Mar 29, 2020
Akıntı Adaları
Posted by Ernest Hemingway Mehmet Harmancı

Nobel Edebiyat d ll Hemingwayin, yazarl n n en olgun d neminin r nlerinden biri.Hemingwayin bizzat ya ad ve duygusal y n a r basan ser venlerden yola k larak yaz lm olan roman, yazar n son kitaplar ndan biridir b l ml k bu romanda yazar, hareketli ve karma k bir ser venler zinciriyle okuru adeta ba l yor.

  • Title: Akıntı Adaları
  • Author: Ernest Hemingway Mehmet Harmancı
  • ISBN: 9789752201842
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ak nt Adalar Nobel Edebiyat d ll Hemingwayin yazarl n n en olgun d neminin r nlerinden biri Hemingwayin bizzat ya ad ve duygusal y n a r basan ser venlerden yola k larak yaz lm olan roman yazar n son kitaplar nd


    The book is good It s good but it s sad It s a good, sad book about a good, sad man, and that s what Hemingway intended He knew that writing a good book is a fine thing, because people will enjoy reading it.I tell myself that he s right reading a good book is a good thing You can be glad that the book is good, and you can be glad that you are not a character in the book, because Hemingway books are sad books, and characters in Hemingway books do not have an easy time of it But it s a good, fine [...]


    Oh how I wish Hemingway had lived to revise and compile this book Published posthumously and with only minor attention given to copy editing by Papa s publisher and last wife, the book limns its main character in three parts as an artist living in the Gulf before WWII, as a grief stricken u boat hunter in Cuba following the loss of his sons, and in a final hunt for German fugitives The unifying theme is in line with the Hemingway code man is powerless before the abyss, but can behave with grace [...]


    The Most Interesting Man in the World The Novel s I removed Islands in the Stream from my currently reading shelf because I wasn t sure I would ever finish it The first part, Bimini, is the best part of the novel, and could probably have stood alone as a short novel It tells the story of Thomas Hudson, a somewhat famous painter, and the visit of his three sons It s fishing and drinking and eating and story telling, with a tragic ending Pure Hemingway, with some wonderful passages to return to ag [...]


    Look at me, reading Hemingway DIt s off to a great start I m really enjoying this book so far.Not sure if I got lucky or if Hemingway truly is a good writer I no longer, though, have an aversion to Hemingway s works and will gladly read in the future.This story of Thomas Hudson had me glued to the pages Hemingway has a way of blending his personal life with his fiction He brings elements of his life into this story and builds around them It s not all autobiographical but enough so that Hemingwa [...]


    I have often thought that there should be a reluctance on the part of the estate of a deceased writer to publish any of an author s works posthumously Seriously, if the book was finished and the writer hadn t bothered to take it to the publisher, what would you assume his motives to be An aversion to money, perhaps This book is one of several that was published after Hemingway s suicide, and I wouldn t be at all surprised if he hadn t published it simply because he felt that it wasn t good enoug [...]


    Falling in love at an advanced age you would think would be a little bit different But I am like a school girl I m not writing Me and Ernie 4 Eva on my notebooks but I might as well be the way I am mooning around about Papa Hemingway these days Without a doubt I m head over heels and Islands in the Stream only confirms it.Even though this book was never highly praised by his critics and is one of his later works it is, to me, one of the finest literary works to pass before these tired eyes His u [...]


    Only giving 4 stars as its not my favourite Hemingway book.But it s still classic Hemingway writing.It s amazing how he writes such clear simple sentencesand still leaves such vivid images in your mind.You would never need a dictionary reading Hemingway.He just captures so easily some of the beauty of life just casually or so it seems as he tells his story.He is not everyone s cup of tea but for me one of my favourite authors.


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    Daniel Villines

    As a Hemingway fan, there is a lot to like and enjoy about this book For instance, we re lucky that it is here in the first place Being the first of the posthumously published works, Hemingway had no intention of publishing it himself, but here it is Islands in the Stream is filled with lines that could only come from Hemingway Filled with his crisp style of writing that leaves so much to the imagination that the story transforms into truth in the minds of his readers.The problem with Islands in [...]

    Cole Perry

    This may have been the most miserable slog through prose that I ve ever endured Highlights include the children s stilted dialogue in Bimini, long digressive stories told to a prostitute in Cuba, Which she manages to point out are boring as all get out and then it finally gets interesting, though in need of serious edits about page 385 Please for the love of god, read any of EH s other books There is a reason that this one wasn t published until after his death Read the last book, At Sea if you [...]


    Este livro divide se em tr s partes, das quais gostei da primeira, n o gostei da segunda e gostei mesmo muito da terceira.A primeira passa se numa ilha das Cara bas, na qual o pintor Thomas Hudson o protagonista da hist ria vive e trabalha, pintando quadros cujos temas principais s o cenas mar timas, e decorre durante umas f rias onde este visitado pelos seus tr s filhos, o mais velho, um adolescente fruto do seu primeiro casamento e da nica mulher que amou na vida, e os dois mais novos do seu s [...]


    Disclaimer this was the first Hemingway book I ve read I wish I d started off with something else, like one of his masterpieces , because this one left me frustrated, exhausted, and disappointed, even a bit disgusted I started out thinking I was really going to enjoy it, and liked the affectionate tones and his style of writing By the end of the novel I felt like I was stuck in a room with a drunk man that was making me listen to a drawn out, glorified, story of his life and all the indulgences [...]


    This was put together posthumously If you accept that and give the book a little leeway it s a great read about dealing with adversity The first section Bimini is incredible If you liked The Old man and the Sea, this is right up there At the beginning of the second part Cuba my mind started to drift and I couldn t focus when he was discussing Thomas Hudson s cats I may have been contrasting it to the the first section with the abrupt change The momentum quickly comes back when the story shifts t [...]


    my favorite novelfore i experienced a loss, i was drawn to stories of loss this is the best of theme greatest love story ever written.

    Francesco Scarlata

    Pochi scrittori sanno stritolare la vita come Hemingway La stritolano con le proprie mani, la vivono con un intensit senza pari, ne muoiono sopraffatti e ce la riconsegnano rimettendone insieme i pezzi attraverso le loro storie Isole nella corrente non una lettura semplice scritto da un autore in palese difficolt non solo col suo mestiere ma anche con la sua vita, e nonostante questo riesco a perfettamente a sentire ancora l odore del mare quando leggo le sue pagine Hemingway ha la straordinaria [...]


    For anyone who would venture upon this novel as their first trip into Hemingway, I d presume a rating of far less celestial body The reality is, this posthumously published, three part story is not Hemingway s best In fact, the novel has some pretty uncharacteristic flaws It is full of the very traditional Hemingway startling one liners, little plot with heavy emotion and warmth, intense scene recognition and spatial consideration, machismo oozing out the ears You name it.But, for the Hemingway [...]

    Kang-Chun Cheng

    his characters are such pitiable assholes


    If the author of this was an unknown it would never have gotten out of the slush pile.


    Hemingway at his sad best And sad Hemingway is the best Bimini Part 1 is the strength of the book.

    Chris Messner

    Ernest Hemingway first discovered Cuba in 1928 He spent a good portion of his life in Cuba His fondness for the island is evident in his life and in some of his writings Most of Hemingway s time in Cuba was spent in Havana From 1932 to about 1939, Hemingway took up residence in Room 511 of Havana s Hotel Ambos Mundos In 1939, Hemingway became a permanent resident of Cuba with his purchase of the Finca La Vig a, a villa in the suburbs of Havana Finca La Vig a was built in 1886 and was Hemingway s [...]

    Perrin Pring

    This is a Hemingway book Let me list some of the predominate themes Being a Man Drinking Attention to simple yet real meals The Sea, predominately the Gulf Hunting both animals fishes particularly and people Nazis specifically Suicide Suffering The Weather Whores Cats Beautiful Things Art Former lovers whom can only be referred to in way such as, her or the one he let get away Loss get ready for dead children War both internal and globalLet me list some of the things that are not predominate in [...]

    Carol Storm

    I ve been a Hemingway fan all my life, and even though I read this novel as a teen, it didn t really work for me All the good stuff reads like imitations of stuff he did when he was younger, before the booze and the multiple wives and the multiple concussions And some of the wishful thinking is almost comical Thomas Hudson drinks a Heineken for breakfast and then says, it would be easy to be a rummy, wouldn t it And then INSTANTLY his loyal flunky who is a real rummy, natch chimes in with, not y [...]

    Richard Maldonado

    I haven t read Hemingway in many years and decided to use him for this winter s reads This book is truly a great work Efficient, direct and hard but stirring to the soul He is best read by those who have lived a bit, for those readers who have not yet lived much, might find it a little hard to find a bit foreign.

    Majo"s Library.

    My first and favorite Hemingway s book Three stories ranging from a fascinating portrait of a father and his three sons to a war story in the Caribbean The most touching novel It has nostalgic appeal.


    Superb Hemingway dialogue that made me laugh out loud on a number of occasions The nautical imagery was brilliant and I could smell the salt on the pages Part 3 was especially intense, having done a bit of VBSS myself.

    Richard Heideman

    By far my all time favorite book.

    Gregory Lamb

    The setting for this three part Hemingway novel that wasn t published until 87, motivated me to read it Out of respect for the author, I ll point out that readers should be aware of possible reasons that an author s work might have been with held in their living years Harper Lee s Go Set A Watchman is another that failed to deliver in spite of the author s reputation.For the curious or those equally interested in settings that are rooted deeply in an author s psych, Islands in the Stream is a wo [...]

    Benjamin Stahl

    Islands in the Stream, published after Hemingway s suicide, is a strange, sad and poignant tale of a man who lives in the Gulf Stream I will not risk spoiling anyhting Suffice to say that the story is broken into three parts a summer spent on Bimini island when the boys visit their father for a season of fishing and diving an episode in Havana, during the second world war, when the protagonist Thomas Hudson is temporarily between missions a key hopping hunt through the islands over Cuba, trackin [...]

    Amy "the book-bat"

    This Hemingway was a little better than others I have read, but still not for me.

    Luca Prosperi

    Not fair to rate a book which was published unfinished and posthumous The first chapter Bimini was fantastic, the second Cuba fascinating and sad, the third At Sea too obscure and tiring.

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