Mar 31, 2020
Tender Buttons: The Corrected Centennial Edition
Posted by Gertrude Stein Seth Perlow Juliana Spahr

The MLA Committee on Scholarly Editions has awarded Tender Buttons The Corrected Centennial Edition its seal designating it an MLA Approved Edition.2014 marks the one hundredth anniversary of the original publication of Gertrude Stein s groundbreaking modernist classic, Tender Buttons This centennial edition is the first and only version to incorporate Stein s own handwrThe MLA Committee on Scholarly Editions has awarded Tender Buttons The Corrected Centennial Edition its seal designating it an MLA Approved Edition.2014 marks the one hundredth anniversary of the original publication of Gertrude Stein s groundbreaking modernist classic, Tender Buttons This centennial edition is the first and only version to incorporate Stein s own handwritten corrections found in a first edition copy at the University of Colorado as well as corrections discovered among her papers at the Beinecke Library at Yale University Editor Seth Perlow has assembled a text with over one hundred emendations, resulting in the first version of Tender Buttons that truly reflects its author s intentions These changes are detailed in Perlow s Note on the Text, which describes the editorial process and lists the specific variants for the benefit of future scholars The book includes facsimile images of some of Stein s handwritten edits and lists of corrections, as well as an afterword by noted contemporary poet and scholar Juliana Spahr A compact, attractive edition suitable for general readers as well as scholars, Tender Buttons The Corrected Centennial Edition is unique among the available versions of this classic text and is destined to become the standard.Gertrude Stein 1874 1946 was one of the most important and innovative American writers of literary modernism, as well as one of the great art collectors and salon hosts of the period A pioneering lesbian writer, Stein lived most of her life in Paris but became a celebrity in the United States with the publication of The Autobiography of Alice B Toklas 1933.Seth Perlow teaches English at Oklahoma State University.Juliana Spahr teaches writing at Mills College Tender Buttons was recently reissued by City Lights Books, to mark the centennial of a volume that broke language barriers, acknowledging hungers to see It challenged with inspired daring Barbara Berman, The Rumpus For the centennial of this masterpiece, Seth Perlow has given us much the best edition of the poem, based on Stein s manuscript and corrections she made to the first edition Punctuation, spelling, format, and a few phrases are affected and most especially the change in the capitalization of the section titles The difference is spreading Charles Bernstein, University of Pennsylvania, author of Attack of the Difficult Poems Essays and Inventions Happy 100th birthday, TENDER BUTTONS You are as explosive, tantalizing, and delicious as you were on the day you were born Your birthday gift from Seth Perlow and Juliana Spahr is a beautiful new edition that will carry you into your next century, the best edition ever Your birthday gift from all of us who love literature and culture is to buy this edition for ourselves and all our friends Congratulations to all Catharine R Stimpson, Professor, New York University, and co editor of the two volume Gertrude Stein Writings published by the Library of America The publication of an authoritative edition of Tender Buttons, with Stein s hitherto unpublished corrections and editions, is a splendid way to celebrate the centennial of this influential modernist work Scholars will benefit from the full documentation, and readers will appreciate its convenient format, which resembles the original publication Jonathan Culler, Cornell University This radical multi dimensional generative cubist text with the simplest words imaginable continues to alter and shape poetics into the post post modernist future We have Gertrude Stein s mind grammar operating at full tilt, with unpredictability, wit and sensory prevarication Look to the minutes particulars, Blake admonished, and here she does just that it is a winning cake Salvos to the editor and salient afterword that give belletristic notes and political perspective as well A unique edition Anne Waldman, The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics

  • Title: Tender Buttons: The Corrected Centennial Edition
  • Author: Gertrude Stein Seth Perlow Juliana Spahr
  • ISBN: 9780872866355
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tender Buttons The Corrected Centennial Edition The MLA Committee on Scholarly Editions has awarded Tender Buttons The Corrected Centennial Edition its seal designating it an MLA Approved Edition marks the one hundredth anniversary of the orig


    Hope in gates, hope in spoons, hope in doors, hope in tables, no hope in daintiness and determination Hope in dates.Okay, besides the semaphored helplessness of a giant WTF , what would be the correct response to these lines, and to Tender Buttons as a whole Don t look at me I have no idea what any of this means, or whether it means anything at all Maybe this prose poem is just a gourmet word salad, maybe it s just a series of non sequiturs to which I ve foolishly assented I don t know I don t c [...]


    Some call it nonsense, but if you derive pleasure from reading these vignettes, you can t understand how someone else doesn t.Here s how I see it When we were learning our language, we learned how to link the word with the object the word represents Gertrude Stein seeks to dismantle this link and consequently abstract our common understanding of language While we learned to easily state, this equals that, we should not simply place an equal sign between the descriptive word and the actual object [...]


    A CARAFE, THAT IS A BLIND GLASS.A kind in glass and a cousin, a spectacle and nothing strange a single hurt color and an arrangement in a system to pointing All this and not ordinary, not unordered in not resembling The difference is spreading okay Gertrude Stein was once quoted as saying that Ernest Hemingway was all bullfights and bullshit That may be true, but you, madam, are just bullshit At least Hemingway threw some bullfighting in every now and then Read for Modern Poetry


    Just when I begin to understand poetry, I run across a book like this I did win it in a giveaway from City Lights Books, so I did volunteer for it This is not your typical poetry It is not Wordsworth, it s not Rimbaud, it s not even Ginsberg If it comes close to someone s writing, I would have to say Burroughs There is a disconnection within the work The poetry is in paragraph form and structured much like Naked Lunch s cut up style In Stein s cut up style, common words are joined together For e [...]

    Paquita Maria Sanchez

    Gertrude Stein drops acid and describes items from domestic life using language generally reserved for Georgia O Keefe paintings I frequently found myself getting impatient with it in that itchy skin sort of way where I just wanted it to be over, while at other times it felt like I was having a lovely swim in a sea of Stein s sensory perceptions In short, I m ambivalent Here and there, it seemed to border on saying that heterosexual intercourse is sterile and or inherently violent without outrig [...]


    Experimental but also funny and sexy Its like pages covered in little droplets of word rain.


    This is kind of the literary equivalent of the guy who takes a shit and gets it put into a museum as sculpture, sneezes onto a canvass, etc I can see the argument that it s profound in its implied questioning of what really is art but is there a future in it Does anybody enjoy it Well, judging from the reviews, some people do I don t, but usually when I don t like something I at least have a clue as to why other people do With Stein, I mean, it s nonsense, not the Lewis Carroll kind, but really [...]


    This reads like a cut up, that is to say that the words, the words, words and the, have been scrambled or reassembled to create striking instances of imagery juxtaposed in surprising and exciting ways and highly original and fascinating collocations as a result.This is a book to be appreciated in terms of its wordplay and harmonics rather than in terms of any strict notion of meaning Just like in cubism, new and incongruous images and ideas are placed alongside contiguous ones If you are unfami [...]


    tender one who tends or waits uponone who attends or has charge ofa ship or boat used to attend to a larger ship or boat in various capacitiesan act of tenderingan offer of money in exchange for goods or servicesan offer of anything for acceptancean offer made in writing by one party to another to execute an order for the supply or purchase of goods or for the execution of workcurrency prescribed by lawliteral and physical sensessoft or delicate in textureof the ground, soft with moisture, rotte [...]

    J.G. Keely

    Mostly a collection of self pleasuring on the topic of difference for its own sake Some ear there for sound and concept, but mostly ringing as an overbearing attempt to be new Stein s hatred of punctuation strikes one as an affectation, but then so do most of her opinions or ideas I suppose Hemingway s sense that she was always right stemmed from the lacking of his imagination beyond that which bolstered his sense of self, and perhaps in that their true connection Stein s importance to literary [...]

    Count No Count

    If I find myself long on sleep and short on hallucinations I open this little paperback and wait for the words to start pushing crazy around in my brain Once thoroughly confused, I close the book, satisfied.

    Daniel Lomax

    It was a garden and belows belows straight It was a pea, a pea pour it in its not a succession, not it a simple, not it a so election, election with Gertrude Stein s aim in writing Tender Buttons was, in some sense, to reinvent the English language, and the foreword explains that the reader is forced to question the meanings of words, to become reacquainted with a language that Stein thought had become dulled by long use In this sense her project is the literary counterpart of Stravinsky s twelv [...]


    My copy of this book is permanently tucked into my messenger bag I carry it everywhere I travel in the city, outside of the country and is one of those rare books that actually inspires me to write each time I open to any one of its pages I love this most tender of buttons, in spite of the occasional racist phrase inside it Act as if there is no use in a centre Gertrude Stein 4 ever.

    Stein continues her experiments with a continuous present in this classic work written in 1912, emphasizing sounds, rhythms, and repetitions over and against sense To live in this state is to begin again and again, to use everything She sums it up best The teasing is tender and trying and thoughtful Recommended by Jack, Powells


    Sexy But just read this for fun This is a book that literature classes can t deal with and will make literature classes something you can t deal with.


    Why did it take me so long to read this Dumb dumb dumb It seems impossible to think about latest manifestations of insistence on new kinds of sentences, genrelessness, etc without starting with Stein as the modernist G mother Wondering about the use of is, assertion of total exchangeability of objects and sensation in the heart of the Western domestic space Invites one to see every object as a commodity in an economy of universal exchange And or every word as changeable in an economy of English [...]

    Vincent Scarpa

    A table means necessary places and a revision a revision of a little thing it means it does mean that there has been a stand, a stand where it did shake.


    i really have no idea what the point of this was and what was being talked about and i m just SO GLAD that i have a 30 minute presentation on it in two days


    I echo Stein s sentiments All this makes a magnificent asparagus, and also a fountain Stein 52.

    Adrian Astur Alvarez

    Well this isn t for everyone but like some of the others here on I have an unjustifiable love for Tender Buttons Is it just a small selection of modernist gibberish Maybe Is there a great key that can be used to unlock significant meaning from Stein s famous tome of word salad Maybe not I don t really know Keeping in mind her project to paint with language like an artist just the words, not the grammar sort of gives one at least some way to talk about the unusual poems here when discussing them [...]


    I read Three Lives ages ago and found it to be modernism at its most sweethearted This is modernism at its coldest.Sometimes Stein s peculiar linguistic juxtapositions serve her cause, but other times, it feels without purpose At the height of the cubist era, after 150 years of miserable sentimental novels, this was probably a total breath of fresh air.I was really into Dada when I was a sniveling little punk rock youth I would have liked it then Now so many of these haute moderne language expe [...]


    NOTHING ELEGANTA charm a single charm is doubtful If the red is rose and there is a gate surrounding it, if inside is let in and there places change then certainly something is upright It is earnest.

    Staci Miller

    Lovely Just lovely The poems are a joy to read and Congdon s illustrations are gorgeous Congdon s Esty shop is closed at the moment but when it reopens I hope to purchase a print from the book to hang in my guest room This book would make an excellent gift for poetry lovers.

    Leo Robertson

    I m just gonna put the following link here without further comment touretteshero tics


    Re read it yesterday On a second look, a few thoughts on the subject.I took my time this time, and I enjoyed being continually unsettled.I wish I could manage the same attitude toward life.


    beskrivningen p den h r boken kallar den en av Steins hermetiska verk, som i poesi genren sv r, introvert och o tkomlig symbolism Prosadikten handlar tyv rr inte om alkemiska symboler la Hermes Trismegistos, utan om karaffer, tallrikar och rostbiffar K ksb nkssymbolism Detta uppr rde m nga, bland annat den store dadaisten, Tristan Tzara som tyckte det hela var barnsligt Maken till att kasta sten i glashus, herr Tzara.Jag fick tyv rr inte ut s mycket av min l sning av Stein, vilket kanske delvis [...]


    I tentatively will say I liked this bookbut appreciating it does not mean understanding it.It feels like poetry but looks like a novel It reminds you literature but has sharp edges like a cubist painting It s experimental Here s what says about it Tender Buttons objects, food, rooms is the title of a 1914 book by Gertrude Stein consisting of word clusters chosen for their prosody, juxtaposed for the purpose of subverting commonplace dictionary meanings which Stein believed had largely lost their [...]

    Natasha Whyte

    Tender Buttons is one of those poetry compilations that not only improves every time you read it, it becomes a new book While I may have given this book a rating based on my own tastes, the truth of the matter is that Tender Buttons stands above any arbitrary system of judgment I or any other can invent Gertrude Stein s trailblazing work of poetry facilitated the development of an entire sub genre of the Modernism movement of the early twentieth century The first work of literary Cubism, Tender [...]


    Too much context about how difficult and frustrating it is to read Gertrude Stein led me to hold her off for too long until a couple days ago when I decided to approach the books I thought were unfriendly in order to get an idea of how I, too, can be unfriendly and it turns out that Tender Buttons is not that unfriendly at all I really like it Very quick read Very song like Very much what sentences sound like once I note down my thoughts, which come with little punctuation, preferably Um, what e [...]


    I don t understand writers that says they are emulating Stein, but just do a really poor job rhyming Stein writes sound as feeling Sound as analysis Association as perspective Dance a clean dream and an extravagant turn up, secure the steady rights and translate than translate the authority, show the choice and make no mistakes than yesterday.This means clearness, it means a regular notion of exercise, it means than that, it means liking counting, it means than that, it does not mean exchang [...]

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