Mar 28, 2020
The Lies that Save Us
Posted by J.L. Redington

Alexa is beautiful, smart and alone in the world, a result of devastating losses in her life She purchased a diner in the quiet out of the way town of Startup, Washington and hired employees to help run it She s just beginning to feel secure in her loneliness brSuddenly her world is jolted awake by Cayman, a handsome young stranger that enters her diner seeminglAlexa is beautiful, smart and alone in the world, a result of devastating losses in her life She purchased a diner in the quiet out of the way town of Startup, Washington and hired employees to help run it She s just beginning to feel secure in her loneliness brSuddenly her world is jolted awake by Cayman, a handsome young stranger that enters her diner seemingly from nowhere Event s happen quickly, and soon Alexa is deep into secret lives, deception and desire brWill she figure out the riddle of her father s death Will she be able to resist the temptation to fall in love with Cayman in spite of her suspicions Will she live to tell the tale

  • Title: The Lies that Save Us
  • Author: J.L. Redington
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  • Page: 357
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Lies that Save Us Alexa is beautiful smart and alone in the world a result of devastating losses in her life She purchased a diner in the quiet out of the way town of Startup Washington and hired employees to help r

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    The Lies that Save Us was an okay read.It was full of action and lots of twists and turns but there were also inconsistencies and situations that just didn t ring true I m not sure, it just seemed a bit false at times view spoiler I m not entirely sure I would go on a road trip half way across the country on a wild goose chase with a guy I had been on one date with, even if he did rescue me from a burglar And, I d just like to point out that he actually failed at rescuing her from said burglar A [...]


    Maybe I m in a bad mood I am heavily dosed with midol, after all I did not care for this book.The writing was very obviously teenager y When I read, I want to get lost in the plot I want to feel like I m there, not just be told I m there I need time to ease into a heartpounding relationship or grow connections to characters.I got nothin here I had to keep reminding myself not to judge it too quickly and tried to squeak past my great annoyances with the characters and story progression, trying to [...]


    I stumbled upon this book when I was given a copy of the 2nd book Solitary Tears for an honest review I downloaded The Lies that Save Us so I would know what was going on in the series I was happy I did I enjoyed this book Going into it I wasn t sure what to expect There was mystery, action, gun fights, a little romance What else can you ask for Alexa lost her dad and her fiance over a year ago Her fiance betrayed her, and she was left alone She moves to a small town opens a diner and tries to k [...]


    I got this book as a free download and I can say with all honestly that had I had to pay for it I would still have enjoyed it as much as I did If you ve read any of my other reviews you will know that I love reading authors who are new to me and who have the ability to turn out a good book that not only as a story line that had me not wanting to put my kindle down, but also produced a book that was not riddled with typographical grammatical other errors that are guaranteed to put my teeth on edg [...]

    Will Decker

    Very amateurish writing Made me think grade school project The characters didn t have any depth or believability to them while the plot seemed contrived and forced I was really looking forward to this story after reading the preview, but it was a big let down Too many scenes that didn t ring true and the author didn t do enough research on the background matter she was using IE FBI protocol and procedures I m being overly generous giving it 3 stars, but it is the holiday season, after all.

    Donna Porter

    I really enjoyed this book It had romance, mystery, suspense and a cliff hanger at the end That makes for a great book This story was about Alexa and Cayman They meet sometime after Alexa s ex killed her father Little does she know Cayman has been sent to protect her at all costs As the mystery unfolds their love for each other grows I know you will find this book as enjoyable as I did and it is a good read


    I received this book as a free gift and what a great free gift This book is fantastic and I loved it Some men you just can t trust but others you should trust with your whole heart Alexa trusts nobody and has good reason Cayman is a man of mystery Should Alexa trust him Read the book to see I would recommend this book.


    this was a very good book it keep my intrested through out the book I found myself trying to guess If Cayman was good or bad

    Kathy Dubois

    This book kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the whole story Love this and can t wait for the next book in the series

    Jaime Mccracken

    Read this book in 3 days What a page turner and I loved every page of it.

    Kim Reese

    Melodramatic garbage Stunted characters Unoriginal and unimaginative plot Waste of my time.


    Lighthearted with a twist


    Initially I gave it only one star, but decided to give one for it not having a cliffhanger.


    While most of the book is pretty good the ending was so rushed and the characters were totally different in the end Highly disappointing


    After suffering the loss of her father at the hands of her ex husband, Alexa moves to the quiet small town of Startup, Washington, where she purchases a diner and tries to put the past behind her But when a handsome mysterious stranger named Cayman walks into Alexa s life, she is forced to confront the ghosts and mysteries from the past, as danger and romance lurks around the corner.The Lies That Save Us is an intriguing romantic suspense novel that easily captivates the reader s attention with [...]

    Danyella Matthews

    The Lies That Save Us is the first JL Redington book that I have read, and now I am a fan This was a great read The novel keeps you guessing from beginning to end, Redington gives nothing away and the surprises keep coming In The Lies That Save Us, Redington brings us a ton of action and conspiracy with a little romance thrown in to keep things spicy and the pages turning The Lies That Save Us is the first book of The Broken Heart Series and was available as a free promotional download for Kindl [...]

    Lin ( Nerdy Bookworm)

    This is an awesome story full of secrecy, mystery, romance and drama which starts at the beginning of the story until the very end After suffering the loss of her father at the hands of her ex husband, Alexa moves to the quiet small town of Startup, Washington, where she purchases a diner and tries to put the past behind her She become attached and look forward in the visit of Keith, an elderly person who appears poor and a father figure to her A handsome mysterious stranger named Cayman walks i [...]


    This is the story of Alexa and CaymanAlexa s world was turned upside down when a year ago she lost the two most important men in her life, her father murder by her fiancee and her her fiancee spending the rest of his life in prison.She decided to moved far away from everyone and everything When she open her own diner in a small town, she had vowed never to trust less to fall in love, ever again.When Cayman Richard walked into Alexa s diner, he knew what he had to do He was send to do one task, [...]

    Adrienne Testa

    Alexa is still mourning the death of her father,as she builds a new life as a diner owner in Washington State Her life is turned upside down when a stranger enters her diner, bringing spies, lies, deception and desire Cayman Richards, special ops agent for the FBI and has secrets of his owns Alexa and Cayman are attracted to each other, but Alexa knows Cayman is not being truthful Together Alexa and Cayman try to figure out her father s code and get it to Washington DC to a specific agent Nothin [...]


    Alexa has faced some serious losses in her life Having acquired a little diner in Washington, she s starting to feel secure being on her own That was until Cayman came into her life, asking her out.Normal, right Until she keeps catching glances of her father, who died Cayman wants to help her solve the mystery of her father, reassuring her that he believes her when she says she sees him, and they embark on a journey.He s far than he seems, as they journey through a string of surprising events I [...]


    Alexa had lost everything in a moment, her father and her ex fiance Feeling lost, Alexa found herself in Standup, Washington starting new with a diner she bought and a promise to herself never to get close to another man again That is until Cayman walked into her diner, he was persistence in trying to get her to date but she refused When she finally relented it was like her world exploded, now someone is out to get her and she is finding that the father who she loved was not quite who she though [...]

    Lynsey Sabin

    Well that was rather intense Nail bitingly, edge of your seat brilliant There s romance, hot sex, a hot alpha male who has secrets than Area 51, a sassy female and gun fights What could a girl ask for from a book Nothing much that s for sure as this one ticks all the right boxes Now it does seem kinda slow at the beginning but it doesn t take long to get really into it Also don t do what I did and try and figure out what the male lead, Caymen, is up to You will never get it It can also get a l [...]

    Kelly Garcia

    Not what I expectedNot what I expectedthe story was ok, for being an undercover spy type story I m generally NOT a fan of this type of story so it was my fault for not reading the blurb, so my opinion might be less valued by spy fans I thought it was murder mystery which it isn t really but even after I figured out that, I stool enjoyed it enough to keep reading it it WAS kinda predictable, but I don t always mind that I am not sure why this is marked as Christian fiction which it clearly isn t [...]


    Another freebie that didn t disappointThis book had my undivided attention from page one I read the entire thing in just a couple of hours Mystery, suspense, lovewhat could you ask for Alexa was a great, well developed heroine with a wicked sense of humor I m a little confused thoughdid I miss a part somewhere that pertained to what happened to the ex that was supposedly charged with her father s murder My only complaint is I would have loved to know about Cayman s history He was a huge charac [...]

    Nikki Barrett

    The Lies that Save us is a suspenseful, riveting read that captured my attention It has many of the elements I enjoy in a good book Romance, intrigue, mystery, great dialogue, fast pacedI could go on, but you get the idea Alexa has so many things going on and she s just not sure how to handle life or where to go with things Then Cayman comes in her life and he s a mystery as well Just when I thought I had an idea on things, nope, I was proved wrong Yeah, gotta love some great twists Overall, thi [...]


    After the death of her father, Alexa moves from Arizona to Washington to start a new life for herself and opens up a diner in the small town of Startup When Cayman Richards enters her world, she is forced to revisit the past and uncover the secrets and lies that have surrounded her all her life The characters are enjoyable and this book held my interest until the end The outcome was a little predictable, but Redington threw in a few good twists throughout the book I enjoyed the writing style, ho [...]

    Samantha March

    JL Redington is on tour now with CLP Blog Tours and The Lies That Save UsThis is quite a story Even after reading the synopsis, I was still a bit caught off guard by how intense this book got Not to say I disliked it, the plot twist was just unexpected to me The beginning started off just a tad slow for me, but once the action started picking it up the book got exciting and I was having a lot of fun reading it There is romance and suspense, and I loved the cliff hanger well, loved in the sense t [...]

    Dorothy Gagnon

    Finding the TruthAlexa bought and decorated a diner adopting a fifty s theme, after her father s death But she still missed her Dad, even though the diner kept her busy She had many same customers, one that kept asking her for a date.Even though Cayman was quite handsome, Alexander was not ready to go that route again Then one night Cayman walked her home, only to find a robber rushing by Alex and knocking her down Questions rose as to why, leading to mystery, suspense and even suspicions of Cay [...]

    Rosie Amber

    I would describe this book as a romantic thriller The title hints that all may not be as it seems Alexa is running away from the death of her father at the hands of her Ex She finds peace in a quiet town where she buys a diner The customer known as Ham and Eggs pulls at her heart strings and try as she might she can t push him away But this man comes with his own secrets and danger starts following Alexa The plot thickens with several twists and turns as Alexa s life is put into even danger The [...]

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