Apr 08, 2020
Hate Me
Posted by Jillian Dodd

There is an alternate cover edition for this ASIN here.From USA Today, bestselling author Jillian Dodd comes the sixth book in the addictive Keatyn Chronicles series Discover a breathless fairy tale romance with swoon worthy characters, suspense, and a glittering celebrity world Fans of Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, and reality TV will devour this pulse pounding, seThere is an alternate cover edition for this ASIN here.From USA Today, bestselling author Jillian Dodd comes the sixth book in the addictive Keatyn Chronicles series Discover a breathless fairy tale romance with swoon worthy characters, suspense, and a glittering celebrity world Fans of Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, and reality TV will devour this pulse pounding, sexy teen drama set against the backdrop of Hollywood and an East Coast boarding school Keatyn was told if she went away, the stalker would forget about her, lose interest, and move on But he hasn t In fact, her being gone has only made things worse for her family and friends So it s time to take matters into her own hands It s time for her to start fighting back.Hey, Vincent You ready for a little chaos

  • Title: Hate Me
  • Author: Jillian Dodd
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  • Page: 265
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Hate Me There is an alternate cover edition for this ASIN here From USA Today bestselling author Jillian Dodd comes the sixth book in the addictive Keatyn Chronicles series Discover a breathless fairy tale r


    5 ifly stars Words cannot express how much I love this series I ve re read all the books Some 3 4 times All my friends know how obsessed I am with the Keatyn Chronicles I am both saddened and super excited that this amazing series is coming to end So we had Stalk Me.Kiss Me Date Me.Love Med nowHate Me That title alone was enough to make me nervous I mean, who could hate Keatie She is the greatest It is so difficult to review these books I want to say so much, but I don t want to ruin anything He [...]

    Alexis *Reality Bites*

    SPOILER FREE REVIEW mature content reader discretion is advised.4.5 STARS out of 5Genre Young Adult Romance Suspense4.5 IFLY STARS I took my precious time and I posted zero updates because I want people to read and get the full experience that is Stalk Me Kiss Me Date Me Love Me HATE ME.Be prepared Jillian Dodd did an AMAZING job This book is daring, angst filled emotionally charged and shocking Excuse me while I step away to sip on something.Ok, I m back now Honestly I m still trying to wrap my [...]

    Jennifer Kyle

    ifly I fucking love you Fans of the series will definitely enjoy this installment as Keatyn ends up heading back to school Great scenes with the gang at school involving all sorts of activities as well as a lot of time spent with There were very steamy scenes as well as Keatyn trying to lure Vincent to make a move on her in an attempt to put an end to the danger that has separated her from her friends and family.Sadly, my guy seems to be out of the running Dawson Please Jillian give him another [...]


    Loved it but I m sooo glad I decided to wait until the final book was out before starting this, because that endingMoving on to Get Me ASAP Pre reading excitement Now that the final book is released, I canfinallycontinue with this series


    This is installment of The Keatyn Chronicles was a bit slower Hate Me had that transitional feel, so while some very important things happen, it wasn t quiet as entertaining as the other books have been That said after the 1 2 way mark, I was very interested things pick and heat up LOVED playing pool with Aiden And that ending has me super anxious to get my hands on Come and Get Me Who is Keatyn s moon boy Only one book to go


    5 I couldn t hate you if I tried StarsHate Me begins with Keatyn having to make a decision She has spent the last few books running and hiding from Vincent and she is tired of running She is exhausted and feels responsible for the hardship and turmoil Vincent has caused her, her friends and her family Keatyn has to make a choice continue to hide and wait or fight back What I loved about this installment lots and lots of God of All of Hotties Aiden is seriously one of the most swoon worthy charac [...]

    Mandy Morgan

    As always another amazing book in this fabulous series It has a little bit of everything and an ending that will have you crying for the next and last book I need Get Me like yesterday.

    Donna ~ The Romance Cover

    Hate Me Keatyn Chronicles 5 by Jillian Dodd5 IFLY stars It means we re going to survive the kiln, too No matter how high the heat I have to say, this is my favourite of the series so far and that is saying something I have always tried to justify reading this series to myself, as being 40 I should be past reading about high school antics and teenagers, but I am seriously addicted to this series I had a crap time at school, really really bad, the victim of bullies, my school life was hell, so I m [...]


    3.5 disappointed stars I got bored half the book That is a first in this series The last 30% of this book worths reading and I can t wait to finally read the last book Yessss 4 days to go Cannt wait my fav series of all timesCome to me baby Here a series that the the author writes the readers are addicted I woo you Jillian to write for us I must admit that I usually hate authors that extend the series and very often I do not continue to book 2 3 etc because it not interest me enough to go on M [...]


    Couldn t hate if i triedSetting Flirty and Dirty Book BlogScene D has just finished reading HATE ME Keatyn Chronicles 5 by Jillian Dodd She s blown away D loves the growth in Keatyn and how that has changed the story in an amazing way Keatyn isn t a self centered spoiled rich kid any Keatyn makes all her decisions and follows them for everyone close to her She is realizing what love is and how there are so many kinds of love for the various people in her life.Cut to Aiden still remains the Hotti [...]

    Tough Critic Book Reviews

    Punch me in the face It will make you feel better.It s the truth Always No matter what, or who I build my reviews on a foundation of honesty and random hilarity, but my honesty comes at a price Having developed many personal author relationships, voicing my opinion hurts It hurts real bad However, sincere candor is my promise, a promise I make no matter who wrote the book I read every single book sitting at the proverbial round table of life Everybody s equal If I was to rate this book based on [...]

    Andra Colman

    This book was good but not as great as the others It moved a little slower than the others and the plot was thinner I did enjoy the continuation of the series with this book I m eagerly awaiting the next book.

    Kellie Maddox-Ward

    I fucking love this series I don t care if it s about High School kids If I don t understand the clothes or designers they discuss It just makes me happy I just wish the next and the last was out now


    ARC provided by author for an honest review I did it again What is wrong with me Every single damn time I get my hands on a book in this series, I can not put it down And THIS one is going to leave me with a serious book hangover for quite a while That ending, UGH I don t even know how the hell I feel about it MY REVIEW PLEASE NOTE if you have not read the other books in this series, STOP NOW My review will contain spoilers and that is not my intent This series MUST be read in order and therefor [...]


    I was lucky to have the wonderful opportunity to beta read another book by the amazing Jillian Dodd Once again, she did not disappoint me I was suuuuuper apprehensive about reading this book I knew a lot of rough stuff was going to go down and I didn t know if I d be able to handle the emotional roller coaster I knew it was going to build.While following Keatyn through her life at Eastbrooke, the reader is not able to forget about why she s really there in the first place It s amazing how strong [...]


    Bbbbut WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY One word describes my feelings toward this series IFLY Once again Jillian Dodd provides us with another addicting installment to the Keatyn Chronicles I devoured in a just a few short hours and now I am KICKING MYSELF because I was the next one right away If you have not already joined the craziness that is the Keatyn Chronicles, please do yourself a favor and start right away You will not regret it


    Read This Series The books just get better and better as the series progresses I couldn t even begin to explain how much I enjoy these books I just do I m giddy as a school girl I await anxiously for the next and I truly believe I will have a nervous break down when it ends I can t think of one single thing I don t like about these books I am a fangirl at 40 for Jillian Dodd P.s I wish I was Keatyn, stalker and all


    Whghhhh I don t think I wanted a book as much as I want excuse me NEED THIS BOOK I can t wait until 2014 I think I might die even though there is a novella coming out in November They should change the title to need this desperately


    I can t wait till August

    Siobhan Davis

    Actual 3.5 Stars.Warning this review will be slightly spoilery if you haven t read the other books in this series yet.Lots of filler in this one which I had a tendency to skim BUT I love that the romance became steady and I LOVE Aiden he is incredible Keatyn takes some of the control back, but her actions weren t well thought out and the consequences were terrible I m still struggling to accept the stalker storyline as wholly credible but I m just going with the flow now B is an ass and if she [...]


    Christmas really does come in April I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of Hate Me When I saw it on my kindle, I can not tell you how happy and nervous I was at the same time This is one of my very favorite series and with the release of each book, I am a huge frazzled bundle of nerves I have been living in an Adore Me bubble, and honestly, I did not want to come out of it and have all my hopes and dreams burst I was highly apprehensive about this book and where the story would go It is v [...]

    Mr. Darcy"s lady Karinna

    Hate Me by Jillian DoddWarning be prepared for hottie god kisses and sexy abs throughout.OH.GOSH What a crazy ride Book 5 in the series and I m still on the edge of my seat, biting my nails, and basically freaking out every chapter If Aiden isn t Moon Boy at the end of this series I might cry Speaking of Aiden HOLY HOTTNESS BATMAN God Of All Hotties is the perfect name for him I love it when Alpha Aiden comes out.Keatyn has come into her own and has grown leaps and bounds from the spoiled girl i [...]


    4.5 stars Whhhhhhhaaaaaatttt UGH Aug needs to seriously hurry up This series is so addicting If you haven t started it yet, now is the time to do so Yes the book ends in a cliffy, but what do you expect It s the 2nd to last book, where everything will all play out In Hate Me Keatyn is taking back control of her life I love this Keatyn and how much she has grown I have a feeling she s going to be a bad ass in Get Me Loved it and can t wait for the final book where Keatyn will hopefully get her li [...]


    Little disappointed in this one it was just a little slower than the rest and it took me awhile to finish it just didn t keep my attention like the first books I am excited to see how all of this series wraps up I missed Dawson But Aiden was great too

    Michelle Finkle

    Ifly Jillian Dodd


    I m in mourning til August 31st FML ifly

    Nicole Tetrev

    Let me start by saying I LOVE LOVE LOVE this series, if there was any series I could hand pick to be made into a tv show THIS WOULD BE IT It has everything we crave drama, sex, relationships, love triangles, secrets , lies, mystery and danger One of my favorite things about Hate Me is that Keatyn starts to fight back, she isn t going to let Vincent dictate how this will all play out any She is sick of lying to her friends and she misses her family and she has decided it is time she came out to p [...]

    Marci Nelson

    I must admit that I have a horrible memory and can hardly ever remember the names of books, the authors that wrote them, or the character s names But this series is engraved in my memory, in my soul Jillian Dodd has once again done it by captivating my absolute attention by creating yet another masterpiece Bravo Jillian for providing suspense, passion, love, drama, and best of all, some kick ass quotes I shall keep this review spoiler free but am telling you, this is a must read series and won t [...]


    5 bazillion ifly starsY all this was freaking amazing and INTENSE I can t believe there s only one book left.I m so totally Team Aiden as much as I love some of the other guys, there s just no competition And seriously, that ending had me freaking out Like for reals, I need the next book ASAP.


    These books are so addicting There is always plenty of sweet, funny, sexy, and suspense Just really enjoy them Missed Riley as we only get a little of him in this one He really is my favorite character besides Keatyn and sexy Aiden We are gearing up for the big showdown with Vincent Bring on the final book

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