Oct 01, 2020
Pyramid Lake
Posted by Paul Draker

Lies and deceit abound at a Top Secret research laboratory in Nevada, where DARPA s most advanced artificial intelligence can read your darkest secrets and hidden intentions right off your face.The AI technology s manipulative inventor, however, fears no future Big Brother surveillance state He built it for his own secret reasons and now there is no untruth he won t tellLies and deceit abound at a Top Secret research laboratory in Nevada, where DARPA s most advanced artificial intelligence can read your darkest secrets and hidden intentions right off your face.The AI technology s manipulative inventor, however, fears no future Big Brother surveillance state He built it for his own secret reasons and now there is no untruth he won t tell, no subterfuge he won t pull, to help his estranged young daughter.To protect his troubled little girl, Trevor Lennox will change our world.He will give Amy what no one else can a world without lies.But there are some secrets that should stay buried forever When the base around him erupts in murder and mayhem, Trevor himself must face the horrifying truth.The lies we tell ourselves can be the deadliest of all Original and profound Deliciously complicated Trevor is an alluring protagonist Kirkus Reviews

  • Title: Pyramid Lake
  • Author: Paul Draker
  • ISBN: 9781940511054
  • Page: 295
  • Format: ebook
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    Pyramid Lake Lies and deceit abound at a Top Secret research laboratory in Nevada where DARPA s most advanced artificial intelligence can read your darkest secrets and hidden intentions right off your face The AI


    Brilliant Now hurry up and release the fucking sequelI started reading this book straight after finishing New Year Island, which I thought was very good I didn t think the author could top his debut novel, but this book is even better It s sort of a horror techno thriller told in the first person, which I don t usually like, as I feel its restricted, but it actually works here Anyway, that being said this is one hell of a scary book that kept me guessing throughout with the twists and turns, mys [...]

    Jay Klages

    Review with spoiler I enjoyed Pyramid Lake thought it was well plotted, the story feeling like a mix between a government conspiracy thriller and a Longmire mystery with some Indian lore The research, pace, and twists to the novel were great It would have been amazing to me if there had been some character transformation for the protagonist, Trevor Lennox At first, the unpredictable nature of the uber obnoxious character was kind of funny My curiosity about his outbursts helped turn pages But th [...]

    Veronica Shawcroft

    Don t start this book if you have to get up early I did and I was sorry the next day because once I started Pyramid Lake, I had to keep reading until the very end, right into the wee hours.Paul Draker grabs you by the throat with his second thriller and never lets up although the setting is radically different from his first book New Year Island also excellent The action takes place in a secret DARPA research installation where Trevor Lennox is a scientist working on the world s most advanced li [...]


    Paul Draker always writes fast paced , action packed books You ll find yourself staying up later and later just trying to finish one chapter New Year Island and Pyramid Lake will not disappoint.


    I finished this latest techno thriller from Paul Draker a few minutes ago and thought I d try posting a review while everything is fresh in my mind First, I liked it Quite a bit The first person narrative style worked well, giving me as a reader an unfettered glimpse of the at times unlikable main character Trevor Lennox Trevor creates an AI that can read micro expressions and is a nearly infallible lie detector for DARPA, a research arm of the federal government It all takes place at Pyramid La [...]

    Elena Alvarez Dosil

    Disclaimer Review originally posted at audiobookreviewerTrevor Lennox, a very brilliant computer engineer working at the Top Secret research laboratory of DARPA, creates a very powerful computer, able to read micro expressions and discern whether people are telling the truth or not Trevor is an antisocial and violent person, but his goal in life is to fight for the greater good, to create a world without lies, so that her seven year old daughter will be able to have a normal life despite her iss [...]


    The future is here already Be afraid, little human Be very afraid Paul DrakerI am a bumbling fangirl of author Draker s first book New Year Island and was a bit apprehensive about reading his second offering I was afraid it wouldn t live up to the first book I needn t have worried Pyramid Lake takes us to a top secret DARPA facility located in the Nevada desert on a Paiute reservation Enter Trevor Lennox, the thoroughly unlikable, brilliant, captivating creator of FRANKENSTEIN, a beyond high tec [...]


    Is it a Thriller A Horror Or a Sci fi Yes All of the above I don t know how Paul Draker pulled it off but he managed to cook up a psychological tale with a pinch of slightly futuristic technology, gruesome horror and a sprinkling of romance to give a don t turn the lights off, can t put it down gripping thriller that is set in the desert of northwestern Nevada.Do you hate being scared Do you faint at the mention of guns and violence This book is not for you.Do you like to stretch your imaginatio [...]


    OMG, this books is so totally twisted It is a tense suspense thriller filled with hours and hours of fantastic drama, action and humor too It is a conspiracy of the worst kind and life as we know it could come to an end I was very much impressed with this book and found myself gripping the arms of my chair many times The ending is mind blowing Trevor Lennox is building the most sophisticated computer ever A super computer that can think like a human As great plans go, something always goes wrong [...]


    PYRAMID LAKEPaul Draker has wowed me once again The first bit of the book was a bit draggy and techy for mebut I never lay a book down and walk away And in this instance, it paid off deliciously As soon as the meat of the story got started, I realized that in the draggy part I had met most of the characters The main character, Trevor, is a brilliant psycopath who has found his way to cope in the world or so you ll think He is a computer programmer at the least LOL kind of for the government Pyra [...]

    Sam Stephens

    I ve read a lot of articles written by forensic experts that talk about reality in forensics being bastardised in fiction Cops talking about police procedures being mangled Lawyers complaining laws and court room dramas being unrealistic But no one ever complains about the joyride anything slightly tech related takes down the wormhole of popular fiction, often resulting in story segments that are entertaining for all the wrong reasons.But I really don t mind, and my assumption is that anyone els [...]


    Author Paul Draker s second thriller is almost completely the opposite of his first They do have a few things in common though well written, a terrific plot, and relentless action from beginning to end, with twists tossed in for good measure along the way.It s the story of a young programmer Trevoe Lennox working on a secret project for the gobernment at Pyramid Lake But hr makes enemies easily and he s afraid he s being replaced before he can finish the real project saving his seven year old da [...]


    beaming with excitement from ear to ear Pyramid Lake took me on an exciting journey into a savvy techno thriller world with heart pounding action laced in suspense.Trevor shakes head and chuckles chuckles Trevor Trevor Trevor If a picture of a person was next to the word jerk with a capital J, it would be Trevor because he was a jerk And yet, he was by far my favorite character.Everything he did when faced with heart ache, or knocking people down a level with his words was brilliant I was team T [...]

    Jack Fricker

    I liked this one, although not quite as much as New Year Island Paul Draker thinks up some interesting, theoretical type plot lines a little bit like Dean Koontz on steroids As usual we are not sure of the agenda or true personality of any of the characters even the narrator This time we are asked to suspend our disbelief about how far computer generated artificial intelligence can be taken Happily for me at least this is easily done as I have little knowledge in this area Draker s books really [...]

    Martha A. Stearns

    Poor character developmentThis book leaves much to be desired The main character is so flawed that I found myself not caring what happened to him There is little background given on the characters, and I felt like the book started in the middle of a story line for which I had no frame of reference Finally there is way too much technical language It is boring, unnecessary and detracts from the plot I found myself skipping over whole pages just to get to relevant portions which moved the plot alon [...]

    Don Childrey

    I really enjoyed reading Pyramid Lake There was plenty of techno and thriller included to keep me interested until I could get sucked into the twists and turns of the story Mr Draker s writing is smooth enough to let me fly through it as fast as I could read I ended up letting this book take me well past my bedtime because I just didn t want to put it down Some readers do that often, but I usually don t, which speaks well for Mr Draker Nicely done I will be seeking out his other works and watchi [...]


    I couldn t even make it 10% into this book I don t understand the good reviews It is SO poorly written as to actually be painful to try to read The dialog is ridiculous and the little bit I did read was all cliche, stereotypical macho bullshit egomaniac being completely arrogant about his technical knowledge and picking bar fights after blackmailing politicians, all the while hating his ex wife for preventing his beloved child from visiting him Insipid tripe Horrible.

    Kyle Michael Feezor

    I have no mouth but I must screamI was very pleasantly surprised by this book The characters and their motivations were logical and realistic The slow burner techno thriller got to be a macabre treat of nihilism and Gore towards the end, which was out of the ordinary The book had many interesting twists and turns.

    D.M. Smith

    Very good techno suspense novel Surprisingly suspenseful with a lot of twists and turns to the story Trevor Lennox develops as an anti hero that you seriously don t like until the last third of the novel He then seriously redeems himself Read this book for yourself, I recommend it.

    Maya Morikawa

    ViolentI did enjoy this,an interesting slant on computers having feelings.But there is a lot of hate in this book,so I probably will not read a sequel.Having said this,the story hung together well,despite so many departments and characters involved.Trevor came across particularly well,almost too much so.

    Alex A

    Riveting until the endWow I love finding new authors that can soon a good yarn Psychology, military, Native American, political, tech, love, family This could have been a story with too many ingredients But the author interiors then in a believable story.If you like thrillers, check this out.

    michael bock

    Too violent,but a compelling readTaut, well written, and scary The hero is too violent and anti social for me, but I couldn t stop reading I recommend this for the excellent storytelling.


    Wow this book had plot twists and turns than any book I ve read over the past several years That was mostly a good thing although I was exhausted after I finished the book If you want a real on the edge of your seat page turner give this book a try.

    Tim Coleman

    Powerful storyI was thoroughly engrossed in the story I could not spp reading.I thought that I was a part of the story I strongly encourage anybody interested in a solid, well written techno thriller to read this book I will be looking for books from Paul Draker.

    Adele Simpkins

    Wow, another mammoth read from Paul Well done Anyone who enjoyed New Year Island will certainly get a kick out of this one as well Can t wait for the sequel yes, Trevor does live to tell another tale


    wow, what a ride It started out really slow, almost boring, then wham I was hookedFrankenstein is a computer system that runs amok The creator has real issues Everybody at pyramid lake is a little bonkers.I dont want to put any spoilers in here but it was a really good story.

    Mark Heimmermann

    Had difficulty sleeping after reading, Should I wipe my computer s drive while I still can I would have given 5 stars, but couldn t after hating the hero for than half the book Waiting for the sequel Hope to only hate him for a quarter of the book8D

    Vicki Willis

    This book was extremely technical and was difficult to read It had a very slow beginning and took a while to get going The second half was much better than the first, however the ending sequence was fantastical and gruesome An ok read but not great.


    I really enjoyed this book As someone who works in IT I usually shy away from computer books However, this one caught my imagination It had several twists and turns leading you down one path only to finish in a dead end I recommend this.


    Well written and fast pacedGood science and characters in a believable environment of a DARPA lab Story gets a little out of control towards the end but recommend you judge for yourself by reading it

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