Mar 28, 2020
The Cat Sitter's Nine Lives
Posted by Blaize Clement John Clement

Plucky heroine Dixie Hemingway is back in this ninth installment of Blaize Clement s beloved cozy mystery series.While driving along the beachside road that runs through the center of her hometown Dixie witnesses a terrible head on collision Ever the hero, she springs into action and pulls one of the drivers from his car just before it explodes in flames A little shakenPlucky heroine Dixie Hemingway is back in this ninth installment of Blaize Clement s beloved cozy mystery series.While driving along the beachside road that runs through the center of her hometown Dixie witnesses a terrible head on collision Ever the hero, she springs into action and pulls one of the drivers from his car just before it explodes in flames A little shaken but none the worse for wear, Dixie proceeds to her local bookstore where she meets Cosmo, a fluffy, orange tomcat, and Mr Hoskins, the store s kind but strangely befuddled owner The next day the driver whose life she saved claims that he is Dixie s husband.Meanwhile, both Cosmo and Mr Hoskins have disappeared without a trace, and a mysterious phone call from a new client lures her to a crumbling, abandoned mansion on the outskirts of town Soon Dixie finds herself locked in a riddle of deception, revenge, murder, and mystery.The Cat Sitter s Nine Lives features a compelling main character and a riveting plot that is bound to satisfy the appetites of Dixie Hemingway fans and newcomers to the series.

  • Title: The Cat Sitter's Nine Lives
  • Author: Blaize Clement John Clement
  • ISBN: 9781250009333
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Cat Sitter s Nine Lives Plucky heroine Dixie Hemingway is back in this ninth installment of Blaize Clement s beloved cozy mystery series While driving along the beachside road that runs through the center of her hometown Dix

    K. East

    This ninth book in the series may be the best book yet in the cat sitter mystery novels When I heard several years ago that Blaize Clement had died, I worried that her son might not get it right , especially when in the eighth novel Dixie seemed to take on elements of a lovesick school girl, totally out of character That fear was reinforced at the very beginning of this volume when Dixie describes her boyfriend as 100 percent thoughtful and devastatingly, bewilderingly, unrelentingly hunky on pa [...]

    Eleanor Jones

    I ve loved this series since I discovered it at my local library years ago and have awaited this latest haunting addition for some time As usual, I always say in my reviews of this series that they are best read in order, but of course each stands alone I enjoy the evolution of Dixie as she comes a bit further out of her shell in this particular book and has begun to develop a new relationship New characters, including an older couple and their falling down house, form a mysterious backdrop to t [...]


    Blaize s son John has done an admirable job of carrying on the story of Dixie Hemmingway after her passing some years ago This newest installment to Dixie s story was fun to read, good ongoing character development and further insight into our heroine Keep up the great work, John Dixie s just too much fun to let go


    Fun to read and the main characters are just a bit too perfect But entertaining.

    Kat Chan

    I m a massive fan of the Dixie Hemingway series I am such a large fan as to say that the Blaize Clement books are some of my all time favorites It s a misnomer to say this book was written by Blaize Clement As Blaize Clement passed away in 2011, this book is i believe the second book her son has written to continue the series The previous one disappointed me, but I was hoping he was still getting his footing I m sorry to say this one is even worse Perhaps it wouldn t be so bad if it was a stand [...]

    JessicaSinn (Books and Trouble)

    Read at Chick Lit Caf loonachicklit.wordpress 20Even though Blaize Clement has passed on into the great beyond, her gifted son is keeping the beloved cozy mystery series alive Dixie is still stumbling into mysteries in her trademark white Keds and cargo shorts Her humble abode overlooking the tranquil ocean in Siesta Key is just as cozy as ever Her boy troubles continue to get and complicated Her regular customers are still counting on her to deliver quality service to their cherished pets of [...]


    The Cat Sitter s Nine Lives by Blaize John Clement.Dixie finds her self in the middle of a mess In fact that mess is a pile up caused by a tailgating speed demon of a driver Now that speed demon is trapped in his car which is ready to explode at any moment That s when Dixie jumps into action and pulls the man to safety.While the police and the ambulances are swinging into action Dixie decides to take a little browse inside one of her childhood hauntsMr Beezy s Bookstore Yes, I said bookstore Tha [...]


    Although I read fewer cozies than I used to, there are still a few that I enjoy This series is one of them It features Dixie Hemingway, former sheriff s deputy in a small Florida town, now pet sitter How she became a pet sitter is based on a tragedy that resulted in the loss of her son and toddler daughter She s made a new life for herself, but still has those dark moments Somehow she is always running across dead bodies In this episode, she is involved in a chain collision The road is blocked s [...]


    Dixie Hemingway is my favorite protagonist out of any cozy mystery I ve ever read She has a tragic past that adds a depth to her character that you don t normally see I was extremely saddened to hear the author, Blaize Clement, had passed away, and a bit apprehensive to find out her son would be taking over her series It turns out to have been a needless worry as he has done a fine job of picking up where she left off.The one problem I have with this series is the same problem I ve had since the [...]

    Linda Rawlins

    The Cat Sitter s Nine Lives by John Clement is the ninth installment in Blaize Clement s cozy mystery series about Dixie Hemmingway, a cat sitting, mystery solving heroine Dixie is involved in a multi car crash and saves the life of one of the drivers With the road closed, she visits the local bookstore and meets Cosmo, a large orange cat When bookshop owner, Mr Hoskins and Cosmo go missing, Dixie becomes involved Things get worse when she is invited to a crumbling mansion to meet the mysterious [...]


    I love this series about a pet sitter who lives on Siesta Key, near Sarasota, Florida In this book, Dixie pulls a man out of a car that s about to explode and buys a book from an old man who is later murdered It all fits together, as Dixie searches for the bookseller s missing cat Start at the first one and read all nine of these books They re good.


    Wonderful Loved this book Ethan and Dixie make a very nice couple and Michael and Pack are awesome This story kept me enthralled and I found it almost impossible to put down Reading this book is like visiting old friends and you don t want them to leave.I can t wait for the next book, please write fast

    Theresa Wesley

    I thought the Savannah Reid books were good This book kept me going to tbd very end I had no idea who the kier was till the revel at the end of the book I will now start with the first book as the one I read was on a Library table where I go I even posted on the board for recommendations what a good book this is I hope you ll give the series a try I don t think you be disappointed.


    Still one of my favorite cozy series The mystery is well developed, characters are believable and likeable, and the Siesta Key vibe is clear throughout the book Good job to son John for keeping the series going so smoothly he s doing his mom proud.

    Patricia Clark

    Cat Sitter Does it AgainDixie Hemingway no relation Siesta Keys professional pet sitter gets involved in another murder in paradise For fans of the series this is just as entertaining as the others, an enjoyable summer read I would love to live where she does.


    This series makes me want to move to Florida Not really, but the descriptions are great The stories in the series keep some characters but add enough new scenes to make it interesting fun and light.


    Wow The son is as good as his mother So happy to have this series continue

    Laura Millerick

    of course I loved it


    .losing a loved one makes you an instant member of this strange, underground club, a club that only people who ve lost someone they truly, deeply love can join Once you re a member, all you have to do is let your guard down a little bit to see that there are fellow members everywhere you go At the gym, at the grocery store, in the line for the dressing room at Marshalls, and like it or not, you can never unjoin When I read this passage in The Cat Sitter s Nine Lives , it struck me that this was [...]


    Meh I don t know I enjoy this series, but this episode just did not click the same way for me as some of the others maybe because I got tired of Dixie s navel gazing, maybe because I am in the wrong headspace for this type of read, maybe both, maybe something else entirely I have accidentally already read book 10 and enjoyed it at the time It is likely I will read book 11 But if that one fails to click the way this one did I am not sure if I will try 12, should 12 be published as 11 is currently [...]


    I have read the series and found the main character, Dixie, a strong woman despite losing her family at a young age Something happened to Dixie, I blame this on the author, because this book was a disappointment Dixie was a complaining whimpering woman, the description of Michael, Paco and Ethan which in other books did not belabor this point ad infinitum that they are all 10 s and wanted by every woman on the planet The mystery was ridiculous and didn t appear well thought out The scenes with E [...]


    The original author of the Cat Sitter books passed away in 2011 and now her son, John, has taken over I ve read at least one other book he wrote, and it wasn t that good I wasn t sure what to expect with this one, but figured I d give it a try I m reluctant to give up the series Well, it was good I read a few books simultaneously, and found myself picking up Nine Lives before the others.


    once again, loved the series.

    Ch J Loveall

    Next bubblegum novel


    How have I gone so long without discovering the gem that is cozy mysteries This book is the ultimate comfort food of novels the perfect book to curl up with after a long day It s hard not to fall in love with the cozy beachside town of Sarasota and its carefree inhabitants The story follows professional cat sitter Dixie Hemingway as she helps police in locating a missing book shop owner and his cat The mystery is well crafted there are just enough clues to keep you guessing right until the end a [...]

    Cindy T

    Very entertaining, funny I will read of the Dixie Hemingway series of mysteries.

    Kim j

    Not sure how to rate this book because I am torn about the authors death the son writing like nothing happened I am not saying that he cannot write but his version of Dixie is different I did not know that Blaize had died I could tell in the last book when very distinctive changes were made When I went to update my books write my review I found out I feel like something should have happened to Dixie or a new character would come out because Dixie is gone Men write women differently and vice vers [...]


    I have issues with labels Cozy mysteries is one of the labels I struggle with Somehow, at least to me, that term implies something mindless poorly written slight only a time waster Most of the books I ve read that are classified as cozies are not mindless poorly written slight only time wasters They are genuinely interesting books.This one was definitely interesting I enjoyed it read it in only a few hours I picked this one up after having discarded another book from the library that I had waite [...]


    So nice to finally have a new book in this enjoyable seriesbut so sad to know why it s been such a long time coming I hope Blaize s son plans to continue with the series, because this one was very good I love the whole story of Dixie, the professional pet sitter and former cop, rising from a devastating personal tragedy, and discovering a talent for solving mysteries while she struggles back to a normal, fulfilling life The supporting cast in these stories especially her fireman brother and live [...]


    9 in the Dixie Hemingway mystery series the second co written with John Clement Blaize Clement wrote the first seven entries in this series, and then with her death imminent, she left detailed plot outlines and notes for her son to complete So far, the joint effort seamlessly continues the flavor of the series featuring a pet sitter, on a Florida coastal island, who find herself discovering bodies in a small community in the best tradition of the cozy Recommended.Dixie Hemingway series While dri [...]

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