Mar 29, 2020
Poisoned Pawn
Posted by Jaleta Clegg

Dace and Jasyn have everything they ever wanted their own trading ship and freedom.Their only issue, regulations require a second pilot and the only one available on Viya Station is a little too perfect for Dace s comfort But his credentials check out and everything seems fine.Until Dace disappears and Jasyn learns the truth.

  • Title: Poisoned Pawn
  • Author: Jaleta Clegg
  • ISBN: 9781936564811
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Paperback
  • Poisoned Pawn Dace and Jasyn have everything they ever wanted their own trading ship and freedom Their only issue regulations require a second pilot and the only one available on Viya Station is a little too perfe


    Book Info Genre Space OperaReading Level AdultRecommended for Fans of space operas, those who have enjoyed the series so farTrigger Warnings sexual assault, mental abuse, murder, slavery sentient species, not just human My Thoughts I want to start right out by saying I did not dislike this book It was a perfectly readable book, and as part of a series I have enjoyed, I do not regret the time spent reading it No, it s not that I didn t like the book the problem is that it just wasn t that engross [...]


    Good romping SciFi Dace and her partner Jasyn are traders with their own ship, a full membership in the Independent Traders Guild and a new pilot who looks like he is going to work out fine They have the Cygnus sector by the tail, until Dace is kidnapped And Clark, the new pilot, reveals secrets he s been keeping And an old nemesis from the Patrol pops up again The trouble keeps rolling in and I wondered how this would ever resolve, but it did, and very nicely I obtained this ebook via Libraryth [...]


    Playing Jokers Blog all suits of genres and bookish newsRollicking, romping, and similarly playful action verbs have been used to describe Poisoned Pawn I don t necessarily disagree either, because in terms of the latest science fiction I have consumed, this was definitely very enjoyable.I m one of those people that like Star Wars and Mass Effect I have never watched Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, and whatever else is blasphemous to admit I have a hard time with science fiction whe [...]

    Emilious Tarr

    Rollicking Good Space OperaPublisher s synopsis Dace and Jasyn have everything they ever wanted their own trading ship and freedom Their only issue, regulations require a second pilot and the only one available on Viya Station is a little too perfect for Dace s comfort But his credentials check out and everything seems fine Until Dace disappears and Jasyn learns the truth Disclaimer I received this book through Librarything s Early Reviewers Program.Poisoned Pawn is the third book in the Fall of [...]

    Eric Townsend

    Poisoned Pawn, the third book in the fantastic Altairan Empire series, is filled with just as much action, adventure and witty banter my personal favorite part as the previous books The strength of this series has always been its characters Clegg does a masterful job in giving them each their own distinct and truly enjoyable personalities despite the difficult task of using multiple points of view From reading so much this year I can t stress enough what a feat it is to do that and have the char [...]

    Joe Young

    Admiral Lowell is still messing with the life of Dace and where ever Dace sets down, she is noticed and at risk This further adventures of Dace and Jasyn on their own space ship, the Phoenix Rising are complicated by the interplay of Patrol attempting to direct the movements of the Phoenix Rising and the criminal elements that are moving into new quadrants of the galaxy and trying to avoid being visible enough to attract Patrol authorities Lowell manages to put a Patrol pilot on the Phoenix Risi [...]

    Lynda Bester

    Review The Poisoned Pawn, by Jaleta Clegg Aaarrrgggg This book is bad for my romantic heart But it gives me so much hope, that I just have to keep reading Sigh Dace and Tayvis So good together And Dace, with her penchant for getting into hairy sticky situations, I just hope she manages to stay alive for the next two years, but at the rate she is going, it s anyone s guess Luke, what a yellowed bellied cur They should have pulled his toenails out and made him eat them Blah Ah, poor Rinth He was s [...]

    David Slater

    The main story is about two independent traders trying to make an honest living Unfortunately for them, Dace has a preternatural knack for getting into astonishingly deep trouble, a trait which has drawn the attention of Commander Lowell of the Patrol A master manipulator for the undercover division, Lowell aims Dace and her crew at the Cygnus sector to see what she ll shake loose.I found the book to be a compelling read which stands nicely on its own despite being third in the series Dace has a [...]

    Lyle Hansen

    This was the third book of The Fall of the Altarian Empire I am sure I would have enjoyed this book much if I had read the first two in the series Even though I didn t I really liked this book because of the action sequences There was plenty of action that kept me entertained I also liked that the space setting to the book I will be honest I wasn t much of a fan of the romance but the action than made the story for me I will now have to go back and read book one and book two


    I had a lot of fun reading this book, for the most part, there was a section where the main character was a prisoner that I found a bit triggering and hard to get through though I suspect that was partially due to my feeling of connection to Dace and what she was going through That aside, this again feels like a throw back to a old fashion adventure based Science Fiction that I 19ve missed reading over the recent years and it 19s great to see the author getting stronger in her craft I felt the [...]


    I received Poisoned Pawn The Fall of the Altairan Empire through Library Thing Early Reviewers Dace and Jaysn are back on the Phoenix They seem to have everything they want The only problem is that they are required to have another pilot After their current pilot is thrown in jail, they find a man named Trevyn Clark is the only pilot left to hire Dace is suspicious of him, but hires Clark anyway It turns out was hired by Lowell, who has tried to force Dace into joining Planetary Patrol.Lowell hi [...]

    Verity Brown

    Dace is a magnet for trouble a characteristic that spy master Grant Lowell takes full advantage of, even though he can t persuade her to join the Patrol and work for him.In this third book in the Fall of the Altairan Empire series, Captain Dace and her business partner navigator Jasyn finally have a chance to live their dream of being free traders Unfortunately, every port they ve been to before has it out for Dace In order to get into a different and safer sector of space, they have to take on [...]


    The I read of this series the the characters really grow on me Admittedly, I did not enjoy this book as much as the last I found the whole kidnapping imprisonment quite depressing which is a testament to the author as I imagine it was supposed to invoke some feeling of revulsion I missed the usual feistiness of Dace and hope we get to see that back in the next book The one part that I really loved about this book however, was the development of some of the secondary characters, in particular J [...]


    Pulled me in from the beginning Jaleta has hit her stride I found the psychological danger Dace gets into in this one scarier than some of the straight forward if for convoluted reasons that Dace has faced in the past Love how serendipity weaves through her life as sort of a trailing blessing or side effect of Dace s over arching Murphy curse.

    Bookylove Anonymous

    Poisoned Pawn sees our beloved Captain Dace in yet trouble All she wants is peace and quiet and the freedom of her own ship, but that is not to be I loved the characters and the build up of the action I could really connect to Dace and all the other characters too Great read if you love sci fi adventure like I do.

    Jaleta Clegg

    Liz White

    oh i really liked this one i couldnt put it downoroughly enjoyed it.

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