Sep 30, 2020
A Thief in the Theater: A Kit Mystery
Posted by Sarah Masters Buckey

Kit Kittredge spends a week of her summer vacation volunteering at the local theater she wants to write a newspaper article about a play that s opening soon It even stars famous actors from New York City But behind the scenes, Kit and her friend Stirling discover drama than they bargained for Set in Cincinnati in 1935.

  • Title: A Thief in the Theater: A Kit Mystery
  • Author: Sarah Masters Buckey
  • ISBN: 9781593692940
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Thief in the Theater A Kit Mystery Kit Kittredge spends a week of her summer vacation volunteering at the local theater she wants to write a newspaper article about a play that s opening soon It even stars famous actors from New York C


    The American Girl doll books were literally my childhood I especially loved this one


    This book had me wondering the whole time who was the thief in the theater I thought one person, but then something else in the book told me that it could have been another person In the end, it ended up being someone I would have never though of The plot flowed great, and all the elements to solving the mystery was right in front of you, you just had to put the pieces together I would have never thought that the thief was the thief, and that is one of the main reasons why this book is so good

    Ashley Elliott

    Finally, after buying this in 2013 at the American Girl store in NYC, I finally have an excuse to read it for school an awesome BYU writing course.I ve loved Kit s world ever since I got the doll when I was six Walking back into it fifteen years later was amazing I love the simplicity of the story, even though it was set in the tumultuous 1930 s I predicted the reveal about a third of the way though the book, but I still enjoyed it Five stars because I m so in love with Kit s world No shame XD


    Great age appropriate mystery for my 10 year old We enjoyed reading it together


    This is my ten year old sister s review I thought it had an awesome twist



    Children"s Literature Project

    Kit Kittredge wants to write a newspaper article about how a play is made Instead of the planned pay, A Midsummer Night s Dream, the theater plans to put on McBeth Kit volunteers to work at the theater so she has a better idea of what goes into producing a play As she is talking with the theater owner, someone bursts in and yells that someone has stolen the cash box Kit and her friend, Stirling, help to solve the mystery The American Girl books are typically historical fiction mysteries and voca [...]


    This is a chapter book about Kit Kittredge It is one in a series of American Girl mystery books In this story, money is stolen from a theater and Kit eventually discovers that one of the actresses is the thief By the end of the story, Kit helps to solve the mystery This book is easy to read The author is able to build suspense into the story that helps the reader stay interested There aren t many words used that are difficult for the intended audience 10 11 years to understand I think girls will [...]


    I really enjoyed reading this book Steve said it was impossible to finish it in two days I finished it in less than an hour But, this is why I started reading it on Wednesday and then I read it on Sunday It was really good Steve said it was impossible, but I finished it It was really good Hopefully Steve will read it I think he will really like it A thief in the theater was really good.


    Kit is a take charge sort of girl, who doesn t let setbacks easily overtake her I thought this book was fairly entertaining, and I was puzzled over who was the thief until they revealed it at the very end I would probably recommend for fans of the Kit series Taken from my book reviews blog reviewsatmse 2009


    Kit is a reporter for the children s page of the Cincinnati paper during the depression She decides to write a column about the theater and works backstage during a performance of the cursed Scottish Play After the box office receipts are stolen, she decides to investigate.I really enjoyed Kit and her family and friends This was an entertaining light mystery.


    Kit is working a newspaper place There is a play in town Kit decides to go to it for a newspaper article She decides to also interview a few actors But then they change the play Kit and her friend Stirling help set up the new play The play is supposed to be bad luck Then bad things start happening Can Kit and Stirling figure out what is going on

    Beth Moorhead

    In 1935, the Federal Theatre Project gave jobs to unemployed actors, directors and stagehands across the country It also created some of the most memorable theater of the 1930 s and gave many Americans and opportunity to forget the cares of the day during the Great Depression A great glimpse at live theater, and a touch of Shakespears Macbeth and the superstitions associated with it.


    this book is about Kit and her friend Stirling spending their time in a theater that summer A lot of strange things are happening Kit and Stirling are determined to find out who The Thief In The Theater is Who is it Why did they do it This book is suspenseful.


    We love Kitbut this book just isn t working for us We are going to put it down for now The book is well written and the story line interesting enough perhaps we are just not in the right mood right now.




    So fun Always so fun.


    I thought this book was Bo ring at parts But also weird at parts


    This was a fun mystery book.

    Sheila Wilkins

    It s is an amazing book


    I don t like to read but last year I read it and literally could not put it down




    Nice addition for Kit I really love the inclusion of MacBeth and the MacBeth curse Quite fun


    Cute story with interesting info about theater during the Great Depression Not the best mystery, but it was a nice read.


    A great story for Kit filled with real mystery and history Unexpected turns throughout and a great reveal Loved it.


    Good mystery.


    these american girl mystery books are very well written


    This plot is WAY to easy to guess.


    I liked how the author puts a little bit of foreshadowing in it.

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