Apr 05, 2020
The Red Chameleon
Posted by Erica Wright

As a private investigator, Kathleen Stone relies on her ability to blend into the background Aided by her street smart drag queen friend and the best wigmaker in New York City, she feels confident that her camouflage is up to snuff But when a cheating spouse she s been trailing ends up dead under suspicious circumstances, she fears that someone she angered in her past joAs a private investigator, Kathleen Stone relies on her ability to blend into the background Aided by her street smart drag queen friend and the best wigmaker in New York City, she feels confident that her camouflage is up to snuff But when a cheating spouse she s been trailing ends up dead under suspicious circumstances, she fears that someone she angered in her past job busting gangs and drug dealers as an undercover cop has seen through her disguises Now she must work with her former colleagues in the NYPD to solve the case before she s the next victim.

  • Title: The Red Chameleon
  • Author: Erica Wright
  • ISBN: 9781605985688
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Red Chameleon As a private investigator Kathleen Stone relies on her ability to blend into the background Aided by her street smart drag queen friend and the best wigmaker in New York City she feels confident tha


    Hard to believe that a former NYC undercover cop could make SO many stupid decisions, and have things miraculously work out Told from perspective of heroine Katherine Stone, we follow her around The highlight is her ability to play many roles, with an impressive collection of wigs and outfits, her friend Dolly, and occasional humor Reminiscent, but not as good as Evanovich s Stephanie Plum, Kat even has dual love interests, but a failure to launch The downside is this book lacks thrills, any rea [...]

    Steph Post

    I love Kat Stone and it was great to go back and discover her origins I read The Granite Moth first An original, interesting female P.I and one that I will definitely be following


    You know a book is good when you re sad it ends, and you know a character is good when you can imagine what she s doing when she s not IN the book It might seem odd for a poet to write a crime mystery novel, but Erica s poems are always precise and underscored with danger just out of sight, which makes her the perfect person to write noir The Red Chameleon is tight, funny, and thrilling I had to stop myself from finishing it in one travel day, reading half on the plane to vacation, and the other [...]


    I believe I have found a new author for my reading reservoir Erica Wright drew me into the story after the first few pages I wanted to know how the story would unravel and reach that peak.Through every reminisce of romantic escapades, work, and personal setbacks, I didn t get lost nor side tracked as to what the main idea of the story was about At every turn, I was trying to piece together the significance of the term the red chameleon the power of appearance The use of hair was a nice twist as [...]

    Frances Post

    The Red Chameleon is full of verve and intrigue, humor and lots of wig changes The plot keeps you on the edge of your seat, not able to put the book down, but what s most exciting is the quality of the writing It s no surprise that Erica Wright is also an award winning poet This book offers a rare delight a thriller that cares much about plot as it does language Kathleen Stone is a nuanced and complex protagonist, a joy to accompany on the twists and turns of The Red Chameleon This is a summer m [...]

    Mallory (toweroftomes)

    Find this review and fantastical things at The Leaning Tower of Tomes.Source I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review Thank you, Iris and Pegasus Books The review Kathleen Stone is a Private Investigator and ex NYPD undercover cop Her current job has her tailing a potentially cheating husband until the man ends up murdered and Kat finds herself trying to solve a whodunit case The mystery, while a pretty standard plot, does have many layers that get uncovered and [...]

    Paige Ellen Stone

    Ah, the first novel by a new author I bought this novel because I am a bit OCD when it comes to authors Erica Wright has asked me to review her second novel Since it involves the same characters, i felt, yes, compelled to read this predecessor to The Granite Moth, her second novel, which I am now nearly finished reading.But to the task at hand First novels are a achievement, even in this day when self publishing is so easy Having the guts to put one s work out there and say, there it is I believ [...]

    Julie McElwain

    I picked up A Red Chameleon before the holidays, and only managed to read the first chapter before work and Christmas overwhelmed me, and I was forced to put the book down Once the holidays were over, and work became a bit manageable, I resumed reading, which I ve been itching to do, and almost finished the book in one sitting If I could pull all nighters like I used to, I could have finished it in one sitting Erica Wright did everything that I love in a series she created a cool, complicated, [...]

    Olivia Farr

    The Red Chameleon tells the story of Kathleen Stone who escapes her life into her work as a PI, with lots of different personalities disguises Her past is quickly catching up to her after the man she is tailing to examine for cheating ends up shot at the bar where she had followed him Investigating his death takes her into her past and finds her confronting the people she used to know when she was with the police The book is pretty slow at first with in depth descriptions of wigs and costumes, m [...]


    This was a fun book It s clearly the beginning of a series, establishing characters that will run through it, and a love triangle that has our main character flummoxed As far as love triangles go, though, it s a lot better than what one generally finds on the market, with believable reasons why characters may be vying for the main character s attention.The mystery was interesting, and I suppose, as a person who knows nothing about the police, really, or PIs in general, the reasons for our main c [...]


    A young ex undercover cop starts her own PI firm investigating cheating spouses only to find herself embroiled in a murder investigation My favorite part about this book was the main character who s smart, a go getter, funny, and at times immature But I found her immaturity to be one of the most intriguing things about her She lost sight of who she was during her stint as an undercover cop and she s trying to find herself again The plot was a simple who dun it mystery at times a little too simpl [...]


    This was a fun, quick read However, I had a hard time understanding how a former NYPD detective could make such amateur mistakes Unfortunately, I notice this a lot in mystery books with a female lead It would be much appealing to have an intelligent, competent female lead than one who bumbles through situations I enjoyed the Kathleen Marco Ellis dynamic, although I wish that the author had developed these relationships a bit Meeza was also an enjoyable character Perhaps this is the start of a [...]

    James Hill

    The Red Chameleon is the first of at least two Kathleen Stone mysteries, and I hope there are many, many To this reader, what makes Stone a unique detective in the genre is her vulnerability, a quality often suppressed in female sleuths, lest we mistrust their competence Erica Wright, an acclaimed poet, infuses her sentences with plenty of concise power, but the twisting, satisfying plot, with its many, often amusing pit stops in the seedy underworld, betrays no evidence that the author wasn t [...]


    Good, basic fun I read these books when I m overwhelmed by the realities of my world The lead character in this crime novel is an interesting girl, the prose is solid, and I look forward to reading books by Wright who is an established American poet and an editor of a prominent poetry magazine For those of you who are native New Yorkers, the sights and sounds of the city are a pleasure as are the discomforts of the ex policewoman who has become a not so hard boiled detective Fun.


    This debut mystery from poet Wright centers on Private Investigator Kat Stone who is following an unfaithful husband who ends up shoot to death As a former NYPD undercover detective, she has friends in the department who bring her into the investigation This novel funny and engaging I love the idea that Stone is great with disguises and gets help from her best friends, a drag queen and a gifted wig maker, to make the disguises even better Good fun.


    The Red Chameleon by Erica Wright AuthorKathleen Stone went from NYPD to private investigator She would follow and report to her clientson cheating spouses She used many names, wigs and mode of dress to fit the special case.When following one that ends up dead, she fears someone from her past is out to get her.I loved the humor the author put into the character s personality Looking forward to ofher books This is a must read story I loved it.


    I think this author and series have potential although they were not fully developed in this particular book It was hard for me to understand a trained police detective making as many sloppy mistakes as Kathleen did, and I would like to have seen the secondary characters fleshed out a little Still, I think this has great series potential and I look forward to seeing what the author does next.

    Elizabeth Jones

    This book featuring private detective Kathleen Stone, who relies on a variety of wigs to disguise herself while spying on an errant spouse The plot thickens when she finds the husband murdered This was a quick fun read with an engaging somewhat bumbling heroine, who bears perhaps too strong a resemblance to Stephanie Plum.


    I thought this was ok Enjoyable but not amazing Some of the book didn t quite make sense and I didn t have a lot of buy in with the case It wasn t bad for a first time novel though It seems that Wright is setting up a series here, though I m not sure if I m interested enough to read any .


    A young, private investigator, finds herself embroiled in a murder case, while proving infidelity for married couples Her many disguises add a theatrical touch to the main character, with careful changes of behavior to match each new personality Filled with suspense through carefully chosen language to describe characters and events opens the door for a sequel.

    Don Gorman

    This is a really interesting little book Kathleen Stone wears lots of hats, or at least wigs, and she is very human and also pretty damn vulnerable But she is also funny, smart and survival oriented This doesn t feel read like your ordinary mystery story The formula is there but the way it flows is enough out of the box to make it worth your while A nice effort.


    This is a first attempt at mystery writing by an author who had already had a volume of her poems published Don t know about the poems but if she sticks with mysteries she ll probably make it into 4 star territory fairly quickly The book was quick and fun enough so that I d be willing to try a second attempt.


    Picked it up hoping for read a like recommendation for Evanovich s Stephanie Plum, but this book fell flat for me Just didn t like the characters And found flaws in the mystery Also didn t care for all the name changes for the main female ex cop turned private eye with a love of disguises.

    Karen Furlong

    Just couldn t stay with it Read over 1 3 of the book but it just didn t seem to be going anywhere Too many asides references to the past The main character who went by about 6 different names seemed like a copycat of Sue Grafton s Kinsey Milhone I won t look for others by this author.

    Kathy Church

    This was a free book that I received from entering a give a way on I enjoyed the book I am a big fan of murder mysteries and this book did not disappoint It has a lot of twists and turns with some romance also.


    Really quick read found it hard to follow when some parts were happening Did wonder how a former police officer could have made some of the mistakes she did Really liked the interaction between Meeza and the main character.


    A humorous and engaging mystery featuring PI Kat Stone, a former NYPD undercover cop, who is a mistress of disguises I hope this is the beginning of a delightful series.


    Good beginning for a series Want to read adventures of these characters.


    While I was glad to discover a new author, the story fell short on suspense I thought there would be humor as well, but there was not enough of the character Dolly for me.


    Amusing beginning, but then became silly, implausible, and flimsy.

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