Apr 08, 2020
A Dreadful Penance
Posted by Jason Vail

November 1262 is an unlikely season for war But war nonetheless is coming to the March, the wild borderland between England and Wales Not the war that most fear between the supporters of the King and the rebellious barons uniting around Simon de Montfort, but with Llywelyn ap Gruffydd, the Welsh warlord who styles himself Prince of Wales and who has united the fractiousNovember 1262 is an unlikely season for war But war nonetheless is coming to the March, the wild borderland between England and Wales Not the war that most fear between the supporters of the King and the rebellious barons uniting around Simon de Montfort, but with Llywelyn ap Gruffydd, the Welsh warlord who styles himself Prince of Wales and who has united the fractious tribes of his land against the English.

  • Title: A Dreadful Penance
  • Author: Jason Vail
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  • Page: 212
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  • A Dreadful Penance November is an unlikely season for war But war nonetheless is coming to the March the wild borderland between England and Wales Not the war that most fear between the supporters of the King and

    Roy Rogers

    now having read all three of the books in a short space of time both the strengths and weaknesses of vail s series are pretty clearrengths the main character remains compelling and interesting to follow vail writes excellent and well staged action sequences the action moves quickly and, sometimes, vail is good at building up tension especially in the second book.weaknesses three books in and there has been zero real character development for main character s vail s plotting is extremely weak esp [...]


    While the ending of the book was good, as far as what happens to Stephen Gilbert, I m a little upset that we dont see what happens between FitzAllan and Stephen and whether or not FitzAllan pays for the crimes he has committed I m hoping its in another book because that really.left me hanging.


    I read close to 50% of this third book of the series before giving up I enjoyed the first two but this one annoyed me It seemed to jump about too much, there were few linking elements between scenes and the writing, quite honestly, did not keep me hooked I will go back to this in a few weeks and see if I can get into it then.

    Jayne dArcy

    This was a very good story The Welsh are close to coming when Steven Attebrook is commissioned to solve the murder of a monk Steven follows the leads he discovers yet even when he thinks he is close, he s not there, yet.Gilbert is beaten and both are nearly burned to death before the murder is solved.


    Worst in series

    Francis Mulhern

    Another good instalment in the series.


    This wasn t a dreadful read, but it certainly didn t have me on the edge of my seat And come on, Jason, if you re going to hit us over the head with your knowledge of canonical church practices, do your homework and get the details of daily life right Salt cod is not served in dry slabs it s soaked and rinsed repeatedly until it s soft and then cooked Mattresses were stuffed with straw hay is horse feed.


    Two things One the plot is a rambling mess It needs structure like someone had a plan and, since it is way too long, to be trimmed back There are a lot of meaningless moments here and they wear Two the hero, Attebrook does some actual sleuthing , and while some of it is his usual blundering about, some of it is bona fide figuring things out So three stars.

    james irvine Bell

    It s Over Or is it I read this book at a cracking pace until I came to the end when I was pulled up short Was this the end Apparently so Great start Masterful tale well told Poor, poor finish

    Vivi Anne Davis

    Good readFast read enjoyed it i like this series i will continue to read this series.good read Can t wait for the next one


    This is the third installment in the Stephen Attebrook series With its dense plot and engaging characters it is a great continuation of the story The events take place a month after the end of the previous book Baynard s List While the author makes quick reference to some of the events that have gone before, he does not belabor them, but integrates them nicely into the story to explain some of the peripheral characters behavior towards Stephen for example.Apart from Stephen, Gilbert and Harry re [...]


    A Stephen Attebrook mystery set in November, 1262 in the small town of Ludlow, England Attebrook is an impoverished crippled lost part of a foot fighting in Spain knight who is seeking to earn a merger living by taking the position of deputy coroner There is unrest on the Wales English boarder with rumors that the Welsh will soon be invading the area Stephen is directed to travel to the boarder town of Clun to investigate the death of a monk He is also tasked with contacting a spy who will be se [...]

    Rebecca Beasley

    Wonderful seriesI have now read all of the books of this series of Steven Attebrook having accidentally started with the last I found them highly enjoyable The characters are very well drawn with depth and humor The author seems to have an excellent knowledge of the times he writes about I am very sorry not to have another to read I am now starting on another book by jason vail, the voyage of the waspbut I crave about Steven attebrook and Gilbert Highly recommended.


    Interesting book as I had not realized the extent of the friction between England and Wales prior to the countries being united However, the description when compared to the likes of other historical fiction books leaves a fair bit to be desired Perhaps it s because I didn t feel like I connected with the age as much I wouldn t say it was a bad book, but it wasn t brilliant either I agree with some of the other reviews in that Vail could have developed the characters a bit However, the low pric [...]


    Possibly the weakest of these books, or possibly I am just overly influenced by my inherent sympathy for the Welsh in this conflict, and narky that Vail didn t steer away from showing the impact of the Welsh raids on the poor in the border regions Once again, Vail s skill with his long form plots that overarch the books, seriously outstrips the skill with the inside book plotting, and this time, the characters get short shrift as well.

    Mary Walterman

    Another great readWhat can I say Another great read from Jason Vail I love these books They are full of action and hold your interest In each book you get to know new characters and about the regulars Comedy adds fun moments and shows a fun side to the characters These books would make a great TV show

    Lexie Conyngham

    This is the second I ve read in the series and though it seems to be the second book, there have been a number of plot developments between 1 and 2 which confused me Nevertheless the plot was action packed and well paced, and I enjoyed again the banter between the main characters I found I could easily picture this as a film, an entertaining thriller I look forward to the next one.

    John Dugaw

    Eh good historical fight sequence descriptions A bit of a plodding book when compared to the others and the fanastical escape is just too doggone fantastical Still giving in four 4 stars and I found myself still enjoying the journey even if it felt clumsy when compared to the other books in the Attebrooke series.


    The third book in the Stephen Attenbrooke series This is as good as the other two and follows on from them An excellent yarn set in the troubled times of 13th century England This time Stephen is investigating a murder of a monk in the English Welsh borderlands.

    Cass Murray

    Somewhat slow, but okI have read all three of the Attewood series and this is the slowest to date I would recommend that you don t leave a great deal of time between each However the tale was somewhat dull and it lacked pace.

    Sarah Schattman

    Hoping there is a book 4Although this series is not as engaging to me as Cadfael, it is quite good This particular book is better crafted than its predecessors The resolution of the mystery is deft.

    Ken Hines

    Loved this storyI really enjoyed the trip to a different place of this book The end was very different than any others in this series but still great The ending was needed for this story to be complete


    November 1262, and Attebrook and Gilbert are sent to Clun to discover the murderer of a monk, during a time of unrest along the Marshes I like the characters in this series and enjoyed this tale and look forward to the next in the series.


    So far I ve liked this one the most

    Nancy McLaughlin

    Fascinating historyLoved it Good mystery with intrigue, action, history friendship all tied up together I was sorry to have this book end.


    This is a great series, with an engaging cast of characters and interesting story lines This particular one brought in the dynamics of nobles, clergy, and the Welsh.


    Since this book was based in medieval England, I couldn t help but compare it to Pillars Of The Earth Let s just say that it did not fare well in that comparison.


    Another great Attebrook mystery Love these books Keep thinking with the next one I ll have my fill, but not so Fun, fun, fun read


    Even with quite a few typographical errors this mystery was very good the outcome was very unexpected

    Stan Mayhew

    Great book, enjoyable plot line I really enjoyed the history and the depth of the societal interactions.

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