Sep 23, 2020
Interlude with Tattoos
Posted by K.J. Charles

A short story set just after the end of The Magpie Lord Stephen Day and Lord Crane return to London Neither is quite sure where their fledgling relationship is going It seems unlikely that there can be much of a future for them, under the circumstances, with Stephen going back to work and Crane returning to China Until they encounter an unexpected moment of magic

  • Title: Interlude with Tattoos
  • Author: K.J. Charles
  • ISBN: 9781310371806
  • Page: 467
  • Format: ebook
  • Interlude with Tattoos A Charm of Magpies, . by K.J Interlude with Tattoos is just a free short story about what happens in after the events of book The Magpie Lord and before the starts of book A Case of Possession less flag See question about Interlude with Tattoos. Interlude with Tattoos A Charm of Magpies . on Apple Books Dec , Interlude with Tattoos A Charm of Magpies . K.J Charles Ratings Publisher Description A short story set just after the end of The Magpie Lord Stephen Day and Lord Crane return to London Neither is quite sure where their fledgeling relationship is going It seems unlikely that there can be much of a future for them, under the Interlude with Tattoos A Charm of Magpies . eBook by KJ Dec , Read Interlude with Tattoos A Charm of Magpies . by KJ Charles available from Rakuten Kobo A short story set just after the end of The Magpie Lord Stephen Day and Lord Crane return to London Neither is quite s Interlude with Tattoos free Magpie Lord story KJ Charles The resulting short story, Interlude with Tattoos, is free on Smashwords and as a small Christmas thank you to all the readers who enjoyed the first book I hope you like it Cover designed by Susan Lee, and isn t it lovely. Smashwords Interlude with Tattoos A Charm of Magpies Dec , Interlude with Tattoos A Charm of Magpies . By KJ Charles Adult Rated . based on reviews A short story set just after the end of The Magpie Lord Stephen Day and Lord Crane return to London Neither is quite sure where their fledgling relationship is going. Interlude with Tattoos by KJ Charles LibraryThing Click to read about Interlude with Tattoos by KJ Charles LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers All about Interlude with Tattoos by KJ Charles. Interlude Tattoo Dec , Revenge Joker Thrown Back in Arkham was the headline of an American paper Cordelia had brought to him They had been harder to get in the Middle East and that paper had been sent after being printed a while ago, but the realisation that Bruce had let the Joker live awakened him. Interlude Tattoo Dec , Jason finds himself thinking of Cordelia Again This time he drank as well, but between the gulps of beer the only thing on his mind was herHe wasn t sure why but he could see her smile replay over and over again in his mind A few nights ago he had felt the best he had in a long time He felt free with her It was almost too perfect He relives the way they fought together The patrol had be Miguel Girl With The Tattoo Enter.lewd Audio YouTube Sep , Girl With The Tattoo Enter.lewd by Miguel Listen to Miguel Subscribe to the official Miguel YouTube Channel Dyes and Tattoos Lineage Encyclopaedia

    Interlude with Tattoos A short story set just after the end of The Magpie Lord Stephen Day and Lord Crane return to London Neither is quite sure where their fledgling relationship is going It seems unlikely that there can b


    So happy Biggest, cutest, tease ever and frustratingly hot Loved it, wanted and can t get enough of Stephen, Crane and Merrick.

    K.J. Charles

    This is a short bonus feature, set a couple of days after the events of The Magpie Lord, as Stephen and Crane head back to London, and wonder where they go from here Written on the request of some Magpie readers Vio, I m looking at you as a small Christmas thank you to all the people who enjoyed The Magpie Lord and were kind enough to buy it, review, hit me up on Twitter, or just read it with pleasure Thank you all, and huge thanks to Susan Lee for the gorgeous cover There s another free Magpie [...]

    Julio Genao

    a delightarles has that yummy sardonic goodness in her blood, apparently there is no interaction between any of the three characters featured here that wasn t absolutely deliciousaracteristic wit, and the threat of dire consequences coming down the pike oh, yes.


    4.5 stars5,000 words of some of the SEXIEST content around HOT DAMN, this was FUN More CraneMore StephenMore Merrick


    Written December 12, 20134.2 Stars short and fun slightly cheeky and a dash of paranormal mysteryThe first novel, The Magpie Lord my review in this series was a great suprise A mixture of mystery, paranormal phenomena, suspense and hot romance in a historic London England So very good Interlude with Tattoos is just a very short small morsel in the too long waiting for the second installment A Case of Possession Admittedly, it was way too short but I enjoyed in every case the few pages I got It s [...]

    Heather K (dentist in my spare time)

    Crane s lips were on his neck, curving into a smile against his skin Safe except from me, of course Because I am going to have you now, here, just as I choose, in front of the whole world, and you are going to come so sweetly for me He pressed his hips forward Aren t you, Mr Day And Stephen stared out at the world, with his lover at his back and nothing to hide behind, and whispered, Yes, my lord I could listen to Crane s toppy top talk all day long.Daym that man does it for me This was a hot li [...]


    This 5k proved how K.J Charles can be SUCH A FRICKIN TEASE I mean, it started with a promise of FLAMING HOT SMEXXY time, doing it against the window I was on the edge of my seat, AND THEN IT FADE TO BLACK This was one of the case when I needed the smut, darn it Anyway, it was still a good 5k AND FREE read Beside the almost but never make it on page sex grumbles we at least knew the origin of one of the tattoos view spoiler it was related to one of Crane s lover, Boghda hide spoiler We also got a [...]


    This was like being the cat who got the creamd getting an extra bowl for being good It was divine It was decadent It was Stephen and Crane London.Just delicious.And like always when I get to the end of K.J Charles books

    Cristina T.

    As opposed to the first book which I rated 3 stars this little story gets 4 stars from me Why Because it was lovely As delicious as a bite of chocolate cake, melting on your tongue I LOVED IT I stated quite clearly that I m not a fan of birds, but guess what I actually warmed up to the magpies tattoos I thought they were gorgeous, and loved the letters which resulted view spoiler from Crane losing a bird hide spoiler They contained some hilarious one liners Exhibit A view spoiler My dear Mr DayI [...]

    ♔ Jaela ♊ Killer ⚔ QUEEN

    Could these two be any hotter Nope The answer is No In this short story, just 2 days after the ending of book 1, Crane and Stephan return to London, but they have their doubts and insecurities about where they stand with each other Stephan fears Crane s return to China and Crane fears that Stephan s profession will get in between them.Beside this, they were Hot, Hot, Hot Sooo HOWT Can t wait to read about them.


    The fade to black bit made me bitch and moan for real, but other than that this was a delight of a short free snack in between The Magpie Lord 1 and 2 A bit of insight into how both Stephen and Lucien like to take their fling from here, amusing letters, witty banter Oh Merrick, lol and a dash of hotness And I do feel the urge to claim you in front of the world Talk about wetting one s apetite The sequel, please

    ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~

    3.5 starsFar, far too short, not enough to satisfy the appetite while waiting on the sequel, but brilliantly written and fun, of course.


    My god, what a wonderful treat this little book was Crane is so damned sexy and Stephen is just so cute, they re the perfect couple I still think the whole magpie tattoo thing is a really great idea I want my own one

    Cathy (cathepsut)

    Interlude with Tattoo A Charm of Magpies 1.5 is a short story set just after the end of The Magpie Lord and is included at the end of that book Nice little follow up.I will very likely continue with this series.


    Free shortie from KJ 5 stars and 5 Stephen and Lucien continue their liaison, phew I will clear my desk in anticipation of any further free reads, hehe


    I really enjoyed the historical paranormal romance The Magpie Lord, so this free short story interlude that is set right after Magpie is a real treat.At 4,500 words, it s a short, but sexy and fun read as Crane and Stephen return to London from their adventures in Magpie, help christen the window seat in a new exciting way, and discover that liaisons between them can leave lasting gifts.Recommended especially if you enjoyed the first book If you haven t read the Magpie Lord yet, you may enjoy th [...]


    I have lost a tattoo Priceless I laughed so hard while reading the last pages of this interlude.I am loving Crane and Stephen and So many questions view spoiler Will Crane be allowed to go back to China Who and how would Crane s power be used How will things progress between the two hide spoiler When is the next volume coming out


    Loved it Some great character development for a short story and Crane s tattoos are fantastic The conversation between Merrick and Crane had me laughing This was snarky, sexy fun.


    I liked this than the first book DSexy story was sexy.Banter between Merrick and Crane was fun.And magpies that are contactable like STDs after sex is creativelyotic.

    Maraya21 (The Reading Dragon)

    3.5 StarsSuch a cute read Taking place right after book one, when Stephen Lucien return back to London Basically the whole short story is like this view spoiler About one of the Magpie tattoos on Lucien jumping on Stephen every time they are together and the futile attempts of Stephen to return it hide spoiler Hilarious br br br br br br br br br br


    Sexy and cheeky And interesting going back in time to this one when Stephen and Crane are relatively new to each other Stephen s insecurities and Crane s libido And their propensity for getting it on anywhere but in a bed The thing is, you see, I ve a very comfortable window seat in the sitting room it has just occurred to me that you could kneel there, with the whole of London beneath you up against the window I could make you come all over the glass, and the people walking below wouldn t know [...]


    What a brilliant little novella linking book 1 and 2 of the series Loved finding out a bit about the magpie tattoo moving from Lucien to Stephen And their banter at the end made me really chuckle Don t miss this free little gem


    Perfect Crane and Stephen are perfect I love them, I love Merrick, I love magic, and I love the magpies tatoos Thank you K.J Charles, for this brilliant gift More, please

    Mare SLiTsReaD Reviews



    Delightful More original and intriguing threads, steamy foreplay to tease and frustrate us while we wait for the next book.


    When will you be back Back Here Where I am So I can see of you As if there was anything I hadn t seen, but you take my meaning Oh this little short was so perfect I worried I might have forgotten some details from THE MAGPIE LORD as it s been a while since I read book one of this series but this novella brought all the details rushing back In addition to being a hot little hilarious number in it s own right If you re going to be insolent, at least pour me a cup of coffee It s brewing Like troub [...]


    I ve lost a tattoo.I have lost a tattoo Never thought someone would say that in a bookSet just days after the series first book, Interlude with Tattoos is a really nice addition to The Magpie Lord, and I was than glad not having to wait to find out what happened next with Crane and Stephen They made it back to London that was good to hear I think they might have even made it to bed The best part for me was the wandering tattoo, and the correspondence that followed All in all, a real treat


    I love Crane and Stephen, and the magpies are just amazing The idea of the moving tattoo I want to bow down to K J Charles just for that Sexy and simply freaking awesome.I CAN T WAIT for the sequel A Case of Possession.

    Lilia Ford

    Short, sweet, very sexy Also, free making this a clear winner in that all important bang for buck category I m dying to know the details on that sixth tattoo and the ill fated affair with the warlord Only downside I m even desperate for Book 2 to come out


    Another OMG I loved this moment for me short, sexy and fun More Crane and Stephen

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