May 29, 2020
Take Me to Paradise
Posted by Olivia Cunning

They ve already had their happily ever afterSinners lead guitarist Brian Sinclair is desperately in love with his new wife, Myrna The only thing that could make their lives together perfect is if they started a family Try as they might and they do try, and try, and try it doesn t seem as if Myrna will ever conceive The newlyweds decide to take an overdue honeymThey ve already had their happily ever afterSinners lead guitarist Brian Sinclair is desperately in love with his new wife, Myrna The only thing that could make their lives together perfect is if they started a family Try as they might and they do try, and try, and try it doesn t seem as if Myrna will ever conceive The newlyweds decide to take an overdue honeymoon to Aruba while Brian waits for his band to go back on tour Perhaps with a little stress reducing relaxation and absolutely no rest they do have a baby to make Brian can give Myrna what she most desires.But is someone trying to take their happily ever after awayNot all is right in paradise One of Brian s overzealous fans keeps interrupting the happy couple s alone time And it seems there s behind this fan s actions than just exuberance for one of his favorite musicians Is his annoying behavior harmless or does something sinister lurk in the penthouse next door

  • Title: Take Me to Paradise
  • Author: Olivia Cunning
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    Take Me to Paradise They ve already had their happily ever afterSinners lead guitarist Brian Sinclair is desperately in love with his new wife Myrna The only thing that could make their lives together perfect is if they


    4 I Adore Brian StarsI loved this novella just like I knew I would Brian is my favorite band member and his honeymoon vignette did not disappoint I didn t expecting there to be a plot, so imagine my surprise when there actually was one It was small but it was there, and that s all that mattered to me.


    3.5 stars This is sweet and sexy novella I just hoped for a little bit of a development between Brian and Myrna Mostly, they just had passionate, smokin sex, which of course I liked very much

    Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞

    Brian and Myrna are trying to make a baby and with the band on a break, they decide to finally take a honeymoon and make some magic happen I really enjoy Brian and Myrna togetherey are really sweet Myrna has really come out of her shell and Brian is not complaining One of my favorite things is how romantic Brian isme of the things he says are just so wonderful It did make me laugh at poor Myrna trying to do the same And of course, these guys are steamywe are talking about the Sinners after all I [...]


    3.5 teasing starsTake Me to Paradise is the second epilogue to Back Stage Pass, it takes place right after Jace s book and before Eric s Brian and Myrna had their happily ever after, and now we come back to the couple that started it all Myrna clock is ticking and she is desperate borderline neurotic to have Brian s baby With all the practicing they ve been doing, it s amazing that they don t have their own stage crew Brian the incurable romantic, sets off to give him wife the honeymoon she dese [...]


    Hang on a minute More Sinners on Tour books you say What can I say other than We are not worthy, Olivia and this news is nothing short of being I don t know what happened to Sinners on Tour 6 but I ll take what I can get Olivia Cunning, you are my Rock n Roll Goddess and a STAR


    This was okay for me I need to try to not expect too much when it comes to novella, but I always find myself wanting This was about Brian and Myrna s honeymoon that they took after the bus accident Since Brian Sinclair was one if my very first book boyfriends, he holds a special place in my heart So I of course loved getting on him It was just a short story with some hijinx involved I d say if you re a big fan of the series, it s a nice revisit, otherwise not too much was missed.


    Ugh I just don t know.I love the series, but this book felt sooo unnecassary.It s essentially an epilogue at around 90 kindle pages It recaps on a lot of things in Brian and Myrna s book, which would be okay if there was pages, but it took up quite a bit of space There was also a lot of sex, a little bit of drama, and some trouble in paradise.But I just didn t feel like I needed to read any of it Maybe if it was a whole novel then it would have been worth it.Nice to see them both again though.

    Kim Carpenter

    I want to hear about trey I was sad that he was not even really in sinners altars


    Dessert for Sinners groupies out there We get to go on Brian and Myrna s honeymoon with them Fun, sweet, rock n roll sexy


    POV Third Person MaleRating Short and sweet with lots and lots of sexy times I think the scene with the toy was particularly hot Brian the romantic one of The Sinners has always been my favorite Yeah, he was a badass, famous metal guitarist who thought he just might die if he didn t get to cuddle with his wife at that exact moment, and if anyone had a problem with that, well, fuck them.This time it was Myrna s turn to return all the favor while they re on their honeymoon in Aruba They were tryin [...]


    It was great to catch up with Sinners again Hope book two is released soon.


    Backstage Pass is one of my favorite books and the Sinners will always be one of my favorite series, but I just didn t feel like much was accomplished in this book It s a very sexy and short honeymoon story with Brian and Myrna where we get of their insatiable appetite for one another, but nothing seemed to progress their story further in this one either They are on the quest to make a baby and, given all the sex these two have, I was kind of shocked it hadn t happened already That being said t [...]

    Sweets Books

    4 CupcakesI loved Brain and Myrna s story from the beginningbut in this one I don t know why but I couldn t stand Mryna at all Myrnae just seemed cold and stand offish to me throughout the book I mean yeah she tried to be romantic but it just seemed so forced and maybe I m just one of them that if isn t natural then don t force it.Brainhe was better in this book then the last few I read with him in it He seemed HIM Overall I just loved getting to catch up somewhat with my favorite rocker Till n [...]

    Dicey Grenor

    Short and dirty Brian and Myrna are one of the hottest couples in fiction Admittedly, Trey is my favorite Sinner, but I d take Brian any day of the week My husband and I had no trouble having children, but he is six years younger than me, and I was worried about having old eggs in my mid 30 s I felt a connection with Myrna s character in that regard Overall, it was good to check in with the band Recommended to Sinners on Tour fanswho enjoy lots of sex scenes.

    Lisa - (Aussie Girl)

    Guilty pleasure all the way it was a quickie but what can I say Brian is my favourite Sinner He s such a combination of sweet and hot and Myrna is perfect for him 3.5 stars

    Sofia Lazaridou

    How could I not love this book It s not only that this is a continuation of one of my favorite series, but it was also a great epilogue for Myrna and Brian It was too short for me and I fell that 100 pagea are in need I just don t want to exit the world of Sinners Olivia Cunning as usual did a perfect job on this book and I bet that not even a single person will complain about anything on this book Except maybe the length of it.I cant wait for the other four books Even though all the guys got t [...]

    Aղցela W.

    You gotta love Brian This was a short quick story about one of my favorite kinky couples Brian and Myrna decide to go on their over do honeymoon so they go to Aruba Myrna is stressed out about not getting pregnant right away and the bus accident They also have to deal with a fan that takes pictures of the and sold them online to Myrna s ex husband This was a short quick read that I enjoyed I just wished that I could have gotten updates on the other couples This book was very well written like al [...]

    [~Ami~]♥Sexy Dexy♥

    More More More I m always happy or Sinners


    This installment of Sinners shows Brian and Myrna on their honeymoon in Aruba when they encounter a pair of weirdo stalkers This is a cute little installment in the series The Sinners in the world, the better, I say 4 Stars.

    Eteline Rangel

    Bueno la verdad es que s lo por ser una historia m s de los Sinners le pongo entre un 3.5 y 4 ESTRELLAS porque soy una gran fan de esta serie, pero la verdad es que no logro entender, el porqu la autora sac esta historia cuando lo hizo, pues realmente deber a estar numerada en el orden de lectura como la 3.5 y no 6.1, qu sentido ten a hacerlo as , pues claramente deb a ir antes que la historia de Eric Honestamente no lo entiendo mucho ahora no me mal interpreten, la historia est muy bien ya que [...]

    Trader (RedHotBlueReads)

    Okay, I ll admit I m a sucker for a Brian Myrna story and this one started out really great It captured the feeling of everything I liked about these two from Backstage Pass But the ending focused too much on stories I d already read in previous books instead of coming up with some new material It would have been okay to leave it at Brian and Myrna s struggles to get pregnant Lots of peeps can relate to that storyline, without bringing in Myrna s ancient history, again So that sort of took some [...]


    This was a shortish epilogue that I believe has been published before I was torn between giving it three or four stars, but ultimately went with 4 stars because it was an interesting addition to the series in general We get to revisit old favorites, and see how they react as a married couple to the highs and lows of Brian s fame The romantic day that Myrna planned was quite sweet, and while I didn t find the sex scenes all that steamy, I thought they added to the book nicely All in all, a great [...]

    Amanda Sheila

    Ugh, I m so pissed at those stalker, so called fans If I were there, I ll smack the light out of them Short story after the happy ever after of Myrna and Brian In this book, we ll see a glimpse of their honeymoon and how they re attempting to have baby But they re so hard to get vacation got ruined by crazy stalkers Could they finally save their honeymoon It s been a while Olivia Cunning is one of the first author I ve read on my beginning of reading year, that s why she always held a special pl [...]

    Dana ~ The Dirty Smut"atter

    Well I can t say a single bad thing about this short honeymoon storyI wanted so much of Master Sinclair I guess it being a short story I can t complain as we get a ton of heat level and some amazing sex which you can never doubt from The Sinners I really wish this one would have come out before Eric and Trey s books it was still great to finally see behind The Master I guess I never could figure out why he didn t see into the whole Trey dilemma before and Myrna knows without a doubt the extend [...]


    Take Me to Paradise Brian and Myrna have been married for almost a year when they are finally able to have a real honeymoon in the Bahamas Take Me to Paradise is set at the end of Hot Ticket, when the band is unable to tour because of the tragic happenings in Canada.


    Chronology of publishing is a mess in this series, and this short is no exception It s disorienting to have Trey s HEA but find ourselves back on Mirna and Brian s honeymoon Worse, the structure of this story reads like clips cut from a larger piece, the final two vignettes felt disjointed.


    I found myself laughing when reading this one Myrna trying to be romantic and the fails, then the stalker fans, so much clamity I was glad that Brain finally took a hard line with them, that by doing that they were able to make sure Myrna was safe back home again.

    Jeimmy Rey

    Una muy buena lectura, Brian es genial.



    Naiu Herondale

    BRIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN fue demasiado corto necesito mas de Brian

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