Feb 29, 2020
Flight 714 to Sydney
Posted by Hergé Leslie Lonsdale-Cooper Michael Turner

The Adventures of TinTin Comic book formatA Qantas Boeing 707 touches down at Kemajoran ariport, Djakarta Fight 714 from London arrives in Java, last stop before Sydney, Australia

  • Title: Flight 714 to Sydney
  • Author: Hergé Leslie Lonsdale-Cooper Michael Turner
  • ISBN: 9781405206334
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Paperback
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    Flight to Sydney The Adventures of TinTin Comic book formatA Qantas Boeing touches down at Kemajoran ariport Djakarta Fight from London arrives in Java last stop before Sydney Australia

    Ahmad Sharabiani

    Vol 714 pour Sidney Flight 714 Flight 714 to Sydney Tintin, 22 , Herg Flight 714 to Sydney French Vol 714 pour Sydney originally published in English as Flight 714 is the twenty second volume of The Adventures of Tintin, the comics series by Belgian cartoonist Herg The title refers to a flight that Tintin and his friends fail to catch, as they become embroiled in a plot to kidnap an eccentric millionaire from a supersonic business jet on an Indonesian island This album, first published in 1968, [...]

    David Sarkies

    Tintin is kidnapped by his Arch nemesis26 February 2012 I used to love this one as a kid because it had lots of machine guns in it However, since I have returned to reading the Tintin books so that I know what I am writing about as opposed to some books that I am not really interested in rereading, namely because they are too long and that there are other books out there that I would rather spend my time reading I have no longer appreciate this album as much as some of Herge s other stories Here [...]

    Huda Aweys


    My review, as published at Tintin Books For a man who has been criticised fairly or not for sexism, padding of stories and racism to among others Africans, Jews, Native Americans, Japanese, Russians and Indians, it s amusing to think that his most controversial work amongst fans is probably Flight 714 , the penultimate completed adventure in the series But, on re reading, you can count me amongst those who think it was probably one big mistake Flight 714 starts off strongly enough, with the firs [...]


    funny, entertaining, made me laugh

    Maria Carmo

    In this adventure Tintin and Captain Haddock meet again their old enemy Rastapopoulos The adventure which starts with a seemingly innocuous plane trip, ends up being one of the most defying ones in terms of fights and counter coupsMaria Carmo,Lisbon 20 January 2015.


    Our friends Tintin and Captain Haddock with Professor Calculus are traveling to Sydney, but as usually they get in trouble and they find themselves prisoners of their old enemy Mr Rastapopoulos on an Indonesian island This issue has a bit of science fiction and paranormal influences and even promotes the idea of communication between the extra terrestrial and the humans The central mystery is essentially left unresolved Poor Snow, in this issue it fell in a lake with turbulent waters and was sav [...]



    Et il y a des gens qui voyagent pour leur plaisir Die sp teren B nde aus der Reihe werden oft von Leuten, die die Mondabenteuer oder die Schatzsuchegeschichten Tintins m gen, als verkopfte Sp twerke gesehen Mir pers nlich gefallen sie sehr, und, wenn Vol 714 auch bei weitem nicht so gut ist wie das brillante Les bijoux de la Castafiore, hat dieser Band doch einige Qualit ten, die ich loben will.Herg baute immer wieder gern mehr oder weniger aktuelles Zeitgeschehen in seine Werke ein, sei es der [...]

    Sam Julian

    Now this is a Tintin adventure It s got everything Death defying stunts, new and interesting characters, epic set pieces It really gives Tintin a chance to be his badass self, whereas in Castafiore Emerald he was mostly a side character He s got this particular quiet but confident and absolutely unhesitating sense of duty that is somewhat unique among heroes, and it really endears me to him.My favorite bit is towards the end, when view spoiler they re escaping the volcano and realize Calculus is [...]


    Darker than most of Tintin s adventures, but it fares better than The Castafiore Emerald and Tintin and the Picaros, both of which have less the spark of the earlier stories That spark is very much alive in Flight 714 When I was younger I must have found Mr Carriedas, the target of the plot s hijacking, despicable, and his awfulness diminished my enjoyment of the book And though he s a horrible man with no redeeming characteristics, I can now better appreciate the fun Herge has with this monstro [...]


    what a lot of evily ingenious plots but they are surely not going to work when Tintin is in them unless they are his.is book also has a come back of a old friend read the book to find out Hmmm how many times have I read this You just cant get enough of Tintin He never fails to please.


    Johara Almogbel

    I loved this one, very close call I love Herge s colors, they re so vivid.

    Karhum Ghassan

    This was the last book i read and found out it is not bad at first you dont enjoy but after some while it became enjoyable cool book


    10, 20, 50, 100 Stars Loved this one The was Herg at his best Futuristic, really well drawn, the story was great, really good intro and character presentation, not predictable at all SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS Aliens Yeah you read it right, Aliens are mentioned in this comic book Well you don t actually see the aliens but that is the awesomeness of it The story talks about aliens, embrace the idea of communication between humans and aliens and even show alien technology At the end you s [...]


    Tintin s adventures are pure fun There s always action, adventure, and humor These comics definitely have an Indiana Jones feel to them though they predate those movies by several decades I love the friendship between Tintin, Captain Haddock, and Professor Calculus I also like that other characters from previous comics make appearances in this one I did miss Thompson and Thomson though They re probably the funniest A very enjoyable adventure.

    Tom Loock

    Part 22 of my big re read of the whole Tintin canon after decades I had not read this one before,.This is the usual type of Tintin adventure involving a journey, villains, a jailbreak except for the very weird scene view spoiler with the UFO hide spoiler towards the end.Verdict Okay.


    Flight 714 is definitely a very good Tintin adventure Though not as exciting as the Black Island, and not as peculiar as the Shooting Star, 714 finds a nice middle ground, starting as a hijackers adventure comic book, and ending with literal alien abductions If not for Rastapopoulos as the villain, the escapade would not have been as memorable 4 5



    Heidi (KosminenK)

    En ole Tinttej aikaisemmin lukenut erityisen intensiivisesti, joten t m oli uusi tuttavuus ja varsin positiivinen lukukokemus Hauska, salaper inen seikkailu ja mieleeni tuli et isesti er s lento 815 Sydney , joka katosi pienelle saarelle T m oli hupsua ja viihdytt v.

    Anna Wallman

    Kalkyl kan f vem som helst att skratta, t o m mannen som aldrig skrattar Annars r albumet inte bland de b sta.

    Md. Roohul Islam

    And this time it s a storyline with extraterrestrials I guess the world was looking for it at that time Nonetheless, this masterpiece is a whole package.

    Vaibhav Bhatia

    This book is very adventurous It gives readers a sense of reality, with a touch of fiction It also gives a message that everyone should be fair and just, and not be greedy.


    Continuing my way through Tintin s adventures This one is the 22nd book of Tintin s adventures.This one, hoo boy, I m not sure I can say anything about this one without giving anything away but I ll try.Tintin and co are accidentally sort of unwillingly pulled onto a millionaires plane to travel with him all the way to a convention in Sydney On the way there the plane is forcibly stolen by a recurring villain and our group here has to escape from them while stuck on this teeny island in the midd [...]

    Abbey Stellingwerff

    Spoilers for those who have not read the book One of my favorite Tintin books I love the hint of sci fi, and the reappearance of Skut, the Estonian pilot It s fun to see the recurring baddies Allan and Rastapopolous, and see how Herge ultimately humiliates them The Wait for me Allan Allan, wait Don t go so fast at the end is particularly enjoyable.We get some new characters Mr Carreidas, the millionaire who doesn t laugh, and his slimy secretary Spalding And Dr Krollspell is right out of a Nazi [...]


    A good amount to like about this one, particularly the artwork Quickly shifting locales gave Herge a good amount to invent, and the color palates used, particularly in the erupting volcano section, are great But there s a good amount that s just strange Krollspell and Rastapopoulos s character designs are bizarre, the former s especially, and don t mesh well with Tintin and Capt Haddock s, and to a lesser extent Calculus s, classic, and older, designs The adventure is going pretty well until th [...]


    I recently finished re reading Flight 714 to Sydney after a long time.Flight 714 to Sydney keeps up the humor element throughout the story added to being a unique adventure different from the others in the Tintin series, because of it s extra terrestrial dimension.The introduction of Carreidas and the experience of the characters on the island involves non stop humor, even as an interesting adventure progresses.It is one of the informative albums of the series with the comic element going.The s [...]


    This book is written by Herge This tittle of the book is Flight 714 to Sydney This book is part of a very big book serie called Tin Tin This book is fiction and it s genre is action or adventure The book is about a boy names Tin Tin who goes around with his dog and his friend and they stop criminals They started by meeting a millionaire and he takes them to Sydney His assistant was trying to kill Tin Tin and his friend They found out things about the millionaire and he ended up being a bad pers [...]


    The Tintin stories for anyone who has read them and understands their history can t be viewed as anything other than groundbreaking The beginnings of these stories have been around as long as the Lord of the Rings, the illustration and environments in the Tintin books are accurate and extremely detailed Anyone who has spent even a little time exploring Herge Georges Remi can see the painstaking research and adversity he worked through to compose the world around Tintin His ideas were ahead of hi [...]

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