Jun 04, 2020
The Road to Sparta : Retracing the Ancient Battle and Epic Run That Inspired the World's Greatest Foot Race
Posted by Dean Karnazes


  • Title: The Road to Sparta : Retracing the Ancient Battle and Epic Run That Inspired the World's Greatest Foot Race
  • Author: Dean Karnazes
  • ISBN: 9781609614744
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Hardcover
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    The Road to Sparta Retracing the Ancient Battle and Epic Run That Inspired the World s Greatest Foot Race None

    Brent Soderstrum

    I won this book through GoodReads First Read program.I am not a runner and had never heard of ultra marathons but I really enjoyed this book by Dean Karnazes who is kind of a rock star of marathoners Dean will get you in the running mood.He gives you his background and how he got to be a marathon runner He also sets out all of the marathons he runs which includes multiple ultra marathon I never knew people ran that far He talks about his Greek heritage and his big calves that are as a result.Dea [...]


    Enjoyed learning about Pheidippides and his role in the battle of Marathon As an ultrarunner, I feel the description of Dean s Spartathlon was a long boring stretch and tedious to wrap up I appreciate the effort he put in articulating his journey, but the true experience of running an ultra is somewhat spiritual Hard to express in words for a layman If you re fascinated by running or getting into it, read Born to Run Leadville 100 is narrated as a thrilling adventure To be fair, this book was a [...]


    As a reader of Herodotus and Thucydides I was looking forward to new insights on Greek history This book brought a small dash of that and a whole lot of purple prose regarding running and the glories of the author s Greek heritage.The book centers around the accomplishments of Pheidippides, the renowned Greek herald who was central of the victory of the city states against the Persian invasion on the plains of Marathon The Athenians, along with some smaller city states, were facing overwhelming [...]


    As good as the author s intentions were here, the bottom line is he can t write Karnazes starts out trying to retrace the route Pheidippides ran from Athens to Sparta, then he mentions an earlier scholarly expedition that attempted to do the same, and then he runs the Spartathlon It s never clear why he insisted on determining the route independently when others qualified than him already did so Still problematic is his uncritical approach to the whole Pheidippides legend There are reasons to [...]


    Great mix of history and running This book brings together two of my favorite things History and Runningd somehow even hits on other things I love economics, the California Missions, and even Mick Jagger A quick and inspiring read this is a must for those who need some motivation to complete a marathon

    Rob Richard

    Just finished this book Highly recommend it, even if you re not into distance running It s a really powerful human story Dean is a famous ultra runner who really helped bring recognition to the sport He ties his own personal family story he s Greek and running story into the historic tale of Pheidippides, the Athenian who ran from Marathon to Athens to inform the Athenians of the victory against the Persians That run was the inspiration for the marathon race, which has become a symbol of athleti [...]


    I really enjoyed listening to the audio version This is a fascinating book Karnazes told his own story and Pheidippides story well His vivid descriptions of the ins and outs of running ultra marathons were very interesting And his retelling of the battle of Marathon and of Pheidippides unbelievably long runs as Athens messenger were quite captivating It was unfortunate, however, that Karnazes believes he has found salvation through his journey as an ultra marathoner following in the footsteps li [...]

    Michael Wayne Hampton

    A great personal narrative, and informative read that spans the history of marathon running, Ancient Greece, finding one s place in the world, and the man who may have arguably saved Western civilization.


    My review myrunningspot 2017


    It s certainly a book about running, but it s so much than that Karnazes delves briefly into his own history and how he came to be such an incredible runner, but it focuses on his cultural heritage as a Greek, and why this inspires him to find out , and eventually recreate the run of Pheidippides Other parts of the book cover some fascinating history of the Persian invasion of Greece, the valiant stand of the Athenian and Spartan city states, and the historically overlooked importance that one [...]

    Michel B.

    4 stars or 3 3.5 Okay here goes It s a book about running that almost makes it an automatic And it s by about Dean Karnazes who was one of the inspirations for me to run than the initial one or two marathons so that should make it a 4 or 5 star I like history a lot and this book deals with a fair amount of history BUTBut, the book doesn t read that well I think DK wanted it to come across as philosophic and erudite To that end, I think he must have worn the crap out of his dictionary and so the [...]

    David Wilusz

    While Pheidippedes is most well known for running from Marathon to Athens to announce Greece s victory over the invading Persians and immediately dropping dead , and thereby giving birth to the modern legend of the marathon, he achieved something far impressive a few days prior He ran from Athens to Sparta to seek military assistance covering about 155 miles in roughly 36 hours That journey has given rise to the modern Spartathalon, the running of which became something of a spiritual journey f [...]


    While it was interesting and inspiring to read about Karnazes running voyage as well as his many other running feats , I found this book to be a little grandiose for my taste Karnazes clearly has an interest in his Greek origins and connecting his present day career with those, but I found myself caring little about this I must confess I started to skim the pages toward the end of the book when he decided to tell his own version of this ancient history That said, I still left this reading experi [...]


    Karno s back I am a huge fan of his and love reading about his experiences but I had trouble getting through some parts of this one The chapters that are about his adventures in Greece, his races, and crazy delirium induced experiences are awesome as always Super easy to read, funny, and gripping as you follow him through the Spartathlon ultra Personally though, when he gets deep into Greek history, I found myself struggling to get through some of it Others may find that interesting as well, he [...]

    Kate Schwarz

    Without a doubt, Dean Karnazes is a bit crazy But I have to be honest his crazy is my kind of crazy I identify with the idea that it s a fun, worthwhile cause to test your body s limits I ve not read any of his other books, and this one was enough for me It was interesting to step inside his brain and run a few miles alongside him as he explores the history of the marathon and attempts to follow Phidepedes path from centuries ago The gentleman who read his audiobook did not help Karnazes out I t [...]

    Christy Keeler

    Again, Karnazes delivers a fun to read book Like usual, he teaches about ultra running, but the book s true gift is in its lessons about Greece Karnazes describes Greece, his heritage, physically, culturally, and politically You come to love reading about Greek history and its people and how the country helped create who we are today, including who we are as endurance athletes.My only criticism of the book is its repetition He writes in chronological order, but digresses to tell relevant later s [...]


    I ve been a fan of Dean K for a long time and this book did not disappoint I realized when I started reading that I knew very little about Pheidippides other than he ran 26 miles from the Battle of Marathon to Athens and then collapsed and died What I did not know is that he ran like 350 miles before collapsing and dying The feats of the ancient Greeks in ultrarunning are truly amazing although it was a matter of necessity for them, not sport A very interesting read if you like running combined [...]

    Melisa Nelson

    I really enjoyed the history interspersed with the commentary on training, personal anecdotes and musings, and the vivid pictures Dean paints with his words He comes off a bit cocky, but I think it s just his way of being matter of fact and knowing himself and his body as well as one would need to in order to do what he does I appreciate his attitude and attention to his fans and those who want to be in his circle for a moment It s very sweet.

    Gwen Henson

    I really loved learning the story of Pheidippides and following parts of Dean s racing career in this story I am a runner, but not being an ultra endurance athlete the story did get a little slow at times during the actual race I think his story telling and spiritual experiences were sincere, though sometimes the writing felt a bit contrived Overall a great read if you love Greece, and have at least some interest in running.

    Ro Laberee

    If you are curious about the history of Greece, this is the book for you I am interested in what makes Dean Karnazes tick, so I m going to pick up one of his other books This I did not find compelling The writing was a bit flat but mostly I chose poorly Ancient Greece and the ancient battles Marathon, Thermopylae, etc hold no special place in my heart and occupy no real estate in my brain I think I ll go back to 2005 and read UltraMarathon Man




    I really enjoyed reading this book Having read Dean s other books and followed his career, I d read anything this running man writes He truly lives it This book made me feel like I was in Greece The bits of history was a great accompaniment to the Spartathlon Congratulations Karno on another successful book.


    Sort of interesting, but written in a very bro ey style and full of humblebrags about how popular Dean Karnazes is and also how humble he is and how he s really an introvert at heart and how many people like him So basically obnoxious than interesting.


    The best part of this book was the Race to Sparta, which didn t happen until the end The history interspersed throughout also added some perspective Karnazes ego gets a little in the way here and there, and that gets distracting, but overall the story is interesting and informative.


    The truth behind the legend Dean is the perfect person to tell this story, with Greek heritage and an obsession for running, you are there with him step by step on his run Excellent storyteller

    Francisco Câmara Ferreira

    A book combining athletics ultrarunning and history and written by the legendary Dean Karnazes What could be there not to like One of those books that motivates you to go out for a long meditative run

    Jonathan Hardy

    I m currently training for a marathon and this was a fun one to listen to while on my long runs He does a great job of giving the history woven with a personal story This was better than expected and very enjoyable especially given the timing


    An interesting take on the runners world I found the story of Marathon interesting than the story of the author I couldn t stop wondering how his family dealt with or understood the need to run always.

    Bookworm"s Nemesis

    I am a big fan of Dean as a runner and author I still like his first book the best It was nice to read about the history of the marathon and the Greek It was also nice to get a clear description of what it takes to run an ultra Overall, it was a quick and enjoyable read.


    Lost the point at the middle of the book

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