brilliantly and seemingly effortlessly combines narrative, philosophy, social critique, and activist how to guide into a palatable force of humanity and thoughtfulness Schenwar challenges herself, activists, people on the inside, and people on the outside to do better and manages to offer a variety of ideas a continuum of small and personal to huge and systemic on how to wake up and accountably unify with our communities to reduce harm R [...]

    Gail Smith

    Locked Down, Locked Out Why Prison Doesn t Work and How We Can Do BetterBeautifully researched and beautifully written Maya Schenwar leads us to the next step after the insights of Michelle Alexander s The New Jim Crow, and suggests some ways that we could begin to address the injustice of mass incarceration She combines a clear assessment of the system s failures with a personal perspective of loved ones who are crushed and isolated, not rehabilitated in any sense This is a truly important read [...]

    Jon Letman

    If you ve never given much thought to the high human toll of the U.S prison system or what it s like to have a loved one in and out of jail, this book will take you there The author shares very personal experiences and years of research to cast light on the other America the one we keep locked away and try to forget After finishing what made for a fast, intriguing read, I came away with a much better understanding of what the problems are, who is most affected and what can be done to make things [...]

    Dana DesJardins

    This compassionate, beautifully written book picks up whereleaves off, showing the effects of incarceration on families and its ripples into wider society The second half of the book advocates decarceration, find ways to institute restorative justice, treatment centers, and community service to interrupt the cycle of recidivism Important reading for anyone who thinks, They did the crime Now they should do the time, reminding us that it is not only the incarcerated person who serves a punishment. [...]


    Thought provoking, this book focuses on the cost of prison on communities than the crimes people commit Schenwar advocates, among other things, reforms that will stop penalizing poor family members of incarcerated people Her discussion of restorative and transformative justice is also something I would like to see widely experimented with She did ignore the discussion of how to handle truly dangerous people, though, and I would like to see that topic addressed in the context of prison reform.


    Reading this book further convinced me that we need than prison reform, we need to figure out another way The author proposes alternatives, but seemed to have holes in her solution Still it s a start and some of the basic premises that connection and community are necessary for both success after imprisonment and avoiding jail time to being with seem so basic that I can t believe they aren t already being implemented in places.


    I had been doing research for a professor of mine who is working on an exhibit about the school to prison pipeline and I ran into this book, and I have to say that I loved the way the author in this book utilizes her personal story to, not only tell a story, but to also convert her message I definitely recommend


    Fantastic introduction to some big concepts of the prison industrial complex, and what we can do about it I live in Chicago and loved learning about some of the incredible orgs and people working towards abolition I also work with Black and Pink Chicago, and plan on using the chapter about pen pals to get people involved


    Maya is a fantastic storyteller The book shares in very readable prose, through personal anecdotes, interviews and research a non polemical or rhetorical picture of what is going so very wrong with the prison industrial complex She provides examples and resources both for how we as individuals can get involved in change as well as sharing ideas for how societal transformation can happen.

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