Feb 28, 2020
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Anna Sanders expected an anonymous and uneventful senior year until she crossed paths with rich and sexy Jack Kyser and his twin sister Lucy Pulling Anna into their extravagant lifestyle on the Gulf Coast, Lucy pushed her outside her comfort zone and Jack showed her feelings she s never experienced Until he mysteriously withdrew.Anna turned to her internship at the cAnna Sanders expected an anonymous and uneventful senior year until she crossed paths with rich and sexy Jack Kyser and his twin sister Lucy Pulling Anna into their extravagant lifestyle on the Gulf Coast, Lucy pushed her outside her comfort zone and Jack showed her feelings she s never experienced Until he mysteriously withdrew.Anna turned to her internship at the city paper and to her old attraction for Julian, a handsome local artist and rising star, for distraction But both led to her discovery of a decades old secret closely guarded by the twins distant, single father.It s a secret that could cost her the boy she loves and permanently change all their lives.

  • Title: Dragonfly
  • Author: Leigh Talbert Moore
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 499
  • Format: ebook
  • DragonFly DragonFly is an athlete centered electronic health record that simplifies paperwork for athletics and school registration in two ways We don t rely on the student to be a carrier pigeon That doesn t work There is NO PAPER Get In The Game Dragonfly insect Britannica Jan , Dragonfly, suborder Anisoptera , also called darner, devil s arrow, or devil s darning needle, any of a group of roughly , species of aerial predatory insects most commonly found near freshwater habitats throughout most of the world. Dragonfly Feb , Directed by Tom Shadyac With Kevin Costner, Susanna Thompson, Joe Morton, Ron Rifkin A grieving doctor is being contacted by his late wife through his patients near death experiences. Dragonfly Site Tons of Pictures, Information, Gifts, More Oh, while , is an approximate number, it is the number of ommatidia that dragonflies have within their compound eyes Like all arthropods, dragonflies have compound eyes only, they are a little specialized, suited for a born predator When dragonflies see, they don t exactly see they sense. Dragonfly Rotten Tomatoes When Doctor Joe Darrow s young wife dies in a tragic bus crash, he is devastated He returns to his work, treating sick children Soon, some of the children start to have remarkably similar near

    Dragonfly Anna Sanders expected an anonymous and uneventful senior year until she crossed paths with rich and sexy Jack Kyser and his twin sister Lucy Pulling Anna into their extravagant lifestyle on the Gulf C

    Kristin (KC)

    A sweet and endearing story with tons of mystery After her best friend moves away, seventeen year old Anna Sanders is left to wallow in her loneliness Having few friends and not entirely acclimated with the social scene, Anna s days are looking fairly bleakuntil her intriguing run in with Jack and Lucy the enigmatic and filthy rich Kyser twins.When Anna meets Jack, she is drawn to him with a magnetic like pull Jack is sexy and mysterious, and intensely attracted to Anna but he harbors a huge sec [...]

    Leigh Moore

    SO excited to share this new series with you guys It s romantic and steamy and soapy and sexy, and it s all set at the beachCheck out the NEW Pinterest Series Board that features real location shots, shots of Julian s art, teasers and Here bit 1kP9RCeAll series books are out now I hope you have as much fun reading them as I had writing them 3


    I don t usually rate books that I don t finish I either write a review without rating or I don t review or rate But in this cast, simply because of the last scene that I made it through, I m giving this 1 star.I didn t love this when I started reading it You re immediately thrust into the action of the book and I found that somewhat disorientating I figured everything out rather quickly though and I thought the story was ok, it wasn t great, I was never going to give this five stars, but I was i [...]


    Future note to myself Involves drunk driving, stalking main character , annoying weak self centered immature indecisive MC, love triangle, fucked up hot and cold attitude, boring plot, terrible cover, stuck between YA, NA and other genres To sum up AVOID AT ALL COSTS.


    Received from Netgalley for an honest reviewWhen I first saw this on Netgalley, it was the comparison to VC Andrews that really grabbed my attention I grew up reading VC Andrews They were the first books that really got me interested in reading I don t know much about Gossip Girl, but I sure didn t find anything in this book that reminded me of VC Andrews.I didn t like it guys I really didn t like it It makes me so sad when I read a Galley that I dislike but it happens and I m going to tell you [...]

    SueBee★bring me an alpha!★

    FREE today on US 2 7 2014 azon Dragonfly Leigh

    Nicole Tetrev

    Team Julian Now I was sucked in by the gossip girl tag line, and I was not disappointed But this book is the very best of every tv drama I ve ever seen, angst, longing, jealousy, mystery, secrets, love triangles, sexy scenes Could you even ask for Well you can because it is also very well written and fast paced Great book to dive into poolside, but I will warn you may get so swept up in it you may end up with some sun burn so I STRONGLY suggest you invest in some sunscreen as well as a copy of [...]


    My first read by Leigh Talbert Moore, Dragonfly is a little different from your typical Young adult New adult and contemporary romance novels.Normally, I can see a trend when I start reading books but this one was a little unpredictable and I was pleasantly surprised by the take on the story line and actions of the characters.The only thing is that OF COURSE there is a love triangle between the main girl, Anna, and two guys One of the guys is attractive and popular while the other is artsy and m [...]

    Tee loves Kyle Jacobson

    HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL This is the first thing that comes to mind after I read Dragonfly Leigh has such a way of writing that it draws you in and you can t help but be swept into a current and keep holding your breath until the last page has finished and you end up thinking Holy Hell what did I just read I have to say right from the first page I was captivated by Dragonfly because it is a read like no other There are so many twists and turns and secrets that with every page turn I was jumping for [...]

    Roses Book Blog

    Anna Sanders expects to have an uneventful senior year Her best friend Gabi moved away and even though she s lived on the Gulf Coast for three years other than Gabi and Julian she s never really made friends That is until she meets twins Lucy and Jack Lucy is quick to make friends with Anna even wanting to set her up with her brother Jack Jack is everything you could want in a guy, he s rich, good looking, sweet, and popular but as he and Anna grow closer to one another he constantly pulls away [...]


    3.5When the illusive Kyser twins, Jack and Lucy, start attending public school they are the talk of the town Why are they suddenly here and not at the private schools they ve been attending since birth Anna is immediately drawn to Jack He s tall, gorgeous, quiet, and extremely mysterious With a little help from her new friend, Lucy, she begins a whirlwind romance that has ups and down than a rollercoaster But while Anna is trying to figure out what exactly is up with Jack, her longtime friend J [...]

    Tammy Barnes

    First I want to thank Leigh for letting me read Dragonfly before its release I loved this book I m so proud that she chose to share her hard work with me I feel honored This book is AMAZING Honestly I started it and did not stop till the end This one is now in my favorites on my Kindle 3 It is a must read 5 out of 5 easy I adored this read 3 Thanks again Leigh Talbert Moore I m happy to say I have read all your book, loved each and everyone Much 3 for you and your writing

    Katie G

    I put off writing this review as long as I could I guess I was hoping that if I left it alone for a while, I would come away with some positive things to say about this book Sadly, that wasn t the case I didn t enjoy this book at all, a fact which pains me to admit since I received this book for free from the author I feel horrible leaving a bad review after that, but I figure authors take that chance when they give away their books for review.The main characterI wanted to like Anna, but I neve [...]


    Anna is about to start her senior year minus her best friend Gabi As an Army brat Gabi is used to moving and starting over all the time, but Anna isn t, and after three years she is just starting to feel comfortable She s got friends, but none like Gabi, who always managed to make every situation turn out OK.While sitting on the beach the day before school begins Anna meets two beautiful people, Lucy Jack She later learns that they are twins, and their father is Bill Kyser, one of the richest la [...]

    Lauren at Live Read and Breathe Reviews

    So far everything that I have read from Leigh Talbot Moore has been awesome so I was excited for the opportunity to read this book It had an interesting synopsis and I didn t know what to expect from it.It is set in a small town with big world of secrets.For the first time Anna is alone and friendless until she meets the twins Jack and Lucy She is instantly drawn to them, especially Jack.Finally she gets Jack s attention but.s aren t always what we assume Every time she thinks she is getting clo [...]

    Miranda Lynn

    3.5 starsThis was such a cute story I m usually not into cute books, but I received the second book in this series, Undertow to review, so I thought that I d get the first one also, especially since it was only 99 on.First of all, this book is definitely not New Adult, so I don t know why so many people have it labeled as that The main characters are all in high school and there is no sex whatsoever There is a lot of kissing, and somebody does have an orgasm in one scene, but it s all very tame [...]

    Kelly Mccurdy

    So when I read books, I like to think about what I am going to say on my review for about a day or so I purchased Dragonfly because it was.99, not gonna like, I love.99 book I usually read while I am winding down at night, just some me time to relax I started reading this book at 11 19pm on 6 5 2013, I finished the book at 3 58am on 6 6 2013 The only time I put it down was to use the restroom The book grabbed me from the start Anna, the smart girl with the frizzy hair I can relate to the frizzy [...]


    Gosh, Anna s annoying I had to keep reading this book because I needed to make it to the end to see if she could actually make a good decision for once in her life She kept annoying me right up til the end though I think maybe I m too old for this book I get that when you re young you can get confused between love and lust, and everything seems like a massive drama, and you have a totally irrational sense of self entitlement, but there s really no need to shove all the most infuriating parts of [...]


    I was provided an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review.Wow I expected this to be a sweet teen love story While it is about teens, it s not sweet Anna is a relatively inexperienced, naive high school senior She has been friends with Julian for 2 years, but her friend Gabi was always crushing on him Gabi moves away before senior year and Julian lets Anna know he s interested This new interest happens at the same time hottie, Jack, shows up at school and also sows interest in Anna Anna becomes [...]

    Alpha Possessive Heroes

    I m not a big fan of love triangle between two guys and a girl, but Dragonfly swept me off my feet I just couldn t help but fall in love with the story and characters Once I started reading this book it kinda sucked me into the story that I had a hard time putting it down.I thought I will have a favorite male protagonist but darn it I love Jack, the popular, sexy and a one hella great kisser but then I couldn t help but to like Julian, the artsy brooding guy My heart is torn and I didn t realize [...]


    2.5 3 starsI really struggled with this one, just could not connect with Anna the lead character she just drove me crazy To me she came off weak and indecisive And I usually love, love triangle stories I didn t like Jack though Arrogant with a capital A Now Julian I really liked, he is cute, artsy and romantic See the problem though liking just one out of four characters leads to a problem Lucy, Jack s twin was just kind of fake with Anna, at least that was how I felt Amongst the love triangle A [...]


    Freebie 2 7 14


    Okay, so I read Dragonfly by Leigh T Moore and I loved it so much I was hooked on the summary and I just wasn t disappointed at all This excerpt is taken from my review on Into the Hall of Books Read here intothehallofbooks 201Anna Sanders lives in the deep South the Gulf region and is a high school student with dreams of writing She s just been a bit devastated when her best friend has moved away and is feeling that loss On a solo trip to the beach one day, she sees these two beautiful people [...]


    My Thoughts Dragonfly was a story that grabbed me right away The story is told from the main character, Anna s perspective She is 17 years old, entering her senior year, and feeling down because her best friend Gabby has to move away While at the beach, before the new school year has started, Anna meets beautiful twins Lucy, and Jack Anna and Lucy exchange a few words, and Anna can t help but admire Lucy s gorgeous brother Once the new school year begins, Anna is pleasantly surprised when Jack e [...]


    This book was so boring Literally nothing happened throughout the first 75% of the plot except for Anna bouncing back and forth between two guys The Mystery didn t even come into play until just before the end The love triangle was trash and Jack is a confusing asshole Ugh.No thanks.

    Gabbie (Rampant Readers)

    Favorite Quote s I studied his face and considered for a few seconds how much of a mistake it would be to take his hand and venture out into the swirling water Letting him teach me to ride the waves that were growing in height, following him into the currents most people feared I was a pretty good swimmer, and I trusted Julian Favorite Character Julian He s sweet.First Line The first time I saw the Gulf of Mexico I didn t believe it was real.My Musings This is actually the second time that I hav [...]


    Voto vero 3.5Recensione sul mio blog pleaseanotherbook.tumblr p Heeey, gorgeous his voice was week I was wondering what I had to do to get you spend the night with me Dragonfly finito per una pura casualit nelle cose da leggere, come mi capita spesso, non mi sono soffermata molto nel leggere la trama Basta poco per convincermi ad iniziare la lettura Molto spesso tutta questione di copertina, altre il titolo, a volte il buzz creato da altri blogger Seguendo tantissimo blog americani, o comunque s [...]

    Laura P

    I received this book from the publisher to honestly review I was in no way compensated After her best friend moves away, Anna Sanders plans on a quiet and lonely senior year, with lots of college prep Her plans quickly change when Lucy and Jack Kyser, the twins of wealthy land developer Bill Kyser, enter her life Lucy becomes the friend Anna needs, and an encouraging force behind the sparking of than friendship between Anna and Jack Even though Anna feels a strong pull towards Jack, the very ho [...]


    This was a light, summer read and also the beginning of Leigh s new series It has a bit of everything teen angst, drama, romance a bit of a love triangle , and intrigue I found myself really drawn to the family backgrounds in this story, so than the romance.Anna is our main character, and from what I have gathered she is pretty shy and hasn t really come out of her shell She has an innocence about her that I liked, but found she could be pretty naive and immature at times too Her best friend ha [...]

    *Marsha,Marsha,Marsha* It"s always Marsha

    I received an ARC via Netgalley for an honest review of this story 3.5 4 StarsThis book is a complete YA and not in the new adult genre.Our story opens with the MC Anna realizing she is starting her senior year without her best friend of forever Without Gabi, Anna has no one to fall back to for support she will still be the outsider Anna Now I was the one starting senior year without a life image error On this last day before senior year, Anna is alone, at the beach, trying to come to grips with [...]

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