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The year is 2011, and Somalia s civil war has been raging for two decades Amina s world is shattered when government forces come to arrest her artist father and rebel forces kidnap her brother Can Amina use her own street art to provide a voice for others like herself

  • Title: Amina
  • Author: J.L. Powers
  • ISBN: 9781743312490
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Paperback
  • Amina The year is and Somalia s civil war has been raging for two decades Amina s world is shattered when government forces come to arrest her artist father and rebel forces kidnap her brother Can Ami


    This is a book in the Through My Eyes series, each of which is a stand alone novel by a different author, that tell stories of young people living in contemporary conflict zones around the world Amina s story takes place in Mogadishu, Somalia during 2011 At the beginning of the story things seem pretty good for her family They are healthy, all of them are together, and they have a home, food, and the money to buy what they need However, the reader soon realizes that this family is actually just [...]

    Reading is my Escape

    Art brings hope, even in war The debris was her canvas, the detritus of war her personal collection of art materials And the itch in her fingertips drove her to keep creating, no matter how dangerous it was to do it Chapter 1 She wanted both freedom and safety but she knew that was impossible Chapter 1 Sometimes she forgot the fear, but when she remembered, it was worse than if she d never forgotten Because what kind of person could forget that you were living in the middle of a warzone Chapter [...]

    Penny Reeve

    Amina is the story of a girl and her family in Mogadishu, Somalia As her country suffers the ongoing effects of long lasting civil war, and continued unrest, Amina s family is torn apart Her father is an artist who paints pictures that question the conflict and the status quo When he is arrested, the family is left to fend for themselves without a reliable means of income They live under constant threat Amina, a budding artist herself, moves around the city in secret to draw, write of build piec [...]


    This book tells the story of a young teenage girl and her family living in war torn Mogadishu, Somalia In some ways, it s difficult to read because the lives that these people live are so incomprehensible to a western ear To survive on half a banana and a cup of rice to never leave your house for fear that you would be killed to have family members snatched right in front of you and have no power to do anything about it Wow But through it all, Amina doesn t ask for pity or even help She just con [...]

    Vonia Adams

    This book was an eye opener and couldn t have been inspiring.The writing was so descriptive and pulled you in as reader It lets you experience life through the eyes of a Somali teenage girl in the last years of the Somalian civil war You feel her joy and her challenges, her hunger and her pain This book brought me to tears than a few times Amina experiences so much and yet still finds a way to not only survive but thrive The book does not sugarcoat any of her struggles, but still manages to le [...]

    Edward Sullivan

    Set in 2011 in Mogadishu, Somalia where civil war has raged for two decades, Amina s world crumbles when the government arrests her artist father and rebel forces kidnap her brother She tries to find a sense of hope in the art she creates and it soon resonates with many people in the city s underground world A realistic, richly detailed, touching story that would be great for class or group discussion Includes an author s note and timeline providing historical context.


    An interesting story set in Somalia a few years ago I liked the way that art and artistic expression was so important to Amina and helped her to work through her life experiences I had to pause a few times to wonder whether particular opinions were true to the character, or whether they reflected the non Somali author s views, but the emotional responses to the events all felt true.

    Rosanne Hawke

    Amina by JLPowers is another great title in The though my Eyes series about children living in present day war zones created by Lyn White Amina lives in Somalia and is a street artist See author interview, book trailer and excellent teacher notes at http throughmyeyesbooks


    Amina and her family are caught up in the civil war in Somalia Facing starvation and with her brother and father kidnapped arrested, Amina must use her artistic skills to send a message of hope and also for raising money for food.


    it has an interesting story line and it shows the category issues for our reading challenge


    A really enjoyable read suitable for Year 5 to 8 The story was well written and held the readers interest as you followed the journey of Amina.


    Be prepared to feel pain, fear, hunger, sorrow, pride, and creativity I know so little of Somalia, but this book proves that human emotion knows no boundaries, cultures, skin color, religion or genderOK TALK The al Shabaab militants are in control of Amina s life They have damaged her home and placed the lives of her fellow citizens under strict fundamental laws Amina s father is an artist and his paintings reflect the fear and terror felt by the people As a result the al Shabaab arrest him The [...]

    Amelia Kuhn

    This was a amazing book because Amina is the girl and the story and the hardships she goes through are not only true but real life events and the details make you feel like you are there I did not want to put this book down when Amina is the one collecting food for her family when she knew it was dangerous but she risked everything for her family I think this was a great book for anyone who likes adventure, suspense, History or true and first hand events.


    I accidentally checked out this book, trying to find another book, and stumbled upon a great series of books Through My Eyes about children in war torn countries and their experiences Amina and her family are caught up in the civil war in Somalia in 2011 Facing starvation and with her brother kidnapped and father arrested, Amina uses her artwork to create a message of hope Her art is not only provides hope, but also a way to survive and buy food.

    Bryn Potter

    Amina is a book about a girl living the life of a Somalian.Disturbed by war her brother and father taken away from her.Will she ever see them again

    Vanessa Mozayani

    Set in Somalia, this story tells of a brave girl living in horrifying times in war torn Mogadishu A good read.


    Despite the civil war that has torn their country apart, Amina s family remains determined to stay in Somalia Her father, a former university professor, is an artist whose work is considered controversial, but it brings in money for the family s survival Amina also enjoys creating art, but the family is devastated when al Shabaab soldiers arrest him for his artwork Amina s brother also is kidnapped by soldiers on the street, leaving the women Amina, her pregnant mother, and grandmother to fend f [...]


    Amina J L Powers Through My Eyes Series It is powerful to walk in another person s shoes, and live their life for a while Though the Through My Eyes series is fictitious, this novel is still a powerful account of real life events events so overwhelming that you wonder how anyone can live through them or have hope for the future Young Amina struggles once her father and brothers are abducted by Muslim extremists in Mogadishu, Somalia Amina, with her pregnant mother and grandmother, slowly starves [...]

    Diane Hropic

    Excellent book for young readers It describes the life and culture of war torn Mogadishu through the eyes of a teenage girl It s a great story to help young readers develop an understanding of life in less fortunate parts of the world I rated this book a two because as an adult reader I found it difficult to connect emotionally with the character, but I did appreciate the story she had to tell.


    I have finished this book and i loved it It certainly wasnt my favourite book but it was very intrieging Alot of the time this book was quite boring and made me stop reading it for a while It was quite intense and sad so I dont recommend this book if you are sensitive but recommend it if you like action Altogether I liked this book and rate it a 3 1 2 stars.

    English Classes

    I found Amina to be an interesting book with many great aspects I would recommend this book to anyone interested on learning about the war or her culture.


    Heartbreaking but gives you a ray of hope At such a young age people go through alot just to survive leaves the reader wondering x

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