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Deighton s most ambitious and enthralling novel yet takes us into the tumult of the Winter family and the conflict between deeply attached brothers Peter and Paul Charming Paul is drawn early and forever into the Nazi orbit, while intellectual Peter is repelled by Nazism, dedicated to the principles of German democracy.

  • Title: Winter
  • Author: Len Deighton
  • ISBN: 9780394551777
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Winter Deighton s most ambitious and enthralling novel yet takes us into the tumult of the Winter family and the conflict between deeply attached brothers Peter and Paul Charming Paul is drawn early and fore


    Spike Jones Der Fuehrer s Face Description Winter takes us into a large and complex family drama, into the lives of two German brothers both born close upon the turn of the century, both so caught up in the currents of history that their story is one with the story of their country, from the Kaiser s heyday through Hitler s rise and fall A novel that rings powerfully true, a rich and remarkable portrait of Germany in the first half of the twentieth century.In his portrait of a Berlin family duri [...]

    Hondo Murray

    One of the BEST books I ve EVER read I was impressed with how you re drawn into Germany s history, from the turn of the century thru WWI up until the end of WWII He not only TELLS you about dates and situations but makes you feel like you re RIGHT THERE in the MIDDLE of it allHe knows how to bring history to life in a way that books and documentaries can t trust me, I ve read and seen a lot of them by involving you in the lives of two brothers who are struggling to decide who they are GO GET IT [...]


    This book of historical fiction weaves political, military and historical facts related to the First and Second World War into a fictional story about two brothers Peter, the older by three years, and Paul, the younger born in Vienna in 1900 Their father is German, their mother American Through this family, of both German and American heritage, we come to see how Hitler came to power in Germany and how wars splinter and do not splinter family bonds The historical details are flawless The researc [...]


    I really enjoyed this book I ve seen other reviews that say this book is about a family living through World War II and to say that really short changes this magnificent novel It s the story of a family from 1899 to 1945, as the title says It focuses on the lives of two brothers, the youngest is born on New Year s Day of 1900 Through this family we witness the rise of Germany as a world power, it s defeat in WWI, the recovery of the country and the rise to power of the Nazis afterward to the eve [...]


    This is probably one of the books that inspired me to write in the first place It s an amazing story, so well told The characters have stayed with me for fifteen years.


    If you want a long saga that would do well on tv this is it After 400 pages the charectors are still flat and without emotional depth Deighton just isnt up to the level of LeCarre Now with all that said, Deighton is good at bringing little known historical elements into his story One gets a day to day picture of life in war torn Berlin, both WWI and WWII Little things like street travel herb tea, subway tunnels For Deighton lovers there are charactors introduce here that will play out in later n [...]

    Elliott Bignell

    It has been 25 years since I last read Len Deighton, and my mother lent me this copy because she was interested in checking the historical veracity of the events This being so, that s where I ll start, by saying that Deighton clearly does his homework, and knows both wartime history and Germany very well indeed Although the characters are Berliner, parts of the story are based around the Bodensee, which I know very well, and here again Deighton never puts a foot wrong Except that he describes it [...]


    This is one of the best books I ve ever read I m shattered.Why do I like it so much Hmm, where to begin The historical scope The sheer breadth of it is staggering The book encompasses the time from the beginning of the 20th century and up until 1945, just after the end of World War II, so it spans over nearly half a century It tells Germany s history of that period through the lives of one family, the Winters We experience the early 1900s, buzzing with excitement over bold new inventions and mir [...]

    Simon Mcleish

    Originally published on my blog here in July 2004.After the phenomenal success of the first trilogy of Bernard Samson novels, Deighton wrote Winter as a sort of prequel Sort of because it doesn t actually involve many of the characters from the trilogy being mainly about their parents and grand parents during the first half of the twentieth century and has a very different focus it is really about the rise of Hitler This is Deighton s attempt to explain just why so many Germans came to support t [...]


    If you don t like this then you don t like historical fiction This book is a prequel to the extensive trio of trilogies Len Deighton wrote starting with Mexico Game, going through Hook, and then Faith The latter trilogies are cold war spy thrillers that are complicated is that spy a double or a triple agent while Winter is classic historical fiction which provides the background for the characters in the cold war trilogies Winter tracks the post WWI German family, establishes the forces that be [...]


    A stunning tour de force by Deighton, linking as a pre history of some of the characters of his earlier Game, Set, and Match Incorporating factual history with his own fictional world I often refer to it when rereading the earlier series and the later continuations His favourite subject of Airships take a starring role together with references to to the beginnings of the film industry in America, the film world being another favourite.


    Magnificent It highlights beautifully the moral complexity of the choices that Germans have to confront during this critical period of European history Highly recommended to anybody interested in this tragic and fascinating period.

    Bill Gawne

    I got this book because I wanted a novel that took an in depth look at Germany during the Weimar Republic It most certainly delivered Unlike most readers of this book, I haven t read any of Len Deighton s other work, so I can t yet fit it into the overall story arc But as a stand alone historical novel, it s excellent.It is also really, really depressing But how could a story about two brothers in Germany during the first four decades of the 20th century not be Deighton shows us, in no uncertain [...]


    I always have been intrigued at how the Holocaust could happen and how a people could be okay with it This book answers it and is pretty well summed up in the quote about en they came for the trade unionists and since I wasn t a trade unionist I said nothing But it goes beyond tells how families societies made room for the Nazi s and Hitler s policies.


    Winter A Berlin Family 1899 1945 is a very moving novel that is sometimes hard to read because you can t help but feel bad for the family Len Deighton does a fantastic job of illustrating life in Berlin shortly before the turn of the century and till the end of World War Two I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys history or family drama.

    Marc Coton

    I read this last in the series game, set,match, hook, line, sinker, faith, hope, charity, winter and it really helps explain the characters Makes me want to read them all again

    Gareth Evans

    Fine historical montage of early twentieth century Germany Even finer when read in conjunction with the Sansom novels.


    One of the best epic stories I have ever read family drama, WWII, espionage, adventure, even a bit of romance Four stars becasue some of the writing lags in places.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

    Woody Chandler

    It is fitting that I have been reading Winter during the past few days as we are in the midst of an Arctic blast of frigid air that meteorologists are saying may be the coldest snap of this winter of 2017 18.I have been reading through the Bernard Samson series of trilogies lately, but when I finished Faith , I realized that I do not own Hope , so I requested it from my local library decided to pick up this one to fill the gap in the interim First off, this is a massive, sprawling book, ranging [...]

    Jasmeet Kalra

    the book mostly revealed the lives of people post WW1 and the conditions that lead to rise of third Reich it is not the best writing but a gripping page turning story nonetheless.


    Really disappointing, a disjoint mess of a book Hated all the characters, the plot s went every which way, and just a slog to finish I find myself finishing a few books for my list that I probably would have given up on if not for This book is one of those I only finished for Still willing to try some other Deighton books, but this was a real dog in my opinion.


    This is a novel that details the lives of two German brothers through both World War I and World War II They end up taking very different paths, one ultimately working for the Nazi party and the other for the United States military intelligence.I found the book to be intensely interesting, partly because it gave me some insight into the complicated and confusing state of German politics in the inter war years It became easier for me to understand the various motivations that led people to suppor [...]


    An actual paperback Have had this for ages Was re shelving my books and found this Deighton is a good writer and I m fascinated by anything German, as I ve studied the language This did not disappoint, although it took me awhile to understand the reason for the ending.The value of the book is that we get to see Germany from the inside in this fictional account of two brothers with an American mother and a seemingly cold German industrialist father Wealthy, raised in Berlin, one goes the way of t [...]


    God, what a sprawling story of a family unravelling Technically it s a prequel to the Bernard Samson novels, but it s mostly tangental The one Samson we get to know in this book is Bernard s father, and even then he s of a secondary character There s connections to the stories set during the cold war, but you don t have to know them to enjoy the story Deighton goes deep, throwing the sort of obscure details that add color to all the characters, even the historical ones He manages to gracefully [...]


    1 2Typically solid Deighton goodness Interesting to follow a German family from pre WWI to the catastrophic aftermath of der Zweiten Welten Krieg The two main character are brothers who find themselves on opposite sides of the War Also fascinating was to see how, for Germans, WWII built up because of things that happened in Germany immediately following the Armistice on 11 11 1918 It s easy see how the German people s historical culture and political philosophies fed the nightmare that became Hi [...]


    Thank goodness I finished this book because now I can get on with my holiday preparations It was the kind of story I didn t want to put down The lives of two brothers, Peter and Paul, were played out against early 20th century German history Their paths are chosen by their father Harald, who had very rigid ideas of his own, as befitted the times The relationships against this historical backdrop are fascinating And although the the book is some 600 pages, I do wonder about some of the periphery [...]

    Sarah Harkness

    I read this because it seemed to be a natural progression from the Hook Line and Sinker Trilogy, which I am really enjoying It is an excellent waltz through 50 years of German history, and the plotting is neatly done I thought it ended far too abruptly, with still many questions unanswered and at the speed I read, which many would say is too fast, it didn t strike me as great literature none of the characters are sympathetic or even very likeable But it was gripping and fun, and the choice of sn [...]

    Sharang Limaye

    The story is supposed to be tragic but leaves one cold The style of informing the reader of momentous events in the protagonists s lives through casual conversation as against actually describing them as they happen makes for a dull reading experience It s a shame as here was a tale that held the promise of being epic Instead Deighton settles for the just above average Not bad but not good enough


    This is much the same story as Herman Wouck s War And Remembrance except it is from the German point of view with American s and Jew s whereas War and Remembrance is from the American point of view with Germans and Jews It was depressing It was well written and held my interest for the most part but it was just too depressing thus the low mark.

    Clive Warner

    An excellent book based on a Berlin family going through WW2 Well written and absorbing Highly recommended Authentic detail.

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