Jun 04, 2020
The War on Science: Muzzled Scientists and Wilful Blindness in Stephen Harper’s Canada
Posted by Chris Turner

A passionate and meticulously researched argument against the Harper government s war on science.In this arresting and passionately argued indictment, award winning journalist Chris Turner argues that Stephen Harper s attack on basic science, science communication, environmental regulations, and the environmental NGO community is the most vicious assault ever waged by a CaA passionate and meticulously researched argument against the Harper government s war on science.In this arresting and passionately argued indictment, award winning journalist Chris Turner argues that Stephen Harper s attack on basic science, science communication, environmental regulations, and the environmental NGO community is the most vicious assault ever waged by a Canadian government on the fundamental principles of the Enlightenment From the closure of Arctic research stations as oil drilling begins in the High Arctic to slashed research budgets in agriculture, dramatic changes to the nation s fisheries policy, and the muzzling of government scientists, Harper s government has effectively dismantled Canada s long standing scientific tradition.Drawing on interviews with scientists whose work has been halted by budget cuts and their colleagues in an NGO community increasingly treated as an enemy of the state, The War on Science paints a vivid and damning portrait of a government that has abandoned environmental stewardship and severed a national commitment to the objective truth of basic science as old as Canada itself.

  • Title: The War on Science: Muzzled Scientists and Wilful Blindness in Stephen Harper’s Canada
  • Author: Chris Turner
  • ISBN: 9781771004312
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback
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    The War on Science Muzzled Scientists and Wilful Blindness in Stephen Harper s Canada A passionate and meticulously researched argument against the Harper government s war on science In this arresting and passionately argued indictment award winning journalist Chris Turner argues that

    Mike Norton

    Turner argues his thesis passionately, and I have no complaint with that His writing style is as engaging as ever I love his earlier works However, the book could have been so much It doesn t really treat science, so much as the environmental segment of science The entire field of social science is ignored completely, as is medicine Certain factoids, however accurate and compelling, are repeated frequently, and the foundational research behind the book is evidently very thin The topic of scienc [...]


    All Canadians should read this book Turner reviews the Harper government policies, legislation, and actions, and draws some conclusions about what the Conservatives are trying to do and what kind of Canada they are creating for the future The facts presented were gathered from interviews, speeches, news reports, newspaper columnists, and Internet research, and are well documented You might agree that their vision of Canada is a desirable place I don t , but at least you should understand the dir [...]

    Neill Smith

    The War on Science documents the attempts of the Harper government to claim credit for the successes of preceding governments while trying to destroy the reputations and public images of other politicians and to destroy the ability of citizens obviously regarded as opponents to access, understand, or even investigate the scientific and sociological evidence that would illuminate the deceit of his ministers It shows the dismantling of the National Research Council and many environmental programs [...]

    Christopher Myrick

    A great polemic, but one which could go deeper unfortunately, that s because there s much to cover The argument is persuasive, though I m generally willing to to be charitable and assume incompetence ideological blindness and motivated reasoning rather than malice A dispassionate tone may help persuade those sitting on Harper s side of the fence, though this is in the tradition of the pamphleteer clocking in at a mere 172 pages.

    Paul Childs

    A bit over the top in some places but a useful reminder of why this government is than just a threat to democracy, but also to the whole concept of evidence based policy making.

    Jenna (Falling Letters)

    Review originally posted 22 May 2014 on Falling Letters.In The War on Science, Chris Turner explores the relationship between scientific research and the Canadian government, focusing on the dismal role of science in the Harper government The sensationalist title summarizes the book well If you think Canada is a good example of an environmental steward think again The federal government has been viciously cutting funding of scientific research, research meant to inform government policy The reas [...]


    Compelling evidence of Harper s dismantling of Canada s scientific institutions and community Both disheartening and enraging.Please excuse my indulgence in a long quote, a summary for those not inclined to read this book.If you are so inclined, consider the following a spoiler Stephen Harper s Canada is a country that has become a global symbol of callous, profit driven hostility to sound environmental stewardship, a pariah state that lays ruin to international climate talks and abandons its sw [...]

    John Geary

    David Suzuki s endorsement on the back of this book says it best it should be required reading by all Canadians concerned about the Harper government s attempt to control, muzzle and politicize science and scientists I d take it a step further, though.I d say it should be required reading for ALL Canadians Even the ones not eligible to vote, yet.I have been aware for some time, of the Harper government s attack on science Reading this book only strengthened that awareness with specific details a [...]


    An absolutely phenomenal and very important book All Canadians should read this I m finishing up my PhD in biology this year, and I ve known for years how bleak the scientific landscape looks I will likely not be building my career in Canada, which deeply saddens me because I have never wanted to go elsewhere Stephen Harper has left me no choice The Harper government has stuck its head in the sand and is doing some very serious and lasting damage to the future of Canadian research and innovation [...]

    Konrad Joseph

    This book made me very frustrated, but I guess good reading should invoke an emotional response in the reader I would have given it a 4 based on pure literary quality, but the message that is ultimately conveyed is so shocking and important I feel a 5 is justified All Canadians need to know the truth that when Harper says creating jobs he is really talking about raping the land for profits few Canadians ever receive.


    This book was for the pre writers festival class There has been some publicity in the Vancouver Sun about this conflict situation with the Harper government and the scientists It would be interesting to read a rebuttal response from the appropriate Harper department Unless it all is true and they have nothing to say.

    Travis Lupick

    This is not a review but is based on an interview I had with the author It was originally published in the Georgia Straight newspaper.Chris Turner didn t think he would find much that surprised him when he began researching Prime Minister Stephen Harper s war on science, as he calls it For years, he d watched the Conservatives defund environmental programs and prevent scientists from speaking freely to the press But Turner tells the Straight he was shocked by the scope of the narrative that was [...]


    Can t say I liked it, the content is depressing, maddening and an indictment of a government that has renounced facts for blind ideology It is however an important book and anyone who supports sound fact based policy in Canada needs to read this.

    Alex Passey

    While it can t be read today as the informational contemporary call to arms that it was two years ago now that Canada has hopefully elected a government that will return to embracing science and evidenced based policy, I would still highly recommend this book to anyone, especially someone considering voting Conservative in the next election The book provides an excellent chronology of Canada s historical development in the sciences, from the pre confederation days when our land was merely a cach [...]


    Chris Turner writes a good summary of the assault on environmental science and policy by the Canadian government led by Stephen Harper It is a public service to have compiled the evidence.The War on Science is a good polemic against our current federal government Most of the stories were amply covered by the press over the past few years, but Chris Turner puts it together in such a way as to make it hurt all over again He concludes This is an entirely new way of thinking about the role of govern [...]


    What do we want Science When do we want it After peer review Since Stephen Harper s Conservatives had first formed a government in 2006, the pact between evidence and policy had eroded and crumbled and then finally given way at some fundamental level the one that sent scientists marching in their lab coats on Parliament Hilllenced scientists accompanying the elimination of the Office of National Science Adviser, the cancellation of the long form census, and the tabling of a sweeping crime bill t [...]


    Turner exposed Harper s government systematic actions of changing rules and regulations in order to constrain all environmental research facilities by cutting its budgets, preventing scientists from communicating with public, and even using the conservative party hierarchy to force some conservative MPs to change their opinion and to vote in consistency with Harper agenda.I believe the right title for the book should be The War on Environmental Science , as the government is mainly attacking and [...]


    This book was hard to read, not because it was poorly written it wasn t but because it was so depressing as a Canadian to read about the state of science and research in this country I could only read this book for short amounts of time as having every horrible thing the Harper government has done to the institution of science presented all at once can be overwhelming This is definitely a book I would recommend be read by every Canadian I may be biased, I have a BSc and have never voted or consi [...]


    chris turner is quite the powerful writer two pages in and I was pissed off and remained so till the end of the book even if I didn t care about the subject matter, I would have been mad after reading thisat being said, the title is a little misleading it is about the desecration of Canada s organizations and efforts to reduce the impact of climate change than any other science he touches on a few others very briefly

    Blake Kanewischer

    This book feels like a couple of extended magazine articles joined together While it s perhaps outside the author s remit, I would have appreciated ideas or suggestions on how to combat the rising tide of anti intellectualism.


    The topic of this book, and the facts presented are incredibly important for all Canadians to understand However, I couldn t give the book 5 stars because it was too repetitive and really only focused on environmental science The book could have been so much .


    Contains good information, but I could have done with less of the repetitive editorializing, which included frequent pining for the Enlightenment tradition and at times broke into sentimental patriotism.


    A very important book for Canadians to read It paints a disturbing picture of the state of science in our country I was aware of some of the injustices, but Chris Turner does an excellent job of pulling the timeline together The book is slightly repetitive, but worth the read.

    Ok Montreal

    I would like to think that this book helped get the Harper government voted out in 2015 A good book that touches politics, sociology and science.


    Every Canadian that cares about the state of democracy and the environment in Canada must read this book.

    Jordan Venn


    Wayne Critsky

    Harpers attack on Canada has been tremendous and the effects are far from over When he gets ousted, it will take decades to fix what he has broken if ever sad book.

    Janice Leboeuf

    If you love science, you will want to read this.


    A very depressing look at the systematic dismantling of science, scientific inquiry and the muzzling of scientists under the Harper Government.We should no longer be proud to be Canadian.

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