Jul 03, 2020
O is for Outlaw
Posted by Sue Grafton

Through fourteen books, fans have been fed short rations when it comes to Kinsey Millhone s past a morsel here, a dollop there We know of the aunt who raised her, the second husband who left her, the long lost family up the California coast But husband number one remained a blip on the screen until now.The call comes on a Monday morning from a guy who scavenges defaulteThrough fourteen books, fans have been fed short rations when it comes to Kinsey Millhone s past a morsel here, a dollop there We know of the aunt who raised her, the second husband who left her, the long lost family up the California coast But husband number one remained a blip on the screen until now.The call comes on a Monday morning from a guy who scavenges defaulted storage units at auction Last week he bought a stack They had stuff in them Kinsey stuff For thirty bucks, he ll sell her the lot Kinsey s never been one for personal possessions, but curiosity wins out and she hands over a twenty she may be curious but she loves a bargain What she finds amid childhood memorabilia is an old undelivered letter.It will force her to reexamine her beliefs about the breakup of that first marriage, about the honor of that first husband, about an old unsolved murder It will put her life in the gravest peril O Is for Outlaw Kinsey s fifteenth adventure into the dark side of human nature.

  • Title: O is for Outlaw
  • Author: Sue Grafton
  • ISBN: 9780805059557
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Hardcover
  • O is for Outlaw Through fourteen books fans have been fed short rations when it comes to Kinsey Millhone s past a morsel here a dollop there We know of the aunt who raised her the second husband who left her the


    Book Review4 out of 5 stars for O is for Outlaw, the 15th book in the Kinsey Millhone mystery series, written in 1999 by Sue Grafton What an amazing treat for longtime fans of this series with the O alphabet book We ve known Kinsey for a long time, but very little about her life before the books began We met the ex husband s , heard a snippet here and there, but we never actually got a lot of details about this wonderful heroine Well now we do and than we d hoped When she buys a box of belongin [...]


    Finished the book on audio I don t like the new reader She makes Kinsey sound older She sounds like Kinsey s name should be Judy I know that IS the reader s real name But her voice ages her and puts her in the era when a quirky funky name like Kinsey just did not happen Henry sounds like a much older and frail sounding man Not someone that Kinsey found as an much older bur still very attractive man Rosie sounds like a curly haired busy body flake, not the tall dark and brooding madam that she s [...]


    I realized as I was reading this book that it was out of a commitment to finish the alphabet with Sue Grafton than out of a love for the character I feel like the series has been up and down in terms of my interest The books O, P and Q are where my interest really flagged off If you are going to start the series do not read O,P or Q first Cuz you won t pick up another one In this book Kinsey delves into her past and is revealed about her than in any other book Normally that has me chomping at [...]


    Kinsey gets a call from a guy who came across some memorabilia from her youth after he purchased the contents of a storage unit at auction Kinsey buys the stuff from the guy and starts going through it She finds a old letter that she had never read A letter than makes her take a second look at some things from her first marriage The 15th book in the Kinsey Millhone series This one was a personal story for Kinsey She s not working on any case She s looking into her own past, and connecting with [...]

    Petula Darling

    After reading 15 books in this series I can t help but marvel at what a great job Kinsey does at keeping the peace in California, since she s clearly the only person who is capable of solving a crime or putting away criminals.I m than happy to let Kinsey step in for the police when it can be justified, as it makes for an interesting story I hate it, however, when Sue Grafton has the police involved in a story only to have them bungle everything ridiculously It s one thing to have them unable to [...]


    A storage space scavenger calls Kinsey Millhone saying that he has items that once belonged to her A rented storage space has fallen into arrears, and he has bought the contents The storage space had been rented by Mickey Magruder, Kinsey s first ex husband.Kinsey buys a box of items that were originally hers In it, she finds a letter addressed to her that reached Mickey after she had left The letter is from a woman named Dixie Hightower, a barmaid From it, Kinsey learns that Mickey had had an a [...]

    Nancy Moore

    Awesome read Through 14 books in the series, we never found out anything about Kinsey s first husband, Mickey Magruder In this 15th book in the series, Kinsey has heard nothing from Mickey and hasn t even thought about him in years Suddenly her past comes to haunt her when she receives a visit from police informing her that Mickey has been shot and is fighting for his life and she may be a suspect We go on a suspense filled journey with Kinsey to find out who shot Mickey.

    Sandie Buto

    Grafton always delivers when I need an easy escape read.

    mitchell k dwyer

    This far into the series, the best thing about a Kinsey Milhone book is what it adds to a reader s understanding of and liking for the main character Author Sue Grafton knows this, and she seems to be pacing herself through the remainder of the alphabet with developments in Kinsey s love life, revelations about her past, and coming to terms with abandonment issues in the face of new relationships with family members she s only known about for a short time.In N is for Noose, Grafton sweeps Kinsey [...]


    O , the things one does while waiting for a car inspection I would have rather talked to the fat man sitting next to me Alas, he was on his cell phone for hours, must have a sweet battery, so I was left choosing between year old copies of Better Homes and Gardens and this P.O.S I regret my choice Did I have to know that when the protagonist backed from a parking space, she first turned the key then put the car in reverse Really Every fucking time How bout just once she forgets to start the car, [...]


    I ve started reading the alphabet series from this one, and I loved it It had the twists, the thrill However, I didn t like Kinsey much I mean she breaks into people s houses to find evidence, I know it s for the investigation, but she admitted that she enjoys doing it.So when she was caught red handed, I said serve you right Other than that, she s fine The novel digs up Kinsey s past, precisely, an unsolved murder which her ex husband, Mickey was accused of and which made him resign from the p [...]


    4 Stars updated after much thought 5 1 16 This was a good story, with a lot of missing pieces to the puzzle Why was her ex husband shot ANDwhat in the heck does that have to do with Kinsey, 15 years after they were divorced She hasn t even seen him in that time There are many clues as to what is going on, but for the life of me I could not figure it out until the very end Sometimes, people are just crazy It was the least likely place for me to turn Oh well, good story nonetheless.

    Una Tiers

    While Kinsey is clever, this book is depressing The central figure, Mickey, has no role other than to lie in bed like a soap opera victim while their contract is renegotiated.


    The BookKinsey isn t too concerned when a storage unit salvage man contacts her, he found a box of her possessions and figures she d be interested in having them back, curiosity killed the cat or so the saying goes, and in typical PI fashion Kingsey soon finds herself dangerously close to meeting that very fate The box introduces us to a past we know nothing about, her first ex husband,Mickey and the cause of their failed marriage He s been shot, in ICU and in a coma Determined to find the culpr [...]

    Jordan Berg

    I love Sue Grafton s book as she follows private eye Kinsey Millhone through the alphabet Her books reflect the dying art of private eye mystery books Sue Grafton is genius at playing homage to this classic genre while updating it with her heroine Kinsey That is why I was so disappointed by O for Outlaw This one is sentimental than her other books and it suffers because of it While I was glad to learn about Kinsey, it is certainly not Grafton s strong writing skills If you like this series it [...]


    At least we had a live character in this book worth rooting for and so glad Duffy came through for Kinsey in the end The last two books before this one didn t really give me someone besides Kinsey to root for and I found those stories to drag me down This one on the other hand was exciting, gave us someone to root for and opened up some of Kinsey s past Her first ex husband Mickey is an interesting character and I could see how Kinsey fell for him in the past versus her other ex husband Daniel T [...]


    It s been years gulp, decades since I read Sue Grafton, and in that time I d forgotten how much I liked Kinsey Millhone In many ways she s the most realistic of the PIs found in this genre, and she seems especially human now, following the box which inexplicably leads her back into her past from an angle she did not suspect.


    My fave of the Millhone books because she visits my hometown Louisville KY Grafton is actually from here and for her to have Louisville Male High School in 1985 as a part of the book was so cool I graduated in 81

    Connie Becerra

    I ve always enjoyed this series, but it s been a few years since I ve read one I really enjoyed this one it felt like visiting an old friend I haven t seen in a long time It s a good read.


    Right out of the gate I am not liking this book In the preface Mrs Grafton tut tut s her readers about their questions of the time line In this she points out that in this the now 15th book we have gone from the year 1982 to 1986 and Kinsey is currently 36 years oldy reader would know this because she often gives Kinsey s age in her introduction of Kinsey to the reader in every book but usually the date pops up multiple times No need to try and shame your whole audience on the questions of a few [...]


    For gumshoe Kinsey Millhone, the year is May 1986 and she has just turned 36 years old Sue Grafton explains prior to the novel s start that for Kinsey, time moves slower, but at no fault of her own Grafton says that A is for Alibi began in May 1982, B is for Burglar takes place in June 1982, and C is for Corpse is in August 1982 and so on bringing us to May 1986.In this novel, Kinsey Millhone receives a phone call from a stranger, claiming he has a box salvaged from storage with her mementos in [...]


    RATING 3.75One of the craftiest things that Sue Grafton has done in the writing of the Kinsey Millhone series is to be miserly about revealing information about Kinsey s past throughout the books In that way, she keeps a part of Kinsey unknown to her readers In O is for Outlaw, Grafton focuses on a part of Kinsey s past that many are very curious about, her first marriage to a cop named Mickey Magruder.Kinsey is approached by a man who buys old auction items or abandoned storage bins and then tr [...]

    Woody Chandler

    I still do not think of this as hard boiled detective fiction, but the series is becoming plausible with each novel There is an exposition in the edition that I read that explains that the timeline begins in 1982 and this novel, published in 1999, is set in 1986 It seems like an unnecessary obstacle to place in one s way as a writer, but Ms Grafton seems okay with it I still do not understand all of the exposition in terms of driving and the interiority, much of which strikes me as navel gazing [...]

    Benjamin Thomas

    The 15th novel in the Alphabet series featuring Kinsey Millhone is once again, a classic Sue Grafton mystery novel I m reading these books in order and it is fun to watch the character of Kinsey Millhone progress through her adventures and especially when we get to learn about her earlier life This novel really goes into her past because this time the client for her PI skills is none other than her first husband whom she has not been in contact with since their brief marriage ended 14 years ago [...]


    My 5 star rating may be based a bit on being so happy to reconnect with my fictional friend Kinsey It s been almost a year in my time, but still it s May 1986 in Kinsey time as far as I can figure So she is still 36 Her birthday is later this month unless I ve lost a year, that is True to Grafton s usual timetable, O was published in 1999, a year after N Kinsey still uses notecards to organize her case ideas and pay phones when she needs a contact out in the field Interestingly, I didn t pick up [...]

    Brooke ♥booklife4life♥

    Basic InfoFormat AudioPages Length 10hrs and 36minsGenre Mystery At A GlanceLove Triangle Insta Love Obsession No.Cliff Hanger Eh.Triggers n aRating 2.5 StarsScore SheetAll out of tenCover 5Plot 5Characters 6World Building 5Flow 5Series Congruity n a Writing 6Ending 6Total 5In DeptBest Part Interesting series Worst Part I was a bit lost.Thoughts Had Hm Plum is that you ConclusionContinuing the Series yesRecommending yesShort Review This is my first Kinsey Millhone Mystery book Yes i am reading t [...]

    aPriL does feral sometimes

    Kinsey is getting and cowboy as her past relationships change from what she had previously decided about them Guilt from ignoring or walking away from people who got to close to her in her past seems to fuel a rage to throw herself into her PI work years later when those folk come back If I were a psychiatrist I d say she has an attachment disorder This book reveals about the first marriage she had with a cop She self describes herself as starry eyed and naive, but I think she got a divorce v [...]


    3 1 2 starsI usually listen to audio books on tape in the car Sadly, right in the middle of this one, my cassette player decided to quit working That meant I had to make time to finish this up at home, thus explaining the length of time it took to listen to this.I ve only read one other of this series some years back so have very little of the MC s history Learning the history of her marriage and subsequent split added some nice dimension to the story even if it seemed to muddle the plot a littl [...]


    I have enjoyed each of the installments in the alphabet series This one is particularly interesting because we learn about Kinsey s personal life, particularly about her first marriage I have always liked her as a protagonist she s tough and down to earth She can hold her own with the police, with rich folks, with grungy lowlifes I wish I knew some of the things she knows picking locks is a cool skill She does put herself into some dangerous situations It was fun for me, in this story, when she [...]


    Phew thank goodness this book is much better than the last one There was a small streak of Kinsey books I didn t like as much, but this one reminded me why I love this series I was completely intrigued by this mystery that she got caught up in This story did a great job of giving us glimpses of Kinsey s personal past, bringing back people from her pre PI life I also appreciate they way bad characters and good characters are really portrayed as both, and nothing is black and white I love the way [...]

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