Jun 04, 2020
Anything to Have You
Posted by Paige Harbison

Nothing should come between best friends, not even boys ESPECIALLY not boys.Natalie and Brooke have had each other s backs forever.Natalie is the quiet one, college bound and happy to stay home and watch old movies.Brooke is the life of every party, the girl everyone wants to be.Then it happens one crazy night that Natalie can t remember and Brooke s boyfriend, Aiden, cNothing should come between best friends, not even boys ESPECIALLY not boys.Natalie and Brooke have had each other s backs forever.Natalie is the quiet one, college bound and happy to stay home and watch old movies.Brooke is the life of every party, the girl everyone wants to be.Then it happens one crazy night that Natalie can t remember and Brooke s boyfriend, Aiden, can t forget.Suddenly there s a question mark in Natalie and Brooke s friendship that tests everything they thought they knew about each other and has both girls discovering what true friendship really means.

  • Title: Anything to Have You
  • Author: Paige Harbison
  • ISBN: 9781848452862
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Paperback
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    Anything to Have You Nothing should come between best friends not even boys ESPECIALLY not boys Natalie and Brooke have had each other s backs forever Natalie is the quiet one college bound and happy to stay home and wa


    Initial reaction This is the point where I completely and utterly understand the negative reactions taken to this book, as my own were quite strong In sum, I think this might be Harbison s weakest work to date for a number of reasons It s not just the handling of the themes in this book but also the presentation of the characters and the fact that the lot of it completely misses the mark for what it offers I didn t like the portrayals here, among other things Hopefully my full review will get in [...]


    Anything to Have You was a really surprising read Despite some obvious flaws, I whipped through this book in one day I normally don t do cheating books, but books which involve two best friends and one of their boyfriends I find highly addicting I blame my obsession with programmes such as Sunset Beach and The OC for this.Natalie is the stay at home type of girl, she prefers spending quiet time reading or knitting whereas her friend Brooke is always at parties and getting crazy drunk Brooke deci [...]

    Alanna (The Flashlight Reader)

    Oh my goodness, this book Sigh There were so many things wrong here So, so many This is the second book I ve read by Paige Harbison, and I m noticing a trend Apparently, this young author thinks that all teenagers spend their out of school hours at lavish parties full of sex, drugs, and alcohol Wow, I basically summed up the whole plot in one sentence Huh I cannot begin to express how annoyed I am with the way teenagers were portrayed in this book If they were young college students, I would be [...]

    Nemo (The Moonlight Library)

    This review was originally posted on The Moonlight LibraryThis book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and or violence.I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewMMARYNatalie and Brooke s friendship is put to the test when they and those they love keep secrets from each otherBUILDINGFor the most part I bought the contemp [...]

    Anatea Oroz

    This review is also posted on my blog, Anatea s BookshelfI requested this book for review before I went to to check out if there are any reviews written already I just really liked the description and went ahead and requested it Then I went to and saw so many negative reviews What was going through my head was, WHY did I request it But I ended up reading it and decided not to trust those people The first chapter was terrible I wanted to DNF the book I don t know why, but I continued reading it A [...]

    New Adult e dintorni

    Parliamo questa volta di uno Young Adult autoconclusivo di una giovane autrice americana.Devo dire che io ero molto curiosa di leggere questo romanzo, per vari motivi, la trama mi attirava, l autrice era nuova per il mercato italiano, e non per ultimo il fatto che dividesse il pubblico di lettori Molte recensioni su infatti non erano affatto positive.In questo libro si parla soprattutto dell amicizia, c la storia d a certamente, e anche molto intensa, ma il tema attorno al quale ruota tutto il r [...]


    Rating 2.5 5 I usually like Paige Harbison books They have a realism and edginess that authors can sometimes not quite nail Unfortunately I didn t connect with this one at all and was still trying to figure out the message the book was trying to convey.Natalie and Brooke have been BFF s since a young age When a new, hot guy arrives at school Brooke is the one to take a step out with him, although Natalie told her to put in a good word for herself Brooke, who is a little jealous of her popular bu [...]

    Sara (sarabara081)

    You can find of my reviews at Forever 17 Books.2.5 stars I was really looking forward to this read A boy coming between two friends is quite common in the teen years, at least as far as I remember and from my personal experience In fact, I m surprised it doesn t come up in YA books often, to be honest Needless to say, I was looking forward to seeing how these characters handled the delicate situation in Anything to Have You The result in 2 words HOT MESS.I literally have a whole page of notes [...]

    Aliaa El-Nashar

    When I first read the synopsis I was intrigued, but also wary because books of betrayal like in this one are a complete turn off for me I avoid them as much as I can But a lot of people were raving about the author, so I thought to give it a shot as well However, I went back to being wary when I saw the reviews recently out, and I can t say I blame them This is a rant that quite possibly may contain spoilers I m very angry and need to vent Now why this book rubbed me the wrong way Well, for a se [...]


    Originally posted at iliveforreading 20Having read Paige Harbison s other book, New Girl, I knew I had to get my hands on Anything to Have You So, I jumped at the opportunity to be on the blog tour and have the chance to finally read it I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this one, because there are so many negative reviews I actually found myself really engaged by the story even though I thought it was a bit too long but I really thought that while this had the same bones of many contemporari [...]

    Michelle (Fluttering Butterflies)

    Anything To Have You by Paige Harbison is not being published here in the UK until February of 2014, but I just couldn t wait to read it It sounded really good the story of two friends who are torn apart over a boy.And Anything To Have You started off really well I had high hopes that it would be a story with characters and relationships and situations that I d really fall for I can t really work out where this book went wrong but I did finish it feeling a little bit flat While it is an interest [...]


    So I ve read some pretty negative reviews about how this book is unrealistic and paints teenagers in a bad light but honestly to those who think it s unrealistic you obviously don t know as much as you think you While I may have had problems with the characters and I didn t really like them and the way they treated each other at times, as a teenager I know things like this happen Maybe not to the same extremes as in this book but still The fact is despite people saying the author portrays all te [...]


    I wanted to say something about it but realized that I want to say too much and actually I wans t sure about all the feelings and thought I have about Anything To Have You.Actually I know that lot of people won t like it and maybe I know why But it won t stop ME from liking it Because a lot of people won t appreciate the fact that this story is not mainstream It is different as both previous books Here Lies Bridget and New Girl are And I like that about Paige SHe is not afraid of writing about [...]

    Christina (A Reader of Fictions)

    Even though I d read an enjoyed both of Paige Harbison s previous novels, I went into Anything to Have You seriously skeptical Before publication, book s ratings tend to be fairly high on , but Anything to Have You already had 18 ratings and a 2.75 average a month out from publication Ouch, right I can totally see why most readers might be having issues with Anything to Have You, because it s a very non standard read helmed by unlikable heroines, however I liked it anyway.Read the full review at [...]


    I received an ARC of Anything To Have You by Paige Harbison from and HarlequinTEEN in exchange for an honest review I was so excited to finally get this ARC, after a month of waiting for it to show up at my door, that I stopped the book I was reading at the time so I could give this book my full attention I am so glad that I did, because this book was really hard to put down The two main characters are Natalie and Brooke, who have been best friends since they were little They re the kind of frie [...]

    Charnell (Reviews from a Bookworm)

    First of all, this books title should just be changed to Your Teenage Years What Not To Do The amount of ridiculously stupid, irresponsible and clich things the characters did made me want to launch my Kindle across the room in utter frustration It makes me want to stop anyone under the age of sixteen from reading this, for fear they might assume that that s a normal way for a seventeen year old to act It isn t If I was to describe this book in one word, I think I would pick clich From beginning [...]


    When I started reading Anything to Have You, I was convinced the story would turn out to be a good read The characters seemed fun loving, witty, and appealing Even though it went downhill for me, with the party and Natalie waking up to realize that she d gotten so wasted, that she blacked out and couldn t remember who she had sex with, because in fact, she knew she did There are so many things wrong with that The main thing being hello If you got drunk to the point where all logical thinking and [...]


    Story Well, you guys know I m a huge fan of Paige Harbison s books I ve said before that sitting down to read her newest offering is like sitting down to have a fat glass of wine and a big catch up with an old friend and, after reading Anything to Have You, I completely stand by that statement.When I first started reading Anything to Have You I thought I was going to get a fun, light hearted contemporary YA story about boys and love and house parties And that is what I got, at first, but in the [...]


    There was a lot that I loved about this book, but there were also a few things that didn t work for me The writing in Anything To Have You is incredible I totally connected with Paige Harbison s writing style, and I think that is why I loved Aiden and Natalie as much as I did The book is told in dual narrative, split between the two best friends Natalie and Brooke Brooke is a wild child and Natalie is is of a homebody But with some coaxing, Brooke manages to get Natalie to agree to come out fo [...]


    Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to Harlequin TEEN and Netgalley 17 year old Natalie doesn t go out much, but agrees to go along to a party with her best friend Brooke Only to wake up the next morning in bed with Brooke s boyfriend Aiden.Suffering from a blackout, and having no idea who she actually had sex with, she convinces herself that it wasn t Aiden, it was another boy who she d kissed earlier in the night.Things aren t right between N [...]


    Anything to Have You is, quite simply, a Vegemite book It s going to be one that readers either love or hate and I can completely see both sides of the argument If the likability of a character is a huge selling point for you as a reader, then go into this one prepared most of the characters just aren t very nice people.Natalie and Brooke are best friends, but complete opposites Brooke is a party animal she s an attention seeking, binge drinking, uninvested in her future bitch and she s OK with [...]

    SJH (A Dream of Books)

    I really wanted to read Anything To Have You because I ve enjoyed both of Paige Harbison s previous YA novels and I thought this would be an interesting exploration of friendship between two best friends It started off well but while I liked the idea for the story and the way it developed throughout the book, I really struggled to connect to either of the main characters The two female protagonists have completely contrasting personalities, which makes them an unusual pairing I identified with N [...]

    Andi (Andi"s ABCs)

    Confession time I m a sucker for these kinds of books I know it is strange and I have no tolerance for cheating nor would I ever want to be in that kind of position But for reading purposes I m highly entertained reading books about it I m not sure why, but I am I have read some very good ones and some very not so good ones Sadly Anything to Have You became a just okay one, somewhere between the rest I ve read.Anything to Have You is a story of two best friends Natalie and Brooke Natalie has alw [...]


    I don t know if this book shows the reality of high school teens nowadays or if it was a bit exaggerated, kinda like watching the teens on Gossip Girl and 90210 Our main protagonist, Natalie has a best friend that best friend is awesome most of the time Her name is Brooke and Brooke got SO much on my nerves, I really really disliked how she behaved and said She could be a stereotypical sorority girl from the chick flicks we all watch well, they re my guilty pleasures in life Brooke has a boyfrie [...]

    A Book Vacation

    To see my full review abookvacation 2014 01 24 aI wanted to like this novel, but in the end I really didn t care for it all that much The main characters, both Natalie and Brooke, grated on my nerves The way they interacted with one another, the flirting, drinking, and obsessive behavior made them less than likable, in my opinion, and I didn t find any redeeming qualities in either of them Brooke wants all the boys attention, even if that means flirting right in front of her own long term boyfri [...]


    I wanted to like this book I truly did Natalie and Brooke are best friends Brooke, the ultimate fun girl, is dating Aiden Natalie, who is studious and quiet, is reluctant to go to parties Oh, and she has a thing for Aiden that she tries to squash because she s a good, loyal friend Of course, Natalie s anxiety over going to parties is justified because she manages to get blackout drunk and sleeps withmeone the next party Brooke drags her to She doesn t remember it, but apparently she hurts down t [...]


    I requested this book because I loved the cover and then the blurb but when I started reading the further I got the I enjoyed it.I instantly liked the friendship between the girls, it was one of the reasons I continued reading even when the storyline became a little slow but when the characters had long conversations I would lose track of who was talking because of the lack of dialogue tags at the end of the sentences.Part of the book was in Brooke s point of view whereas part of it was in Nata [...]

    La Mala ✌

    Me lo prestaron asi que Lo lei casi sin saber de que trataba De haber sabido algo mas , cualquier cosa de la trama , no creo que lo hubiese ni mirado de lejos.Odio el young adult , y libros como este me recuerdan el porque de mi desagrado te ve mas alla de los sosos triangulos amorosos donde dos amigas se pelean estupidamente por un pibe SI fuese eso nada mas , seguro hasta seria mas entretenido Pero no , este se da los aires de madurez y toca temas serios para dar un resultado completamente ofe [...]


    One thing I will never understand is why authors always feel the need to have two completely opposite best friends Nat is not very social and prefers to stay at home, while her best friend Brooke goes out to parties, flirts and gets drunk I get the whole opposites attract thing, but really My friends and I are all very similar and all enjoy doing the same things I have maybe one friend who is a bit different from me, but nothing extreme we still have things in common and are similar I just could [...]

    Jessica *The Lovely Books*

    Anything to Have You was not a book I could connect with on a personal level I wanted to like it because sure Natalie is a cool character, even if she is a bit naive But I just feel like this book has fallen flatI don t feel emotion and her best friend is an empty headed annoying girl Plus Natalie is supposed to be this insanely beautiful girl, but I don t see what the catch is In fact I don t see the catch with any of them All the characters are boring and said be beautiful and perfect Don t an [...]

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