Oct 01, 2020
Der Mauerspringer
Posted by Peter Schneider

Peter Schneiders essayistische Erz hlung Der Mauerspringer war und bleibt eines der bedeutendsten Werke ber das Ph nomen der deutschen Teilung Prophetisch schrieb der Autor vor ber einem Jahrzehnt Die Mauer im Kopf einzurei en wird l nger dauern, als irgendein Abri unternehmen f r die sichtbare braucht.

  • Title: Der Mauerspringer
  • Author: Peter Schneider
  • ISBN: 9783499135323
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Paperback
  • Der Mauerspringer German Edition Schneider, Peter Der in Lbeck geborene deutsche Schriftsteller Peter Schneider verffentlichte seine essayistische Erzhlung Der Mauerspringer Im Mittelpunkt der Handlung steht ein junger westdeutscher Schriftsteller der im Berlin der er Jahre den Versuch eines Berichts ber ostdeutsche, systemabtrnnige Grenzgnger, die Mauer ist freilich lngst gebaut, unternimmt. The Wall Jumper A Berlin Story by Peter Schneider Peter Schneider wrote The Wall Jumper The Mauerspringer in , when the Berlin Wall, erected in was still standing Through a series of short tableaux, he sketches the picture of a divided city The narrator is a writer from the West who travels to the East, at first almost by accident, and then often as he gets interested Der Mauerspringer Erzhlung German Edition Feb , Der in Lbeck geborene deutsche Schriftsteller Peter Schneider verffentlichte seine essayistische Erzhlung Der Mauerspringer Im Mittelpunkt der Handlung steht ein junger westdeutscher Schriftsteller der im Berlin der er Jahre den Versuch eines Berichts ber ostdeutsche, systemabtrnnige Grenzgnger, die Mauer ist freilich lngst gebaut, unternimmt. Gabriel Heimler Der Mauerspringer Der Mauerspringer Oct , Der Mauerspringer the wall jumper This section of the wall was painted in when Germany was reunified, it has since remained as a memorial to freedom, and the images painted on it Der Mauerspringer Text Kommentar eBook, Get this from a library Der Mauerspringer Text Kommentar Peter Schneider Volker Herrmann Gerhard C Krischker Belevenissen van de Duitse auteur geb in Oost en West Duitsland, afgewisseld met verhalen over mensen die de scheiding tussen beide landen trotseerden. Der Mauerspringer Peter Schneider Apr , Der Mauerspringer by Peter Schneider, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

    Der Mauerspringer Peter Schneiders essayistische Erz hlung Der Mauerspringer war und bleibt eines der bedeutendsten Werke ber das Ph nomen der deutschen Teilung Prophetisch schrieb der Autor vor ber einem Jahrzehnt Die

    Abeer Abdullah

    One of my favourite books this year, when I picked it up it was totally new to me I knew nothing about the author and had never heard of the book the best feeling is to be totally overwhelmed by a book you expected nothing of Regardless of your politics or what you chose to interpret from this novel, its an extremely complex and nuanced portrayal of so many questions and aspects of being a person, engaging with other people, engaging with identity, and engaging with a state You get the feeling a [...]


    I ve never been great at writing reviews because my opinion of the book will usually change so many times whilst I m reading it that by the end, I either know I liked it or didn t, but would have forgotten the finer details But in this case, I don t _want_ to forget the finer details So I am writing this as I read the book because there are some things I know I ll forget.Firstly, I initially found this book awful, that s got to be said I think the combination of having to read it for school, in [...]

    Margaret Madden

    3.5 starsSome beautiful prose and memorable moments, but was a struggle to read Would have hated this as a school child, but as an adult I can see how it is considered a classic.

    Flora Vickers

    Most of this doesn t feel a whole lot like fiction and that is why I didn t fall in love with it But of course, the moments of vibrant tenderness and well executed poetic prose is what made me really like this one The unnamed author s description of Lena and her friends, his musings about how life growing up on the other side would have been.


    Beautifully written, poignant tale.


    complex, intriguing, weighty an important look into the ideologies of the people of the DDR and the GDR and the walls inside their heads

    Inna Ershova

    It was of a 3.5 star book for me, but I rounded the rating up due to a number of eye catching stories masterfully presented in it and several thoughts about the divided Germany that are stuck in my memory As lots of reviewers have already mentioned, The Wall Jumper resembles a collection of essays short stories much than a novel It s based on real life experiences of people living on both sides of the wall and separated not only geographically but also mentally and emotionally The writing styl [...]

    Nicholas During

    Pretty dated really There is a couple moments when the protagonist narrator says something to the effect of not matter what happens to the state of German re East West and reunification , it will take a long long time for the people of these two states to get over the ideological and identification divide that the states has forced on their own lives I m in Berlin as I write this and though far from an expert my sense is that it didn t take long at all.Still, though the novel is about a conflict [...]

    Narcissus Heiyan

    Schneider s The Wall Jumper is ultimately a novel about Berlin, divided Berlin He is fastidious in his examination of the Berlin Wall, German identity and the relationship between the individual and the state He makes great points, however, the book itself contains a main plot if you can call it that very little happens and happens in a disjointed manner punctuated and interrupted by stories of German individuals who attempt to surpass the wall My problem is with characterisation, style and plot [...]


    An interesting meditation on human response to living within political boundaries as we always do, but in 1982, when this book was written, we had the particularly acute case of an East Berlin and West Berlin divided by a physical as well as political wall How do people feel and behave in such a situation We might say, just as people always feel and behave There are inconveniences and conveniences wherever we find ourselves, and generally we simply accept our lot in life not having any sensible [...]


    This book is fabulous, I would recommend it to everyone However, I think read it when you have the time The narrative is difficult to follow, which makes sense giving the nature of the topic I really enjoyed how there isn t a very eventful story line it really is just stories about Wall Jumpers The author, Peter Schneider, has written it in such a way that the Wall feels almost like a game, a challenge to try and cross This view of the Wall, I think, is refreshing I also think that the way he ha [...]


    Am Abend berichtet der Nachrichtensprecher des Fernsehens von einer UNO Resolution, die den Einmarsch sowjetischer Truppen in Afghanistan al seine Einmischung in die inneren Angelegenheiten dieses Landes verurteilt Im Bild werden Kolonnen russischer Panzer gezeigt, die durch die Haupstadt rollen Der Nachrichtensprecher weist darauf hin, da diese Bilder seit Wochen nicht in den Ostmedien zu sehen sind.Kurz danach wechsele ich das Programm Wieder sitzt ein Nachrichtensprecher vor einer Weltkarte u [...]


    It was fitting to read this book about a divided Berlin of the 1980s just as I arrived in Europe s last divided city Nicosia, my new home for the next 4 years One of the few, and reportedly one of the best, accounts of life in Berlin at that time, this book is above all a clever account of what it feels like psychologically to live in a divided city, where almost every street ends in a dead end.Schneider portrays an intriguing array of characters who each cope with the pain of division in a diff [...]


    One of the seminal events in my life was the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 I was 20 years old at the time, but I can still remember watching the live coverage on TV from my living room in Australia with a mixture of joy, fascination and unbridled optimism for the future.Peter Schneider s classic novel, The Wall Jumper, which was penned in 1982, provides a fascinating glimpse of Berlin life before the wall came down.The book follows the lives of a handful of East Berliners who move to the West [...]

    Mary Warnement

    This read like an essay than a novel The protagonist is a writer, a journalist I think, so that makes sense A writer in west Berlin who travels often to east Berlin His meetings with other writers give the novel its structure Its reason for telling stories My random notes pp 57 60 Why jump the wall B c it s therechokengtitik

    titikchokeng 66 East Berlin writers value those who don t just challenge the State but outsmart itchokengtitik

    titikchokeng 67 Her face bears the marks of others griefc [...]


    The subject matter is dated in that it discusses life in Berlin before the fall of the Wall in 1989 However, if you re curious about German history or German identity, I think this is a interesting exploration of how people viewed and lived within a divided state As you can glean from the title, the bulk of the stories are about people trying to jump the wall I really enjoyed Schneider s writing it s clear, concise and thoughtful Fair warning, though If you come into this expecting a typical nov [...]


    I read this book in 2013, and as several reviews have pointed out, it seems outdated Yet I can t help but think they bear some relevance even today The recurring question of how far the state s identity is linked to one s own remains unanswered in many countries, especially where there s been a history of partition or conflict Schneider says it would take a longer time to break down the walls his characters have created in their own heads, though this may not necessarily have been the case He ob [...]

    Kristen Schrader (Wenke)

    This is a YA novel about daily life in both West and East Berlin The main character is a young writer who is collecting stories from both sides about those who jump the Berlin Wall In his speaking to his friends on either side, you get an idea of the polar views of Berliners during the separation The Wall Jumper was well written, but not exactly what I was looking for This is not an epic historical fiction piece with background on why and how the Wall is there, or it s sudden and confusing demis [...]


    This was an interesting book It would not be for everyone but as I am leaving for Germany this week it gave me something to think about and a new way to look at the German people.The walls that were jumped were not always physical although he has lots of stories of folks who did jump the wall.There are emotional and cultural walls which can never be torn down and still exist to this day in Germany.


    Written in the early 80s, Berlin, all sorts of people crossing the wall in both directions for all sorts of reasons over the years I liked the young boys going West to sneak in to the cinema.Pace a little slow at times, but fascinating positive and negative views of people on both sides of the Anti Fascist Protective Wall.


    This book is full of beautiful descriptions and artfully strung together sentences.I enjoyed getting lost in the philosophical back and forth the characters experience It was hysterical at times and I laughed too hard At other parts, it was incredibly sober and thought provoking.All in all, a great read that has not lost its relevance over time.

    Elisabeth Kinsey

    Not because I was his nanny or anything, but I loved this novel Very sad and compelling, written in a Kundera esque style, but unique, not copying Case studies of people who tried to get over the Berlin Wall into west Berlin He was banned from East Berlin for writing it Of course all bans are down now


    The is a neat book, looking at life in Berlin with the Wall, told through a series of conversations Unfortunately, since this is a Penguin Modern Classic title, it is not directly available in the US However, does ship these titles here.

    Ryan Moore

    An interesting perspective on the wall in the head This book frustrated me because it was so frantic and hectic and all over the place Then I realized that s exactly how you re supposed to feel Welcome to the psychology of the wall.


    This is a fictional story set in Berlin in the late seventies The author describes the similarities and the differences within the city and the people separated by the WALL of Shame A good read for teenagers who don t remeber the Cold War.


    I thought this book was extremely interesting though a little bit hard to follow at times My rating may also be biased by my genuine interest in Berlin politics and history, and the fact that I was there 3 months ago


    Good, very descriptive, but I just couldn t get into it I needed something light and fun for the mood I was in and the season Thus, Where d You Go, Bernadette trumped this guy Might pick it up again in the near future.

    Matt Reynolds

    States shape us, either in opposition or reinforcement It is impossible to get out of our state, to elevate ourselves above subjectivity Wall jumpers aren t just escaping, they re looking to find what they know they already want to find.


    Anecdotes about characters who cross over east west the Berlin Wall, interspersed with descriptions of Berlin and the political background Well written, witty, wise, and poignant, this novella in no way seems dated and would bear re reading well.


    The way the book is narrated makes it difficult for me to understand but to sum up, I guess the author is trying to tell that there are two completely different mentalities that exist among East and West Berliners and the differences could not be easily reconciled.

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